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  • Title: Salvation
  • Author: Sloane Kennedy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Salvation I lifted my gaze to tell Seth no but then I saw it The thing I d feared I d lost It wasn t hero worship or the wayward emotions of an innocent child And it wasn t some distorted reflection of a man wh

    I lifted my gaze to tell Seth no but then I saw it The thing I d feared I d lost It wasn t hero worship or the wayward emotions of an innocent child And it wasn t some distorted reflection of a man who no longer existed All I saw was mee way he saw me Ronan Trauma surgeon Ronan Grisham lost everything the day the man he loved was stolen from him in a brutal a I lifted my gaze to tell Seth no but then I saw it The thing I d feared I d lost It wasn t hero worship or the wayward emotions of an innocent child And it wasn t some distorted reflection of a man who no longer existed All I saw was mee way he saw me RonanTrauma surgeon Ronan Grisham lost everything the day the man he loved was stolen from him in a brutal attack Driven by a thirst for vengeance, he turns his hatred into building an underground group that can do what he couldn t that fateful daytake the lives of the guilty to save the lives of the innocent But years later, he s forced to confront the one link to his past that he can t sever.Seven years after the loss of his parents in a violent home invasion that left him permanently scarred both inside and out, 21 year old Seth Nichols is trying to put his life back together so he can take over the reins of his father s global shipping empire But the last person he expects to come back into his life is the man he drove away with one innocent, stolen kiss.With one brush of his lips, Seth managed to do to Ronan what no other had since the day Ronan watched the light in his fianc s eyes go out forever He made him need again But Ronan can t need anyone, least of all his dead fianc s younger brother Because even one touch from Seth could shatter Ronan s carefully constructed world and Ronan knows there s no coming back from that a second time.But when a series of escalating attacks against Seth forces Ronan back into his life, Seth knows it s his last chance to show Ronan he can be the man the broken surgeon needs Only the Ronan who returns isn t the Ronan Seth fell in love with so long agoCan Seth be Ronan s salvation or will he end up destroying them both Full length novel 80k words Trigger Warning This book does contain a possible trigger for some readers Specifics can be found by utilizing the Look Inside feature or downloading a sample and scrolling to the page right before the table of contents Please note that reading the trigger that is included may cause spoilers This is Book 2 in the series, but can be read as a stand alone story no cliffhangers Book 1 Absolution M M M Book 2 Salvation M M Note This book contains M M sexual content and is intended for mature audiences

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    1. 3.75 StarsI was so impatient to read this that I skipped book one but have since found out it is M/M/M.damn,I missed out there!!Ronan is in his thirties.He was in a loving relationship with Trace when a tragic event left him devastated.As a result he's extremely closed of,so much so that he can't stand to be touched.Seth is 21,the younger brother of Trace.He's been crushing on Ronan for years.Three years ago they shared a kiss only for Ronan to walk away and turn his back on Seth.Seth has emotio [...]

    2. ~3.5~Angsty as fuck, and just as sweet. The plot was a hot mess; there were numerous plot holes and WTF?!?! moments. Ronan is the very definition of "emotionally unavailable." He's so damaged, he can't bear to be touched, and his fuck-and-run routine got old fast. Living in his brother's shadow after having survived the unthinkable, Seth is stronger than he seemsThese two definitely have extra special magic dicks that cure all. Pssst . I want one. But, hell, this book is so intensely hot & d [...]

    3. 3.75 Stars!A nice addition to the series. While I haven't been able to give either of the first two books in the series more than 4 stars, I have enjoyed them. There's just something about them that doesn't blow me away. In Salvation my frustrations for the 2 MCs (well mostly one) outweighed the more tender, emotional moments between them.There was just a lot of back and forth and push and pull. Therefore there wasn't a lot of "couple" time. Still, there were definitely some intense and emotiona [...]

    4. Ever since the reading the previous book, where I was introduced to Ronan, I've been on pinns and needles to read his story. I figured he had a hell of a story to tell.I was right.We were introduced to Ronan in the previous book, as the boss of an underground vigilante organisation, who punish/kill the scum that walk the earth. We're talking childmolesters, abusers, rapists and killers, especially those who got away with their crimes. Seven years ago however, Ronan was a surgeon and in the army. [...]

    5. 3,5 rounded upI've wanted to read this series for 2 years, but I feared I'll need to read all the books in a row and my TBR was already increasing.I skipped the first book, because I've read Saving Ren right before this one and I've had my fill on the MMM. Well I still want to read Absolution, but I'll probably do it after reading other books in this series.What I got here was: great writing, action, smoking-hot chemistry and a lot of angst. I can't say I was disturbed about Ronan lusting after [...]

    6. ***4.25 Stars***Oh the push and pull angst was delicious here! Just when I thought my frustrations would get the better of me, Seth or Ronan would do or say something that made me understand their actions. The suspense element was a bit of a throwaway here, but the emotional aspect of Ronan and Seth's relationship more than made up for it. Really looking forward to reading Hawke's story!

    7. ~3.5 stars~I can't even begin to tell you how torn I am about this book. I went back and fourth with my rating a hundred times. I'll settle with 3.5 stars rounded down, because by the end of the book my few niggles became too big to overlook, but note that I did enjoy this a lot, and I'm really looking forward to the next installment.The Ronan we meet in Salvation is nothing like the one we met in Absolution. I loved that. We get to see how he became such a cold, heartless bastard, after he lost [...]

    8. OK, I definitely enjoyed this one much more than I did the last one. So hopefully this is a sign of the books in this series getting better as they go. Ronan is as emotionally unavailable as it gets. And Seth is quite vulnerable and unfortunately let’s himself become a doormat for Ronan’s antics for some time in the book. But eventually Seth grows a backbone and things get better once he does.The shit Ronan went through with Seth’s older brother was brutal and hard to read about. This auth [...]

    9. 3. 75 stars "Salvation" is the second book in "The Protectors series" The MC's Seth/Ronan are connected by the loss of Seth's brother who was also Ronan's fiancé. Ronan is so devastated by his loss he disappears from Seth's life, leaving him heartbroken since his been secretly in love with him. Years later they are brought together, when someone is trying to hurt Seth. This was an emotional rollercoaster, filled with some action, plots and twists!! The only thing that I didn't like was the push [...]

    10. And just like that I melted into a puddle of goo againGod, this voice!!! Joel Leslie could probably recite the alphabet backwards to me and I would love it! He can convey feelings like no other and his voice is trembling -trembling- when he comes to the most emotional parts or the sex scenes. Umm, I might have been trembling a bit myself. *cough*The narration alone deserves nothing less than 5 stars from me, but even though this story had only one of my pet peeves in it, compared to the first on [...]

    11. What I liked:- Smoking hot sex and sizzling chemistry.(view spoiler)[What I disliked:- Sometimes Ronan compares Seth to Trace (his dead lover/Seth's older brother). And one of those times is when they were about to have sex. I don't like this. It's like they're having pseudo-incest menage relationship. I hate it when my brain picking this vibe. Before I read this, I know there's a 'dead lover'. I thought it would be different. I think it's just me. I'm glad no one bothered by this. - Push and pu [...]

    12. I was provided a complimentary copy of the audio by the narrator in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!This series has been on my TBR pile for a while now, and I purchased Absolution, Salvation and Retribution maybe a year ago while they were on sale, and yet they stayed on that darn TBR pile collecting dust. When Joel Leslie offered an audio copy in exchange for a review, I jumped at the chance because I knew this would jump start me into reading this series.First let me start by saying t [...]

    13. Ugh this is a hard one to rate. See, I adored Seth , but Ronan . he irritated the ever-loving heck out of me with his constant push and pull, pull and push, rinse and repeat. That damn bloke gave me whiplash! He hurt Seth over and over, and Seth being so very broken already wasn't equipped to deal with Ronan's ridiculous "it's all about me" drama! Yet cope he did, Seth was a total star ♥That said, I love SK's writing, she really does get me in the feels and this book is no exception. I liked t [...]

    14. I was really looking forward to continuing this series, checking in with the guys from book one, seeing what made Ronan tick and where his story would lead. As I started, and probably the first half of the book, I found I was starting to get a little bogged down with the heavy angst and had to switch to something a little more uplifting. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great book, but back to back angst-fests sometimes require a little fluff in between them. So, I immediately came right back and f [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book but I didn't quite love it. Seth & Ronan frustrated the hell out of me with their coming / leaving / moping etc - angst, but not the slow burn, more the annoying " let's get on with this" burn ! Let's see if book 3 improves

    16. 4 stars for « salvation » , book 2 in the “protectors” series – can be read as a standalone, but some background can be missed if Absolution is not read first.After a brutal attack where Ronan was severely injured and Trace, his partner, died, Ronan turned cold and found solace in building over the years an organization taking justice in its hands and getting revenge where the law doesn't. While doing his vigilante’s mission, he’s made aware of a beating involving Seth, Trace’s you [...]

    17. I am going to keep this brief. Not many things to talk about anyway AS THERE WAS BARELY ANY PLOT! I get maybe Kennedy was trying to take the character-based approach *shrugs*. It just didn't work for me. I might have been more on board if I would have liked Ronan's character. This book was a let down. The first book was so good and I just don't know what made Kennedy go in the direction she chose. I was really looking forward to Ronan's story. He was so mysterious and intriguing in the first boo [...]

    18. 3.5 starsis one didn't grab me like book 1 simply because Ronan Grisham just treated Seth Nichols so callously.Ronan was the guy who hired Mace in book 1 for their vengeance work. This book gave us his backstory to allow us to know what drove him to seek vigilante justice. His story was heartbreaking, but connecting and disconnecting with Seth at will really proved to be more than I could bear. Seth was simply a good man trying to heal and get himself together. Ronan kept him on a leash of sorts [...]

    19. Probably a 3.75*I didn't enjoy it as much as the first book, but it was another fast-moving story that kept my interest. It was a perfect vacation read with lots of back and forth between the emotionally unavailable Ronan and the lonely and vulnerable Seth. I love angsty books and this had plenty of it. I have to admit to not really liking Ronan very much at the start and was thrilled when Seth would show some backbone and push him out, but the two were so hung up on each other it was clear that [...]

    20. Rowan hasn't seen Seth in 3 years. Seth is a 21 year old virgin. They kissed when Seth was 18 and Rowan left because he didn't want to steal his innocence. So, when they meet again after Seth has been attacked in a robbery (view spoiler)[Rowan pushes Seth up against a bathroom counter, ties his hands behind his back, gives him a blow job them spins him around and suits up to fuck him. (hide spoiler)]Not just no. FUCK no.

    21. REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCEAnother hit from Sloane Kennedy for me. There is just something about the messed up men that she creates that draws me in every time.We met Ronan Grisham in Absolution but we never got to know him. He had everything to live for even if he had to keep it hidden whilst serving under DADT. He and his fiancé Trace lived for the snatched moments until those moments were turned into something ugly and left Ronan set on a path of revenge. Ronan walked away from his life [...]

    22. Overall book rating: 4 Stars Audio book: n/a Book cover: 4 Stars MC1: Ronan MC2: SethFuckety fuck, fuck I love this book!!!!! it if full of suspense mix with sweet and it keeps you on your toes.

    23. Okay, this series is definitely addictive! I love the 'manly' men, and I like most of the angst. I'm normally not that into these dark back-stories and angst on top of angst on top of angst, but it works for this series Until it didn't in this book.The amount of times that Ronan says: "I will NEVER leave you" and then walks out the next day AFTER having screwed Seth is staggering, and quite frankly too much.Once or twice would have worked maybe, but the third or fourth time makes Ronan a fucking [...]

    24. Se il primo libro mi aveva convinta a proseguire la lettura, il secondo ha consacrato il mio apprezzamento nei confronti di questa bravissima autrice. Ronan, protagonista della storia insieme a Seth, aveva già suscitato molta curiosità già nel libro precedente! È un uomo complesso, silenzioso e letale. Ha il classico fascino dell'uomo introverso, distante, che cela sotto il distacco un mare in tempesta. È devastato da un dolore vecchio di decenni, ma non per questo meno intenso. Ha voltato [...]

    25. *** Seth, Ronan and a German Shepherd called Bullet !*** Everyone has a past, some darker than others. Ronan, approx. 35, is a doctor, but works undercover as an assassin of evil doers. "The Protectors." Ronan and Trace had the unthinkable happen to them, when they were attacked, gay bashed, and Trace died. Seth, in his 20s, has taken over the family business when his folks were killed and he and his mom assaulted. Now Seth is still afraid of everything, but has Bullet to comfort him. Bullet was [...]

    26. Torn about the rating for this one cos it was all over the place, finally settled on 3.5 stars, but it seriously needs a going over by a decent editor to straighten things out. There were things I didn't like about Ronan, and he needed a good kick up the arse for treating Seth the way he did. Who was the adult in their 'relationship' for God's sake?? The lack of talking things out [yes, Iknow it's supposedly a guy thing, but come ont telling the younger brother of your murdered lover the truth a [...]

    27. A very strong and powerful story. Highly rec is an amazing book. Can't wait to read Hawk's story

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