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Bad For You

  • Title: Bad For You
  • Author: Avery Kaye
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Bad For You I have known her for years I have wanted her for years There are a million different reasons why I should walk away from Taylor Let s start with the obvious she s so young sweet pure innocent I m her

    I have known her for years I have wanted her for years There are a million different reasons why I should walk away from Taylor Let s start with the obvious she s so young sweet, pure innocent I m her older brother s best friend I ve been around the block once or twice or a hundred times Plus I race cars for a living Not the most stable career But my heart and bI have known her for years I have wanted her for years There are a million different reasons why I should walk away from Taylor Let s start with the obvious she s so young sweet, pure innocent I m her older brother s best friend I ve been around the block once or twice or a hundred times Plus I race cars for a living Not the most stable career But my heart and body know what they want And what they want, I will have No matter what it takes The question is will the woman I can t stop thinking about give me her heart willingly Or will she make me fight for it Warning This story is a sweet, dirty, sticky, over the top story of forbidden love and illicit lust If you re looking for a wholesome Amish romance, try Samantha Price Are you looking for sexy, cheesy insta love stories that ll make your Kindle melt Looking for something that won t take a month to read but is satisfying, with a hero who deserves his happily ever after and would never cheat on his woman Look no further Avery Kaye promises to deliver exactly what you want Short brimming to the top with tropes reads with plenty of sexy times and to die for heroes who make sure their women are satisfied in all ways.

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    1. I liked it.Robert has fallen head over heals for his best friend's little sister Taylor. He can't wait any longer to let her know and make her his. OTT alpha, sassy h, no cheating, no ow/om whatsoever, no pushing away, and hot and sexy. I would have loved it to be longer! As long as the stories are like this, I will be reading them! I felt they were very Alexa Riley-esque!

    2. Another enjoyable quick read but I liked Alexa Kaye's first book better than this one. The story was about Robert, 29 and Taylor, 18.Robert's a race car driver. He's also best friends with Taylor's older brother.Taylor's a college freshman and was at a college party. She met a guy there. (view spoiler)[He invited her to join him and his friends upstairs to drink and she agreed. She drank the alcohol given to her. She was drugged and if Robert wasn't there to save her, she would have been raped. [...]

    3. I didn't like this one as much as the first. I was afraid the heroine was a little tstl (view spoiler)[she goes to a frat party and accepts a drink from a guy she doesn't know. Then follows him to a room with other guys. She is was given a date rape drug. The H saves her before she is raped (hide spoiler)] I really needed a little more background on the two and character development. It was still a quick hot read. I just needed a little more. I will definitely read more from this author though.

    4. This book, while being a short story, had a well developed relationship with the two MC's. They knew each other for a long time and the hero saves her from a date rape or gang rape after her first college party. It was a hot sweet story of their getting together. I enjoyed this book and Having a teenage daughter this is a cautionary tale for all women. Never trust anyone to give you a drink at any party. My daughter knows this being in college it's a concern of all young women. Great quick read. [...]

    5. “If you tried raping me, I might not fight it,”DNF, I don't know why I gave this author another chance. Poorman's version of Alexa Riley

    6. Another really good short read by Alexa Kaye! This time it isn't insta-love, but Taylor is Robert's best friend's younger sister and he has treated her like his little sister all his life until she gets older and he starts seeing her in a different light. Of course the OTT alpha is still rampant in this book. The only bad thing is that aside from another book (which I've already read) Alexa doesn't any other books out since she is a new author. I'll have to wait for her to write another one :-(

    7. Ha sido el libro más raro que he leído.Empieza con Taylor, una chica de 18 años que va a una fiesta en su primer año de universidad. Allí se encuentra a Rob/Rob-ert/Robert, también conocido como su amor de toda la vida y el mejor amigo de su hermano. Ella que es una irresponsable, acepta bebidas de un extraño (no Rob, si no otro tipo), lo acompaña a una habitación llena de otros tantos tipos y bebe más de lo que le dan. Obviamente sabéis lo que pasa: la drogan para intentar violarla. [...]

    8. Typical May-december romance between brother's best friend and heroine.Robert likes TaylorShe likes him backHe thinks he's betraying his best friendThere's a college partyShe gets druggedHe saves herSex HEAAverage story.I found the characters pretty immature but it wasn't a bad book.Safe?2.5/5p.s. the rape convo between the couple was VERY discomforting.

    9. I liked this one more than the first. The book starts off with a not so great scene but I actually felt the connection of these two more than the first couple. Very short read. I wish it were longer.

    10. I wanted to strangle the h, then the sex started and apparently that's what she needed because her neurons were working just find towards the end. But then she was 18 so it's forgivable (?), I wasn't like that at 18 though or maybe I just wasn't normal.

    11. Rob is a stock car driver who is in love with his best friend's little sister who is eleven years younger than him. Taylor is a freshman in college and sick of sitting in her dorm room she decides to go to a frat party with friends. She is shocked to see Rob there knowing it's been years since he graduated and knowing that she's been in love with him for years. When she starts talking to another guy and then disappears upstairs with him Rob is furious. She goes to a bedroom with one of the resid [...]

    12. I didn't like the beginning. Taylor came across as silly - and i like my heroines at least smart if not kickass. The part where she got herself into trouble at the frat house party? Sigh. And then the stalkerish hero comes to the rescue. Yeay! Only that hero is also mega-lusting over her. But she's all Okay! Because she's been lusting over him too. And let the sexytimes begin.In terms of hotness, yes, this story has it. It's not really over the top cheesy but kind of alright. Nice HEA at the end [...]

    13. Good Quick ReadPerfect book / author for when you have a little bit of time, and want to read a whole story.

    14. These types of books hurt my brain. I give up. No more short insta-lust, insta-love stories or 'you are mine' caveman crap for me. No more girl (view spoiler)[gets rescued from being raped stories too. Then the next morning the hero's talking about having his way with her. I think there's more important things to think and talk about it.She doesn't seem that bothered by what happened to her. No deep questions, like did any of the guys touch her at all. How far did they take this disgusting plan. [...]

    15. Cute Bit of FluffThe older brother's best friend wants the college freshman. He wants it all- including wedding and babies. There are no plot twists, and the aftermath of the party is totally dropped. The story would have been more convincing if Taylor's extreme naïveté and terrible judgement hadn't been glossed over, but dealt with somehow. Like, how can you consent to get married with zero common sense, or consequences (including awareness of the events that transpired after you were drugged [...]

    16. This was extraordinarily weird. College student (is it bad that already I can't recall her name?)goes to a party and her brother's best friend, Rob-ert is there. This is strange on many levels, mainly because she's 18 or 19 and he's 32. She's almost gang raped at the party after being roofied and she's rescued by R who essentially declares his love for her, he takes her virginity and they live happily ever after.

    17. I guess the book wasn't supposed to be insta-love because the MCs knew each other, but we didn't really get to see any of their previous relationship, even if it was supposedly more brother/sister type, so it felt very much like insta-love, and the whole jumping into marriage just nope. Not for me.

    18. Sexy and sweetThis is my first book by this author and I'm impressed! Story was well written, no errors, and well thought out. I wish it would've been longer though. I love that Rob is so in love with Taylor he's practically stalking her and her attraction is so intense but she thinks that he'll never want her!!!Loved it

    19. Over too SoonGreat intro just not enough of storyline! I did not pay any attention how many pages were in this storyline. Captured your attention in the very beginning! Just too short!

    20. Insta love for sure but also drawn out a little bit. Not as hot as the previous book in my opinion this one was more of a fire that slowly becomes a smoldering inferno. I still enjoyed it there is a little bit of a taboo feel to this one that was really exciting

    21. Hello yaAnother book of hers read in a day. If your a fan of alexandria riley but want something a little shorter this is for you. Insta love hot sex (ish) alpha male. Wow just so yummy.

    22. Hot and steamy nonsense, plenty of insta-love and insta-lust, impossible naive heroine and over the top alpha macho man. Enjoyable on its own right! not much story to dissect.

    23. another awesome short read from Alexa Kayeuld not, would not put downif your wanting to read a naughty short book this is it Bad For You

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