- By Randy Stradley Dave Ross Lui Antonio

Star Wars: Dark Times, Volume Two: Parallels

  • Title: Star Wars: Dark Times, Volume Two: Parallels
  • Author: Randy Stradley Dave Ross Lui Antonio
  • ISBN: 9781593079451
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • Star Wars Dark Times Volume Two Parallels At the dawn of the Galactic Empire two beings a galaxy apart will do the unthinkable to save those in their care only to risk losing themselves in the process

    At the dawn of the Galactic Empire, two beings a galaxy apart will do the unthinkable to save those in their care, only to risk losing themselves in the process.

    1 thought on “Star Wars: Dark Times, Volume Two: Parallels

    1. The art team changes in the series which I hate but the story made up for it. It continues to build on the first volume.

    2. As the title suggests, this arc weaves two stories together. One is the continuation of Bomo Greenbark and the Uhumele's story, while the other is a new storyline that picks up with K'kruhk, a minor character in the earlier Republic comics. As much as I enjoy the Uhumele crew, that story takes a kind of reset after the peak of Greenbark's quest, and their adventure here is less interesting than it could be. It's still got some great character work, though. K'kruhk's story takes up the mantle of [...]

    3. As other reviewers have said, the art does change in this volume a couple of times. Surprisingly, it isn't just the penciler, but the inker(s) as well. This is too bad, because the art is so fantastic in the first volume. As far as the rest of "Parallels" goes, I do think that the first issue of this story arc is really strong and the rest are all good, solid issues. A lot of this has to do with how much Master K'Kruhk is flying around with this lightsaber. Those panels are just amazing. I would [...]

    4. There is so much to this story but I will not get into very much of it. I'll stay this I can see why it's called darktimes. Bomo is about to blow his lid and K'Krunk is force to feel what those from the darkside of the force feel. This is a good book and I'm sure that when I pull the series out the second time I'll get even more out of this book. My rating for this book is 4.7 out of 5.0.

    5. You find out what happened to some jedi younglings, and carry on following the crew from the first volume. I like how this series shows what happened to characters from the Clone wars series. I did like the jedi part of the book. The other part was interesting, as it was character led, but it did not grab me as much. A good read.

    6. This book told the story of Master Krukk and the crew of the ship in Dark Times v 1 in parallel (hence the title). It was nice to see a story about the Jedi master who somehow lives until the Legacy comics. A pretty good story.

    7. This is a tale from after Order 66 has been carried out. The story explores themes of war and lose. There is a mixture of scoundrel and Jedi story lines. Ok, but not the best Star Wars story that I have read.

    8. In some ways, I like the connections between the parallel storylines, and in some ways I don't. It makes the Star Wars galaxy feel bigger, and at the same time it doesn't. Not a bad follow-up to volume 1 though. Weird that the cover is of an issue from the first arc.

    9. Good story but the artwork in this one was subpar. Nothing like the first one. The overall story saved it.

    10. Excellent portrayal of good "souls" who have to make difficult choices and then cope with them after the Clone Wars.

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