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You and Me

  • Title: You and Me
  • Author: Veronica Larsen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • You and Me We met in the pouring rain his killer smile stealing my words and his eyes swallowing me whole My new neighbor Handsome and playful and soon to be heir to the kingdom of my lady parts Yeah I said it

    We met in the pouring rain, his killer smile stealing my words and his eyes swallowing me whole My new neighbor Handsome and playful and soon to be heir to the kingdom of my lady parts Yeah, I said it I was all but ready to let the man lay siege from the moment I noticed his running shorts cling to very compelling evidence But a few stray words revealed a game changinWe met in the pouring rain, his killer smile stealing my words and his eyes swallowing me whole My new neighbor Handsome and playful and soon to be heir to the kingdom of my lady parts Yeah, I said it I was all but ready to let the man lay siege from the moment I noticed his running shorts cling to very compelling evidence But a few stray words revealed a game changing truth Now he will need his skills as a surgeon to remove the giant foot he s jammed in his mouth He won t give up until he s proven to me that polar opposites don t just attract, they ignite This is a bite sized romance Everything you crave banter, steam, romance all in one quick, fun, and delectable standalone.

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    1. With the welcomed introduction of summer, so to comes the summer romances. Veronica Larsen's small but mighty, bite-sized rom-com is the perfect starter to whet every romance reader's appetite. Caught out in the rain, Samantha and Jackson's accidental meeting is a soggy affair. The temperature soon rises when sparks start flying, but unfortunately for Jackson, a bad case of foot in mouth syndrome soon sees the Sparks fizzle out. Much to my enjoyment of this sexy short, the non-stop banter and wi [...]

    2. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewA short, sweet, and sexy romance to kick off the start of summer! Veronica Larsen is a new author for me and so when I read the synopsis of her newest releaseYou and Me, I instantly knew that this book would be the perfect bite sized romance. You and Me was an adorably sweet, fun modern romance that incorporated layers of banter and steam to bring a smile to any romance fanatic. When Samantha moved to NYC, she never expected to see a hot sex [...]

    3. This Bite-Sized Romance was so much fun to read. It reminded me a little bit of the movie, "How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days," but only smaller.Samantha is moving in with her sister, but is caught in a torrential downpour and locked out of the building. Coming to her rescue is the gorgeous Jackson, who also happens to be her neighbor. While waiting on her sister to get home, Samantha waits in Jackson's apartment. As they start talking, she finds out that they are both in the healthcare field. He's [...]

    4. 4.5 starsHonestly, I wanted to give it 5 stars for this alone"Everything hurts. I'm pretty sure I'm dying.""Well, the man cold is notoriously deadly."We've all been around a man who sneezes once and has suddenly decided he can't go to work, lift a spoon, or pretty much do anything else without complaining of his "death-like" symptoms. And I always love novels that point this out <3But anyways, about the actual story. This was super short read that was light and fun. A good read for when you w [...]

    5. 4.5 sexy, perfect for summer stars!OMG!!! I loved this! So much! I have only one problem, it's just not long enough!! I want more! I absolutely adored this super sexy, quick read! As a huge fan of Veronica Larsen's books I was really excited to see her release these fun, bitesized romances. These short reads seem to be more and more popular at the minute and this one is definitely one of my favourites! Samantha and Jackson are incredible! From the first meeting a fierce connection sparks that in [...]

    6. 3.5 StarsHhmmm It's kinda disappointing.It has very good potentials to be much better actually ( ⋅́ ̯⋅̀ )I mean, A sexy romance with a hot doctor as the hero?? Wow!!What do we even call this genre? Medical romance?I'm so obsessed with doctors Especially the hot ones like Jackson (◍>ᴗ<◍)How can a man be that perfect?? Smart, handsome and hot all at the same time?Since it's only a novella, I know the pace is very fast. I like fast-paced books, so I think it shouldn't be a proble [...]

    7. For something really short, this novella was really satisfyingly good. It was quite a nice surprise. I gravitate towards shorter reads when it's a hellish workweek so I get to finish something in one go. This was nicely done indeed with the quick banter and comfortable chemistry between the two main characters. I'm not sure if this would've been more effective if stretched into a longer story. I guess how compact it was added to the charm.

    8. I'm a sucker for flirty, quirky, and sexy quick reads. And that's exactly what this novella is! I only wished it was just a tad longer, to really enjoy the hotness that is Dr. Jackson.

    9. 4 stars. I really liked this "bite sized" romance! This is a novella and I never give novellas 4 stars because I always want more, but this was perfect the way it was. This is a really sweet and sexy read about Samantha and Jackson. Samantha just graduated from her training to become a holistic midwife and is moving to the city to live with her younger sister. She arrives in a rainstorm and her flighty sister is not home, leaving her and her luggage locked out of the building getting soaked. Luc [...]

    10. You and Me by Veronica Larsen was a first for me by this author and wow I must say I'm impressed. You and Me is a short story but is packed with a lot of character development in a short amount of space. The only problem with this book is it left me wanting more. More of Samantha and Jackson. Samantha moves into her sister’s apartment and on the first day runs into the very hot brain surgeon and neighbor Jackson. They don't hit it off right away but after some determination from Jackson, Saman [...]

    11. Super short, super cute, super sexy. Veronica Larsen once again captivated me with her brilliance in story-telling and comedic timing. I loved both characters immediately. Their banter made me giggle and their connection made me swoon. Samantha and Jackson were adorable in every way. Though the story was short, I felt both were developed better than some authors can manage in a full-length novel. It's impressive. These characters could be friends, people I know in the real world. But even more b [...]

    12. Definitely a bite sized romance I liked it. Short and sweet, like a truffle delicacy, You and Me contains enough to leave the reader satisfied. Told in dual pov's with humour, great characters, intimacy, leading to a hea. I haven't read anything from this author before and this little treat is a great sampler of Veronica Larsen's writing. Arc gratefully received for honest review Bbbf-sizzlereads-bestbookboyfriends FB & group Bbbf-sizzlereads-bestbookb

    13. Cute, short story.This is a perfect summer read - it's great for the beach or pool and PERFECT to read while doing cardio (which is what I did).This is short, but readers get a FULL story about Samantha and Jackson. You get an understanding about each character, some background, some current, and you LIKE them!They're funny - great banter! And I forgot to mention some hot times :) Loved this bite-size romance!

    14. This is how a novella is done! It's short but still has a full story and great characters with plenty of chemistry. It was funny, sweet, and sexy; everything that I love in a book. Now I can't wait to read the next bite-sized romance from Veronica Larsen. I highly recommend You and Me if you're ever in the need for a quick read!

    15. Super quick story - you can probably finish in one sitting, but I started it right before bed. LOL The writing is engaging & the story was fun. : )

    16. Spicy.earthyI love the eye opening moment embracing something you never would have before. The steam in this read is just right and the quirky talk is fun. Good read.

    17. 5/5 stars! Just in time for summer: A Bite-Sized Romance! Everything you crave--banter, steam, romance--all in one quick, fun, and delectable standalone. YOU AND ME is a delicious opposites attract story coming June 27th.It all started in the pouring rain. His wet shirt plastered to his hard body. My drenched hair strewn across my face.We bantered. He held the door. I found out his name.And for a half a second, I fell hard.Then the record stopped. Forget his quick wit, those biceps, and insanel [...]

    18. I've been a fan of Veronica Larsen for some time now, after reading her Hearts of Stone series, so I was very excited to learn about her Bite Sized Romances this summer. The perfect way to battle the heat outside is with some heat between the sheets I mean, pages of this book. I have always been attracted to Larsen's sexy style and quick wit, and that has never been more prominent than in You and Me, the first of three Bite Sized Romances being released (there will be one released in each of the [...]

    19. Samantha and Jackson run into each other outside their apartment building, wet from the rain and those sparks fly. They're flirting and eyeing each other up. Then, Jackson, a neurosurgeon, decides to give his not-so-impressed opinion about wholistic medicine. Only to discover that Samantha is a wholistic midwife. That was an awesome scene by the way! Jackson, realizing that he just stuck his foot in it, makes some effort to recover his footing and try to get Samantha to go out with him. He's con [...]

    20. I received an ARC from the author for an honest review.This is the first short story I have read and I have to say, it did not disappoint! It had everything a normal sized romance novel should have; character development, banter, steam, and a great ending. Samantha and Jackson are neighbors and meet outside of their apartment building. I love how Samantha took one look at Jackson and had her whole happily ever after formed in her mind. Her fake married life to Jackson made me laugh out loud! Unf [...]

    21. short sexy funny read. Perfect for the summerSamantha ist gerade erst zu ihrer Schwester nach New York gezogen. Die Ankunft fällt schon mal buchstäblich ins Wasser, doch ein sexy Fremder erspart ihr das Warten im Regen. Die Chemie zwischen den beiden stimmt sofort. Sie flirten, sie lachen und er ist auch noch ihr neuer Nachbar. Klingt doch perfekt. Doch dann versaut Jackson, der als Neurochirurg arbeitet alles, als er – ohne es anfangs zu ahnen – schlecht über ihren Job spricht. Dabei bem [...]

    22. 3.5 StarsI liked this Bite-Sized Romance. It had witty characters falling for each other. The Story: Rain is pouring down hard on the day Samantha moves into her sister’s apartment. Since she has no key to let herself in, she seeks shelter from the rain at the front door to the apartment complex. Luckily she doesn’t have to wait long to be saved when her hot new neighbor Jackson the brain surgeon comes to her rescue. This guy being the perfect boyfriend material lets Samantha’s imagination [...]

    23. stephsbookramblings.c Samantha has just moved to town and is moving in with her (slightly) crazy sister but when she shows up-in the pouring rain-her sister isn’t home and she has no keys! Enter Jackson-her sister’s neighbor. He’s good-looking, funny and a neurosurgeon? But he is also condescending and slightly obnoxious. She could never date him…right? Again, I must mention that I am not usually a fan of novellas but this was a cute and fun story. I always wish for a little more detail [...]

    24. Jackson (Dimples) and Samantha (Freckles) meet when Samantha can’t get into her apartment building where she is moving in with her sister. Jackson lives in the same building and comes along at the right moment and lets her in. Usually with these quick little reads it’s insta-love, but not with Jackson and Samantha. It doesn’t even appear that they like each other besides being attracted to the physical appearance.The book is told from both character’s POV, which is always a plus with me. [...]

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