- By Terry Goodkind

Soul of the Fire

  • Title: Soul of the Fire
  • Author: Terry Goodkind
  • ISBN: 9781857989137
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • Soul of the Fire Richard and Kahlan are finally married and enjoying their wedding night back in the Spirit House in the Village of the Mud People Soon sudden and unexplainable deaths begin to occur and Richard come

    Richard and Kahlan are finally married and enjoying their wedding night back in the Spirit House in the Village of the Mud People Soon, sudden and unexplainable deaths begin to occur, and Richard comes to the conclusion that when Kahlan called forth the Chimes in order to save him, they remained free, causing havoc Zedd sends Richard and Kahlan off to the Wizard s Keep iRichard and Kahlan are finally married and enjoying their wedding night back in the Spirit House in the Village of the Mud People Soon, sudden and unexplainable deaths begin to occur, and Richard comes to the conclusion that when Kahlan called forth the Chimes in order to save him, they remained free, causing havoc Zedd sends Richard and Kahlan off to the Wizard s Keep in Aydindril to get a special bottle that contains a spell that will stop the threat While en route, Richard, Kahlan, and their Mord Sith protector Cara are sidetracked into dealing with the people of Anderith, who have a powerful weapon of mass destruction called the Dominie Dirtch They find that the leadership of Anderith wishes to surrender to the Imperial Order rather than surrender to the D Haran Empire As Richard tries his best to convince the people of Anderith of the danger the Imperial Order poses, he becomes firmly convinced that the Chimes are loose.

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    1. First 3 books where OK, but read like teen erotic fantasy with a mix a of Fountain Head. Book 4 was horrible, book 5 was the worst book I have ever read and I started 6 and it was looking even stupider so I quit less than 100 pages in. Heroes that never learn anything and have no desire to, and cause their own trouble through their ignorance just piss me off. Then the 5th book had the evil chicken that was killing people, numerous gang bangs and gang rapes, and introduced new characters which th [...]

    2. Terrible book, I just could not finish it. (Spoilers ahead: But if you still want to read the book, you are on your own)I loved the Sword of Truth series in the beginning. It was different and exciting. But then the series started to get weird. First it was the weird sex that Richard was having with the red clad dominatrix, then the Sisters of the Dark had that strange session with the statue/demon in the forest etc etc.And after a while, I started to feel about the series the same way as about [...]

    3. I'm about to get all up in this book's craw for some terrible choices on the part of the author, and the part of his characters, but I would like to state up front that I am not opposed to characters making choices that are morally questionable. If characters--especially "the good guys"--don't mess up every now and again, we usually find them flat or boring. What I AM opposed to is characters making morally questionable choices without either the characters or the author bothering to question th [...]

    4. This book is a lot slower going than the previous four, perhaps because Terry Goodkind is putting a lot of focus on characters we have never heard of up until now. At halfway through the book he picks up the pace though, and the last half of the book is actually very enjoyable.Still, not even close to being one of Goodkind's best books, and it took a strong recommendation from someone that had read the entirety of it to bring this book back out of the bookshelf.The big weakness of the book is, I [...]

    5. Some people complain about the slow pace of the book; to me, the real problem is that especially by the end of it, much of the content felt completely unnecessary.The big obstacle of this book was, first and foremost, the Chimes. In spite of this, they actually seem to occupy very little of the plot, except when people are just worrying about them. This wasn't a completely illogical approach, because it was necessary for the heroes to spend most of the story simply researching how these Chimes c [...]

    6. Terry Goodkind is a superb author, and in my opinion, his "Sword of Truth" series is the best I have ever read. So good, in fact, that I have read the entire series three times in a row, back to back, non-stop. This series is *not* for children. The series covers many aspects of the dark side of humanity, in great detail, as the heroes try to overcome the evils in the world. Goodkind is not afraid to show his readers just what evil *really* is, that is, most often, people who perform acts of evi [...]

    7. Well, at least we left the formula behind somewhat here. You know the "Richard loves Kahlen-Richard loses Kahlen-there is an insurmountable reason Richard can never have Kahlen back-Richard surmounts the insurmountable (somehow)."Unfortunately the book just isn't that good, they keep getting weaker, though the diatribes do keep getting longer.

    8. A wonderful story about how democracy is broken and the world is better off submitting to the rule of an iron-fisted military dictator so long as he saves them from socialistm. A great read for closet fascists everywhere.

    9. An Opinionated Look At:Terry Goodkind's Soul of the FireBy Eric AllenThis review is rated S for Spoilers.Soul of the Fire is the fifth book of the Sword of Truth series. When it came out, I thought to myself that it was the absolute worst this series could possibly sink to. I was, unfortunately, wrong. This book is confusing. It's boring. It's so far up its own ass that it can see daylight out the other side. And worst of all, the author is extraordinarily arrogant about it, often blaming his fa [...]

    10. Oh, my, god where to begin with this one? I will say that I was warned about this book and this entire series but I didn't listen. I enjoyed the first two books, and the fourth book, and liked the third one a little, but this one just lost its damn mind. "Where did it lose its mind?" Right about the time when Richard starts looking for the chicken that is not a chicken. I would definitely say that it is a chicken, but it is an EVIL chicken. Scawwy. Also, it is a zombie chicken. Gaspeddy gasp gas [...]

    11. I will be the first to admit that it's been a good, oh, eight years or more since I started this book (because I never finished it) But, after forcing myself to plow through four of the previous books (well, I didn't hate all four of them), I was in no fit state to attempt to stomach the same ol', tired, clichéd bullshit without which Mr. Goodkind, apparently, finds it impossible to compose a story. The rest of this review is hidden behind spoiler tags. For a reason.(view spoiler)[So, to be com [...]

    12. 2.5 stars. While a decent read, this fifth installment of the Sword of Truth series continues the let down in the overall quality of the series after the first 3 books. Richard and Kahlan remain memorable characters but not much else.

    13. This, while still an amazing book, definitely has been the first to disappoint me at points when held against its predecessors. The writing is as captivating as ever (though I am growing tired of the rehashing/brief introductions - I know what's going on, I'm not taking long lapses between books's just becoming a tiring device), but the direction the bulk of the book went rubbed me the wrong way. My main issue: ANDERITH AND ALL THOSE DWELLING IN IT!Now, I realize the importance of the place and [...]

    14. I just have one question. Who wrote this book? I firmly believe some strange essence possessed Terry Goodkind before he wrote this book. This series went from enthralling to infuriating. The first three hundred pages of Soul of Fire are spent discussing low cut dresses, cleavage, sex scandals, food, and ridiculous politics of a country in the Midlands that has yet to be discussed in previous books. While I understand the need to portray the selfishness of this society, I do not think it needed t [...]

    15. Jeepers Creepers. Much the same. A focus on sexual violence and sexual possessiveness as the main motivators for virtually every character. Untold pages of characterization of the bad guys as bad so that we don't mind when they are subjected to violence later. A characterization of a "primitive" person's speech as "jibber-jabber." A whole bunch of messianic stuff admixed in with the pagan. A strong pro-life and antidemocratic bent. Ridiculous situations. The wise lying to each other apparently o [...]

    16. It is always curious to see fantasy authors who don't consider themselves to be fantasy authors. Case-in-point: Terry Goodkind. The former landscape painter has told us how he isn't a fantasy author in every interview he's ever given:"The books I write are first of all novels, not fantasy, and that is deliberate; I'm really writing books about human beings."(1)"To define me as a fantasy writer is to misunderstand the context of my books by misidentifying their fundamentals."(2)"The stories I'm t [...]

    17. I read the first five books in Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series back to back, but now I am ready for a break. For the sake of completion, I do plan to finish the set eventually; however, I am in no rush to do so. Devouring this book felt like binging on junk food - only temporarily satisfying, and sapping my energy. Main characters Richard and Kahlan become less likable in this story, sniping at each other and condescending to the people in whose interest they claim to act. Kahlan, especia [...]

    18. This review refers to the SOT series through book 9.Terry Goodkind’s first book Wizard’s First Rule was great! Except for the actual First Rule ("People are Stupid"), which wasupid. The story had so many unique and fascinating characters (especially the secondary ones). I was in love with Richard; I wanted to be a Mord-Sith. The next couple of books of The Sword of Truth were pretty good, too.ThenI don’t know what happened just TOTALLY lost it. The writing style became incredibly annoying [...]

    19. There are people who loved Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series from beginning to end. But a lot of people who loved it through the first four books feel this is where the series jumped the shark. Goodkind is a devotee of Ayn Rand; he's open about that on his website. But although you could see libertarian themes in the earlier books, this is the one where it's more than subtext easily ignored. If that is what bothers you about this book, to the point you didn't find it enjoyable, you might wa [...]

    20. Not great at all. All the characters started doing out-of-character stupid shit, and nothing much really happened. Also, the plot was just not very interesting, and solutions for problems were a bit far-fetched (view spoiler)[(the guy in the lake, what the hell?) (hide spoiler)]. And what was the demon chicken that was just completely forgotten after 150 pages of whining over it? All the new characters that were introduced were stupid and ignorant, and most of them didn't even have a good purpos [...]

    21. Oh, how I love this series! For me, each book seems to get better! I definitely liked Soul of the Fire far more than any of the others! What a great journey this story takes us on! I find it hard to discipline myself to read only one book in this series and not jump right in to the next one! Will get to that one soon though, got to see what happens after one hell of an ending!

    22. DNFI have to admit I got to around the final third of this book and decided I had, had enough of this.I love the series as a whole but this one was a disaster from the get go.Zombie chickens should have been the big warning sign with this one but when you have Zedd send Richard on a false quest and a fake seeker you know your going to have a bad time.This book just seem to drag on and it was almost parodying itself as surely it could have not been this laughably bad on purpose. Another short com [...]

    23. Soul of the Fire was incredibly frustrating at times! Terry Goodkind also has a very long-winded way of writing which can be trying at time (and don't even get me started on those pesky recaps) But having said that, I find I am unable to stop reading the series, at least, that's the case so far. What I like about his characters is that just because a person is committed to the "right side" doesn't mean that they won't make grave mistakes or that they aren't weak. In Soul of the Fire, for instanc [...]

    24. La storia sarebbe stata anch abbastanza interessante: il salvataggio di Richard alla fine del libro precedente aveva evocato nel mondo i tre Rintocchi, altre armi magiche senzienti risalenti alla vecchia guerra (come i Mriswith e la Silph, la Spada della verità e il Legame dei Rahl). Solo che queste creature invincibili godono nell’uccidere, risucchiano la magia dal mondo e hanno lo scopo di prendersi l’anima promessa loro con l’evocazione. L’anima di Richard.Zedd decide di provare a fe [...]

    25. So far, this book (5th in the series) is much harder to read than the others. There is way too much petty dialogue. I am not liking how the action, adventure and POINT of the story is getting bogged down in petty, uncharacteristic "now that the main characters are married, they're acting like it" petty disagreements. I get the point the author is trying to make. I understand that marriage changes things, even when we don't think/realize it will. I just don't see how ANY of the constant bickering [...]

    26. I purchased a paperback copy of this book while I was still reading Temple of the Winds. I was already growing weary of the series and the author's simplistic attempts to teach the reader that *caveman grunt* "communism bad", but had decided I would push on with the series for the sake of completion (at this point I hadn't realized that Goodkind intended to beat this dead horse for the rest of his life.)I loaned the book to a friend to read while I finished up Temple of the Winds. A few days lat [...]

    27. I am on a mission to catch up on this series, since I cannot remember why I stopped reading it in the first place. Also, with the new tv show, I find myself trying to remember what I've read. I vaguely remember the chimes. The big question are in the world or not? Is the magic really failing or not? And what's Zedd up to? These are the questions that Kahlan, Richard, Cara and another figure from Richard's past must answer if they are to save the land of Anderith from the invading army of Jagang. [...]

    28. Are you a crazy person? How would you like to spend 3 hours by audio book or 65+ pages reading about an obviously possessed chicken and the inner (inert would also be an acceptable word) dialogues of our heroes as they try to crack the case. Who will you side with Zed and kaylan who think the chicken is a chicken, or Richard and the bird man (his real name) who think the chicken is not a chicken.!!!!!!Honestly this series dies a horrible death after the third book. It should have been a trilogy [...]

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