- By David Almond Mari Klein

Minu nimi on Mina

  • Title: Minu nimi on Mina
  • Author: David Almond Mari Klein
  • ISBN: 9789949574001
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Minu nimi on Mina Mina on m ssaja M ned tlevad et ta on peast segi kuid tegelikult ei taha ta muud kui olla vaba olla nnelik olla tema ise hel l kuuvalgel avab ta t hja vihiku ja hakkab kirjutama Minu nimi on Min

    Mina on m ssaja M ned tlevad, et ta on peast segi, kuid tegelikult ei taha ta muud, kui olla vaba, olla nnelik, olla tema ise hel l, kuuvalgel avab ta t hja vihiku ja hakkab kirjutama Minu nimi on Mina Ja ma armastan d See on Mina lugu tema oma s nadega tema kogemused, m tted ja unistused, tema luuletused ja laulud Selles raamatus avab David Almond lugejaMina on m ssaja M ned tlevad, et ta on peast segi, kuid tegelikult ei taha ta muud, kui olla vaba, olla nnelik, olla tema ise hel l, kuuvalgel avab ta t hja vihiku ja hakkab kirjutama Minu nimi on Mina Ja ma armastan d See on Mina lugu tema oma s nadega tema kogemused, m tted ja unistused, tema luuletused ja laulud Selles raamatus avab David Almond lugejale he isep ise ent tundliku t druku m tte ja hingemaailma ja teeb seda poeetiliselt ja lummavalt.

    1 thought on “Minu nimi on Mina

    1. A frustrating journal, but an interesting character It pains me to give this such a low rating because I have very mixed feeling about it. I appreciate the idea behind it, but it is not very enjoyable to read. This is not a novel or a straightforward narrative, but a journal of a young girl called Mina. She is a character in Skellig which is a book I really enjoyed. This is her journal prior to the events of Skellig and it feels completely, and utterly, unnecessary. Mina is a complete outcast of [...]

    2. I had to give this a five! Though I thought the first half was a solid three the second half blew me away.May I say now, if you are currently thinking of reading 'My name is Mina' without reading 'Skellig' I would strongly recommend against it. While 'My name is Mina' would work as a stand alone book I think it adds another level to it having read 'Skellig', and to read 'Skellig' after reading 'My name is Mina' would destroy some of the mystery that is key to 'Skellig'.I found the first half wel [...]

    3. Beautiful, witty writing. Just wish it wasn't a prequel to another book because I'm most likely not going to read that one and this ending wasn't very solid. I loved Mina's thoughtfulness throughout this and it definitely made me think.

    4. The prequel and companion to the extraordinary Skellig, this is told in Mina's own distinctive voice. Textually it is glorious, using a range of fonts, with some pages blank, some white on black and sometimes Mina tells her story in the third person to distance herself from more difficult memories. I found the story profoundly affecting, sometimes to the point of tears and sometimes laughing aloud, and it is a book that teachers should all read, as a warning to how our results-fixated education [...]

    5. Extraordinary Fact! All the exclamation points currently in existence in the English language actually APPEAR in this book!! COMPLETELY TRUE!!!! SOOOOO annoying!!!!!!! I have not read "Skellig." I did not already know Mina; I did not already have an emotional investment in her when I opened this book. I did not find her innermost thoughts to be wonderful and delightful. Mostly I found them boring and annoying and impossibly young. I think, that if this book had started differently, I would have [...]

    6. Do you ever have the urge to write an author and transcriptionally hug and kiss them because of your profound gratitude for their having been born and having written this one particular book? I usually hug the book instead. And I’ve been hugging My Name is Mina the past few days. I should really write those living authors. I should write to David Almond.I’d heard of My Name is Mina in passing. I think it was in a manner of whispers from the “Lucky Day” shelf in Juvenile Fiction at the Li [...]

    7. This is going on my Autism shelf, even though it's never explicitly stated that Mina has autism. It fits. Anyway, Mina's having a rough time. Her father died not long ago, and school, which had always been somewhat challenging for her became much worse. She didn't fit it with her peers, and she didn't get along at all with her teacher. So right now she's being homeschooled by her mother, and she's getting to spend a lot of time sitting in her favorite tree and watching the house on the street wh [...]

    8. Although I didn't find this book as good as Skellig/i> was, My Name is Mina is still creative, mysterious and eerie, following the life of a peculiar little girl in her diaries.

    9. Read this book.(I was going to leave my so-called review at that, but in truth, there are quite a number of people who won't like this book at all and therefore should not read it. So I decided to expand on my statement a little more. As a disclaimer, I had previously never heard of Skellig beyond seeing the title in a few lists and have no previous exposure to the character Mina nor the author.)Read this book if: 1. you don't mind making allowances for journal-style writing that includes enthus [...]

    10. Much better than Skelling itself, but still not great. I will say though, if you want a break from the usual boy-crazy, stupid YA heroine, read this. Mina is no Nora Grey; she's intelligent, perceptive, sensitive, vulnerable, even a little bit crazy in short, a genuinely likeable and interesting main character.

    11. Leérlo junto con mis alumnos es un placer, ver que se interesaron en la lectura por este libro me llena de satisfacción.Aunque Mina les de unas ideas un poco locas, pero se puede remediar con la desrarificación.

    12. My name is Mina (Skellig, #0.5), 2011, David Almond (1951)عنوان: اسم من میناست؛ نویسنده: دیوید آلموند؛ مترجم: مریم رفیعی؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، ایرانبان،چاپ اول 1391، چاپ دوم 1392، در 371 ص، اندازه 5/14 در 5/19 س.م، شابک: 9786001880629، ‏عنوان روی جلد : اسم من میناست و عاشق شبم؛ وقتی شب‌ها دنیا تو خوابه، همه چیز ممکن می‌ش [...]

    13. "Hello, my name is Mina."Mina is a girl who has different perspectives and approaches to life. She does not fit in well at her school, and her teachers find her to be a difficulty. Her writing is never up to their standards, not only because it is not the style of writing they want, but because it addresses creativity that the school tries to suppress. In Mina's attempt to battle the school and the loss of her father, she relies on her notebook and tree to keep her grounded to reality. Now Mina [...]

    14. My absolute favourite book of all time without a shadow of a doubt. Also my favourite children's character. I read Skellig when it was published and Mina just stayed with me from then as a character I just could not forget. She is just so smart, funny, unique and amazing. When this was shortlisted for the Carnegie I was absolutely overjoyed and read it in one sitting. David Almond just embellished on her characteristics from Skellig and absolutely made sure you got inside her head and personalit [...]

    15. I read Skellig when I was at school and I enjoyed it, but I didn't totally love it. The story did stay with me though and so I thought I'd give this a try - I'm really glad that I did. Mina is such a wonderful, interesting and quite a complex character. Almond's writing is almost lyrical in this book and it does feel very different to Skellig. Mina is unique as are her thoughts - she has a very intriguing look on the world and her way of expressing things in writing is interesting too. I haven't [...]

    16. Reading this aloud to Tess at bedtime. Earlier we read Skellig by David Almond, and this is the prequel to that.Now finished reading it to Tess - we both enjoyed it. Tess is drawn to characters who, in some way, remind her of herself. I think she loves hearing these stories and figuring things out about life in the process. I do too. I love her questions and her contentedness as I read. And when I believe she might have drifted off, but she surprises with at a funny part with a big laugh. We'll [...]

    17. I really liked the style of this book. A really quick read and Mina is a great character. I read Skellig first and I think I prefer this prequel.

    18. Book Review Mina is a girl who has no friends. Everyone thought she was strange, even the teachers were frustrated with her. Then, she wrote all this in a journal. This type of genre is a realistic- fiction, because it has real people in a book like people in real life. This was the most unique book I've read yet. In the book there are extraordinary activities that you can do. I also like this book because it has really good quotes. Also, the story is very interesting.This book takes place mostl [...]

    19. maybe it's just because of the name, but I feel I resemble much of this strange and amazing child! Not afraid to point her views, seeing different meanings in everyday things, and I don't recommend running out of school. The connection between mother and daughter is heart melting. Great for younger readers, I read this ages ago, but even now is one of the only books I will happily read over and over again.

    20. I adore this book. I smiled reading it, I smile remembering it.I don't want to rate it five stars, not because in this moment I don't feel it is that good, but only because I reserve that only for the very best, that I can reread several times happily.I'll have to read Skellig now, I suppose. as a mere prequel, this book feels incomplete. I enjoy the moments spent in Mina's world, but her character development seems to stop short. she's clearly an important character in Michael's story, but is h [...]

    21. I would recommend this book to any parent with a budding writer. Truly an amazing little story about an extraordinary girl named Mina.

    22. This is a very good and interesting book, it was a lot of fun to read it and enjoyed its creativity. It may even be my favorite book of the year.

    23. A prequel to Mr. Almond's award-winning "Skellig", this book is shortlisted for the 2012 Carnegie Medal and I think it will certainly give the other entries a run for their money. In fact, the list seems to have some very strong contenders this year, so it should be interesting to see which book is chosen. This book I found to be achingly beautiful. Mina's father has passed away and she is working through her sense of loss, but she is so fortunate to have a close relationship with a very compass [...]

    24. "!Perfection is BORING! !Perfection is EMPTY! !Perfection is NOTHINGNESS!"-David Almond. The genre of this book is realistic fiction. My overall opinion of this book is that, I didn't really enjoy this book as much as I thought I would. At first It seemed kind of boring. Like I felt like I just read and didn't really give it time to completely understand what I was reading. When I finished this book I looked over some pages and I saw some really interesting things and I realized that Mina(The Ma [...]

    25. "My name is Mina and I love the night. Anything seems possible at night when the rest of the world has gone to sleep. It’s dark and silent in the house, but if I listen close, I hear the beat beat beat of my heart. I hear the creak and crack of the house. I hear my mum breathing gently in her sleep in the room next door."So starts this book. I vaguely remembered Mina from Skellig – she was this strange girl who quoted William Blake and was home schooled. The basic reason to getting this book [...]

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