- By Hayden Hunt

Touched Down

  • Title: Touched Down
  • Author: Hayden Hunt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Touched Down It seems like I m never going to find the right woman But maybe I ve found the right man Things haven t been easy for me Even though in theory I have everything I want I m rich I get to play footba

    It seems like I m never going to find the right woman But maybe I ve found the right man Things haven t been easy for me Even though, in theory, I have everything I want I m rich, I get to play football for a living which is my passion, I have a huge house What I don t have is someone to share it with Despite dating so many women, none of them ever click for me I wIt seems like I m never going to find the right woman But maybe I ve found the right man Things haven t been easy for me Even though, in theory, I have everything I want I m rich, I get to play football for a living which is my passion, I have a huge house What I don t have is someone to share it with Despite dating so many women, none of them ever click for me I was beginning to resign myself to being alone forever, until I meet Alex Alex is the perfect person for me Except for the fact that he s a man I don t date straight guys, I refuse to get tangled up in that mess At least, that s what I promise myself after my ex Jason I don t want to be with a man who isn t willing to come out of the closet But, that doesn t mean I can t be friends with Liam, right There s no harm in being around him if I keep things platonic Only, every fiber of my being is craving him romantically This standalone gay for you novella is 30,000 words and comes complete with HEA ending

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    1. This is the first time I have read a book by this author and I was very pleasantly surprised at how well this book has been written. I found this book to be a interesting heartwarming story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The story covers Liam, a good looking quarterback football player who plays for the La Tigers and just cannot seem to find that one special person to share his life. His friend Jeff keeps on trying to set him up with various girls but due to no interest from Liam has final [...]

    2. What a load of horse crap. Full of trite and stereotypical cliches. Both main characters are written as petty and selfish. I am sure this is intended so they can both grow and become better people. Oh, wouldn't it be nice if we all had epiphanies that could change us overnight. I'm really not sure if Hayden Hunt has actually spent any quality with gay people. They seem to be a foreign concept to this author. Pass on this one.

    3. **).•.•*) .•*)(.• (.•`*Without warning, without expectationFirst off, brand new writer, first book, and Hayden did so well. Hayden has a hidden talent and once developed, this author's writing skills can become excellent. Yes, I saw a few errors, but that occurs with self publication and did not deter from the story. Speaking of I. Die. For. GFY!!There is nothing like seeing how an author spins a tale getting us invested in their words and making us believe. Having just finished anothe [...]

    4. Loved this story. The story line was strong and the characters were well developed. This is a very heart wrenching story that keeps you engrossed in these two men's lives. Liam is the quarterback of a LA Professional football team. He has never been happy in his personal life, not connecting with any woman out there. One day he meets Alex at a bar. Alex is out and proud and he sees that a woman is coming on to Liam and the woman doesn't take the hints that he is not interested. Alex comes over t [...]

    5. Copy provided in exchange for an honest review.I was really looking forward to this. I was a bit disappointed. This was basically an insta-love, HEA, you see in an M/M shifter story only there were no shifters. Liam is a famous football player, whose high expectation of relationship has lost him his best friend and keeps his bed cold at night. Alex is an out and proud gay man looking for love, but is unwilling to be anyone's dirty little secret. 30 seconds claiming to be Liam's boyfriend, and th [...]

    6. This was a heartwarming and romantic story. The focus was weighted heavier on the couple’s friendship, attraction to one another, and eventual relationship more than it was on sex. There were some physical scenes, but definitely not as many as I might have expected. Some readers may be put-off by the “insta-love”, but personally it works for me with these two and the author pulls it off. Typically I like more tightly written works and a more deeply developed plot, but the characters were e [...]

    7. MAN, this should have been right up my alley! M/M: CheckSports Romance: CheckGFY: CheckBUT I ended up returning for refund after DNF-ing it. The beginning was good, I thought Liam and Alex were interesting characters, and I liked the portrayal of Liam, and his struggles with women, and being unable to find someone to love. I liked that he kept to his principles and didn't lower his expectations just because he hadn't been 'lucky in love'. BUT THEN it became a raging case of insta-lust/love that [...]

    8. Sweet and sexy…I really enjoyed this novella, the comradery between Liam and Alex feels playful and genuine from their very first encounter. These characters are a great balance for each other, with Alex’s unwavering positivity injecting some sunshine into the darker corners of Liam’s world, which seems to be shrinking with every passing day. They bring out the best in each other, despite the burdens that Liam’s career puts on their relationship, and I liked how clear they were with each [...]

    9. Two starsI have only read two books from this author. And I can say that Hayden's style of writing is more like a fairy tale story where there is hardly any conflict, its pretty much short with everything going on smoothly except that one life altering decision where seemingly one of the MC's just make it in few minutes. The length of the story do not give any luxury of inner dialogues which is the core of indulgence in any book. The characters Hayden creates are simple, one being kind and the n [...]

    10. Oh, PleaseStraight professional Los Angeles football star quarterback who is in a perpetual funk, openly gay man who never has his profession identified saves him from a female predator in a beach bar. They become instant friends, and then all of a sudden lovers. Oh, the angst. Meh. Not really, just eh.And then it races to the HEA end like a 100-yard kickoff return. And all the while I am saying to myself: OK, if Liam is the quarterback, he should be the guy on the left on the cover. And therefo [...]

    11. Alex is a young man who refuses to let life keep him down. All his friends are busy with careers and relationships and he's at loose ends. A prior bad relationship makes him wary of trying again. Liam is a professional football player. He's never met anyone that he's been able to connect to until he meets Alex. Liam needs to keep their relationship secret, which makes Alex unhappy. Liam and Alex both have to decide what they're willing to do for their HEA.This is a good fast read. The editing on [...]

    12. Sweet and satisfyingI hadn't read any of Hayden's books before but I'm really glad I read this. Alex was adorable. I hated that he had been hurt before and in could completely relate to him trying to resist Liam. Liam seemed like a real jerk at first but once he met Alex, he changed I loved them together. They were so comfortable with each other right from the start. it was momentary were made for each other. And that first kiss was awesome! Totally unexpected but very sexy. The story moved pret [...]

    13. This would have been a solid 3.5/4 stars but got marked down for poor editing and parts of the story timeline being mixed up. Normally I can overlook spelling mistakes and misspelling words but this was too often and impacted on the enjoyment of the story.For a novella the length of the story didn't effect the flow of the story. It was well told it didn't seem that anything was rushed, lengthened or missed out. You could feel the emotion and connection between the MCs. Liam dealt really well wit [...]

    14. One and half stars. Awkward, stilted writing, poor editing, cardboard characters and lots of exposition. There is hardly any story. It is basically instant love and badly written sex scenes. Oh and the kindle edition ends at 57% so that the author can share excerpts from her other books. I feel cheated, having paid 99 cents, and can't believe that this book normally sells for $2.99. I rarely rate books a single star which indicates that the book has no reason to exist, but in this case, I think [...]

    15. Finding purpose in life both personally and professionally is difficult. Growing up is hard. But what do you do when all your friends around you are growing up and moving on, or when the same women day in and day out never seem enough?You go to a bar. You meet a man, a friend and your life changes forever.The unexpected happens, you meet him, and life will never be the same. This story contains heart, and love. Although a fast read, it has all the right qualities to make up a great story and a 4 [...]

    16. I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest reviewThis story had an interesting take on a "straight", unhappy, and unfulfilled professional football player (Liam). I liked how Liam and Alex meet, become friends, and eventually more. Liam is afraid to come out due to his career, but Alex really struggles with hiding and being back in the closet. There was some minor angst, but the story moved very quickly (sometimes too quickly to truly connect with the characters). This was my first book [...]

    17. This book just didn't grab me unfortunately.The story of sportsmen struggling with their identity is well known, and Liam being down, possibly depressive and pushing his friends away, is a scenario I understand, but I felt too distant from characters, I didn't feel as if I got to know either of them well enough to care whether their relationship lasted or not.Although I did like the little plot point when Liam came out, it was really sweet, the epilogue turned me off again - they had lots of mon [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this book. They were both just so sweet and adorable. It was like reading a harlequin book (only in the best way). It reminds me of a chick flick with a meet-cute and everything. I know nothing about football but the players and Jason was perfect. The story is light and easy. There aren’t a lot of details about either person’s history which was fine by me. I would definitely recommend this book and look forward to more from Hayden Hunt.

    19. While Liam and Alex's relationship started fast and hot, I loved how sweet Liam was after he found the one right person for him, who just happened to be a guy. Liam, while a successful football player, had been going through life without any connections, even with his teammates and old friends. When he meets Alex, everything changes. It is a sweet and sexy love story that I highly recommend!!

    20. 4 starsI liked this book, actually a little more than like. Sexy football star, meets gay guy Only problem, football guy is straight, or so he always thought, he couldn't seem to understand why woman just didn't do it for him, until he met Alex. There wasn't much sex at all in the book, which didn't really bother me, I loved the romance so all is good.

    21. This was a really sweet story of two men finding the love they'd both always been searching for. They had their ups and downs and struggles, but they found out that love conquers all. Really entertaining story. I didn't want to put it down. I would highly recommend it. I received an ARC for an honest review.

    22. Love finds a wayI must say, this story I enjoyed the most of all of them. I love that society is becoming more accepting of same sex relationships, but we still have a long way to go.

    23. And he scoresTwo young men meet at a beach bar and feel a strong friendship immediately begin to form. However, both men realize fairly quickly that there is re than friendship going on.This creates issues that result in both men wondering if the romance can survive.

    24. I loved this sweet painful story. Liam needed out of a dark hole and Alex was a shining light in an otherwise dreary place. Both together they help each other get through the good times and the bad.I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    25. No substanceThe story lined seemed promising and the beginning was good but there wasn't enough detail to feel connected to either character in any way

    26. Little romantic A bit romantic, a bit corny but a good read that kept me interested and reading all in one sitting.

    27. Good ReadI like the characters in this book. It is a well written book. The snippet at the back of this story of another book from this author is a good start to a good story.

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