- By Minfong Ho

Rice without Rain

  • Title: Rice without Rain
  • Author: Minfong Ho
  • ISBN: 9780688063559
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rice without Rain The parched yellow fields outside the village where seventeen year old Jinda lives are her family s only source of income How can the rain starved crop produce enough rice to feed them much less pay

    The parched yellow fields outside the village where seventeen year old Jinda lives are her family s only source of income How can the rain starved crop produce enough rice to feed them, much less pay the rent Perhaps the recently arrived young strangers from the city are right about the need for centuries old traditions to change At least when she listens to their talk,The parched yellow fields outside the village where seventeen year old Jinda lives are her family s only source of income How can the rain starved crop produce enough rice to feed them, much less pay the rent Perhaps the recently arrived young strangers from the city are right about the need for centuries old traditions to change At least when she listens to their talk, she feels the stirrings of hopeHesitantly, Jinga grows to trust the outsiders There is Sri, who brings with her life saving medicines and knowledge of how to use them And there is Ned, who talks of taking charge of one s own destiny, and fighting those who would stand in the way It is almost too late when Jinda realizes that her trust is misplaced that to Sri and Ned their cause is important than the lives it would affect Against a vividly evoked backdrop of rural and urban Thailand, Jinda heroically faces the challenges of holding on to who she is as the world around her revolves in what seems to be never ending change.

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    1. This a story i read almost 15 years ago, but my memories of its story is still as vivid as ever - I can still remember most of the story and the feelings I had when reading it years ago. Kudos to Minfong Ho for writing such a thought-provoking story of life in the countryside, and for bringing to life for us a picture of rural Thailand.Rice Without Rain is a story of rural life in a farming community in Thailand, of a village girl named Jinda, and her simple life in the village. However this sim [...]

    2. I've read this when I was in high school. Not because it was required but because I was a library junk back then. Out of all the Asian literature books I've read back then, this is one of the books that left the strongest impression to me. I can still remember the whole story as well as the name of the male protagonist (his name is Ned). I remembered how I cried when I was reading it. I remembered my disappointment when Ned didn't choose to stay. But I like the ending when the female protagonist [...]

    3. This book was a great surprise. It had passed through a few friends and family after being taken off the shelves at an international school library in Kuala Lampur. It's faded brown cover sat on our shelf unloved for too many months until I was between digital holds from the SF Public Library and decided to give it a try. The book is set in Thailand, 1976, a few years after students helped topple a military dictatorship. Many of the same idealistic university students, teachers and activists hea [...]

    4. RICE WITHOUT RAINby Minfong HoI think that Rice Without Rain was a good book. At first i was not too exited about reading a book about a farmland of rice drying, i did not think there would be much of a story at all for the next 236 pages of the book. I just kept reading noticing the authors craft and techniques along the way.I could just start feeling the environment around me, the heat the wind and the dried parched fields. i don't know about any other reader that might think, this is not how [...]

    5. Another one of my "Read Around the World Books," RICE WITHOUT RAIN sheds light on the student uprising and consequent massacre at Thammasart University on October 6, 1976. This is firmly in the YA genre, but with a surprising and satisfying and very feminist ending, which is a rare and beautiful thing. Jinda falls in love with a university student who comes to her village to lead farmers in a liberation from their landlords. Her sister Dao looks for hope from the opposite source, aligning hersel [...]

    6. I liked it.That's about as much as I can say, really. It's well-written and the main character goes through a lot of character development, but something is holding me back from loving this book. I wasn't 100% satisfied with the endingI feel like there could have been a little more. The ending was all right, but I guess I was just expecting more.The chapters are really long, too. Or maybe I've just been reading books with really short chapters and these just seem long by comparison. And I'm not [...]

    7. So far Rice without Rain by Minfong Ho has to be the hardest book I read to date but is definitely is the hardest book to put down I become so absorbed by Jinda's and Ned's contrasting views of the Thai student movement during 1973 that I began to question my feeling towards Thailand military influence on the whole nation as I have very little knowledge or awareness of Thailand student protest in the early 70's. I rate Rice Without Rain by Minfong Ho ten out of ten for creating such a hidden tre [...]

    8. Good book about the struggles facing Thailand's agrarian society. I though Minfong's use of language beautiful. The use of imagery to describe the land and the people really helped to bring the book to life. However, I did find the plot to be less than enthralling and seemed a bit boring at times. I did enjoy the uplifting ending though. Overall, I think this is a good book for students as an introduction to a perspective that they rarely get. There aren't many children's/YA books about the peop [...]

    9. Rice Without Rain is a historical fiction novel by Minfong Ho. This book goes within the depths of the struggle villagers' and civilians go through on a regular basis. The main character Jinda is a young village girl who soon meets a group of college students who seem eager to learn the ways of village life. Little does she know what kind of uproar their presence will bring to her and the rest of the community. This novel is perfect for those who enjoy historical context, adventure, love, and he [...]

    10. RICE WITHOUT RAINWritten Cynthia Saravia BazoberryThe book Rice without Rain is a novel about a girl called Jinda who's family is reaching poverty and they won't have enough rice to eat this year again. Then out of the blue four students from richer Thailand. Jinda falls in love with one of the students, Ned and Ned convinces her father to only give 1/3 of there rice to the collector instead of 1/2. The collector puts Jinda's father in jail and Ned and her try to free him and leave the dictators [...]

    11. This book is about the drought in Central Thailand. I really liked this book. I thought it was great because it about a true thing that happened but they made it seem like a story and it was really descriptive. It is really exciting because there are fights about land rights, struggles for land and food and a fight to save their father when he hurt his hand and then has to go to jail for illegally cutting down wood. If they do not free him in time he might die.

    12. This book has a fairly short plotline, but has great contents and can really tell a lot about the lives of farmers, and the rebellion that was fought over to the Thais. Even though the ending might seem a bit obvious, tiny bits of surprise were in this book, and gave some excitement to me every once and a while. You would also get to know a bit more about the life of the author, while she or he had similar experiences within this book.

    13. I love this book. It tells the story of Thailand student movement in the 70s but in the light way. I first read it more than 16 years ago because it my sister need to read it for her english class. It shows how the world don't always happen the way you want it. I also learn more about Thailand from this book.

    14. very historical. it's funny that if youre in a village so far away from a city that you don't know whats goin on in the rest of the world. that's another thing that improved in the world, cause when something hapens in our time everyone would know about it but back then no body would.

    15. This book was pretty good. I thought that it was very slow at the beginning. It was a historical fiction novel that dealt with issues in Thailand. The issues included things like, the cost for rent, and how Jinda, went to Bangkok to try to free her father. Her father was taken to jail because he cut down a tree. It was not fair and Jinda and Ned knew it.

    16. (School)Rice Without Rain is about the struggle of hunger and for the rights of the farmers in Thailand. I personally thought it was okay, but I wasn't nuts about it. There's so much tragedy and and suffering and fighting that it's all so sad. But it was worth reading to know what some of the world feels and struggles on some level.

    17. I'd shied away from Rice Without Rain for a while, but now I see what I was missing out on. Rice Without Rain was a deeply moving piece of work, done within 200 pages. What I really loved was the insight that I gained when reading this, how life was like in Thailand back then. Rice Without Rain is beautiful, and I would reread it again.

    18. Simple and accessible in it's language and narrative, it's anything but simple in terms of the subtlety of its depiction of poverty, exploitation and revolution. A beautiful book which I will be recommending to my Middle School students.

    19. I loved this book. I can't remember where it takes place. But there's a lot of political things going on it. I can't really explain it very well because I only read it once and it was like six years ago.

    20. Mingfong Ho paints a beautiful portrait of Jinda, a Thai teenager who faces the oppression of greedy landowners and rent collectors. Read and find out if activists from Bangkok can help her family overcome the obstacles faced by many generations.

    21. Rice Without Rain is a easy to read historical fiction. The beginning was slow and boring, but as time went on, this book become more interesting and cute. It isn't my favorite, but it is easy to read, and a nice and cute book.

    22. This book is about a war of farmers against the Thailand government for the percentage of rice they have to give away. Seventeen year old Jinda has to friend some students from a university and fight against the government

    23. i learnt about the real difficulties that people are going though. this book has alot of meaning. i really enjoyed reading this book and the moment i took it, i couldn't stop reading!

    24. I am very interested in this book since this is about Thailand. I am Thai but I don't live in the farm so I want to know how hard Thai farmers work their jobs from a book perspective.

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