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The Queen's Alchemist and More Tales of Atharron

  • Title: The Queen's Alchemist and More Tales of Atharron
  • Author: Poppy Reid
  • ISBN: 9781370214884
  • Page: 308
  • Format: ebook
  • The Queen s Alchemist and More Tales of Atharron The Mages came from Atharron Immortal kingly beings they rule over Theldiniya and guide us towards peace and salvation But what about before these godly men arrived on Theldinese soil What drove the

    The Mages came from Atharron Immortal, kingly beings, they rule over Theldiniya and guide us towards peace and salvation But what about before these godly men arrived on Theldinese soil What drove them away from their homeland From the land of of Atharron, where Giants roam and Magic is forbidden, we explore their stories

    1 thought on “The Queen's Alchemist and More Tales of Atharron

    1. The Queen's Alchemist is a beautifully constructed collection of flash stories built around a central plot in the realm of Altharron. Although short, these tales are more than entertaining for a quick morning read with your coffee. I was impressed at her well-crafted description, which painted such visual scenes, I soon escaped into Reid's world (which is something that rarely happens anymore). I was genuninely surprised at some of the twists strewn throughout the vignettes. Honestly, The Queen' [...]

    2. This sucked me in right from the first line and kept me entranced until the end then, I just wanted MORE!

    3. A copy was provided to me by the author in exchange for a review.The Queen's Alchemist: And More Tales of Atharron by Poppy Reid is a very quick read. Part of that is due to the fact that it's only around 20 pages long, but mostly it's because once you start, you're not going to want to stop. I certainly didn't. I was pulled in immediately at the first line and just keot going. I'm a pretty fast reader, so I powered through the whole thing in less than a half an hour. That's both a good and a ba [...]

    4. A collection of intertwined quick tales that will leave you wanting more. Poppy's writing creates vivid pictures in your mind. Each story is from a different character's viewpoint and they pull you in. I became quickly invested in the trials and goals of all the characters. I am looking forward to the rest of the series. This is a fantastic prequel, it has me hooked.

    5. The Queen’s Alchemist by Poppy Reid is an intense, short read. I grabbed it free on Smashwords. (Go get it - it’s worth it. smashwords/books/view ) It has a powerful beginning that enticed me to read further. Each chapter shows the viewpoint of a different character. The way she pieced it together gave just the right amount of information and detail without leaving it too vague or tedious to read. By the way, did I mention this story has magic and dragons in it? Giants, knights, and war, thr [...]

    6. Poppy Reid’s ability to write with such captivation in a small amount of space is astounding. “The Queen's Alchemist” allows for book lovers that read on the go, such as me, plenty of opportunities to set the story down when needed and pick it up again to enjoy. The books great stories will most likely have normal readers consuming one page after another until it has been finished in all honesty. Though the size of this book is small, Reid’s talents leave the readers with complete narrat [...]

    7. The Queen's Alchemist and More Tales of Atharron was written as a collection of cleverly intertwined stories. Each separate piece hinted at events which might follow in the next tale. The stories themselves reminded me slightly of 'The Lord of The Rings' by JRR Tolkien in the way in which they were written.Poppy Reid writes with accuracy, intelligence and flair in a genre that I would not dare to attempt. I applaud her for this and will certainly look forward to reading more of her work in the f [...]

    8. I'm normally not a flash fiction fan but these stories really jumped out at me. Each story was its own stand alone tale, but led into a larger narrative. The emotion portrayed and the stories involved were spectacular. I particularly loved James in the The Forgotten, a story about a group of soldiers trapped behind enemy lines.

    9. I do not usually read fantasy books but thought I would give The Queen's Alcemist a try. I was very pleasantly suprised to find I really enjoyed it, the only problem was that it left me wanting more, a sign of a good author ??? I think so. I am now look forward to reading more books by this very talented new author.

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