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  • Title: JAX
  • Author: Victoria Danann
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • JAX New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Victoria Danann continues the breathtaking new take on Knights of Black Swan with a sizzling follow up to Falcon The Next Generation of Black Swan kni

    New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Victoria Danann, continues the breathtaking new take on Knights of Black Swan with a sizzling follow up to Falcon The Next Generation of Black Swan knights continues the struggle to rid the world of deadheads , virus infected vampires who are barely cognizant than zombies Jax, one of the vampires turned by the immortNew York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Victoria Danann, continues the breathtaking new take on Knights of Black Swan with a sizzling follow up to Falcon The Next Generation of Black Swan knights continues the struggle to rid the world of deadheads , virus infected vampires who are barely cognizant than zombies Jax, one of the vampires turned by the immortals, joined the fight and became Falcon s partner For six hundred years Jax has seduced women, drunk their blood, and left them feeling blissfully satisfied, but without memory of the event It was a good and manageable life as a vampire Certainly it worked for him Until now The deliciously wild redhead he can t forget remembers their tryst And she s pissed.

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    1. The goodness of Black Swan just keeps coming with the Next Generation series. Jax is one character who rivals those of the original Black Swan Knight series in that his humanity weighs heavily on him and shines through in his very being. He's a hero by anyone's terms, but as with each of the Knights, Jax doesn't see himself as suchhe is truly humble. The one point that truly touched me deeply was his pink tearsat alone spoke volumes of his core. Ms Danann has once again brought the thrill of the [...]

    2. “He felt like he’d been raised from the dead. Resurrected.”Love can do that.even for a 600 yr old vampire. Jaxon Kell was willing to come out of the shadows to help the Knights of Black Swan fight the war against vampire.Ms. Danann once again spins a tale of hunters, love, sorrow and happiness in her newest Next Generation book "Jax:Resurrection"You'll want to sink your teeth into this one!

    3. Victoria Danann has done it again and I think I am in love. Jax was introduced in the last book - FALCON: NEXT GENERATION. You don't have to read that book first, but this is such a wonderful series, why deny yourself the pleasure? In fact, I recommend reading all of her books. She has created such wonderful, complex worlds and filled them with such memorable characters.Jax is working with the Knights of the Black Swan. He is a vampire who is a vampire hunter. There are individuals like Jax who [...]

    4. One of the best books you will read this year! Jaxon is Sexy & Lethal. He has joined the KBS in the hunt to eradicate Vicious Vampires, that kill & maim. Yes He also is a Vampire, but one that dines with and on Human women. He leaves them satisfied & Alive. He has had 600 years to develop his lovemaking skills. WOW, count me in! Then he meets Drogheda. I totally Love Drogheda's name. It is so different & when he goes on about how lovely it is. Melted my heart! I may be a bit prej [...]

    5. Ok so first thing I have to say is WOW! STEAMY! I think I have a new favorite vampire! Please oh please can I have him! And I think I will use Jax's word again WOW! Can those scenes get any steamier. Love the ending too. Total twist! I didn't think Victoria could do any better but she did! Love this author and this book! I can't say WOW enough. My favorite part is the flash backs to Jax's life before the Knights and then the end! I so did not see the twist coming! She did it again! Again! WOW!!! [...]

    6. I never tire of the "The Knights of the Black Swan" universe. The story was riveting. Jaxon is a vampire that 'consults' with The Black Swans and is partnered with Falcon. This is a vampire's story about how he came to be and how he found purpose with his eclectic group of friends. I recommend it highly. Victoria never disappoints.

    7. I just can't resist using Jax' favorite word: "WOW!" I just loved Jax. I never expected him to be such a nice guy. Happily, the next generation of the Black Swan Knights series is turning out to be a winner. I just love these books. ;)

    8. Jax is an invaluable member of the team of vampire hunters, which may appear unusual since he is an actual vampire. He has lived for 600 years and has experienced life in many cultures. His Black Swan partner, Falcon, has befriended him and they have developed a relationship with bonds that is unusual for Jax. He is unaccustomed to having relationships that last for very long, especially with women. He has never had a girlfriend and is curious at first. He is thrown when he meets D.L. and their [...]

    9. Sexy is synonymous with vampire~~ at least that's what I think. Jax is beyond sexy. He is at times a modern day hopeless romantic, with a dirty little secret side of slutty bad boy vamp. Even though he can charm his way in or out of any situation, this man is deadly. And he has stolen the top spot on my book boyfriend list. We meet Jax at the not so ripe age of 600+ years old, but get a very well written glimpse into his very young innocent life as he becomes a blood sucking vampire. This book i [...]

    10. I was so happy to get Jax's story!! While I adored his character, I never really felt much of a connection to the hero and heroine as a couple. She was the first person that ever really made him feel any emotions, but I never did feel the depth of this relationship. All of their encounter felt vague to me. Because of this, it had an insta-love feel to it for me personally. I do think this was well written and I will definitely continue more of this series. I also appreciate it being offered as a [...]

    11. Wonderful!I absolutely loved Jax's story. Each story in this epic saga is just amazing. They continue to draw you in and make you love them.

    12. This story was steamy, emotional, and beautiful all wrapped up into one amazing story. Just what the vampire ordered, Victoria Danann keeps them coming.

    13. Oh wow, Victoria Danann kind of blew me away on this one. I love The Knights of Black Swan series and this Next Generation is no exception. I think this may be one of my favorite books by Ms Danann. Sexy and Steamy are two of the words I would use to describe this book. Ms Danann has created a world that is so much fun to read. If you have not read any of her books you will want to start at the beginning with My Familiar Stranger (FREE on ) so you will understand where The Knights of Black Swan [...]

    14. Well Victoria Danann did it again! Actually I believe she out did herselfJaxson Kell is a old vampirea good guy. Yes there are good ones that help humans get rid of the bad ones. Jax was Falcon's partner in the Black Swans. they were patrolling one night Jax saw someone that brought back old memoriese red head reminded him of someone and he needed to find out. I love that we get a good back ground on him and his past. Ms Danann as usual has awesome characters and a great story line. Your not goi [...]

    15. Oh.My.Gosh! Ms. Danann has done it again! Her universe of the Black Swan Knights continues to get better with each book. Reading in order is highly recommended! Jax is a 600 year old vampire. A true immortal vampire. He decides to work with the Knights in order to assist them in neutralizing the 'deadheads'. Along the way we get to know his story-how he came to be and watch him as he finds his purpose and his destiny. As always the characters are well-drawn and you're pulled into the story so th [...]

    16. I loved Jaxs story! So far he's my favorite one of the Next Generation.I was caught up the minute I started reading. From his past to the presente words seamlessly flowed. His backstory was just as good as his present.Yes, he's a vampire but he's so much more. Who knew one woman could affect him so profoundly.This is a quick read with action/adventure, humor, suspense, a bit of horror and of course steamy romance. A little something for everyone

    17. JaxOne hot Vamp , one that's not ready to see his food get tampered with. He might play with his food but his not letting anyone else. A great story Victoria Dananns has a wonderful creation here. Jax story is the second in the KOBS NEXT GENERATION series and it is a great addition

    18. Ahhhhhh Jaxon Kell !! He's a 600 year old vampire who "came out" to help KBS because of his food source human women ( I volunteer!) What he isn't expecting is D.L. !! Love his relationship with Falcon , his partner in this war . Love that Istvan Baka has a prominent place in this story!!! Kudos Victoria !!

    19. One of the best books. Love me some 600 year old Vampire. Victoria Danann really knows how to write a Love Story with a HEA! Another hit for Victoria.

    20. When I met Jax in book 1 I really liked him, but after learning more about him in book 2, I fell in totally in love with him.Jax joined the Black Swan to help them get rid of the vicious strain of Vampire that kills indiscriminately. As Jax is a Vampire he is able to make himself appear invisible, so he can see where the Vampire are & guide the Knights to them.The one thing the Jax hadn’t planned on was meeting Drogheda, a beautiful redhead that actually remembers their night of passion, a [...]

    21. Just another sweet love story? In typical Victoria story telling style, you'll be halfway through this book before you realize it and just when you think you've got the storyline all figured out, it feels like Victoria literally reaches through the page of the book, grabs you, gives you this heck of shake and leaves you gasping for more! I've always loved the Black Swan series and this new generation keeps you just as enthralled as their predecessors. Of course the old crowd show their faces her [...]

    22. I don’t know what it is, but I either love or really like this author’s books. One thing I know I like is the multiple PoVs throughout the books and the cameos of previous characters. It just makes it seem all connected and that you are hearing a story told by a good friend about something you know, but it is still a new story.If that even made any sense….I look forward to catching myself up with the author’s backlist for sure.

    23. What a great follow up book!! I love Jax and his story is completely captivating! I am never disappointed with a Victoria Danann books. Patiently waiting for the next one!! (Well, not patiently LoL)

    24. Jax character was good before this book but after seeing what was really going on made him all the better. Hearing his life was great and what made him do things great story again.

    25. For six centuries, vampire Jax has wandered the world, living a life of travel, wealth and leisure . . . the life he thought he wanted . . . a life he thought he was living. All of that changes in the blink of an eye when the beautiful Drogheda walks into his life. After six hundred years, it seems that Jax has finally found something worth living for.Victoria Danann has created a great romance between two very unlikely individuals . . . a 600 year old vampire looking for something to make his l [...]

    26. Jax : Resurrection by Victoria Danann is book two in the " Knights of Black Swan Next Generation ". For a better understanding you should read book one : Falcon , first.In Falcon I to get to know Jax and I really liked his character.In Jax I loved him. I want my own Jax pretty please.Jaxon Kell became a vampire more than 600 years ago. He was a loner, but has decided to work with The Order of Black Swan as a consultant.One night he meets a tempting woman and he can´t stop thinking about her.She [...]

    27. Danann has done it again. She gave us Baka in A Summoner’s Tale and we all fell in love with him. Get ready to fall again for Jax. His story will make you cry and pant and wish you were his choice. Danann has the knack or skill or just plain old magic to make her worlds come to life and her characters to seem so real that they jump off the pages and into our hearts. Her stories and back stories are so well laid out that the complex becomes simple. I went through every possible emotion when I r [...]

    28. And the good fight continuesJax shows up in the 1st book of the Knights of Black Swan Next Generation. He’s a 600 year old vampire. But he’s not like the Deadheads the Knights have been fighting. He’s unlike any Vampire that was known to them. He’s made directly by an Immortal Vampire. He thinks, drinks and cares not to kill. Helping in the fight against the deadheads he also tries to recruit others like him into helping. Jax has been a womanizer for the past 600 years. Never really thin [...]

    29. Victoria has done it again with an amazing addition to the Black Swan universe. The Next Generation series is a wonderful look into the Black Swan Knights that we have seen in the background of previous books and now we get to fall in love with. Jax is a 600 year old vampire who was created by the Immortals who meddle and control the worlds. He has spent his life reveling in feeding off women, seducing them, and then leaving them with no memory of him at all, it seems like a great time, until he [...]

    30. Jax is the 2nd installment of the KBS Next Generation. If you enjoyed the KBS series you will love that Victoria has written a series of the Next Generation of Knights so we can find out what happened to the trainees. You are introduced to Jax in the 1st book "Falcon". Jax is so wonderfully written, I completed it without breaking for food or drink etc! If you like romance, action, and intrigue you will love this book!

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