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  • Title: Supercarrier
  • Author: Scott Bartlett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Supercarrier Captain Keyes is loved by the public but hated by Command He captains the UHS Providence an aging supercarrier and the last human ship not dependent on dark tech technology humanity has used to rule

    Captain Keyes is loved by the public but hated by Command He captains the UHS Providence, an aging supercarrier and the last human ship not dependent on dark tech technology humanity has used to rule over the galaxy since barely defeating the Ixa in the First Galactic War Dominance has come at a cost Over the decades, old allies have grown resentful, and when dark tecCaptain Keyes is loved by the public but hated by Command He captains the UHS Providence, an aging supercarrier and the last human ship not dependent on dark tech technology humanity has used to rule over the galaxy since barely defeating the Ixa in the First Galactic War Dominance has come at a cost Over the decades, old allies have grown resentful, and when dark tech itself fails, Captain Keyes s predictions start coming true those old allies are now enemies But Keyes is not the only one proven right As the galaxy plunges into war, the Ixan Prophecies are being fulfilled, one by one Humanity s oldest enemy is on the rise, with weaponry never seen before The fate of the galaxy now depends on Captain Keyes, his tired ship, and his oddball crew It doesn t pay to be right.

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    1. This really reminded me of the reboot of the Battlestar Galactica series, although, with a few extra alien races. It is like the UHF are the Cylons – they have been taken over and gone bad, led by an evil leader, and the Providence (or Galactica) is the only thing that can stand in their way. They even have a lone senator trying to rally support for their cause. Now don’t get me wrong, because this is not a bad things, ‘Supercarrier’ is a fantastic book, especially if you like a good sto [...]

    2. What a beautiful universe such an imagination is hard to find this days, to many books are coming out but only %.00001 are really worth reading/listening to which makes life difficult not knowing what book to choose, which will you enjoy?Well Suppercarrier is one of those %0000001 and I’m lucky to have chosen right on this one !!!Excellent story Excellent performance Excellent everything Which makes me un able to say anything bad about i, I so hope that the rest of the trilogy is just as good [...]

    3. This is like sci-fi in a zoo. There are bird creatures, fish creatures, lizard creatures, and a couple of undefined species, all of whom can communicate with humans in a spoken language. If not for the constant battles going on, one would expect to see Marlin Perkins (remember him?) trying to get everyone to agree on something. All of the creatures exhibit human behavioral traits, love, hate, political double dealing, and, in some cases, grudging respect. The plot is not new, bad guys in the bac [...]

    4. Fine story but needs polishI like the story of this book, it is interesting and has a couple of really nice twists. Unfortunately a good story isn't enough to make a good book. The dialog leaves a lot to be desired and the descriptions and world building are quite weak. Some more work could have made this something special, but as is it was good enough for me to want to finish it, but not good enough to get me to buy the rest of the trilogy.

    5. This one started off pretty good, but quickly went in several directions – stereotypical power-hungry politicians and greedy business executives feeding a profitable war machine, then a bunch of aliens fighting humans without much of a back story to understand them. I kept reading this thinking it would get better but it ended with a lot of open plotlines. I picked this up for free with my Kindle Unlimited borrow vs. its normal price of $2.99, and would give this one a pass.

    6. Disappointing. I think the bit that got to me was that the characters didn't really behave as if they were in the military. The world building was also sparse and it felt like I had starting reading in the middle of the book - I had no clue what was going on or who people were; or where even the action was happeningFelt like this could have been a good idea, but the execution was terrible :(

    7. SUPERCARRIER is the first of a trilogy, and it leaves you wanting the next 2 books! Characters, human and alien, working together to save not only the human race, but all of humanity. The camaraderie is awesome. From Captain Keyes on the SUPERCARRIER Providence, to disgraced First Lieutenant Husher, to Festy, also a disgraced alien from her race, the characters bring you into the story like you're right there with them. If you'd like a great summer read, this is it.

    8. Super disappointingNo real character deveiopment. No explanation of the dark gate or dark tech. No explanation about normal ship propulsion. Theis universes did not seem plausible. Battle scenes were unrealistic. Military disciple, structure etc was poorly done. Disappointing book. Will not bother with any more in series. It was hard enough to finish this one.

    9. Sounded like a interesting read but it just never tooff kept reading to see if it would make more senseor even just live up to it's blurb but nopelly went to back and wound up reading the excerpt from Juggernaut and at that point i just gave up. Sorry but this really needs reworking and editing.

    10. Decent ReadA decent read. Book stretches the imagination. Th alien species take some getting used to. Good action, but background character development isn't weak. I'm not going to be reading the series.

    11. i liked some of the individual scenes and characters, but the transitions were scattershot & abrupt, a little too much one-hero-excels-at-every-job. for me, plot continuity just wasn't there. little character arc.

    12. Not badGood opening book. For the most part moves along nicely. Nice easy read on a Sunday afternoon. Look forward to book 2

    13. Start to a fantastic series.Thank you Scott Bartlett for a start to a fantastic series. I enjoyed book 1: Super carrier. Please keep writing a fan!

    14. First off let me say I really did not enjoy this book. In fact it was so unenjoyable by the end of the book I was rooting for the antagonist of the story to just kill all the Main Characters and wipe out the rest of humanity. You know how bad a story has to be to make the reader to wish for the genocide of Humanity? Pretty freaking bad.And what made me want genocide of my own specie? That is to find a single likable, or even interesting Human character. First off we have the typical corrupt head [...]

    15. Super carrierJust finished reading this book and could not put it down. It is action packed from start to end and has enough background information to keep the story going.

    16. FIGHTING ALONE. This is the first book in the Ixan Prophecies Trilogy series. If you are looking for a well written SciFi Military book, this is a good one to read. You can read this as a standalone book but it does end in a cliffhanger for the next book to be written in the series. There is a lot of violence.I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading but was pleasantly surprised by what I read. The author has done a good job of creating a future world full of aliens, old tech and new t [...]

    17. On the whole this was weak military science fiction. The story was forced but had some promising threads. However when a story is in a military setting the rank structure needs to make sense. Between the first lieutenants, second lieutenants, ensigns, and chief warrant officers, I had no idea what ranks fell where. Let alone how the whole thing worked. That combined with the weaponry left me scratching my head. The main laser that would blow up if hit was a not believable on a old established wa [...]

    18. Clueless Author Shows Results of Participation Trophy Legacy"Supercarrier," showcases how an author, who is fully clueless on military concepts, exemplifies the legacy of "Participation Trophy," philosophy. Decisions in life have consequences, good, bad or indifferent. The author, writing from an apparent safe space, surrounded by stuffed toys, coloring books, crayons, and therapy dogs, is promulgating a leftist, socialist democratic agenda.The eBook was so bad, I aborted and DNF. The drivel was [...]

    19. AmazingOn the edge of my seat the whole book. A wicked read and non stop enjoyment! Bloody epic!!!! Can't wait to read the second one.

    20. What a great start to what will be I am sure will be a interesting series. The action is non stop at times. We see what the human fleet think as a rundown carrier, with a captain and crew that are rejects and misfits. But the fleet command forget that this is what makes them work so well together. Even when the command place people on board to sabotage the ship. Looking forward to book two.

    21. Good plot, some time gaps in storyI like the characters developmentThe indiscriminate way characters dieThe tension between wealth and needs of humanity - very much what in in the future for US of A.

    22. I had hopes for this series, the premise seemed interesting. But I really can't stand books based on the willful ignorance and stupidity by all characters to advance the (boring, senseless) plot.

    23. Good start to seriesA good read but it is a bit of a let down at times since the plot can be a bit predictable at times.

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