- By Susan Mallery

Second Chance Girl

  • Title: Second Chance Girl
  • Author: Susan Mallery
  • ISBN: 9780373799350
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Second Chance Girl A touching modern fairy tale that won t let go of your heart from the New York Times bestselling author of the Fool s Gold romances Mathias Mitchell s easy smile hides a world of hurt After the wor

    A touching modern fairy tale that won t let go of your heart, from the 1 New York Times bestselling author of the Fool s Gold romances Mathias Mitchell s easy smile hides a world of hurt After the worst kind of family betrayal, he moves to Happily Inc California the wedding destination town supplies a steady stream of bridesmaids, perfect for his no promises, no paiA touching modern fairy tale that won t let go of your heart, from the 1 New York Times bestselling author of the Fool s Gold romances Mathias Mitchell s easy smile hides a world of hurt After the worst kind of family betrayal, he moves to Happily Inc California the wedding destination town supplies a steady stream of bridesmaids, perfect for his no promises, no pain lifestyle Yet he can t stop watching for his beautiful, elusive neighbor on the animal preserve behind their homes Gamekeeper Carol Lund knows she s not special enough to attract an alpha male like Mathias, so his offer to help her adopt a herd for her lonely giraffe is surprising and his determined seduction, even so But just as she finally welcomes him into her bed, his careless actions crush her heart Will she give him a second chance to prove she ll always come first in his heart

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    1. Very disappointed and I was looking forward to this book based on the ratings. It was very bland, the best of the book was Sophie. Lol

    2. I had liked the previous book in this series, so I was eager to get to this onedly I was disappointed. My main problem is that I didn't like Carol. Don't get me wrong, she's a smart and wonderful character. I loved her devotion to the animals and Millie in particular. I straight up hated her inner monologue, especially when it came to Mathias. She was constantly thinking she was plain and boring and not special and that got old reaaaaallllly fast. Mathias had promise, but I mostly found him lack [...]

    3. I really wanted to love Second Chance Girl. It has so many features that should’ve made it a hit for me: cute animals, small town, quirky characters, yet this fell short for me. The characters were very one-dimensional, making it hard for me to feel any connection to them or their stories. Part of the story was Sophie, a cute and mischievous beagle, foisted on Mathias by his mother even though he strongly objected at first. Mathias grew to like her, but the connection seemed tepid at best. I w [...]

    4. I am thoroughly enthralled with Happily, Inc. I am loving each of these stories and can’t wait for the next one to come out. Susan Mallory really knows how to write a romance, how to bring two people together who truly belong there and how to give us, not one but two, happily-ever-after’s and what a pleasant surprise that was.Mathias intrigued me in You Say It First and he really showed himself in Second Chance Girl. We now really understand his reasons for “no promise, no pain” outlook [...]

    5. Step aside Fool's Gold - here comes Happily Inc!!This new sweet romance series is a bit of a Fool's Gold spin-off.We already met Mathias's family in FG - he and his two artist brothers moved to Happily Inc to get away from their dad.Mathias used to love making art with glass. Now he's halfway happy making beautiful plates and bowls. He stopped with the 'real' art a long time ago.But he's been inspired to start again. He's been drawing picture after picture of his pretty neighbor Carol and her gi [...]

    6. Reviewed for Romancing the Readers Blog: romancingthereaders.I'm just loving this new series by Mallery. I've been enjoying the Mitchell brothers and their mess of a family life. You've got to be a very brave girlfriend to join this crew. For this second book we are dealing with Mathias Mitchell. I really liked him in the prior book and my feeling didn't change with his book. I was a little shocked but not really when Mathias confessed to us readers (in his thoughts) why he was gun shy about rel [...]

    7. “I’m calling because my future sister-in-law wants me to help plan her wedding. I don’t know what she’s thinking, but I would be a disaster and I need you to help me.”“Shouldn’t you call Violet? She’s the one with the style sense.”“I don’t want Violet.”He spoke without thinking and then was stuck with the truth hanging out there—flapping in the breeze. He wanted Carol, he had for a long time. Things being what they were, he wasn’t going to do anything about the wantin [...]

    8. My Review:I loved, loved, loved this book. OMG, such an unlikely couple, but they were so awesome together. Matthias is the resident man-whore. He's all about hooking up with all the bridesmaids in this book. In fact, the first scene where he interacts with Carol in the book he reeks of a bridesmaid's perfume. It's definitely not the typical start to a Susan Mallery book, but dang, it's good. Because from there Matthias and Carol move into friendship that oh so slowly and sweetly evolves into so [...]

    9. I loved Second Chance Girl! Having just read and reviewed You Say It First (you can read that review here), Susan Mallery’s first offering in the Happily Inc. series I already knew a little about Carol and Mathias coming into Second Chance Girl. I was intrigued by the stoic Carol and the charming Mathias. Susan Mallery didn’t let me down in telling their story.Mathias is a laid back charmer who typically beds bridesmaids because they’ll be leaving town with little risk of emotional investm [...]

    10. This is the second book in this series. Thus far, this is my favorite book. While, the firsts book was a nice introduction to this series and the town of Happy Inc, California, this book just connected with me more; especially with the characters and the storyline. Mathias was a sweetheart, even if he did kind of blow it with Carol by falling asleep on her right before the "big" moment. Oops. Carol had a big heart as well. Yet, I really wanted her to get over her self doubt thinking she was not [...]

    11. It's official, Susan Mallery has sucked me in once again with her world, Happily Inc. I never thought the woman could top her imaginative world of Fool's Gold but I think she's come darn close. AND, I think as she grows the world of Happily Inc, it will give Fool's Gold a run for its money! SO far, both stories in this series have been soooooo heartwarming and fun to read. THIS particular book had two HEA and I couldn't be more pleased with both! And if THAT doesn't suck you in . you guuuuuuuuuu [...]

    12. Can we just get Roman's book and make me happy? I was hoping to have his relationship with the rest of the family mended by the end of this book, but as it turns out his lady is going to be the one who will show him how much they love him and that he is a blind idiot. I didn't like having a sad Mathias because of it. I hope the next book will be released soon because I like Happily Inc. and the people who live in this town. Silver has to find her happily ever after too. I don't know who is going [...]

    13. Second Chance Girl is a sweet, small town romance that never quite picked up for me. Despite the witty and snappy dialogue, the book fell flat, the characters mostly one-dimensional, and the promise of a town designed just for weddings never fulfilled. It wasn’t a difficult read, the story is fairly light, the pace quick, and I never felt the need to skip ahead, but I constantly found myself hoping for something more.There were parts that I loved. Second Chance Girl is actually a two for the p [...]

    14. I love Susan Mallery’s writing style. She has just the right amount of attraction to make the romance believable and had me turning the pages hoping these two couples would figure out how much they belonged together.Carol holds a special place in my heart; she thinks she’s far too plain and practical to attract the likes of Mathias Mitchell, playboy extraordinaire. Little does she realize he has issues of his own. Their love story will soften even the hardest heart!When Millie, the giraffe, [...]

    15. See the full review at HarlequinJunkieHappily Inc was one happening town in Second Chance Girl. Between getting two equally wonderful romances, a wedding, an engagement, a giraffe on the loose, and a duke visiting the town, Susan Mallery definitely turned on the charm for this latest installment.I’m really liking this new Happily Inc series from Susan Mallery. And even though we’re only two books in at this point, it’s already starting to feel comfortable–just like Fool’s Gold was for [...]

    16. Second Chance Girl is the second in Susan Mallery’s new Happily Inc series. I <3 this book so much. It serves as a gentle reminder that we are all the special one. Though the world may try to convince us otherwise, it is our own opinion that truly matters most. Besides, this is the book in which Millie gets her herd. I am waiting for Ronan to figure out that there is more to family than blood; maybe the next book?I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel.

    17. I received a copy of this book from the author. I was so sad to see the Fool's Gold series end but I must say that I am really getting into this Happily inc series! The setting is beautifully depicted. I really liked the idea of Mathias and Carol together. This series is a lot of fun! Highly recommend!

    18. I have been a fan and buyer of Susan Mallery's books for many years. I'be enjoyed her earlier workse Bakery Sisters, Buchanans, Blackberry Island, and Fools Gold. Her newest seriesHappily, Inc. notch. I started with this second book in the series and it's just not for mee whole concept of Happily, Inc and the zoo animals just seem so over-the-top. It's bordering on silly fantasy for me. The characters of Carol and Mathias seem so one dimensional / cardboard cut-outs placed in front of a movie fa [...]

    19. Originally published at Reading RealityWelcome back to Happily Inc the adorable little town saved by a massive PR stunt. While the legend of the brides and the wagon train is pretty much pure bunk, it turned this small town on the edge of the California desert into a destination wedding extravaganza. Happily Inc loves its brides, and they love it right back.The terrific first book in the series, You Say It First, focused on one of the creators of those destination weddings, Pallas Saunders and h [...]

    20. ARC received via Netgalley for an honest reviewWe get 2 for the price of one with Second Chance Girl. We met Violet and Carol Lund in the first book of this new series, and now we get both of their HEAs!I am new to the Susan Mallery worlds, however I am already pretty addicted to the people of Happily Inc. Those Mitchell brothers really are kinda something.This is Mathias' story, and what a story it is. It is fun, it is flirty, it is cute and adorable, but it has its fair share of darkness and s [...]

    21. 4.5 stars.Set in a small town that caters to destination weddings, Second Chance Girl is an endearing addition to Susan Mallery's Happily Inc. series. In this second outing, the Lund sisters, Carol and Violet, embark on romances that have their own set of obstacles to overcome on their way to happily ever after.Carol is a gamekeeper on the town's animal preserve and although she knows it will not go anywhere, she is crushing on her man-whore neighbor Mathias Mitchell, who favors one-night stands [...]

    22. It’s no surprise to anyone who knows me that I adore Susan Mallery and her books. I just finished SECOND CHANCE GIRL, the second novel in Mallery’s new Happily Inc series.Carol is the animal preserve keeper. Yes, Happily Inc, set in the desert of Southern California, has a wild animal preserve. And Carol takes care of the animals. She’s particularly concerned with Millie, the giraffe. Giraffes are herd animals and Millie is lonely. Carol starts a fund-raising program in town to purchase mo [...]

    23. The book is about the Lund sisters and their happy ending. Both girls are well loved by their parents. We get to met their father and uncle who were a breath of fresh air. (When we compared them to the Mitchell patriarch.) Violet will have a second encounter with a man from her past, Ulrich, of whom she kept a good memory. Their second meeting would not start great but it would evolved towards an happy ending.Then we get Carol. Carol who deep down knows she's special even if she let a lot of peo [...]

    24. "Second Chance Girl" picks up not too long after "You Say It First" and focuses on sisters, Carol Lund, gamekeeper, and Violet Lund, button connoisseur. Each has had feelings for a man for years, and each finally gets the chance to act on those feelings. Carol and Mathias, who is the brother of Nick from "You Say It First", have known each other for several years, they are neighbors and acquaintances. Violet had a school girl crush on Ulrich, a British lord, as a teen and meets him again as an a [...]

    25. This is the second in Susan Mallery’s series on the unlikely town of Happily Inc, where the main business is hosting destination weddings. Somehow, I can’t picture that as the basis for a town in the California desert, but just roll with it. Mallery delights in unlikely, but lovable quirky little towns with original ways of being successful economically. What is fun is that the lead characters have such unique occupations which are important plot elements in the book. In addition to wedding [...]

    26. 4.5I'm loving this new series, Happily Inc. by Susan Mallery. I've been a fan of hers for years and I so happy to meet these characters in Happily Inc. and the transplants from Fool's Gold. Second Chance Girl isn't just Carol and Mathias's story. I love that Susan gives us glimpses into everyone's lives. Carol and Mathias are an unlikely pair, but somehow their easy friendship and fun banter makes them the perfect match. They have a connection and they want to deny it, but it's stronger than the [...]

    27. Second Chance Girl (Happily Inc.) by Susan Mallery  From puppy love thru teenage crush to adult frustration, there is one major commonality. Heartbreak. Opening up to that chance of forever, only to discover that hope has turned to never.  Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.  Perhaps that's why Carol and Mathias are easy to identify with.  A piece of ourselves shines through in every scenario. Self -doubt, sadness and a little bit of hopeful fantasy guides readers through a roman [...]

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