- By E.T.A. Hoffmann Gülperi Zeytinoğlu

Matmazel De Scudéry

  • Title: Matmazel De Scudéry
  • Author: E.T.A. Hoffmann Gülperi Zeytinoğlu
  • ISBN: 9786053328940
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Matmazel De Scud ry Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann Alman romantik edebiyat lar aras nda en geni okur kitlesine ula an yazard r Ayn zamanda bir m zisyen olan Hoffmann Bamberg Tiyatrosu nda orkestra efi ve beste

    Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann 1776 1822 Alman romantik edebiyat lar aras nda en geni okur kitlesine ula an yazard r Ayn zamanda bir m zisyen olan Hoffmann, Bamberg Tiyatrosu nda orkestra efi ve besteci olarak da g rev ald Hoffmann n yazd en iyi novella olarak kabul edilen Matmazel de Scud ry ilk kez 1819 y l nda, Bir XIV Louis D nemi Hik yesi alt ba l ylErnst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann 1776 1822 Alman romantik edebiyat lar aras nda en geni okur kitlesine ula an yazard r Ayn zamanda bir m zisyen olan Hoffmann, Bamberg Tiyatrosu nda orkestra efi ve besteci olarak da g rev ald Hoffmann n yazd en iyi novella olarak kabul edilen Matmazel de Scud ry ilk kez 1819 y l nda, Bir XIV Louis D nemi Hik yesi alt ba l yla yay mland Hoffmann n, Johann Christof Wagenseil in N rnberg ehri kroniklerinde yer alan iki dizelik bir iirden esinlenerek yazd eser, yay mland d nemde hayli ilgi g rd ve yazar na b y k n kazand rd.17.y zy l Paris ya am na dair ilgin tasvirler i eren bu novella, d nemin ileri gelen ki ilerinden yazar Matmazel de Scud ry nin ba ndan ge en tuhaf ve gizemli bir olay s r kleyici bir dille anlat r Eser tiyatroya, operaya ve sinemaya da uyarlanm t r.G lperi Zeytino lu 1976 M nih te d nyaya geldi, ilk ve orta renimini Almanya da tamamlad , e itli i lerde al t Otuz y l Almanya da ya ad ktan sonra T rkiye ye d nd Kayseri de cam ve boncuk sanat at lyesi a t Halen Hacettepe niversitesi Almanca M tercim Terc manl k B l m nde okuyor ve Almancadan eviri yap yor.

    1 thought on “Matmazel De Scudéry

    1. Zuerst finde ich es persönlich schön, dass das Buch genau zu einer Zeit spielt, die in einem meiner absoluten Lieblingsromane angerissen wird. Das Schweigen des Lichtes von Niel Flemming, das ebenfalls in Paris spielt. Aber nun zu Das Fräulein von Scuderi.Das Buch gefiel mir zunächst einmal sehr, weil es eine Erzählung ist, die sich zum Schluss unerwartet auflöst. Madame Scuderi, eine Schriftstellerin bemüht sich um die Aufklärung einer mysteriösen Mordserie in Paris. Die Vorfälle werd [...]

    2. 4 stars! Das Fräulein von Scuderi has been one of the many books I read during my school years in one of my language classes. I enjoyed some of them, while other were not at all my cup of tea. Das Fräulein von Scuderi by E.T.A. Hoffman has definitly been one of the very best. I absolutely loved this clever mystery set in the Times of Louis XIV and I can only recommend it!

    3. actually it wasn't that bad! the story is quite interesting and it reminds me a bit of 'the perfume' by patrick süskind!

    4. I am struggling with a rating, so I'll revisit that another time. This short (90 pages) novella by Hoffman has been seen by many as an early, pre-Poe example of the detective story. In his foreword, Gilbert Adair also notes that this is so, and he notes that Mademoiselle de Scudéri is a "genteel elderly spinster not a thousand miles away from Agatha Christie's Miss Marple." He may be right, and in that sense, this short novella is definitely worth reading by anyone at all interested in the hist [...]

    5. I'd read Hoffna's the Devil's Elixirs before and liked it so was pleased to discover this in a charity shop. It was a wonderful story of murder set against the backdrop of the "affair of the poisons" in Paris. The atmosphere was very dark and claustrophobic. Everyone was paranoid and there was much fear of the police. The main character Mme de Scuderi was a great heroine, 73, sharp and compassionate, she was also a force to be reckoned with and even the King listened to her. The plot was interes [...]

    6. I wasn't expecting to enjoy this, but in fact I didn't want to put it down! This novella is a window into another world, where women faint because strange men burst into their houses, where a old lady can ask the King of France to influence a murder trial, and where extremely unlikely occurrences are apparently accepted without question. Great fun! I kind of want to be Mlle Scuderi!

    7. ETA Hoffman slåss med denna titel mot Edgar Allan Poe om att ha skrivit världens första deckare. Är det verkligen något man vill ta åt sig äran för?Själva historien var kanske inte lika rolig som "bakgrundshistorien" om hur det utbröt en epidemi av giftmördande i Paris, med olycksbådande namn som Doktor Exili (den som uppfann det ospårbara, osynliga giftet) och hans lärjungar, som La Voisin, Le Sage och Le Vigoureux, som jagades av den drakoniska, blodtörstiga domaren La Régnie o [...]

    8. One of those books that you pick up not knowing what is in store. This is the book that is supposed to have inspired Poe and Agatha Christie. I can understand why, but I lost interest in it fairly soon.

    9. One might want to read Das Fräulein von Scuderi either because it is a very solid work by the great master of Fantastic literature E.T.A. Hoffman or because in the view of many it is the first work of European detective fiction having been published in 1819 some 25 years become Edgar Allen Poe's "Purloined Letter."There is absolutely no question that Das Fräulein von Scuderi is a much better detective story than the "Purloined Lletter" which is nothing more than a fable demonstrating that logi [...]

    10. Gerçekler mümkün görünmediğinde hukuk bir hitabet sanatı olarak ortaya çıkar. Ardından gelen adaletse her zaman tartışamaya açıktır.

    11. Yeah I actually don't want to say much about it. the story was okay, nothing outstanding. It didn't blow my mind and the story didn't catch me at all, so I didn't even bother trying to guess who the murderer is because I did not really care. But it wasn't like hated reading it, it was just, well, okay.

    12. Αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα και ηθογραφία. Μετρίως πετυχημένο και στις δυο περιπτώσεις. Οι χαρακτήρες έχουν μια αληθοφάνεια που τρεμοσβήνει και το ύφος είναι δακρύβρεχτο. Ωστόσο πιστεύω πως καταφέρνει να αποδώσει το κλίμα της αυλής του 1680 σε μια λεπτή στρώση, σαν όταν απλώνεις [...]

    13. I read this novella because Poe was inspired by it, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Eddie Poe, the old creep! In contrast to him, Hoffmann is of course rather tame, although you have to give it to him that Scuderi is kind of the Miss Marple of German Romanticism who for some reason decided to live in Paris (probably because she was French, or just #yolo). Well, this is a quite nice murder mystery that can even boast with its very own psychological condition which was named after one of the protagonists, th [...]

    14. Au temps de Louis XIV, dans le Paris des années 1680 une bande d'assassins sévit. Ce n'est pas à proprement parlé un roman policier comme stipulé en quatrième de couverture, mais le récit agréable à lire. L'auteur, met en scène des personnes ayant vraiment existées : La Reynie, Madame de Maintenon, Louvois, La Voisin, etc. Le style, suranné, peut déplaire mais personnellement j'y trouve un charme désuet.

    15. Kesinlikle bir de Almanca okunması gereken bir novella. Kısa bir metni başka sebeplerden bu kadar parçalı okumamın etkisi de var muhakkak, bu sebeple kısa sürede tekrar okuyacağım, ama çeviri bir nebze de olsa lezzeti öldürmüş gibi geldi. Bu sebepten anadilinde bir okuma denemesi gerekli. Konu ise çok keyifli ve hızlıca içine çeken bir akış içinde büyüyor. Türü sevenlerin de pek aşina olmayanların da seveceğini düşünüyorum. İyi okumalar

    16. I really should re-read all of those German classics that my teachers forced on me over the years. Because I kept none of them in good memory. :D

    17. I was first introduced to ETA Hoffmann through the opera Les Contes de Hoffmann (really awesome opera). When I found out that the opera wad based of the storiees of an author I looked more into his works and found this gem. This was a charming and simple book. I would have loved to had read this book in English literature class in high school. I think it would have gone great with any of the Edgar Allan Poe stories and other literature we had to read. The language, characters and plot were very [...]

    18. I had to read this for school and to be honest it was quite good. I mean it is definetely not my prefered genre or time period. But it actually is quite a good book.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Das Buch ist die Literatur für die Q3 in Berlin und muss daher von jedem Berliner Schüler des 3. Semesters gelesen werden und somit auch von mir.Um ganz ehrlich zu sein lese ich Bücher für die Schule sehr selten tatsächlich komplett. Dieses Buch habe [...]

    19. Το έχω ξαναπεί και αλλού, έχω πάθος με αυτή την εποχή και όχι τόσο για την επίσημη ιστορία αλλά για τα πρόσωπα που είναι άγνωστα στο ευρύ κοινό αλλά έπαιξαν ρόλο στην εποχή τους και θεωρήθηκαν στυλοβάτες της γαλλικής αναγέννησης.Ένα από αυτά τα πρόσωπα ήταν και η πρωταγωνίσ [...]

    20. Mademoiselle de Scuderi is the exciting tale of a crime wave in 1680 Paris. A gang of violent thieves are robbing jewelry all over the city. A special police force is set up to catch them, but it isn't until the authoress Mademoiselle de Scuderi tries to prove the prime suspect's innocence that the truth comes out. I sought it out after I read that it was one of the earliest examples of crime fiction, and an influence on future detective fiction. Mademoiselle doesn't do much detecting, but I can [...]

    21. This was just way better than The Golden Pot. Hoffmann has a kind of rushing style, the story is quite complex but he tells it quite shortly, and I still had the feeling the imagery was detailed enough. The point is that you can hardly get bored of it, things just happen so fast that it always stays interesting. At the end it's an enjoyable crime/mystery story, not outstanding in the genre but definitely an easier one.

    22. Een beetje oubollig qua taalgebruik (de vertaling die ik las dateert immers al van 1962), maar het is best wel een leuke en spannende "whodunit" avant la lettre En er zit bovendien een pak historisch correcte info in verweven. Voor wie het boek nog op een of ander zolderkamertje ontdekt, zeker een aanrader.

    23. hat wohl edgar allan poe modellgestanden: straight runter erzählter plot, spannende konstruktion, einigermaßen brutal. nein, ist eine gute geschichte. aber e.a.p.s mischung aus spannung und ironischer distanz erreicht Hoffmann nicht ganz ende franst die plotkonstruktion irgendwie aus und es wird unglaubwürdig. schade :(

    24. sıkıcıydı, zor okudum, kendi zamanı için ilginç olabilir tabi yine de umudumu kesmedim henüz, bütün kitaplarını topladığım düşünülürse, umudu kesersem bana yazık olur

    25. Easy to read. I liked the story. The illustrations are okay and I liked learning about women and writers from that era.

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