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Wilderness Reunion

  • Title: Wilderness Reunion
  • Author: Elizabeth Goddard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Wilderness Reunion MOVING TARGETS After stumbling on a drug operation Alice Wilde races through the woods as bullets whiz past using her skills as a wilderness guide to elude her pursuers But she doesn t stay safe for

    MOVING TARGETS After stumbling on a drug operation, Alice Wilde races through the woods as bullets whiz past, using her skills as a wilderness guide to elude her pursuers But she doesn t stay safe for long once one of the armed men recognizes her and starts stalking her When the sheriff asks her to guide his men and photojournalist Griffin Slater her ex boyfriend to theMOVING TARGETS After stumbling on a drug operation, Alice Wilde races through the woods as bullets whiz past, using her skills as a wilderness guide to elude her pursuers But she doesn t stay safe for long once one of the armed men recognizes her and starts stalking her When the sheriff asks her to guide his men and photojournalist Griffin Slater her ex boyfriend to the crime scene, though, she can t refuse Alice knows Griffin s just there for a story, but after the two of them are separated from the rest of the group, he s the only person who can save her And with someone willing to do anything to hunt them down, Alice must put aside their past if she wants to survive.

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    1. This was a very exciting story! The characters faced almost non-stop danger and were constantly running for their lives. There was a painful romantic backstory between the two main characters. This emotional baggage definitely affected both Alice and Griffin and impacted the way they reacted to each other in the various situations.The scenario of stumbling upon a dangerous marijuana farm in a remote wilderness areas is truly something that sometimes happens to innocent people. Knowing this fact [...]

    2. Wilderness Reunion is the 4th and last book in the Wilderness, Inc series. I have really loved this series from start to finish and was very sad to learn that this was the last book. Just like the 3 previous books, this one did not disappoint! In Wilderness Reunion we are introduced to Alice Wilde and Griffin Slater's love story. How they found each other again after a 2 year hiatus. Alice stumbles across an illegal Marijuana farm deep in the forests of Oregon. She is seen by someone who knows h [...]

    3. Wilderness Reunion is the last book in the Wilderness, Inc. series. If you haven't read the first three, I highly encourage you to start now!This has been a really wonderful series for me from the beginning to the end. Do you like mystery? Suspense? Action? Romance? Character-driven storylines? No need to choose one or two here - the Wilderness, Inc. series has it ALL covered!We've met Alice Wilde in the previous stories; now it's her turn to shine. As Alice is guiding a hike in the woods, she c [...]

    4. Elizabeth Goddard has released the fourth installment in her Wilderness, Inc. series. This book is probably my favorite in the series, but then again I have loved them all. This series is set in southwest Oregon surrounding the Rogue River. Ms. Goddard weaves her words to together that bring the story to life for me. The setting explodes to life with her vivid use of imagery. This story centers around Alice Wilde who works at Wilderness, Inc. as a guide. Until an unfortunate accident on the Rogu [...]

    5. Imagine participating in a guided hike and stumble into something you shouldn't see that has you running for your life! That's exactly what this is about. Heart-pounding from the start and doesn't let up until the end! Alice must rely on her wilderness survival skills to out-run her pursuers and stay ahead of a killer who knows her. Working with the Sheriffs department as a photojournalist, ex-boyfriend Griffin is her only hope and protection in a dangerous game! These two are stubborn to the co [...]

    6. Alice released a long exhale. "Showtime."I really enjoyed Alice and Griffin's story, Goddard is able to take a seemingly unlikely situation and make it tangibly dangerous. Alice is being a wilderness guide when she stumbles across a marijuana garden and is noticed by a dangerous man who recognizes her. The rest of the story is her facing her deepest fears, surviving, and protecting any innocent people founded along the way."And there they were, going right back into the viper's den."Alice is sta [...]

    7. Wilderness Reunion ( Wilderness, Inc. )By: Elizabeth GoddardWilderness is a Love Inspired Suspense by Elizabeth Goddard. I could not read fast enough to see what was going to happen next. If you like a good action, suspense story that will have you on the edge of your seat all the way through the story , then you will love Wilderness Reunion. Goddard did not disappoint me. She had me hooked right at the very start . Alice Wilde is a very good wilderness guide, but on this trip she stumbles upon [...]

    8. Wilderness Inc.: Surviving the wilderness of Oregon takes trainingd trust.Alice Wilde races through the woods as bullets whiz past her after stumbling upon a drug operation. Using her skills as a wilderness guide to elude her pursuers, she doesn't stay safe for long once one of the armed men recognizes her and starts stalking her. When the sheriff asks her to guide his men and photojournalist Griffin Slater, her ex boyfriend, to the crime scene, she can't refuse. Alice knows Griffin is just ther [...]

    9. A wilderness trip turns from a fun adventure to a life threatening experience for Alice and Griffin. The story begins with action and heart pounding need for survival. The author draws the reader in from the first page and keeps the story moving along fast. Remember to breath when you read this one. Excellent story. I received a copy of this book from the author and this is my personal honest opinion.

    10. RunRun as fast as you can!!! Alice Wilde stumbles into the wilderness where she discovers a marijuana garden. She gets away to report it but the man that held her at gun point is not about to let he go. This begins her terror of being stalked!!!This thrilling, chilling, heart racing story takes you into the wilderness in the Oregon forest, rafting down the Rogue River rapids, racing on a motorcycle down a curvey road all the while trying to lose the man trying to kill Alice Wilde.While physicall [...]

    11. This is one author that I read her books as soon as I get a copy, and she did not disappoint with this one. She has written another action and suspense filled story that had me hooked from the first pages and kept me reading to see what could possibly happen next. Following the relationship develop between Alice and Griffin certainly added to the story. This story is just another example of why this author is one of my favorites when it comes to good Christian suspense and romance. I was given a [...]

    12. Wilderness Reunion is a fast-paced adventure! Danger lurks around every turn when Alice Wilde stumbles upon a drug operation in the middle of the Oregon wilderness. As the story quickly unfolds, a sense of fear and urgency is palpable, and the setting Goddard describes provides a backdrop that is both picturesque and perilous. An exciting story of suspense and survival, Wilderness Reunion offers readers a great conclusion to a great series. I received a complimentary copy of this book. No review [...]

    13. received 4 1/2 stars @ harlequin (as of 7/19/17). To view reviews, go HERE> harlequin/shop/books/Miniseries: Wilderness, Inc.

    14. If you want to read a book that you can't put down and have fast action throughout the whole book, this is the book for you! I have come to expect this type of writing from this author! I know when I begin a book from her, I better clear my schedule because I wont put the book down until I'm done! As I'm reading, the words flash through my mind like a movie and I can actually see these characters running for their lives! Of course it helps that, with this series, I happen to know where it is set [...]

    15. Wilderness Reunion—Elizabeth Goddard’s final installment in her Wilderness Inc. quartet does not disappoint. There is instant action that propels you into the story which I must say is fast-paced and absorbing. The plot is a rollercoaster ride and the characterization is well drawn out. Griffin Slater is my latest book boyfriend. He is one dapper, vigilant guy whose instinct to detect danger and a story is commendable.Alice Wilde is admirable. However it is her nerve-of-steel personality tha [...]

    16. This is the fourth book in the Wilderness, Inc. Series. I have really enjoyed this series but then I haven't ever read a book by Elizabeth that I didn't really like. This book is well written, adventure packed, and fast paced. Elizabeth has placed her faith throughout the whole book. You are going to love it.Alice Wilde is out taking a client on a wildlife hike out in the middle of the wilderness when she finds a field of marijuana. She and her client must run for their lives but one of the men [...]

    17. Filled with intense heart-pounding action and danger!This is a stand-alone story. Really the only thing that you can gain by reading this book after the others in the series is the ability to recognize the names of some very minor characters.I love the vulnerability that Alice displays. At the same time she has the courage and strength to carry on and do what she needs to do. Her help is vital to the cause of bringing justice. She is wounded by a past memory and it has crippled her abilities. Sh [...]

    18. Know what I love most about Elizabeth Goddard’s books? She introduces me to things I was unaware of before, brings attention to real issues in the world. Book four of her Wilderness, Inc. series does not disappoint. In Wilderness Reunion, Alice Wilde stumbles across a marijuana garden deep in the wilderness she guides others through, her wilderness. When an armed man recognizes her, she embarks on a fight for her life. When her ex shows up, she’s relieved at first. Griffin Slater’s appeara [...]

    19. Good grief - this was a nail biter! Such good writing once again by this fabulous author. She continues to fulfill my suspense needs! The chases, shootings, suspenseful looking-over-the-shoulder scariness, and then she throws us down a white water river for a crazy ride! It was a beautiful mixture of past hurts and flawed humans that tugged at my heart. Her characters are real and had me cheering for them, shedding tears and wishing for a future where they could overcome their pasts that were ho [...]

    20. Suspense so awesome you are sitting on the edge of your seat. No way can you put it down. Not only was the suspense awesome, the characters were so well developed. I felt like I was living in Gideon. They were so real. Plus a wonderful inspirational thread and you have the making of a tremendous book. Can't wait to read more from this author.

    21. Good read. I kind of thought the uncle was involved at first and am glad that turned out not to be true. This story was different than most of the other Harlequin's I've read and I really enjoyed it.

    22. this is another good story . it grabbs you from the first page to the last. if you have read any of her other books you will like this one

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