- By David A. Adler Robert Casilla

A Picture Book of John F. Kennedy

  • Title: A Picture Book of John F. Kennedy
  • Author: David A. Adler Robert Casilla
  • ISBN: 9780590366649
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Picture Book of John F Kennedy A book to teach children about John F Kennedy including his character and accomplishments in youth and politics

    A book to teach children about John F Kennedy, including his character and accomplishments in youth and politics.

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    1. In honor of Presidents' Day, I borrowed several books about American presidents from our local library. I got a variety of books and tried to find stories that would interest our girls as much as educate them. After reading many different series by David A. Adler, I thought I would try some of the books from his nonfiction series of picture-book biographies. This is a short and informative book about John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Since my husband and I grew up in Massachusetts, the Kennedy family was [...]

    2. “A Picture Book of John F. Kennedy” is written by David Adler and is a complete biography of President John F. Kennedy.Writer, Adler, uses chronological sequencing to tell the story of John Kennedy’s life. He begins with Kennedy’s birth in Brookline, Massachusetts. He then covers Kennedy’s childhood including his childhood illnesses. He writes about Kennedy’s college life and his time as a navy boat commander, his time in the United States Senate, Jacqueline Bouvier, and ends with hi [...]

    3. This story is a biography of the life of John F. Kennedy. It is written in a language for young children to understand and the story depicts his life from birth to his assassination. The illustrations in the story are incredible because they are based on real life images of Kennedy. The story touches on Kennedy's weak moments of going through an illness and how he became the commander of a navy boat. The book is set in a chronological sequence with a clear understanding of beginning and end. Stu [...]

    4. Read by: MelanieAuthor: David A. Adler Illustrator: Robert CasillaGenre: BiographyInterest Level: 3-5Grade Level Equivalent: 5.3DRA: N/A Lexile: 730L This is a short book with beautiful illustrations alongside information providing the highlights of one of the most loved Presidents of the United States. From reducing the chances of nuclear war to setting up the Peace Corps, JFK brought a lot of help and hope to our nation and was lost far too soon. The last page has a short list of important dat [...]

    5. David Adler takes us through John F. Kennedy 19s childhood, education, career, and death in a simple yet thorough biography. Robert Casilla accompanies the text with softly colored yet accurate images of JFK 19s life, family, and friends. The simpleness of the text makes it easy for young children to understand, but the detail and diversity of John F. Kennedy 19s life intrigues readers of all ages. It is the perfect beginning to learn about JFK, and an inspiration for following in the footsteps [...]

    6. This book is about John F. Kennedy and his accomplishments. It goes in chronological order, telling about his life as a young boy, his family, schooling, health, and his political career. This would be a good book to have starting a research project on presidents. It does not get very in-depth about his presidential career, but it does a good job of outlining his life.

    7. This book is about a young brave man from America called Jonh F. Kennedy, who was born on May 29 in Brookine, Massachusetts and he was a playful boy but he had lots of friends in his school. He was graduated from Harvard. He was the youngest and first Roman Catholic ever selected as President. He was a hard working man.

    8. A book about the life of one of our greatest presidents, John F. Kennedy. Includes many drawings of JFK and his family members. Includes biography information. Excellent book to read for an introduction on him.

    9. “A Picture Book of John F. Kennedy” is written by David Adler and is a complete biography of President John F. Kennedy.

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