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Fade Rippers

  • Title: Fade Rippers
  • Author: Kenny Soward
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fade Rippers Alternate Cover Title Edition B HA ZBO NEW UPDATED EDITION COMING in LATE Lonnie is a drug runner for the infamous Eighth Street Gang when he gets an urgent phone call to back up his crew

    Alternate Cover Title Edition B019HA3ZBO NEW, UPDATED EDITION COMING in LATE 2017 2018 Lonnie is a drug runner for the infamous Eighth Street Gang when he gets an urgent phone call to back up his crew after trouble follows them home from a drug deal gone bad During the ensuing firefight, Lonnie sees some things he wishes he hadn t, including the gang s leader, Selix,Alternate Cover Title Edition B019HA3ZBO NEW, UPDATED EDITION COMING in LATE 2017 2018 Lonnie is a drug runner for the infamous Eighth Street Gang when he gets an urgent phone call to back up his crew after trouble follows them home from a drug deal gone bad During the ensuing firefight, Lonnie sees some things he wishes he hadn t, including the gang s leader, Selix, channeling her powers from a place called the Fade by getting high and dancing Memories unravel inside Lonnie s iced mind Memories of dragons and fiends and fire swept otherworlds Memories Selix controls with a simple touch.But what is real and what is not In the strange and violent world of Galefire, Lonnie comes to realize not everything is as it seems, including his own identity But will Lonnie and Selix reconcile the past before they are caught by those who seek to drag them home in chains

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    1. Yet another quality author found thanks to the Grim Tidings podcast!This was such a fun and unique addition to the Urban Fantasy genre. It's pretty dark and messed up, too. Not sure there's much I can tell you about the plot without spoilers. But I'll try anyways. This story is told in first person, single POV. Our main character is Lonnie. A heroin addict with some memory loss problems. His life is changed after seeing his gang leader throw some magic around by getting high and dancing. It was [...]

    2. Review copyKenny Soward is a relatively new author, one of his first published stories was a short in Manifesto: UF, an Urban Fantasy anthology edited by Tim Marquitz and Tyson Mauermann, published in September of 2013.Since that time he's written the Gnomesaga series, my personal favorite, and co-authored two Dead West novels with Marquitz and Joe Martin. Another highly entertaining series.Kenny's latest project is Galefire. This first book in a new series took a while to sink its hooks into me [...]

    3. I fully admit to being a huge fan of Kenny Soward’s GnomeSaga series. It was fun, quirky, oddball fantasy which didn’t take itself too seriously. As such, I was kind of off-put by the revelation his next series was not going to be in the fantasy genre but the somewhat over-saturated urban fantasy market. I say this as an urban fantasy author. Furthermore, it would be a dark and serious tale of a heroin-addicted slave to a gang of supernaturals living in Cincinnati. So what do I think? I like [...]

    4. Originally published at Risingshadow.Kenny Soward's Galefire is the first part of the Galefire series. It's an entertaining and gritty modern urban fantasy that nicely differs from other similar kind of novels. It was a nice surprise for me, because it was a relatively fast read and I found myself enjoying it.Before I begin to write about my thoughts concerning this novel, it's good to mention that I'm not very fond of modern urban fantasy. In my opinion, most urban fantasy novels are simply not [...]

    5. Some really great, original urban fantasy.Kenny Soward creates such a realistic sense of internal struggle and development it's hard not to feel what his characters endure.Lonnie, the protagonist, starts out as just a (seemingly) drugged out gang member, but it's clear from the get-go something is up, and that 'something' creeps to the forefront throughout the story, delivering more bits of info and background in a gradual manner that is so much more entertaining and fulfilling than if it were j [...]

    6. I really, really fell in love with these characters fast. I try to separate myself as long as possible when characters are first introduced; however, these characters gripped me and rode me all the way through the book. I can't wait for the second one to come out.

    7. Lonnie is a gofer to a low-level Cincinnati gang, the 8th Street Gang. He’s been working for them for years and his memories, both long-term and day-to-day, are fuzzy. He has vague memories of a wife and 7 year old daughter but he also has memories of riding a dragon once upon a time. Obviously, he chocks that up to all the drug use, at least until a drawn out gun fight reveals to him that his boss, Selix, has some supernatural powers.This is both a gritty and drug-hazy urban fantasy. Lonnie a [...]

    8. A blast of a book with room to growThis might be one of the most interesting books I've read in a while. From the very beginning, I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but boy was it a fun book. It's one of those books that I can't write the review that I want because it will ruin some of the great story turns that happen in it.Fade Rippers follows Lonnie, a runner for the Eighth Street gang. He's basically not allowed out the normal door of their hideout and feels like he's being totall [...]

    9. This book had magic, and mystery, and action, and I'm satisfied with how it ended. That being said, it's not my cup of tea and had to force myself to read this dark and twisted story. Lonnie keeps having visions and I was so lost in the back and forth. Was he high during the entire time? Was he finally coming down from his fix? It was too in your face and detailed. I told my husband that this was literally "Dresden on crack." Soo, if you happen to like that sort of thing, this book has it all. I [...]

    10. The danger is present at every corner . . . Lonnie is plagued by memories of his wife and daughter. Those thoughts seem to be a time where life resembled a sense of normalcy. Now he finds himself in a different world where death, drugs, and danger are ever-present. He is a runner for the Eight Street Gang of Cincinnati, Ohio. His life makes a dramatic change when he finds himself a witness to something unnatural. Through this event, he notices Selix, the gang’s leader. It is evident that she i [...]

    11. Galefire 1: Fade Rippers follows Lonnie, a small time crook working for a gang of odd drug dealers. He soon starts to realise this gang isn't entirely what it seems when they get into a gunfight with a bunch of monsters. Actual monsters. Oh and Lonnie also has vivid dreams of riding a dragon down in hell. Sounds odd? It is. Strangely enticing though.The books opens in a hail of dragon fire (Galefire), bullets, and blood. Lonnie struggles to decide how much of it is real and whether or not his ga [...]

    12. Hmm. A junkie riding the tiger/dragon, poetic."Get to the choppa, Lawnz, you little girly man, get baffed aap!" (Really? The Arnold Voice?)I don't like books with dragons, so when he was flying high in the sky, I was peeved beyond control.The old "down and out bum boy is actually a leader" trope is tired.This book really isn't for me. Maybe a fresh reader/audience to fantasy would enjoy it, but I read too many books that touched on the things this novel covered, to be wowed or entertained. I won [...]

    13. Fade Rippers Solid 3 stars Okay, I finally have time to write a proper review of this book. Admittedly, I has essentially lost in the first few chapters, but when my mind began to pick up normal brain waves, I comprehended what the author was writing and were he started the plot. And then, the action was nonstop and very plausible a point. But if a reader uses their imagination (which we must all do when reading most books, yes?), then the plot and characters' actions become clear. The book begi [...]

    14. My original Fade Rippers audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.A peculiar book about drugs, street gangs, hell on earth and dragons Lonnie is a young man with a drug problem and many more issues.  He is the secret street runner for his crew doing all the buying and selling of packages and fetches anything needed.  During one run he is called home by his crew to help in a street fight.  This is where it becomes peculiar!  His friends are dealers and thugs but be [...]

    15. I think I spent most of the book confused but it was worth it.The story is complex and is revealed gradually as the main character figures things out. This makes for lots of 'wait what?' moments and a book that keeps you guessing.I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the next book, I hope the surprises continue.Scott's narration was good, it was nice and smooth and the characters voices were varied with amazing accents.This book was supplied free by the author/narrator/publisher in excha [...]

    16. A fast paced book.It was rather confusing until the end as to what was happening.Lonny is a clean up guy,the guy that goes for food,the guy no one sees.He had a family once,but now he can't remember their names.He thinks he's a loser.He finds out he is so much more before the book ends.His team will help.Scott Aiello was the perfect narator.“I was voluntarily provided this free review copy audiobook by the author, narrator, or publisher.”

    17. The author approached me with a free copy. I looked at the description and appreciated his earnestness, so I just bought it. I'm glad I did. My review is more detailed. It took about 15 pages to orient myself and get used to the author's style. By 30, the story had me. The urban fantasy genre was new to me, and I like it. The book is populated by characters equally at home in Hell and Cincinnati. There's gritty street crime, monsters, trippy dreams, and a few decent twists. Best of all, the sto [...]

    18. A really quick read, but really fun. Hopefully, this will be the start of a series. I love the characters.

    19. Lonnie is a drug runner for the Eighth Street Gang in Cincinnati. He's haunted by the drug-fogged memories of his partially forgotten wife and child. Turns out those aren't the only memories that have been fogged. Seems Lonnie has forgotten who he--and the members of the gang he runs with-- truly is.Galefire is a 180 degree turn from Soward's Gnomesaga/i>. It's gritty in its depiction of life in a drug flophouse, almost to the point that I wanted to shower afterwards (ew, gross!). The mystery [...]

    20. Decent enough book. But it feels like it misses something. The story reads like a rough draft, not a well rounded book. I also feel like the author could have done a better book explaining the world the characters live in. Now the reader had to figure it out themselves.

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