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All I Want

  • Title: All I Want
  • Author: Elle Christensen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All I Want The brilliant author Alexander St Cloud is a mystery Mainly because his real name is Ryland Holt Years ago he stepped away from the public eye becoming a recluse with a secret pen name After a decad

    The brilliant author, Alexander St Cloud is a mystery Mainly because his real name is Ryland Holt Years ago, he stepped away from the public eye becoming a recluse with a secret pen name After a decade with the same publisher, Ryland decides to cut ties and considers signing with another company When he meets their vice president, Kassidy Bell, he knows in a single inThe brilliant author, Alexander St Cloud is a mystery Mainly because his real name is Ryland Holt Years ago, he stepped away from the public eye becoming a recluse with a secret pen name After a decade with the same publisher, Ryland decides to cut ties and considers signing with another company When he meets their vice president, Kassidy Bell, he knows in a single instant that she is meant to be his And, he ll do whatever it takes, even if it means stepping out into the spotlight once again.

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    1. YET ANOTHER BOOK I CAN'T READ! This is the third book from this author that's not available in Canada. I really wish I could read her book but now I have no choice but to put her on My TO BE AVOIDED LIST of authors. LUCKY for me I am able to read her Fiona Davenport books. I like her style and wish her much success but she will get NO positive reviews from me making her books unavailable for purchase in my country. You know we do read here in Canada too just saying!

    2. Not planning to read.(view spoiler)[ If the heroine is going to be a 31 year old virgin, why the heck isn't the hero a virgin too? I suppose because authors tend to like to stick to the sexist double standards. Sigh. (hide spoiler)]

    3. Have I mentioned how much I love Elle Christensen's sex scenes? Well if I haven't I'm saying it right now I FREAKING love them! This book is very steam, with a alpha hero that is crazy about the h. The only thing I didn't care for was the fact that the h was I believe 31 and she was a virgin! Other than that great and steamy read with a nice epilogue

    4. 4.5 starsI absolutely adored this book! It had all of my favorite things. -OTT caveman alpha who was NOT a manwhore -smart and funny VIRGIN heroine -steamy sex scenes -absolutely no cheating or ow/om drama whatsoever -no pushing away - they got together and stayed together-no violence of any sort-good epilogue (I could have used a further look but this did satisfy me well enough)**I'm assuming that her brother Dillon will get a story since there was a set up for it. I will definitely snatch that [...]

    5. Ryland is a reclusive writer who just changed publishing houses. In the new publishers office, he meets Kassidy and he will stop at nothing to make her his. Ryland is a hot alpha over the top hero and Kassidy is 31 years old a career woman and a virgin! Another reason I adored this novella. It’s true. Not all career women are promiscuous! Also the sex scenes were super steamy and so hot. Elle Christensen can write sex scenes like no other. I was fanning myself. So yummy and dirty! The epilogue [...]

    6. Another he gets lots she gets none book that I should’ve avoided.On top of that it has a sneaky abusive relationship.Hero is an emotional abuser.He deliberately doesn’t use protection.So the choice of pregnancy was taken away from the heroine.If the hero was a middle aged balding unemployed bum majority would have had a problem with this.But because his a millionaire celebrity it’s endearing?NOT USING PROTECTION DELIBERATELY WHEN OTHER PARTY IS VULNERABLE I.E. A VIRGIN IS A FORM OF SEXUAL [...]

    7. Cute and hot shorty with that possessive dirty-talking hero I love.“I’m dying to lick up the juice from how much I turn you on, to suck on that sweet little pearl between your folds”—she sucked in a breath and shuddered—“I want to plunge my tongue deep inside you and feel you come around it before I do the same thing with my cock.”“I told you, sweetheart, I can’t wait to taste you. I’m convinced you are going to be my favorite thing to eat.”

    8. As this is a sex, vows and babies, insta-love story, getting her knocked up is the number one priority! It's a scorching hot, sweet read, with a strong caveman alpha who is sexy, possessive and sweet. Although it is a quick read, it does not leave you wanting in the end.I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

    9. 4.5/5Wow this book was really great!Hot fast safe read!-insta love-celibate, hermit, reclusive H-virgin h-no OW/Drama-OTT alpha male hotness-LOL funny-cute, sweet and romantic -HEA with epilogue A must read!!

    10. You know that movie ? "The 40 years old virgin". Change the age for 31 years old and replace the male character for a female So not for me unless it's a silly comedy but it's under romance who knew???

    11. Sweet baby Jesus!I'll just drop this line first"I had four weeks to get her pregnant."Yep she just went there.Ryland Holt has dropped from the public eye and has become a recluse after inheriting the Holt fortune after his parents died. In his recluse Alexander St. Cloud was created to give him an outlet and way to work without being in the public. Kassidy Bell has worked her way to the top of the publishing industry. However, on her way to the top she pretty much never had a dating life. If her [...]

    12. Kassidy has made her way to the top of her profession without passing some significant markers of adulthooduntil Ryland comes to negotiate a contract, and changes everything. There is a lot of sweet heat in this novella, and Ryland is one of the best examples oh the possessive, Alpha male, claiming his woman.

    13. All I Want is a new novella in the Fiona Davenport Sex, Vows & Babies kindle world. Multiple authors have released a cross from their own writing and tie in the Yeah, Baby novella's. All I Want by Elle Christensen was nothing shy of brilliance! This author continues to impress me with her never ending 5 STAR novellas. As I have already read all of the Yeah, Baby stories I was happy to see names reappear in this book and mingle with new ones. The characters are well developed and highly likab [...]

    14. Wow! Holy hotness!What a way to start the new Kindle World. A hardcore alpha male willing to do whatever it takes to in order to get his one and only. Sexual chemistry is off the charts hot. Everything required for a really great quick read. Excellent writing of story. Can't recommend highly enough. If this is just the start to the new Kindle World, I can't imagine how great this new series is going to be.

    15. Sweet Lord! This was the 3rd book I've read in the new Kindle World: Sex, Vows, and Babies! Ryland is a reclusive writer who needs to change publishing houses. When he meets Kassidy in the new publishers office, he has to have her! He works it so he does. Since this is a sex, vows, baby, I am sure you know he knocks her up and marries her! He was a sweet over the top alpha who knew just what he wanted! One of the best Elle Christensen books I've read yet!

    16. I liked this book but it didn’t grip me. Several times I found myself losing concentration. I liked Kassidy; I will admit that it took a little while for Ryland to grow on me. I liked that Ryland went to such lengths to get close to the woman he wanted. The love between Ryland and Kassidy is sweet. I thought it was cute that Ryland wrote a book that was based on the type of stories his woman loved. When Ryland was outed as Alexander St. cloud I felt for him. BUT when it was revealed who had ou [...]

    17. The first time I saw you, my heart whispered, “That’s the one.” I love this line and it pretty much sums up Ryland’s feelings for Kassidy (love the names by the way) since the moment he first laid eyes on her. He writes books under a pen name, Alexander St. Cloud and is looking to sever ties with his current publisher. Kassidy is the vice-president of the publishing company that Ryland is thinking about contracting to handle his books. One look at her and he is hooked. She is smart, stro [...]

    18. Elle Christensen sure does bring the heat! All I Want is a new Novella in Fiona Davenport's Kindle World Sex, Vows and Babies. This was a downright sexy read. As always with Elle I am blown away by her talent. She has a knack for getting the reader engaged in her characters and storyline. I was immediately intrigued by Ryland and new his caveman tendencies were going to melt my heart. Elle also always gives me heroines who are strong, smart and have a little smart mouth. Kassidy was another perf [...]

    19. Perfect stipulations I didn’t think they would ever get any work done. This book was sexy and fun from beginning to end. Kassidy knew she wouldn't be able to resist the spark after that hand shake.Demand, lure, and own. GREAT addition to the series.

    20. I received an ARC of this book. I have read a lot of Elle's work and each time I fall more in love with her writing and her characters. All I Want is quick read but very well developed. Kassidy and Ryland are great characters and the instant chemistry leaps off the page at you. It was a beautiful instalove book with an adorable HEA. There was a plot twist that fit the book so perfectly and I really enjoyed how it was written into the book. The twist allowed Ryland and Kassidy have the best engag [...]

    21. Kassidy is the Vice President and Editorial Director at a publishing company and Ryland is a writer who is in the process of looking for a new publishing company to work with. Ryland knows from the moment that he met Kassidy that she was going to be his. Kassidy couldn’t explain the attraction she felt to Ryland.I thought this was a good read. I loved Ryland and Kassidy’s characters. I loved how Kassidy wasn’t a push over and how Ryland knew what he wanted and went after it. There attracti [...]

    22. Yummy sexy hot insta love. There's nothing hotter than a cave man who will stop at nothing to claim his woman. Ryland is a author who has a pen name and Kassidy is the VP of the publishing house Ryland wants to switch to. From the second he saw Kassidy he knew she was his. If you love wet panties, hot sex, babies, alpha cave men and quick short fun read then this book is for you. I can't wait to see what else Elle writes next

    23. This was so good. If you love a good Alpha story, this is one for you. Looking forward to reading more from this author

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