- By Kim Michele Richardson

The Sisters of Glass Ferry

  • Title: The Sisters of Glass Ferry
  • Author: Kim Michele Richardson
  • ISBN: 9781496709554
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Sisters of Glass Ferry Spanning several decades and written in an authentic voice both lyrical and wise The Sisters of Glass Ferry is a haunting novel about small town Southern secrets loss and atonement and the unbreaka

    Spanning several decades and written in an authentic voice both lyrical and wise, The Sisters of Glass Ferry is a haunting novel about small town Southern secrets, loss and atonement, and the unbreakable bond between siblings.Glass Ferry, Kentucky, is bourbon country Whiskey has been a way of life for generations, enabling families to provide and survive even in the darkeSpanning several decades and written in an authentic voice both lyrical and wise, The Sisters of Glass Ferry is a haunting novel about small town Southern secrets, loss and atonement, and the unbreakable bond between siblings.Glass Ferry, Kentucky, is bourbon country Whiskey has been a way of life for generations, enabling families to provide and survive even in the darkest times Flannery Butler s daddy, Beauregard Honey Bee Butler, was known for making some of the best whiskey in the state, aged in barrels he d take by boat up and down the Kentucky River until the rocking waters turned the spirits smooth and golden Flannery is the only person Honey Bee ever entrusted with his recipes before he passed on, swearing her to secrecy as he did so But Flannery is harboring other secrets too, about her twin sister Patsy, older by eight minutes and pretty in a way Flannery knows she ll never be Then comes the prom night when Patsy wearing a yellow chiffon dress and the family pearls disappears along with her date Every succeeding year on the twins birthday, Flannery s mother bakes a strawberry cake, convinced that this is the day Patsy will finally come home But it will be two tumultuous decades until the muddy river yields a clue about what happened that night, compelling Flannery to confront the truth about her sleepy town, her family s past, and the choices she and those closest to her have made in the name of love and retribution .

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    1. 3.5 What I thought I was getting: I felt like reading a good, old Southern novel, maybe gothic in tone, full of Southern charm and mannerisms. I have pretty much quit reading book summaries as they so often spoil the read, give too much away. SoI saw the blurb, sisters, secrets, family, Kentucky and Bourbon, seemed right up my alley. Loved the cover, the lighting, the playfulness of it, so I began reading.What I actually got: A cake baked by a grieving mother, hoping her missing child would come [...]

    2. The sisters of Glass Ferry by Kim Michele Richardson was a story of rape, domestic abuse and family secrets. The story it told in two different time lines by twin sisters. The story had a few twist and turns and had some surprises. I would like to thank NetGalley and Kensington Books for my e-copy in exchange for an honest review.

    3. Some books start off in a way that makes you just know that this book will work out very well. And, this beginning of this book with Flannery visiting her mother on her birthday and it's the twentieth one since Flannery's sister Patsy went missing. And, still, her mother expects that she will show up. This is the year, this time will Patsy return. And, yes this is the year patsy comes home, it's also the year Flannery finally will learn what happened twenty years prior, when her sisters Patsy di [...]

    4. Happy Pub Day! From Kentucky’s finest Southern storyteller, Kim Michele Richardsonreturns following (2016)GodPretty in the Tobacco Fieldand (2015) Liar's Benchwith her latest gripping mystery (her best yet), crime thriller: THE SISTERS OF GLASS FERRY–Rich in character, strong family bonds, suspense, and dark deeply-buried family secrets with a Southern Gothic twist. Set in the southern riverside town of Glass Ferry,in the heart of Kentucky bourbon—a gripping complex multi-generational tale [...]

    5. MY REVIEW OF “THE SISTERS OF GLASS FERRY” by Kim Michele Richardson“The Sisters of Glass Ferry” by Kim Michele Richardson is an emotional and captivating novel. “The Sisters of Glass Ferry” is published by Kensington Publishing Corporation and will be out November 28,2017. The Genres for this story are Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Mystery. The timeline of the story is mostly 1952 through 1972, and though the present.There are some parts of the story that are before 1952 to explai [...]

    6. Let me just say, any time Kim has a book come out, I don't even need to know what it is about. Just yes please! The best writing ever! Pure pleasure!Twin sisters. Flannery and Pasty, one went missing the night of prom and so the story begins. We go back and forth between 1972 and 1952 in this magical southern tale woven for us by Richardson. Bits and pieces come together much like the pearl necklace. I can't say much more but I enjoyed this book thoroughly. Such a wonderful heartbreaking tale. T [...]

    7. In 1952 in Glass Ferry, Kentucky, twin sisters Patsy and Flannery prepare for prom night in different ways. Patsy has a date with her boyfriend Danny and Flannery has to go to work. Patsy and Danny never arrive at the prom and don't come home. No one knows if they ran off together or if something more sinister happened. But both Flannery and Danny's brother harbor secrets from that night.The story alternates between 1952 and 1972 and is told from points of view of Patsy and Flannery. As the stor [...]

    8. I received an advance copy of this wonderful story and am pleased to review it here. From the opening chapter, "Sisters" grabs and does not let go until long after the reader closes the back cover. Twin sisters, born eight minutes apart, live as might any other two girls competing for their parent's attention, for boys, for good grades, for a grand life out of a small Kentucky town (Glass Ferry) in the 1950s. On the night of their high school prom, their futures are forever changed. The older tw [...]

    9. Thanks to the publisher for this review copy!If you love dark Southern intrigue, this one may be for you. I enjoyed it for the most part, but it did feel like there were about 5 extraneous story lines and some overdramatic moments that could have been avoided.

    10. The Sisters of Glass Ferry is a beautifully written, haunting book about sisters, sins, and secrets. Kim Michele Richardson has such a unique voice, putting the reader right into the middle of this story, its characters, and rural Kentucky. Spanning decades, this book tackles social issues such as rape and domestic abuse as it explores such intricate relationships as those between twins, mothers and daughters, brothers, and fathers and daughters. These relationships were the heart of the story t [...]

    11. Perhaps I should forsake historical fiction entirely and just read Southern Gothic. Better books, better writing, better atmosphere--and far more accurate--and better characters. This one is no exception.

    12. Review also found at kristineandterri/I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you!I was drawn in to this story as I wanted to find out more about Patsy's story and what happened to her.  The story slowly unfolds as it goes between the past and the present (although the present is still in the past).  The reader finds out about the dynamic of each member of the Butler family while waiting to find out what Patsy's fate w [...]

    13. My Review~ "The Sisters of Glass Ferry" by Kim Michele Richardsonis is Kim's third and latest work of fiction. I've read them all.My first insight: Her words are nothing less than poeticShe sculpts her words with texturea true artist indeed. I read her stories and absorb the beauty of each wordey hang in midair, then slowly and softly fall between leaves to an earth as warm as her voice. My second insight: She doesn't write for the faint of heart, this story is not a story to be reading at night [...]

    14. Thank you NetGalley and Kensington Books for allowing me the privilege to read The Sisters of Glass Ferry by Kim Michele Richardson. The following review contains thoughts and opinions that are entirely my own.The Sisters of Glass Ferry by Kim Michele Richardson is impressive from its Kentucky-laced accent writing to the richly drawn characters that come to life in its pages. Richardson draws the reader in with a suspenseful way of revealing the story, as well as the reasons for what they do. Th [...]

    15. I received this book through a Giveaway. All opinions are my own. Many thanks to the author and publisher.In 1952, Flannery Butler's twin sister disappeared on Prom night without a trace. Since then rumors have followed Flannery about what might have happened to her sister. 20 years later, new information comes to light and the whole story unravels. What happened to Flannery's sister and what other secrets have been hidden from her?Rarely do I actually enjoy Southern Lit. It is one of those gen [...]

    16. I received The Sisters in exchange for an honest review. The opinions posted are exclusively mine. This book came to me at a time where I am craving light and happy. You will get neither from this story. It is a well written Southern Fiction that incorporates very timely matters based in the 50’s – 70’s. Although, this book was not exactly what I had anticipated, I am anxious to read it again…when I am in a “place” for a serious subject matter. Thank you to Kensington Publishing and [...]

    17. This book was immediately captivating. Twin sisters, prom night. 20 years later, one is still missing. Taking place in the whiskey country of Kentucky, Richards weaves an amazing tale of secrets, betrayal, and mystery that spans decades. From the 50s on that tragic night, all the way to present day. This was a book I could not put down. Even at the end, I was left wanting more.

    18. This story about two Kentucky sisters is a rich multi-generation tale that is soaked in bourbon, lies and loss. The ending was perfectly haunting.

    19. A tale woven between darkness and light, longing and revenge, The Sisters of Glass Ferry is a novel not to be missed.Richardson’s ability to make you care about a character is unsurpassed. Two twins, Flannery and Patsy, born eight minutes apart, their closeness cannot be denied. When Patsy disappears the night of the twins’ senior prom, the world is tilted and turned upside down.When the mystery is fully exposed, the years of heartbreak of one family come crashing down. Don’t miss this one [...]

    20. I didn't enjoy this book. I don't know if it was just my mood or what but I kept laying the book down and not wanting to come back to it.

    21. The Sisters of Glass Ferry  is a southern-themed historical novel. It’s filled with complex characters.This dual timeline novel takes place in 1952 and 1972. It deals with the relationship between twins, Flannery and Patsy, their bootlegger family, and the entire small town of Glass Ferry.The complex plot revolves around with the prom night disappearance of Patsy. The secrets Flannery and the sheriff’s son hide throughout the years plays an important role, though both have different reaso [...]

    22. The Sisters of Glass FerryKim Michele Richardson, 2017, Kensington Publishing Company, pb, 255 pp, 15.00, 9781496709554Lost things spilled onto the Kentucky’s banks, into fishermen’s hands, more than a few, revealing age-old secrets. Glass Ferry, KentuckyJune, 1972Patsy Butler’s been gone for twenty years. Some maintain she ran away with Danny Henry; most presume she’s dead. Yet Jean Butler has just baked another birthday cake for the daughter she’s sure is coming home today.Patsy’s [...]

    23. Like any other small town, Glass Ferry teems with whispered tales. When a drought unearths a major secret from the past, Flannery Butler must confront family secrets — hers and others — that reach from the past to threaten the social hierarchy of Glass Ferry itself.The Sisters of Glass Ferry explores several issues. Despite his licensure, Honey Bee Butler’s whiskey business still doesn’t appear reputable to some people in town, though some of those same people profit, directly and indire [...]

    24. 4.5 stars.Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is a powerful story that stays with you for a long time, and although it wasn’t always pleasant reading about what takes place in the novel, I felt this was such an important story that you need to hear, that needed to be told. The main event in this novel can be a trigger for the reader, so I think you should be warned before picking it up that rape and its reperc [...]

    25. ** ARC provided by the author for an honest review **Come with me to Glass Ferry, Kentucky, where secrets and lies rock the Butler family. The Sisters of Glass Ferry by Kim Michele Richardson, brings you the story of twin sisters, one lost 20 years before, and the one that was left behind.Glass Ferry – 1952: Flannery and Patsy were as close as twins could be. They shared everything and had the perfect relationship until the third grade. Patsy became the popular twin, the beautiful twin, the tw [...]

    26. THE SISTERS OF GLASS FERRY by Kim Michele Richardson is a haunting story of family bonds, small town secrets, tragic loss and atonement. It is set in the rural town of Glass Ferry, Kentucky, along the banks of the Kentucky River. Bourbon making has been a way of life for many in this area for decades. The story is first told from the perspective of twin sisters, Patsy and Flannery Butler, in 1952, then from Flannery’s perspective only in 1972 to present day. On prom night in 1952, Patsy is pic [...]

    27. anurseandabook/2018/01The setup for this book seemed very promising. Flannery and Patsy are twins growing up in Glass Ferry, Kentucky, daughters of a whiskey bootlegger. They've been inseparable growing up, but now they are growing apart. Patsy is interested in boys and the idea of escaping Glass Ferry, and Flannery is interested in everything staying the same.The book goes back and forth in time. From the time Patsy goes missing, to 20 years later, and then even fast forwards to present day. Th [...]

    28. I couldn't finish this book, and honestly I wanted my money back. I gave it three stars because the writing was lyrical and her descriptions of Kentucky Bourbon county were well done. I even liked most of her characters. The story however, was terrible. The author seemed to throw every horrible thing in her book that could happen to a person. Rape, multiple murders, spousal abuse, involuntary sterilization, abuse by hospital staff, and a house fire that killed three children and their father. I [...]

    29. One of the twin sisters goes missing when she was a teenager in the 1950s. It goes back and forth between the 50s and present day 70s. One of the sisters is determined to find out what really happened and to make it right for her sister and for her family. For me it was tough at first with it going back and forth between the years and the different point of views. Mainly because when they were in the present day of the 70s they still went into the past. Though after a few chapters it had peaked [...]

    30. I read this book because I had seen it advertised around a lot and my favorite genre is historical fiction. The best I can say is her descriptions are well done, though some times over done and I did finish this book because I wanted to see how it would turn out. It a very easy fast read, but not that interesting. You never really like the characters. The Patsy character is quite cliche and Flannery makes the oddest choices. The main plot point is known to the reader but not the characters but i [...]

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