- By Lisa Rosinsky

Inevitable and Only

  • Title: Inevitable and Only
  • Author: Lisa Rosinsky
  • ISBN: 9781629798172
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Inevitable and Only What if you suddenly found out you had a sister and she took over your life Cadie is close to her father They are so much alike same temperament sense of humor and love for the theater and Dad alway

    What if you suddenly found out you had a sister and she took over your life Cadie is close to her father They are so much alike same temperament, sense of humor, and love for the theater and Dad always knows how to comfort her until the day he announces that he has another daughter Suddenly, Cadie has a sister, Elizabeth a sister who is six months older tWhat if you suddenly found out you had a sister and she took over your life Cadie is close to her father They are so much alike same temperament, sense of humor, and love for the theater and Dad always knows how to comfort her until the day he announces that he has another daughter Suddenly, Cadie has a sister, Elizabeth a sister who is six months older than her, a sister who is about to move in with them, a sister whose very existence means that Cadie s beloved father cheated on her mother when they were already married What other secrets might he have Can she still trust him Does Cadie really know her father at all And when Elizabeth arrives, Cadie s worst fears come true Elizabeth looks just like Dad not only that, she seems all too perfect Until she begins stealing Cadie s place in the family and even Cadie s one true love But Elizabeth has secrets of her own This deeply emotional coming of age story explores the choices you make when your family and your life changes overnight Are these choices the inevitable and only ones And will they ultimately bring your family back together or push you further apart

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    1. I enjoyed this one SO much. it had so many light, fun elements and LOL moments, but it was layered beautifully with sweet, deep scenes. The development of Cadie and Elizabeth's relationship was flawless, and the father-daughter situation was realistic and perfectly executed. I also loved the little brother, Josh. Getting a behind the scenes (pun intended) glimpse of putting on a play was especially fun to read about for me. I know nothing about theater, and Rosinksy's writing completely made me [...]

    2. Such a lovely book! Cadie's family struggles to integrate a surprise!half-sister into their home, and Cadie realizes that her dad isn't who she thought he was. She finds herself pulling away from him while she tries to figure out who she can trust and what she really knows about the people in her life—and what she knows about herself. Cadie's voice is really distinctive—she's a little anxious, a little nerdy, a little melodramatic, flustered but assertive around her crushes—and it was easy [...]

    3. "Good people can hurt things without meaning to.""We're all given crosses to bear. Some of us have more strength than others. And the rest of us just have to find that strength. Somehow.""Is everything we do inevitable, too? What if every action is the only possible continuation of the things we've already done? I mean, do we really get any choices about anything? Ever?"

    4. Truly a family you will miss long after you close the book. The kind of quirky, heartfelt modern family tale for those of us who didn't grow up as the perfect Penderwicks, but more like Hilary McKay's awkward, yet brilliant Cassons. Cadie is a joy to inhabit and the ending is one of those surprises that leaves you wondering why you didn't see it coming, as it is the inevitable and only way it could be. Masterful.

    5. A great book! The author relays the complex world of sibling and family relationships very well and displays the courage to try to sort it all out. I ate this book up.A lovely tale full of warmth. Highly recommend.

    6. I loved this book! Every character is interesting and fleshed out and so very real, and the web of relationships between them all elicits moments that are charming and sweet and funny and sometimes deeply heartfelt. Cadie, our heroine, adores her quirky, bohemian family, especially her father, who always knows the right thing to say. But Cadie's adoration is challenged when her father's *other* daughter suddenly arrives--a person no one in the family had known existed. Cadie and her family have [...]

    7. ARC from the publisherAcadia has always gotten along better with her father than her mother, especially now that her mother is in administration at the Quaker school she attends while her father still runs a used bookstore and cooks vegan dinners for the family in their Baltimore home. When Cadie finds out that her father has another daughter a few months older than she is, and that Elizabeth's mother has passed away and Elizabeth is coming to live with them, she's afraid it will mean bad things [...]

    8. Was having a little trouble getting into this book and then I'm sitting here at 12:45 in the morning having just finished it.This book is a love letter to Baltimore and Takoma Park, MD. As a person who grew up and lives in the DC suburbs, this hits a particular heart-string for me.Cadie and Elizabeth are more complex than they initially seem, and this is a credit to the book. I still find myself thinking this book would make a decent theatrical adaptation, though the challenge would be how to sh [...]

    9. In this teen novel, we meet Cady, a young girl who lives with her parents and her brother. One day, her father announces that he has another daughter that he found out about and that she is moving in with them. The family has varying reactions but overall, the tone is negative. Elizabeth, Cady's new half sister moves in and quickly begins to extend her reaches into Cady's life, including her crush! Can Cady and Elizabeth find peace? This was kind of an odd duck of a book. It said in the first fe [...]

    10. The sibling relationship is almost always a complex onebut how much more so when you just find out you have one, and she's a few months older than you are. Cadie, a Sophomore, is looking forward to a school year filled with friends, dances, and her first role in the school play. Along with these, she gets a sister. A sister she didn't know she had. Neither did her Father. And even worse, her mother. A child of a past infidelity of her father's, Elizabeth comes to live with them when her mother d [...]

    11. I was completely enchanted by this sweet story and its characters, so much so that I finished it while walking to work and definitely walked into the office with misty eyes. Can't wait for more from this author!

    12. Very well written. A wonderful debut novel by a future super star. This book is a lot of fun and does a good job of depicting a very specific part of adolescence, a very unique and difficult problem, and an even more specific part of Baltimore. I look forward to the author's next endeavor.

    13. Refreshing, introspective without being too serious, and builds as the story progresses. I would most certainly recommend.

    14. A really sweet and entertaining book that was so good on the details of the theatre and an off-kilter family. I found myself rooting for everyone, and was utterly charmed!

    15. I loved Cadie's story! I too grew up with weird hippie parents, and I so enjoyed the depiction of this quirky, offbeat family. I can also relate to the discovering facts about family that makes you question whether they are the people you always thought they were; however, the revelations and conflict surrounding this issue stay firmly PG-13, so there's nothing too heavy that would make me hesitate to give this to younger readers. This book is adorable, heartfelt, and authentically young adult, [...]

    16. Cadie Greenfield is one of those characters who is so true-to-life that you feel you might run into her on the streets of Baltimore sometime. I enjoyed this story of Cadie and her unconventional family dealing with a difficult and hurtful situation, falling apart, and struggling to find their way back to each other. Through it all, Cadie wonders how well she really knows the adults in her world and how she can come to trust them again. Cadie’s family relationships, friendships, participation i [...]

    17. I can't say enough about this book! Themes of family dynamics, friendship, and forgiveness are brilliantly woven throughout and delivered in a fresh voice that really brought me into Cadie's life. I read this in two days and only put it down because I had to be a mom. It was well worth my kid's whining!!

    18. I so enjoyed this charming story about 15 year old Acadia Rose, whose world is tipped upside down when her father reveals a shocking secret about his past. With a cast full of quirky and multi-layered characters, Rosinsky does a brilliant job balancing humor and heartache as Acadia and her family struggle to put the pieces of their broken lives back together.

    19. Loved spending time in Cadie's world. Rosinsky pulls together an intriguing premise, well-rounded characters, entertaining dialogue, a healthy dose of drama club, and just enough romance. Can't wait to read more from this debut author!

    20. I gobbled this lovely book up in just a few days. Fresh, fun voice and a beautiful story of love, forgiveness, and theater. Fantastic debut.

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