- By Lindsay Buroker

The Rogue Prince

  • Title: The Rogue Prince
  • Author: Lindsay Buroker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Rogue Prince Starseer pilot and animal lover Jelena Marchenko wants to prove to her parents that she s ready to captain her own freighter and help run the family business When she finally talks them into getting

    Starseer, pilot, and animal lover Jelena Marchenko wants to prove to her parents that she s ready to captain her own freighter and help run the family business When she finally talks them into getting a second ship and letting her fly it, it doesn t faze her that the craft is decades old and looks like a turtle This is the chance she s craved for years But it s not longStarseer, pilot, and animal lover Jelena Marchenko wants to prove to her parents that she s ready to captain her own freighter and help run the family business When she finally talks them into getting a second ship and letting her fly it, it doesn t faze her that the craft is decades old and looks like a turtle This is the chance she s craved for years But it s not long before the opportunity to rescue mistreated lab animals lures her from her parentally approved cargo run and embroils her in a battle between warring corporations To further complicate matters, her childhood friend Thorian, prince of the now defunct Sarellian Empire, is in trouble with Alliance law and needs her help Torn between her duty to her family and doing what she believes is honorable, Jelena is about to learn that right and wrong are never as simple as they appear and that following your heart can get you killed.

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    1. Let's say that this book is a NA The Emperor's Edge with Jelena as Amaranthe and Thor as Sicuarius! LOLSince I loved The Emperor's Edge series I couldn't NOT like this one too (even if NA is not my thing)!The wonderful thing about Ms. Buroker's writing is the dialogue! Even in the most Dangerous situation there's Always some funny sarcasm, a chirpy banter going on! It's great and wonderful! At least for me!Jelena and Erick (her engineer) are both Starseers and both have their unque mental powers [...]

    2. Ever since the first mention of the younger generation during the Fallen Empire series, I hoped that they would get their own story. Well, here it is, and so far, it's hitting a lot of my favorite buttons in space opera.Jelena Marchenko is a lot like her mother Alisa: now that she's eighteen, and is embarking on her very first trade journey in the family's new spaceship (which looks like a turtle), she has this great idea for a super quick side-journey to rescue some abused animals from a lab. I [...]

    3. 4.5 stars. Anyone who knows this author's writing knows what they're in store for. Adventure, interplanetary action, space ship chases, a lovable cast of characters and a very slow burn romance between an honorable fearless young woman and an emotionally closed off hero. Totally my jam. It's like the author is writing just for me. Don't start here. Start with the Fallen Empire series. The other gratifying thing about this author is that she writes fast!

    4. Wooohooooo!! It was sooo fun! Ms. Buroker's books are always so entertaining, action packed and full of such eccentric yet adorable characters that I keep coming back for more!The Rogue Prince starts off ten years after the events of the last book in the Fallen Empire series End Game. Leonidas has more grays in his hair and is having to deal with the complications of being a cyborg at 50. Alisa's daughter Jelena is all grown up and is "helping" expand the family business by captaining an old, tu [...]

    5. Like mother, like daughter: Ten years after Endgame, Jelena Marchenko is 18 years old and ready and eager to head out on her own. To that end, she's persuaded her mother and stepfather to add another ship to their transport business and letting her captain it on a trial cargo run. The routine mission quickly ends up getting sidelined, however, when Jelena learns about an unscrupulous corporation's animal experiments that she is determined to stop. Of course, while "liberating" a bunch of lab ani [...]

    6. The events of this story take place 10 years after the Fallen Empire series. Luckily, you don't have to read the previous series in order to follow along with this one but it wouldn't hurt to gain more back story especially about the world in which these events take place.We open with Jelena Marchenko who has been given a chance at expanding the family freighter business. She has been given a new shuttle, named the Snapper (aptly named for its snapping turtle shape), and Erick Ostberg as her eng [...]

    7. On paper, this is exactly up my street. It's psionics, in space, with spaceships. An exiled prince, cyborgs (kinda) and lots of space battles.Except. It's a bit flat. The heroine is a bit soft. Her only concern (initially at least) is rescuing animals OK, I can get behind that, aside from the fact that the only nod to that in the future is in a bit of banter, the presence of a pet dog and a one-line entry saying the animals are re-housed.There's lots of discussion about underwear (and not becaus [...]

    8. I was mildly concerned after reading about an assassin hero that this would be Emperor's Edge - In Space! (with a bonus childhood friends plot line!) - but the young cast and the "search for self" theme common in young adult books added a whole new dimension to the tale. I grew tired of the Fallen Empire series by the last few books but this new generation series has caught my attention.

    9. This book only became interesting to me at the 50 something percent mark, which is unusual with any of Buroker's books. But after that it became amazing!As usual I loved all the characters.And while it feels like we're reading star wars fanfic, it's good star wars fanfic so that's ok.I have to admit I don't have much patience for characters like Thor: the brooding, emotionally constipated assassin who is obsessed with his lady love.I didn't like it with Sicarius and I doubt I'll like it with thi [...]

    10. The Rogue Prince is a fast-paced space adventure by Lindsay Buroker. Young Starseer Jelena Marchenko captains her first mission running cargo, to prove to her parents that she's mature enough to handle the family business. Or, you know, to divert on an impulsive rescue mission to rescue abused animals from Stellacor. Whoops. Stellacor ends up being bigger than she imagined, sporting a high-security facility complete with mounted guns and secret super soldiers. And it's not just herself that Jele [...]

    11. 10 years after the end of the Fallen Empire series, Jelena Marchenko is now 18 and ready to start her career as the probationary captain of her parents' freighter, Snapper. And while she's at it, perhaps she can take on a few 'rescue' missions as well Trained as a starseer and able to communicate with animals, Jalena is strong, and wants to make a difference. So when she learns about a lab that is mistreating its test animals, she determines to find and save them. What she doesn't realise is tha [...]

    12. 3.5; 3.2: "I liked it"I enjoy all of Lindsay Buroker's books, with fun, well-written action and dialogue, following likable leads, but this heroine does feel awfully young. (I know: she *IS*.) Her impulsive plans end up with quite a bit of collateral damage, and consequences that she'll be dealing with (along with her family) for some time. I'll also have to see where the series goes with Thorian's character. Currently, I tend to agree with Erick that they shouldn't really have helped him fight [...]

    13. So I'm on the fence when it comes to this one. I'm not too thrilled by Jelena's non-violent mentality and crazy cat-person animal lover persona. I loved Erick when he was first introduced in the previous series as a thrust bike rider. Getting a better sketch on him as a person has been amusing. I like how he is Jelena's sort of balance at times.Thorian I mean okay the broody (many that is said a lot in this book) got a tad old. He makes me think he got brain-washed by Alejandro and his ilk. I t [...]

    14. Fallen Empire a decade later. I can just picture Leonidas saying that kid is not 18, and even if she is, she's staying home. But, they grew up, both the little girl putting stickers on his combat armor and the prince in hiding. An interesting story follows introducing us to the daughter now a pilot with starseeker skills, her friends, her causes, and her concern of what has gotten into the prince that people are accusing him of being an assassin. Yes, this story is obviously written for young ad [...]

    15. Alissa's daughter Jelena is grown up and piloting her own space freighter on a trial basis. On her first delivery, she is accompanied by Erick, who is her engineer. She makes a side trip to "liberate"animals who are being tortured in the name of scientific research. While fleeing from the scene of the crime, they rescue an employee/captive of the major company that was researching on the animals. She gets word that her stepfather Leonidas has had a heart attack and she needs to return to him, bu [...]

    16. Jelena, 18 year old daughter of Alisa, gets her own ship in the family business to do freight runs. Instead she rescues lab animals and hunts her childhood friend Thor, former Empire prince, down, who revengefully assassinates his presumed enemies. He seems to have unlimited starseer powers, and uses them also to pry into personal thoughts, which he doesn't even hide, which is rude and intrusive. Jelena is very young, immature, irresponsible, ungrateful, and I do not like her, thus I have a toug [...]

    17. The next generationThis KU library read is the series opener for the spin-off of the Fallen Empire series, taking place 10 years later. That series provides background on events and characters in this series who range in age from 18 to 24. Jelena, 18, is the pilot of a turtle shaped freighter her parents bought to expand their business. Ostberg, 24, is along on their first delivery as the mechanic and to keep an eye on her. None of them know that she has a side mission planned to liberate animal [...]

    18. Great stuff here. I'm of course partial to the whole space scene, so this stuff is right up my alley, but this was well done. A bit rough here and there, but that could just be the character of the prince being his character. Even so, I fully intend to read more in this series. I liked the one other book I read in the empire series, but I liked this one better. I hope the prince takes a page from the main character, and works to curb his tendencies, but who knows, we'll see in the next installme [...]

    19. Do you like action adventure? Then this new series by Lindsay Buroker is for you. The book is full of action and will keep you turning the pages. Buroker is known for her strong female leads with a quirky sense of humor. In each of the three series that I have read, the main character puts together a band of misfits who travel together and become involved in outrageous adventures. The main characters are the brains of the outfits and the one gets everyone into trouble because she comes up with h [...]

    20. Well written but somewhat disappointing characters and plotline. The series is blatantly formulaic and is more-or-less the same characters and plot as the Fallen Empire. Details differ, but you have the quirky captain, the broody sidekick, the genius but oddball engineer, etc, who unexpectedly get themselves wrapped up in universe wide issues. And those issues aren't all that interesting. The setup for the 4th book has a bit more depth. Overall they read like YA books, which is not necessarily a [...]

    21. Great start to a spin off series. There's just enough presence of characters from the original series, Fallen Empire, to keep continuity while focusing on the younger generation who were mostly supporting characters before now. As always, Buroker's writing is clean, exciting, and has flushed out world creation. Impeccably edited, Buroker's series don't stand out negatively as being self published but rather have high quality writing. This would be a good introduction to her addictive characters [...]

    22. A good read, it establishes the new character set where the children in the earlier Fallen Empire books are now adults with developed personalities and interactions. It also sets the stage for follow-up tensions and goals that lead into the second book of the new series. Since the female lead character is so very much like her mother, I'm hoping to see the Thorian character develop as a different personality as compared to the cyborg character in the first series. Otherwise, this could end up as [...]

    23. Good startGood start to a new series. The prospect of enjoying adventures with Jelena, Erick, & Thorian was enough to get me reading this new series. Just as with the Fallen Empire series, this first book starts out by colelcting the crew of the Snapper while going through a couple of misadventures. I'm definitely reading the next book. Gotta see where this goes: does Thorian give up his quest for vengeance, does Stellacore come after Masika, and what about the romance that's always in Linds [...]

    24. Good storyIt was a good story. I enjoyed reading it. The characters are likable, but it doesn't have complex plot and twist I love in ms. Lindsay's writings. I think the characters she may have a lot to do with that. I mean young and idealistic with a warm heart. You just love her. But.ems she is in for some long learning curves. Idk how I feel about it. It's a cute sci fi fun read.

    25. I picked this book up due to two reasons. The first reason is because its author is Lindsay Buroker. The second reason is that this new series is a follow-up of the Fallen Empire series, which I liked. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get into this book. The starseers were always second rate jedi in their conception but they were toned down in the earlier series. Here, they become full blow jedi. This is not bad per se but it somehow reduced the amount into which I was involved.

    26. As always, Lindsay excels herself. With space adventures, impossible missions and rescues. Although, I have to say, it didn't look very realistic to me with teenage characters solving and coming out winners from the game. Maybe, teens are mature in the future,I don't know; Jelena sounds like a spoiled girl, consented,irresponsible,naive, living in a fairy tale world, not realising the the true world out there. Still, it was entertaining and a fast read.

    27. I picked up this book after reading Buroker's short story in the "Orphans in the Black" sci-fi anthology. That short story was set after this book, so I sort of had a good idea how it would end generally, but it didn't detract from the story too much. This series is also set after another series with, I believe, the previous generation of this group and their adventures. Those stories reverberate through this one, and while Buroker says that you do not need to have read the previous series befor [...]

    28. Not a bad book but I started to lose interest towards the end. I loved the banter and wit between characters. However, the plot started to get a bit tedious after the random "lets haunt the bad medical company, so they will decide to leave us alone" idea.

    29. What does it says about a book if two days after finishing three in the series you cannot remember what it was about reading the title?I just strongly remember how much I dislike the heroine.

    30. This was funnier then I expected. I will keep reading this story, but I am hoping for a little romance at some point (hopefully sooner than later)

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