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  • Title: Corruption
  • Author: Adam Vine
  • ISBN: 9781541022140
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Corruption There is a city in Eastern Europe where American vagabonds go to live like kings There is a beautiful woman there sitting by a window laughing There is a curse in her kiss that takes the most broke

    There is a city in Eastern Europe where American vagabonds go to live like kings.There is a beautiful woman there, sitting by a window, laughing.There is a curse in her kiss, that takes the most broken of souls.And therein lies the Night Country, whose door opens only in dreamsDisgraced martial artist Daniel Harper was champion, until a tragic mistake destroyed his lifeThere is a city in Eastern Europe where American vagabonds go to live like kings.There is a beautiful woman there, sitting by a window, laughing.There is a curse in her kiss, that takes the most broken of souls.And therein lies the Night Country, whose door opens only in dreamsDisgraced martial artist Daniel Harper was champion, until a tragic mistake destroyed his life With nothing but the clothes on his back and a one way ticket, he flees to Eastern Europe, where he can start over and be someone else But in the lantern lit crevices of a nameless City, Daniel meets two people who will irreversibly change the course of his future the mysterious illusionist and pickup artist, Ink and the flower girl, Kashka, who is far powerful than she appears.As Daniel plummets into a downward spiral of hedonism and dereliction, he begins having visions of a fallen world every night when he shuts his eyes, a Night Country where an evil tyrant has stolen the sun, where corpses walk the frozen earth with golden lights in their gaze, and humanity s last remnant must eke out a cruel existence deep underground It is in this nightmarish otherworld that Daniel realizes his newfound ability is anything but an accidentWill Daniel kill the Crippled King Or will he give in to the demons inside him and become the villain

    1 thought on “Corruption

    1. DNF-ed at 64 %. My will wasn't strong enough to continue.Corruption contains three nested stories: 1. The story of Daniel Harper, an expat and ex - kendo champion running from his past who flees America to find a new life in Eastern Europe in a Country that name is not told. 2. The story of the Night Country, a fallen, post-apocalyptic world where an evil king has stolen the sun 3. The fictional story of a good knight on a mission to save his kingdom in the epic poem Dan is translating at work.I [...]

    2. There are not many fantasy books that can still claim to be original in world building, characterization, and plot development. Tropes too easily become repetitive, especially for the avid fantasy reader. Corruption does not fall into such a trap, in fact it continuously surprises the reader with its ingenuity and expert prose. Vine has a talent that is rare among new, and even experienced full-length novel authors. He never bores and he is never cliche. Corruption follows Dan Harper, a man with [...]

    3. First things first: The cover art is amazing!The prologue introduces the forever dark Night Country, a mystical place filled with ghastly creatures and humans struggling to survive under the reign of the Crippled King. Throughout the book you learn more about how the Night Country became what is is today and it is a rather innovative and very interesting story in itself.As stated in other reviews, this book contains three story threads that intertwine more and more throughout the book. The main [...]

    4. Another great book by Adam Vine and to be honest, I was not expecting anything less. Actually, the story exceeded my expectations on so many levels.Let’s start bay talking a little about the blurb. I believe it does not express the full complexity of the story very well. We have so many interesting facts and so many things that aliment our intellect and so many situations that require our attention. The author has created a story narrated on three dimensions: the real world, where our main cha [...]

    5. This story was a bit different from what I normally read. First, you have Daniel Harper, an ex-Kendo champion, who has moved to an ex-Soviet country to work for a publishing company translating local works into English. Then you have the Night Country, a post-apocalyptic world that is dark, grim, cold, and cluttered with scary creatures where the Vermin (the last true humans) do their best to survive underground. Then we have a few bits about a very talented masked swordsman called the Rat Catch [...]

    6. After accidentally killing his girlfriend on an accident and spending two years in limbo, Daniel finally decides to break from everything and have a fresh start on the other side of the world. Accepting a job as a translator, he moves to an Eastern European country, where he will catch a mysterious disease which will transport him to another world.It took me a while to get into this book and follow the three different story lines: first, we have Daniel's story in Country; second is the story lin [...]

    7. This book has quite an interesting premise and it does not disappoint. Love the world building, the specific/unique names used for places and characters/species. The first half of the book is preparing us for Dan's travel to the Night World and it might seem slow at first, however it is pretty crucial to the story, so bear with it and keep an eye out for details. My only complaint is that this is a duology, so we have to wait for the next book to see what happens!!!!!! This first book is a very [...]

    8. Kevin Meyer, as narrator, did a terrific job as a voice actor. There was enough distinction between actors to make it clear which character was speaking (and there were a lot of characters) and his tone varied appropriately so that I listened intently for every plot point. There were times throughout the audiobook that I felt as though I was listening to a radio drama rather than being read a story. This kept the story engaging and entertaining, although the plot on its own was already pulling, [...]

    9. *I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Adam Vine. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.*This book was a fun read. Once I figured out what was going on, I really enjoyed this one! The world building and character development were outstanding! My biggest issue is that for me, the story seemed to start in the middle of a story, and I had trouble figuring out what was going on, and w [...]

    10. I had a hard time getting into this story at first, the purposeful leaving out of place they were in when they were in the real world and using City or Country kept throwing me off. It felt jarring to me, and if it had been something I just picked up to listen to I may have stopped. Which would have been sad because it is a fantastic book and once I got past that I got into it very fast and missed a few bedtimes.The Night Country seems to be such an interesting place, I found I enjoyed that stor [...]

    11. Living in a world that you don’t know much about is hard, but going to an alternate world in your dreams where nothing is as it should be, that is even harder. Daniel Harper, from California, has traveled to a place called Country for work. He meets a flower girl, named Kashka, who befriends him. He knew that she would change his life since he hadn’t dated anyone after his ex-girlfriend passed away two years ago, but with the existence of another world at the edge of his dreams? Vine has an [...]

    12. I received this book as part of a giveaway.I just never could get in to this book like I had hoped. It's an interesting story, but i found it to be a bit hard to follow. A man of two worlds, who struggles in both to be the man he wants and needs to be.A good read.

    13. Corruption boasts an interesting story concept and well fleshed out, flawed main character.Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster for when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.The book leans heavily on this concept, as suggested by the title. It occurs multiple times, starting with the very beginning. This is also familiar from the only other Vine work I've read, The Lich.Despite this solid foundation, the book runs aground in execution. [...]

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