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  • Title: Moxie
  • Author: C.M. Stunich
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Moxie WARNING This book ends with one girl finding her happily ever after with five handsome guys opening the endless well of love in her heart to the rock band Beauty in Lies The pages herein contain gra

    WARNING This book ends with one girl finding her happily ever after with five handsome guys, opening the endless well of love in her heart to the rock band, Beauty in Lies The pages herein contain graphic sex, lovemaking, quickies, romance, world travel, a little guy on guy action, admissions of love, rock n roll music and genuine friendship This book should only be rWARNING This book ends with one girl finding her happily ever after with five handsome guys, opening the endless well of love in her heart to the rock band, Beauty in Lies The pages herein contain graphic sex, lovemaking, quickies, romance, world travel, a little guy on guy action, admissions of love, rock n roll music and genuine friendship This book should only be read by those who ve got a little moxie in their step What would you do if you were in love five times over Lilith Tempest Goode.The one and only groupie for the rock band, Beauty in Lies One woman on a world tour with her five rockstar soulmates.She s the moon and they, they are her stars The whole world seems to shine a little brighter when they re together, carrying them through Ireland, England, Japan, Australiad back to the city of Seattle to start their real lives together.Five guys One girl with a lot of moxie and a boatload of spirit That s what it takes to make a fresh start.If they can open the gilded cage of their grief, let it fly free on wings of hope, they ll have a future together.But real life is different than a rock n roll tour.They might ve healed their souls, but can they mingle their hearts Seattle, Washington Six broken people on the mend One happily ever afterXIE is a full length new adult erotic rockstar read This book is a MMMFMM romance menage romance reverse harem story with one lucky girl and her five lovers But this is about than sex This is about love and heartache and fresh truths covering up old hurts This book is about music and romance and unconventionality Book one in the series is titled GROUPIE and book two is ROADIE This is the final installment.

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    1. Well, all i can say as a conclusion to this series isewoverwhelming scenes of group sexwith such a heavy emotional grip that makes this book one of a kind experienceYes, there's heavy sexd there's some more heavy sexbut there s also healing and dealing with the scars of each of the six characters' pasts's liberating in every segmente release is both literal and metaphorical until all of their pasts come full circle and meet right there in present, in this unique moment in time as it all ends in [...]

    2. Rushed for the final book and doesn't feel like a completed seriesOverall I really liked this series, but this last book felt rushed to me. There were more errors in this book than the others, and I feel like not everything was wrapped up. The series feels unfinished to me. I think she should have not quite rushed through this book. Given us more closure with Pax's family, actually introduced us to Cope's mom, and done more with Pax and Ransom's relationship. I also feel like there was 1 boy too [...]

    3. The third and last installment of this series surprised me with Lilith (view spoiler)[encouraging the other guys to kiss (Michael and Copeland) and they do it regardless if they like it or not to please Lilith. I do love some guy and guy action but that was odd. A straight guy would kiss another like nothing? (hide spoiler)](view spoiler)[And then Paxton and Muse hooking up?! I'm just wow. it suppose to be Ransom becoming Paxton first. This I did not expect. All in all it was still pretty hot. ( [...]

    4. I didn't love the conclusion as much as the first two, but it was still fun. I guess I wanted a little more--to see them in their future lives, settled down a bit? I wanted to see an epilogue of some sort that showed me how their arrangement was working out for them, even if it was just a few pages.

    5. The definition of Moxie is force of character, determination, or nerve. There's nothing mentioned about it being hot, sexy, emotional, sweet or being the perfect ending to the Rock-Hard Beautiful Trilogy. C.M. Stunich's Moxie definitely deserves the second definition. This is the final book for Lilith and the boys of Beauty in Lies. The band and their girl are on the world tour. It seems the shows are the only effortless part of the tour however. The guys and Lilith have settled into their uniqu [...]

    6. Well, my worst fears for this book did not happen so that's really nice, but I don't feel like anything was really resolved in this book. I do strongly feel that Moxie contents should have been in Roadie and the third book should have been about the group settling into the relationship in Seattle. So I'm rather disappointed with this book. The ending is happy and ambiguous. The struggles from the other guys were really well thought out but how it's dealt with was too easy. The most real thing in [...]

    7. HOTThis book was on fire. I loved and enjoyed every last word. I couldn't get enough. Excited to see what this author has next.

    8. An enjoyable trilogy, never a dull moment, totally sexy.The length of the three combined did wane on me a bit, but the drama, sex and all the boys were a perfect combo.

    9. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsMoxie begins not longer after the second one ends. Now, the group is going to Europe and Pax as well as Muse are having a hard time with some issues coming into play. Pax is having to deal with his parents, and Muse is dealing with his past coming back to haunt him. This book was really good! I enjoyed the conclusion to some of the guy's issues, and I loved the HEA. However, I do feel like the end was pretty rushed, and we didn't get to read about some o [...]

    10. I liked this series and C.M. Stunich is a good writer but I found myself mostly skimming the 3rd book. I love RH books and M/M/F and menage/orgy scenes can be so hot but the most of the sex scenes in this series were just missing something. I don't know what but it wasn't there for me. This series was good and wrapped up nicely but I didn't close my Kindle sadly when it was over - I was kind of relieved.

    11. I loved this series but in this book there were somethings that made it lose half a star for me. Like the guys hooking up more with each other. Also it felt little rush to me but overall good series!!!

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    13. Sadly it felt rushed and I felt let downI have absolutely LOVED this series, well the first two books at least. I have read each of them 3 times while waiting for the third book to come out. Unfortunately, the third book was my least favorite.The build up to Pax's parents and Amelia was good but once everyone got together it all fizzled out. Muse's revelation threw me for a loop and personally I wish that whole part hadn't happened because in my opinion it just didn't fit. I wish we could've see [...]

    14. So i loved the other two books in the Rock-hard series; and please don't interpret what i'm about to say as me not liking the book. I very much loved Moxie, i just felt like the book was wrapping up the whole time.I loved that Moxie tied up all the loose ends that we were all wondering about after Roadie; which is something that was vital to this story as there were still so much to be answered after Roadie, i just wish their had been more of a story like there was in Groupie and Roadie. So that [...]

    15. I am so sad to see this magnificent series come to an end. I admit this wasn't my favorite of the 3 books, but I still absolutely loved it and am still holding out hope CM will give us an epilogue so we can see the guys and Lilith in their HEA. This book picks up right after Roadie, having the guys tour around Europe and come back to the US in Seattle. We get to meet Pax's parents, his fiancee and then back home we get some insight on some of the other guys and their family/background. I still t [...]

    16. I loved this series so much. The relationship between them all was wonderful. I enjoyed finding out all their broken pieces and watching them help put each other back together. This was my first series by CM but it was absolutely wonderful and I look forward to reading more of her work. ***Ok so a little spoilerish now***The second book really put me off with the MM action. NOT b/c it had MM but bc it was MM without our F. It was done in a way where she wasn't offended or jealous or anything but [...]

    17. Wow. This book surprised me. It was even better than the first two and I'm actually sad that this trilogy is over (partly because I love the characters and smut and partly because I love the covers). There was a happy ending and things were concluded nicely, but I also don't want to let go of these characters. These books were quick reads with an obvious happy ending coming, but they weren't just smooth sailing. All the books, especially this one, dealt with some hard topics that I haven't seen [...]

    18. This review originally appeared on BrizzleLass Books.When I ventured into the first book in this series, Groupie, I was almost consumed by what I was reading this was thing of every rock-chick’s dreams. The second book Roadie left me feeling like a fish on a hook I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next and immediately out the final book Moxie on pre-order and I read this book the day it downloaded needing to drink up the last of my time with these beautiful characters.Lilith and [...]

    19. Lots of Promises, Failure to Follow Through, but a Good Ride (tho not as good as the one Lilith is getting)There are some questions set up during and throughout this book and the previous ones - what will happen when everyone is stable and living in Seattle? All that build-up about meeting one of the guys’ mothersd we don’t get to see the meeting? And the hugely built-up promise of a real blow-out about meeting the rich as sin parents of Paxtonwas anti-climactic. And then the book ends on a [...]

    20. 3.5 Stars - So let me start off by saying that overall I really loved this series. The first two books had me like WHOA! I'm just soo disappointed with this 3rd book. I was expecting more passion, more emotion, more sex, lol. It felt like there was way too much crammed in one book just to make it to the finish line. There were so many details that were left out or rushed over that I would've liked to read more about. I'm a sucker for MM and I feel like the whole Pax and Ransom dynamic of the rel [...]

    21. I think the overall series was okay. I mean obviously it was good enough to read all three, but it was mostly sex so there is that. It was almost there with the deep issues that each of them had, but sometimes it just seemed forced. Like in the beginning, the author wanted Lilith to be at her lowest, but a lot of that, it just seemed forced and too unrealistic. I guess the whole story was a little unrealistic. It was insta-love and I didn’t like how systematic Lilith told each of them she love [...]

    22. ****"Our love isn't a bubble," I tell him. "Bubbles are too easily popped." I pause and nibble my lower lop for a moment. "No, our love is like a fairytale. It has a beginning, a middle, and a happily ever after, but it doesn't have an end. You can always add new chapters."****I have never read a series like this, not only is it a "flipped" harem, 5 guys to 1 girl. It's extremely well written. It really has you "feeling" the emotions of each character. Why they are the way they are, their baggag [...]

    23. Okay, after reading the first two books I was hanging out for the final book in the trilogy, and jet me tell you I was not legt disappointed!!It starts from where book two leaves it, all loose ends are tied, the guys stories come together and the relatiobship(s) are completed and cemented, although not without more dramaI love the relationships between Lilith and her boys, and the boys relationships with each other. The chemistry between them all is amazing. I really enjoyed the humourous moment [...]

    24. This is the final book in this reverse harem series. By the time you get to this book you've actually forgotten it's a reverse harem. It's just a story about a girl and her boyfriends. And yes, there's five of them, but they're a family and all the boys are connected by friendship and history and music as well as this girl, beautiful Lilly. Lil is beautiful in character and personality, not just looks. She's a really special person and the boys are all in love with her. It has the potential to g [...]

    25. As good as the first book? No.Better than the second book? Yes.Still phenomenal? Abso-fucking-lutely.We wrapped it up, guys. This book was one loooong, sweet HEA. The tour went on, this time the world tour part. We got some angst/resolution with both Paxton and Muse's demons in this one, and in a slow, sweet build everybody eventually said 'I love you' to each other. It was nice.Despite the fact that not much really has happened in these books, the world is just so immersive, that I really just [...]

    26. So sad it’s over Another great story. Crazy that nearing the end you realize it’s only been such a short time period that they have been together. Cuz man what a turbulent ride it’s was. Theres a lot of poignant phrases that hit the mark for me. A few spots where I cried and my chest hurt. I liked that there was a bit of jealousy amongst the boys but each one squashed it out of loyalty for friendship and family. For her. These men share a career an art form. They hold each other up when th [...]

    27. If I had to sum up this book in one word it would be boring.I loved the first two books. Finding out the back stories to the guys was so great. Learning about their pasts, it was all so intriguing. Like I wanted to know what made them all so dark and mysterious. And the smut in the first two books was sooo on point. I just loved it.This book doesn't compare to the first two. At all. Not in the slightest. The smut wasn't there. There was really no reason for this book other than to find out what [...]

    28. I read Moxie with mixed emotions, this is a series that I really wished went on and on like Hard Rock Roots, I hated that I would never read about Paxton, Michael, Ransome, Copeland & Muse again, oh yeah Lily too. We knew how it would end, that much was given away in the synopsis but we had to read about the healing everyone had to go through. I said this series was waaay more than unconventional sex and I still stand by that statement. I will admit that while I did give this book 5 stars, i [...]

    29. I wish.Love this series. I wish I had my own harem. But I will happily read about someone else's. The reverse harem style booksfemale with multiple men, in case you don't know what a reverse harem ise just now becoming a part of my collection. You have to have an open mind. But it's awesome how the Author made these characters all inherently flawed that one woman quickly helped them start on a track to healing, some of their issues are very dark and will take time, but she is there for them. And [...]

    30. “Slowly, slowly, slowly our little group is healing together, one scar, one wound, one bloody broken heart at a time.”Well, first of all, of course I loved this book, just as much as I did the two previous books. I love the slow and natural way the relationship progress between these characters and how each and every one of them is beginning to heal. We finally get the missing pieces considering all the guys' pasts, but there were still some things left that I'd like to know. The story did n [...]

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