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The Word and the Void

  • Title: The Word and the Void
  • Author: Terry Brooks
  • ISBN: 9781841492667
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Word and the Void This Terry Brooks omnibus brings together three novels which together make up a trilogy of tales of demons and dark destiny

    This Terry Brooks omnibus brings together three novels which together make up a trilogy of tales of demons and dark destiny.

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    1. Please note: I originally wrote and posted this review 3/12/2008, so please do not judge it based upon my current format.When I received this omnibus I thought there had to be a mistake; it was my understanding that it contained three books but it appeared too slender a volume to have that much inside. Then I picked it up - OOF! Through some mysterious method and unusual type of paper or something they packed over 700 pages into a book that isn't much over an inch thick - but you can definitely [...]

    2. This is an omnibus worth reading. In my opinion, it is much darker than even the Shannara books, but it also has an appeal. These were the deepest, most real characters that Terry has ever written, which is saying alot. This trilogy deals with the evil behind the human condition and the secret struggle going on behind the scenes of the world in which we live. By far my favorite trilogy aside from the original Shannara Trilogy. If you enjoy excellent fiction, but fantasy is just too far out there [...]

    3. This book has 3 books in it - "Running with the Demon", "A Knight of the Word", and "Angel Fire East". I just finished the first one."This book was ok, it took me a while to get into it. It was nothing like the Shannara series. This was not an easy read, it wasn't a bad read it was just a real deep book and alot of it reminded me of how things in our own world could turn into.

    4. Took me a bit to adjust to the world of these books even though it is our own, being used to the Terry Brooks books the Sword of Shannara and the Elstones exclusively. The stories are of the battle between good and evil or the Word and the Void as described inside the text. John Ross is a Knight of the Word and has the unenviable task of preventing the collapse of human civilization and seeing the horror in his dreams if he fails. Set against him are Demons - servants of the Void who manipulate [...]

    5. I actually, I read the three books separately. Each one, starting from Knight of the Word, had a special meaning for me.One of the best works of modern fantasy, in my opinion, especially the second book. It's rare to see how a hero would abandon his mandate and what happens after.Also, it was years later that I found out this was the "prequel" to the Shannara saga. Ahahaha. Now I want to read all of them.

    6. Life and monsters of Nest FreemarkFocusing on the principal character growth and ageing through the three volumes (teenager girl in Running with the Demon, young woman in Knight of the Word and adult mother in Angel Fire East), Terry Brooks narrates the eternal struggle of Good versus Evil in an urban fantasy setting. Sometimes moving, sometimes frightening, the collected saga is always exciting and probably the author’s best and original work!

    7. I love this story and wish this was the one they were going to make a movie out of. It is a fantastic way of explaining why things happen in the world that we don't always understand, and although it is a fantasy book it is actually believable enough to be almost scary.I consider this to be Terry's best work overall, which is saying a lot considering how much I like the Elfstones of Shannara.

    8. I didn't read the omnibus, but I did read all three. I never miss a Terry Brooks novel. The Shannara series is amazing and this is how it all started. Granted there are thousands of years in between the end of the this one until the Firt King of Shannara, but at least we know how the world began and that it really is our world.

    9. RE-reading all three in a row and realizing how powerful this series of his is. There is an underlying pain in the characters who do good. I read the books as they came out years ago, and must admit that reading them one after the other turned what was just an ordinary fantasy into some soul-searching moments on the price of Good versus evil.

    10. Good series - not quite as good as the Shannara books, but I enjoyed them. Would be nice to have some follow up on Nest and the Gypsy Morph and what happens to them. Of course I usually don't like books to end when I get into the story.

    11. These are a great read. I think they are some of the better fantasy out there. Terry Brooks is a great writer and all his work is worth a read.

    12. It is hard to rate these stories, especially when considered in the greater context of the Shannara universe. Yet, I was lucky in the fact that I haven’t actually read that far yet into the Shannara series so far, having only read the first book (and been somewhat distracted by the TV series that’s sideswiped me at a similar moment), and with knowing somewhat the background to these stories and what they mean in the greater context of the series as a whole.For, this is where it all begins.Th [...]

    13. The Word and the Void is a trilogy consisting of the books Running with the Demon, a Knight of the Word and Angel Fire East.John Ross has been recruited by the Word to help prevent events that can alter the balance of good and evil. Every night John Ross dreams of the dark place the world will become if he doesn't do something to prevent it. In running with Demons, his mission is to keep Nest Freemark, a young girl with magical abilities, from becoming a agent of the Void. Nest has always known [...]

    14. I liked these books. If I had to say something bad, it would be that they are a bit slow. But the characters and story are unforgettable. I would recommend them.

    15. I enjoyed this book, more than I expected, but too little to rate it with more than three stars.It took me some time to get into the story, since I found it hard to feel myself into a fourteen year old girl, including the setting of the story.What then got me out of the lethargy of the beginning was the appearance of a demon and that of other magical creatures and fighters.The second book was more my taste than the first, probably because it was closer to my age group, but what really hit it off [...]

    16. Nice writer, very good start on the 1st book, nicely done on the 2nd one, great concept of melding this Reality to the Shannara world but a foul last book, hurried, and just dumb writingperb 1st book, with time-magic and female kid hero. small space for so many characters but that's what made u the reader clinch to the book.No regrets for reading, but in the end just as a test/exercise, hope the next trilogy is better, event than the sword book(1st of S saga), which is impossible to read :) but [...]

    17. What can I say about this? Terry Brooks is a master story teller. I know this because I'm an author myself, and basically, I know what I'm talking about! The story hooked me straight away with a character that is only six inches high and made of twigs! I loved every page. Book two surprised me! He made you as a reader think one thing, and the characters think another. In the end, we were both wrong. Terry really is a master at what he does. Book three! Fantastic! I didn't know how it would end r [...]

    18. I loved this series--at least the first 3 books (there was a 4th book that brought elves into the story that sort of ran off the rails). Brooks' mixture of ancient Celtic, Native American and Christian mythic themes was skillfully done, and the relationship between the knight and the Lady (and the Word) was consistently tantalizing. His portrayal of evil was terrifying and believable, and the alliance of Nature with the Word full of light. The knight himself was an unforgettable tragic hero. Irr [...]

    19. Definitely darker than his normal style, but a wonderful diversion from his normal, very formulaic style in the all the Shanara books. These three books progressed wonderfully from one to the next, following a logical story line and managing the long time jumps between each well.He left the end book wide open for a following book, and if that's correct I can't wait to get my hands on it!

    20. Uma decepção principalmente depois de ter lido Shannara. Era o cenário de Shannara que estava à espera e não duma mistura entre Drama da vida real e inclusão de demónios no nosso mundo. Tem algumas personagens interessantes mas dispenso a parte dramática, pois não é aí que eu pretendo escolher as minhas leituras. Concentro-me em Fantasia e FC porque é essa temática que mais me atrai.

    21. Actually if this was a stand alone set of three books I would have given this a four. Brooks is now deperately trying to tie this series into his existing world through another three books and to my mind is spoiling what is a very fine modern day fantasy. Read these three books and then ignore his new series!!!!

    22. These books were generic, with a unpleasant aftertaste.Like sweaty feet wrapped in leathery burnt bacon.They were just boring.Not a lot of action.Uninspired story.The characters and magic were done fairly well.I could barely make it through book three, though.The Shannara and Magic Kingdom series are much more worth it. Read those.

    23. I enjoyed this even though I read it after all the other Shannara books and the Genesis of Shannara series. I did think it was a little trite at the end. I kept waiting for something to happen or for Nest to be told some great secret. Still, I love the characters and can't wait for to read the next one.

    24. This trilogy is an excellent read for fantasy lovers. Although it's not the high fantasy of Brooks' Shannara series, the urban setting provides a unique backdrop for a dark tale about demons, death, secrets, and more. I enjoyed every page of all 3 books.

    25. A trilogy that consists of a prequel to the World of Shannara set in the not-too-distant future. Much darker than the Shannara series, since these are the catastophic events that change our world. Well written and thought provoking.

    26. I love the world of the knight and void. In Nest Freemark we are shown what true character derives from a true craftsman.

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