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Father's Sun

  • Title: Father's Sun
  • Author: Susan Fanetti
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Father s Sun THE CONCLUSION OF THE NORTHWOMEN SAGASSolveig Valisdottir is said to be born for greatness The firstborn daughter of Brenna God s Eye and Vali Storm Wolf she carries her parents legacy on her shoulde

    THE CONCLUSION OF THE NORTHWOMEN SAGASSolveig Valisdottir is said to be born for greatness The firstborn daughter of Brenna God s Eye and Vali Storm Wolf, she carries her parents legacy on her shoulders and strives to be worthy of their legends She is a strong shieldmaiden in her own right, but her parents are the greatest of their people, beloved of the gods, and she mTHE CONCLUSION OF THE NORTHWOMEN SAGASSolveig Valisdottir is said to be born for greatness The firstborn daughter of Brenna God s Eye and Vali Storm Wolf, she carries her parents legacy on her shoulders and strives to be worthy of their legends She is a strong shieldmaiden in her own right, but her parents are the greatest of their people, beloved of the gods, and she must reach as high as they, or even beyond, to feel she deserves the esteem she already has as their daughter.She keeps her fears buried deep in her chest, trusting only Magni, her dearest friend, keeper of all her secrets, to know her struggle Her love for him reaches deeper than friendship, but she cannot allow herself that love until she has done her parents the honor they deserve She must find her story she must make her name.Magni Leifsson is the scion of greatness himself His father is the revered Jarl Leif of Geitland, and his mother, Olga, is a beloved counselor of their people They offer him a legacy of wisdom and compassion, and of strength and valor, and he means his story to be the next verse of theirs.Magni has loved Solveig since they were children playing in the light of their parents friendship The keeper of her secrets, he knows her better than anyone He understands the burden of her legacy, and he vows to wait for her while she finds her story.And he is at her side, offering her his strength and his love, when Solveig finds her legend on a field of loss.Note Explicit sex and violence.

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    1. Father's Sun is the last book in the Northwomen Sagas. This story really begins in the first book, God's Eye, and comes to completion in this book. This story is what legends are made of. Both the hero, Magni, and the heroine,Solveig, are the children of 2 legendary couples among the Viking people. Breanna & Vali are Solveig's parents and Olga & Leif are Magni's parents. Since they were babies everyone has had them married off to each other."I’ll wed no man until I have made my story a [...]

    2. 5+++ "Legacy." Stars!!Excellent finale to a series that has become one of my all-time favorites! The characters in this series simply dug into me and wouldn't let go. I loved it. I highly recommend the whole series. This book was much less brutally violent than the previous books, but still quite gut wrenching for me. It was almost sentimental, or nostalgic. Maybe not the right words, but made me very emotional. Perhaps I was just not ready to let these characters go.I absolutely loved both Solv [...]

    3. I cried my eyes out. This was a very excellent conclusion to a great series. I have to go cry some more now.

    4. 5 "What am I to me?" StarsFather's Sun is now my new favorite of the Northwomen Sagas by Susan Fanetti. This last installment of the series had me glued to every single word from beginning to end. The craftsmanship of Fanetti's incredible talent in this book was remarkable. The structure of her story, the foundation of history upon which it's built, and the depth of her characters all combine to make the story of Solveig and Magni truly epic. "You are a legend already."Solveig and Magni have bee [...]

    5. 5+ "Legendary" ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆Father's Sun, the last story in this truly epic series, The Nothwomen Sagas. And this one is Solveigs story, daughter of the great legends that are, Brenna, "Gods-Eye"and Vali the"Storm-Wolf". Solveig is all grow up, and ready for her story to be told. She has some pretty big shoes to fill, and I think thoughout she struggled with this, she wanted her story told, but it came at a very high price. Magni, son of Leif & Olga, he's know Solveig since they were c [...]

    6. The conclusion of Susan Fanetti's Northwomen Sagas which no doubt was inspired by the Vikings drama currently being shown on television. I'm a big fan of Fanetti's other series but for some reason I haven't connected in the same way to this one. However she does bring the series home strongly with an emotional ending truly fitting to her characters so I have increased my rating from 3 to 4 stars to reflect this.

    7. Father's Son, the fourth and last of the Northwomen Sagas was phenomenal. I loved it. It's packed with action, suspense, raw emotion, and rich in Viking culture. Susan Fanetti is a master storyteller. Her writing is stellar, her nuance sublime. I'm crushed this series is over. Although this was Solveig and Magni's story, it came off as more of an ensemble piece. Which I enjoyed enormously. Susan Fanetti gave me everyone! I didn't expect that. She did it believably, naturally. I loved the dynamic [...]

    8. Wonderful What a conclusion to a heart wrenching saga. So true that series does not cover it, it is truly a SAGA.I loved that in this one we got POVs from all the characters that have graced the pages of the series. Vali/ Brenna and Leif/Olga all were deep within the story and played such a vital role. We even got to peek at Astrid and her family. It is mainly about Solveig and Magni, but there story is intertwined with the rest.There are many wonderful parts throughout. It is so much a tale of [...]

    9. It pains me not to give this book a better rating and review, but I can't be anything except honest, as much as I love this author. I will say it was a very good series overall and I would still recommend it, but this fourth and final instalment dragged like a wet Monday. There were parts I enjoyed immensely: the author's writing style and attention to detail, and the parts of the book told through Brenna and Vali's POVs. I've loved these two since the first book, so it was great to see this new [...]

    10. What a fantastic ending to an amazing series. SF took us on quite a journey with these Vikings and I loved every minute! Solveig and Magni's story is so full of love and loyalty and self-discovery. Thank you SF, this will join Signal Bend on my list of all-time favourite series'.

    11. A great ending to an amazing series. So much emotion- beautiful love and difficult sadness, but also the great writing and beautiful families, friendships and relationships I've come to expect from Susan Fanetti.

    12. Uh what to say! I struggled with the first half of the book, I struggled to warm to Solveig. She needed a man that was going to kick her up the arse and wake up her shit instead of Magni, who fed into her drama lama and let her think it was okay for the whole world to rotate around Solveig and her wants. Whilst I loved Magni, I felt he was way too good for Solveig and even after she started to catch a wake up she still hurt him by putting herself before him a fair few times.Magni was accepting, [...]

    13. 3.5 stars I am sad that I didn't love this one, and that I had to rate it below a 5 star. The beginning and end really dragged for me The love story was mediocre compared to the first 3 and I didn't connect well with either of the MCs.Solveig was chasing her story/legacy trying to get out of the shadows of the parents, Vali Storm Wolf and Brenna Gods Eye. And it took the death of both of them to bring it to her. Sadly their deaths were were the highlight of the story. I didn't want it to be but [...]

    14. What a fantastic book to finish this series. Susan Fanetti's writing never fails to amaze me! 5 huge stars

    15. I'm so sad this series is over! I absolutely loved it, even when the book made my heart ache. Susan Fanetti is just brilliant! I'm so jealous of her ability to be able create such beautiful stories, but also very grateful that she does! :-)This book was the last, but it brought everyone from the past books together, and what an epic ending to the series. I could gush about the numerous acts of love, dedication, and sacrifice that take place and filled me full with joy and sometimes sadness (I co [...]

    16. GENERAL INFO: Father's Sun=======================================Year Pub/Re Pub: 6/3/2017Indie/Publisher:Page Length:365Genre: HRSub-Genre/Age:18+Book's Price:3.99/KUPrice I'd Value:sameStandalone/Cliffhanger:standaloneStandalone /Part of a Series/Installment: Bk#4 Northwomen SagasEpilogue Included:​yes=======================================POV (1st/2nd/3rd Person):2ndCharacter(s)POV Spoken: H/h=======================================BOOK DESCRIPTION ​======================================= [...]

    17. BEST SAGA- Historical Romance EVERHistorical romance books were my first love. Being an avid reader, I've read thousands of them. Truly. Susan Fanetti's saga is like no other. I've never felt so moved that I can't begin to express the glorious work of THE NORTHWOMEN SAGAS. FATHER'S SUN touched me like no other, right from the start to the very last page. It's riveting! I loved how all the characters from all the books stay as relevant throughout this saga in each book as in their own story. I ne [...]

    18. Outstanding!!!! A roller coaster of emotions. This book will make you mad, smile and unless you have a heart of stone it will make you cry. I have enjoyed all three of the Northmen sagas but by far this is the best of the series. I hope Mrs. Fenatti will continue the story of these truly remarkable families as they grow and evolve in generations to come. Outstanding!!

    19. Fantastic series. Dark, yet poignant narrative. Strong, valiant characters and heartless and cruel enemies. Definitely not a light read, but sooooo worth it. As all Susan's books tend to be!!Loved this ending stories of these great families. BIG 5 STARS for this book and the entire Northwomen Sagas!!

    20. 5*s I found myself unconsciously opening my kindle app when I knew full well I had to put it down to do mundane things like work and sleep. My intention would be to check my email or something else quick and would instead open the book. I could not put this down! Susan Fanetti can rip out your guts and have you coming back begging for her to do it again. Well done!

    21. Try it!This series! I was so skeptical to start and now I'm so sad it's over! Strong women with the support of strong men. Wives, mother's, leaders. So empowering!

    22. BrilliantBeautiful book to end the series on,I love everything that susan writes and she is an author who delivers a great storyline and characters in all of her book's

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