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  1. First, let me tell you, no, not THOSE shorts, short stories, quirky stories, fascinating stories and even thought-provoking stories. Pretty sure readers will not leave these tales behind without wondering, what if?Some authors are filled with so many stories to share, the best way to get them out there is to create an anthology of great reading! Arthur M. Doweyko is one of those creators and MY SHORTS is actually as the title states, Mr. Doweyko’s shorts, or rather, short stories all together [...]

  2. 3.5 stars. My Shorts An eclectic collection of thirteen short stories that touched on topics from time travel to a company that states it can predict the future for $50,000. (Or can it?) A majority of these stories were exceedingly well written with either delightful or surprising endings. A few left this reader thinking "What the heck just happened? There's no real, viable ending here I will state the author can definitely write great short stories that entertain and make the reader think about [...]

  3. NOTE: The author graciously gave me a copy of this book and asked me to write a review.The first thing everyone will notice about My Shorts, Arthur Doweyko's collection of short stories, is the title itself, a pun that's so obvious that readers will shake their heads but then, after they think about it some more, they'll realize that no other author on (and I'd venture anywhere else for that matter, as a quick Google search indicates) has actually used it before. Similarly, a number of the stor [...]

  4. Arthur Doweyko asked me to read his short story collection, "My Shorts". Yes, the double meaning is intentional. Being unrelated, I can't use me usual method so I will instead list my impressions. The trick with a short story is to introduce a setting, a cast of characters and a conflict and reach a resolution of some kind in a minimal amount of space. In opinion, it is variable whether or not Mr.Doweyko succeeds here."Harry and Harry" is definitely a success here. It is set up and resolved quic [...]

  5. Looking for a comfortable sci-fi read for a rainy afternoon? You need look no further. My Shorts, by Arthur M. Doweyko will fill the agenda admirably. My Shorts is a collection of thirteen award winning sci-fi short stories gathered in one thought-provoking volume with a tongue-in-cheek title with a cover guaranteed to invoke a grin. Beginning with a story about computer that predicts the future and progressing straight through to a story about the ghost of an Indian girl I found these stories t [...]

  6. -I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review.My shorts, by Arthur M. Doweyko, is a collection of short stories dealing with humanity’s curiosity, conflicts, or otherwise imaginative situations that are amusing.From going back in time to save a loved one, to saving the world from an alien invasion, these stories are whimsical as they are sophisticated. Each one possesses a unique narrative not completely alien from our own, and how these characters can sometimes fall victim to [...]

  7. My Shorts is the first collection of short stories from sci-fi author Arthur M. Doweyko. It contains 13 yarns covering a range of subjects, and as a testament to the quality of the material most have won literary prizes. Themes include time machines, first contact with aliens by an American president, strange planets, artificial intelligence and incredible fossil discoveries. There are also strange and eerie tales like ‘The Catch’, where the results of a hunting expedition are somewhat unexp [...]

  8. A collection of short stories is the perfect introduction to Sci-Fi for those who are daunted by longer stories in the genre. Doweyko gives us a varied offering of bite-sized fiction, each piece compelling and interesting. Most can be read in under ten minutes. The author’s definitely done his homework. Though the stories are fantastical in nature, they seem feasible in a not so far off future and grounded in science. The writing is clear and effective. Never once did I feel as though I were b [...]

  9. A rewarding read!Reading this collection of short stories by Arthur Doweyko was like slipping on a pair of well-worn and comfortable shoes. Many of the themes explored in this diverse collection: time travel, closed loop causality and first contact, had a distinctive golden age vibe to them. And if the mission of a short story is to surprise the reader with an unexpected or challenging ending, then this was achieved with ease. The quality and economy of the writing creates an effortless reading [...]

  10. Most of the 13 stories have won accolades/awards which evidences their quality. There is a great variety of subject e.g.time travel, aliens, AI, ghosts and some are fantasy rather than SF but none the lesser for it. Most are unusual so you are kept guessing until the end which, more often than not, has a totally unexpected twist in it. Very well written, interesting, thought-provoking and excellent entertainment.

  11. Interesting anthologyI enjoyed this collection of short stories. My favorites are P’Sall Senji, Harry and Harry, and Little Snowy Mountain. There were only a couple of stories I skipped over, but this happens with any anthology. I recommend this book for fans of the genre.Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book via Netgalley for review purposes.

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