1 thought on “אח שלי איוב

  1. This high paced novel tells the story of Job (a reference to the biblical character of the same name) a young boy who early in his life learns how to be a great thief and by stealing sets the plot at motion. True events echo through the story (primly, the 1982 Lebanon War) and while at times there are heartbreaking moments, most of the story is told with an easy fable like approach.

  2. 4.5 stars!First and foremost because of the language: poetic, haunting, and ancient. Secondly because of the heroin: likable and conflicted - just like any good character should be described. Thirdly because of the deep yet subtle criticism. Who isn't affected? The government, greed, war and its horrors are all at blame here, and for a good reason. Fourthly, because of the introspective jabs the narrator provides us, he's just besides us, telling us this story, sharing with us the raw emotions i [...]

  3. הספר מספר את קורות חייו של ילד בשם איוב. זה כל מה שצריך לדעת על הסיפור. הסיבה היחידה לקרוא את הספר היא הכתיבה הנהדרת של זרחין. הוא סופר מדהים, המשחק שלו עם השפה העברית מדהים ורק בשביל זה שווה להשקיע את הקריאה. מצד שני, הסיפור עצמו לא ברור ולפעמים אפילו משעמם. לא ברור אם זה אמור לה [...]

  4. I struggled to finish it. Way too repetitive for my liking. And I did not find the storyline interesting. There was nothing to hook me on having a character who is supposedly less talkative is no excuse for keeping it flat and boring

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