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Tearing the Veil

  • Title: Tearing the Veil
  • Author: J. Rodes Jennifer Rodewald
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tearing the Veil They trained us well Power punctuated our every move driving fear into the intended target Who would stand against them Braxton Luther the sellout Now a part of the Den he s determined to make good

    They trained us well Power punctuated our every move, driving fear into the intended target Who would stand against them Braxton Luther, the sellout Now a part of the Den, he s determined to make good on Eliza Knight s faith in him to be than what he d settled for when the Party had taken over But his goal is dangerous, and not just for him As he searches for aThey trained us well Power punctuated our every move, driving fear into the intended target Who would stand against them Braxton Luther, the sellout Now a part of the Den, he s determined to make good on Eliza Knight s faith in him to be than what he d settled for when the Party had taken over But his goal is dangerous, and not just for him As he searches for a way to protect the silent, invisible victims of the new government, Braxton s mission which includes finding a way to rescue Eliza from the Reformation Camp becomes even complicated Hannah Knight, Eliza s sister, is simply too much like him Tired of standing in her perfect sister s shadow, Hannah determines to find her own place in the world If that place is with the Pride the girls home and training center provided by the Party so be it When she leaves the hopelessness of the cellar, that s all she s aiming for But Quinn Sanger, the handsome son of a powerful political leader, finds her at the creek, and her life takes an unexpected and optimistic turn Braxton s convinced Hannah s in trouble Hannah s convinced Braxton, and all the Uncloaked, are insane But when they peek behind the real veil the Party maintains, the truth is beyond what either had feared or hoped If everyone knew, it could change everything They redefine their mission It s time to tear the veil.

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    1. Book two of The Uncloaked Trilogy continues to build the tensions and unease between those who have taken the seal and those who have not. Readers get another POV in this book as Eliza’s sister makes her choice.Braxton is smothered by guilt for his part in the capture of Eliza. As part of the Jackals, his eyes are opened to the debauchery and ugliness behind The Party’s agenda. When Hannah shows up bearing the seal and working with the girls of The Pride, he makes it his responsibility to wa [...]

    2. This second book adds another character’s perspective (Hannah’s) and further complications because of her involvement. Where some second books in a trilogy would lose momentum, this one has plenty of action and character development, particularly with Braxton and a finality of his choices that mature him greatly (yay I’m soooo proud!) by book’s end.“The Uncloaked” trilogy is the thrilling dystopian/YA series from a Christian worldview you didn’t know you needed in your life. It’s [...]

    3. The Uncloaked is one of the best dystopias I've read, so I've been super anxious for the sequel, Tearing the Veil. Let me tell ya, it did not disappoint. It was just as good, if not better than, the first.Tearing the Veil is told from two points of view, Braxton Luther and Hannah Knight (Eliza's little sister). I really enjoyed having the different viewpoints. Hannah's unpredictable and impulsive, reminding me a lot of how Braxton was in the first book. Braxton's matured a lot and now sees the e [...]

    4. I was hoping for more answers to all my questions left over from book one and I did get a few. But of course, more questions just seemed to get asked and fewer answered! Which, naturally, required that I keep reading. Not a hardship, let me just say! ;) We pick back up with Braxton and I was pleased that he seemed a bit more settled in this book. Plus we get to know Hannah, Eliza's little sister. Now that Braxton has matured, Hannah gets to take over all his immature decision making! But luckily [...]

    5. In Tearing the Veil by J. Rodes we continue Braxton’s journey. He’s a Jackal now and is racked by guilt over what happened in the last book. This is a far darker Braxton, but I felt bad for him as he tried to shoulder so many responsibilities.In this book we get Hannah’s point of view and a bit of a different perspective of the Progressive Party. I liked Hannah, and related with her greatly in many areas, though there were several areas in this book where she was completely unreasonable. A [...]

    6. Oh, man! I need the final instalment in this trilogy yesterday! This is SUCH a compelling series—everything Christian dystopian should be. It paints a realistic and confronting picture of where society could end up if certain current trends are followed through to their logical conclusions, but it also inspires courage and tenacity in the face of extreme adversity—even on the back of foolish choices.This series is definitely best read in order. In The Uncloaked, the Progressive Reform Party [...]

    7. Wow. This is the first book I've read by Jennifer Rodewald, who goes by J Rodes for her YA dystopian novels. I did not read Uncloaked, which is the first book in the series. This book could almost be a stand-alone, though reading the first book would have explained a bit more of the past that Braxton and Hannah share. I was blown away by this book. I enjoy YA dystopian books, though it is not my favorite genre. What stood out in this novel was the strong theme of faith in Jesus and the unapologe [...]

    8. First up, let me say that I have not yet read the first book in the series (it will probably be next!). I was interested in seeing whether the book could be read without the previous book and still make sense - something I always like to know with books in series. The answer is that the first book is not essential for this book to make sense, but would probably enhance the reader's understanding of the background for this book. The ending is also a bit of a cliffhanger, waiting for the third boo [...]

    9. An wonderful piece of literature. I was amazed at the delicately, and precise details woven into the fabric of the characters and setting to create this beautiful tapestry of words. Ms. Rodes is truly a gifted writer in the English language. I'm not usually taken with cliffhangers but I am anxiously awaiting the conclusion of this series. I highly recommend this trilogy to everyone, no matter your age. It will challenge the way you view yiur faith and the world in which we live.

    10. Note: This review covers all three books in this series. It is beneficial to read them in order.This well-written trilogy will keep you on the edge of your seat with non-stop heart wrenching action. As a YA dystopian work of fiction, this story and it's characters will make you stop and think about how you would respond to the same circumstances. How many of us would give in to the desperation of a persecuted life and choose to believe the lies of a better life by going with the easy choice? The [...]

    11. Oh friends, every time I review a book for J. Rodes, my brain struggles to decide where to start.Her writing is so phenomenal! It goes deep into the soul, searching for weeds and replacing it with seeds of God's truth. ​In the Uncloaked Trilogy, Ms. Rodes explores a very difficult topic: apathy.As one portion in the novel puts it, "Doing nothing is still a decision."Tearing the Veil picks up from The Uncloaked, following Braxton and Hannah. Braxton shows us what happens when you face the co [...]

    12. Life is hard with the new government. Hannah is starving. There are lots of secrets. Propaganda says that the rebels are starting fires which are killing entire families. But, insiders know that is not the truth. The youngest family members are saved, and for what? Braxson & Hannah are determined to beat all odds. They are so much alike, growing up together they know how each other thinks. Both are self-focused and optimistic about life, which time and experience changes. Braxson loves Hanna [...]

    13. My first thought upon finishing this book is that I need book three - NOW!! I have to know how this trilogy is going to end. But before I give my review, let me just tell ya that this is book 2 of the trilogy and you really need to read book 1, The Uncloaked, first to fully understand how things came to be as they are. But I mean who doesn't read books in the proper order anyway? Right? 😉 Okay, on to the book. While I can only talk in generalities so I don't spoil the first book, I can say th [...]

    14. What an amazing story. Braxton and all the other characters are just special. You feel as if you are truly a part of what's happening. The words of this story make sure you understand how the world is. Ready for the next book.

    15. This review is for the full trilogy, but the stars are for individual books of the series."Apathy is the illness of the over-privileged Christian."(2, The Uncloaked)I read the the complete The Uncloaked Trilogy by J.Rodes, also known as Jennifer Rodewald in complete succession, without any other books in between. How could I? Once you start this trilogy, starting with The Uncloaked, you will be hooked. Dark and intense, this dystopian series delved deep into the concept of faith in times of disc [...]

    16. Tearing the Veil Tearing the Veil is the second book in the Uncloaked trilogy. Although it is a middle book, it doesn’t feel like a middle book because we see more of a dark future unfolding through the storytelling of Braxton and Hannah. Two paths. Two callings. The theme that stands out for me in this inspirational young adult novel is when God has placed a calling on your life, He will bring it to pass. He will take your bad choices, weaknesses and doubt and use it for His good and glory. I [...]

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