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  • Title: Sunburner
  • Author: Claire Luana
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sunburner No one said being queen was easy Kai the newly crowned queen of Miina finds her reign threatened by a plague of natural disasters that leave death and destruction in their wake Are the gods truly an

    No one said being queen was easy Kai, the newly crowned queen of Miina, finds her reign threatened by a plague of natural disasters that leave death and destruction in their wake Are the gods truly angry at the peace between the moon and sunburners, or is something sinister to blame Kai s throne and her very life may be forfeit unless she can appease the gods No one said being queen was easy Kai, the newly crowned queen of Miina, finds her reign threatened by a plague of natural disasters that leave death and destruction in their wake Are the gods truly angry at the peace between the moon and sunburners, or is something sinister to blame Kai s throne and her very life may be forfeit unless she can appease the gods anger and her peoples superstitions Determined to find a solution, Kai and the Sunburner Prince Hiro embark on an extraordinary and dangerous journey to discover the true cause of the plagues What they find is an ancient enemy determined to plunge their world into eternal darkness and one desperate chance to save it Sunburner, the sequel to Moonburner, is a young adult fantasy that will appeal to fans of Sabaa Tahir, Sarah J Maas, and Leigh Bardugo.

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    1. This sequel will keep your heart racing and your eyes glued to the page until the very last page! This was everything you ever hope for in a sequel, it is packed with action and problem solving, mystery and deception, betrayal and anger, and of course to balance it all out, love and humour! Kai is now crowned queen of Miina, she follows her duties well and is constantly worrying about her duties as queen and being the friend that her close friends need of her. But as we saw in the last book, a p [...]

    2. Sunburner by Clair Luana is a heart pounding, heart shattering ride, that will have you glued to the pages and in tears when it ends. All endings are not happy, some will appreciate as so, but there is always something after, something brewing and that is what happens in Sunburner. Right away we are tossed into a growing crisis, this just gets bigger and bigger. Kai is tested in more ways then she expected and her growth was simply amazing. She’s learns what it is to lead and what it is to be [...]

    3. I received a free copy of this book from Claire. Thank you so much, this is my honest review.What a fantastic novel. From the beginning to the very end this novel is action-packed. This novel had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. All of my favourite characters returned from Moonburner, as well as a lot of new characters were introduced that were spectacular. I love Quitsu he is beyond my favourite, he is so cute and sarcastic. I just want to squeeze him all the time. Emi will also alway [...]

    4. I received this novel as an ARC from Ms. Luana. Thank you!!This novel was a great sequel from the first book. Several of the characters returned as well as some new additions. There were more plot twists and the story flowed well. I liked how the author incorporated the villains' plot into the story. You need to read the the first novel, Moonburner, to understand the plot and where this novel is headingKai and her seishen, Quitsu, are still trying to solve why their land is dying even after defe [...]

    5. ***** 5+++++ StarsI received an ARC of this from Claire Luana! And so happy I did because I have been waiting for this book!!Sunburner by Claire Luana is such an incredible sequel to the Moonburner saga! I seriously could not put this book down! I had to force myself to read it slow so that I wouldn’t burn through it! I am so glad I did. I loved how everything you learn in Moonburner comes together in Sunburner. The journey Kai and Hiro take towards learning the truth about burners is incredib [...]

    6. This book was an amazing read. It kept me on my toes. It was very different from the other books I have read.

    7. Sunburner (Moonburner Cycle Book 2) by Claire Luana is the second book in her Moonburner Cycle series. I highly suggest that you read the first book, Moonburner first as this one picks up where the other left off. I enjoyed her first book and I enjoyed this one even more. Her writing style is such that it will pull you in from the first word and keep you engaged until the last word. Her creative details are full of suspense, action and keep the story flowing. Her characters are creative, connect [...]

    8. Sunburner (Moonburner Cycle Book 2)By: Claire Luana5 out of 5 starsThe story Sunburner (Moonburner Cycle Book 2) by Claire Luana is a myths and legends/fantasy book. This is an amazing story that I loved reading. It has action, danger, mystery, and romance. I loved the first book in the series and was excited to see that the next story has been released. Kai and Prince Hiro are my favorite characters. Kai is a leader that worries about her people. She is one to think of them first before herself [...]

    9. Claire Luana shines in a brilliant fantasy novel about trying to reconcile two sides of a war. The sunburners and moonburners, both with amazing mystical powers, have formed an alliance under queen Kai's leadership. However, when old demons return and wreck natural disasters on the kingdom of Miina, peaceful relationships are put to the test. Meanwhile, Kai and her fiancee Hiro and a group of friends journey to find the answer to their problems, facing many dangers of demons and killer trees alo [...]

    10. A great sequel to Moonburner. It's rare that a second book can so well match or come close to the first. This one managed to do just that.Kai and Hiro are back. They've won the day and brought peace to their kingdoms. But the land itself seems to be against this new peace. While many suspect that the gods are angry about the lack of war, Kai thinks there's more to it. What she finds out is even more terrifying then what the people believe. Time is running out for her as disease, famine, and drou [...]

    11. Sunburner is the second book in the Moonburner Cycle Series by Claire Luana.As I was reading this book I kept thinking that it would make a spectacular Anime. It’s got spirit animals, demons, Moonburners (people who get their powers from the Moon), Sunburners (people who get their powers from the Sun), ancient gods, traitors, love tested by trial, and an evil plot to take over the world with darkness…what more could you ask for?I identified with the main character, Kai a lot. She has a good [...]

    12. The sequel isn't as good as the original Moonburner. In a lot of ways, I wish I'd stopped reading after the first book. The complexity offered in Moonburner is severely lacking. While characters still show signs of war trauma, much of it is wrapped up in a neat bow. It all feels too clean and neat. Kai and her love interest are flat and bland. Their sesshien are given lesser rolls, like now that they've identified their owners as "special" there is ver little for them to do. I don't know that ei [...]

    13. I read book one and loved it. Well, with book two I need to find an adjective that is stronger than love. This second book was amazing, wonderful, terrific, fantastic, and whatever positive adjective I can use. Before I go on, let me say that even though you could start with this book, but I think you would get way more enjoyment out of it if you read book one first. The other thing I need to let you know you could easily finish both books in a weekend.The plot of this book is face-paced and wil [...]

    14. The second book in the Moonburner cycle book confused me at first, and it took me about a hundred pages to grasp entirely the situation, but that was because I read the second book first. As soon as I opened the book, though, it immediately sucked me in. Kai is such a strong female role model I couldn’t help but love her, and the relationship between her and Hiro is so cute I couldn’t help but root for them every time I read a paragraph about them. Even if this love is forbidden, as one is a [...]

    15. I give Sunburner (book 2 in the Moonburner Cycle series) by Claire Luana, 5 stars.Wow. This was such an epic novel. This is one of those books that will just blow you away. It is book two of the series, so I do recommend reading book one first to understand this one a little better. This story just left me speechless. I have read quite a few books between this and Moonburner (book 1), so it took me a little while to get back into the story. Once I was though, I was completely swept away by what [...]

    16. I was so excited to get the sequel to Moonburner and I was not disappointed! More and more the characters in this series remind me of ATLA and just like I could watch that series over and over, this is definitely a book series I will reread many, many times. We start this book off about a year after the first and things are not looking good. The oracle’s prophecy is starting to really scare people but Kai is such a soulful and caring person that even though she’s a little concerned for her p [...]

    17. Sunburner by Claire Luana is the second in the Moonburner Cycle. Definitely needs to be read in order but is worth your time to do so! This book picks up at the end of the first book and is a continuation of the great writing and inventive storytelling we saw in book one.Kai now finds herself fighting a new and different battle than she was used to before - the battle to keep the two united sides together, even while the gods appear to be displeased with them. With natural disasters occurring co [...]

    18. Sunburner is the second book in the Moonburner Cycle by Claire Luana and the story continues on where we see our the return of our favorite characters and new ones to boot. In this mythical fantasy book there is a bit of everything you could want, a lot of action, danger and mystery with a little romance thrown in as well.Claire has woven great fantasy and created characters that are well developed and you feel as though you are going on this gripping journey with them in this magical world. The [...]

    19. 5 StarSunburner  (Moonburner Cycle Book 2) By Claire Luana  Sunburner  (Moonburner Cycle Book 2) By Claire Luana is the second book in the Moonburner a cycle seriesI was instantly hooked and had a hard time putting it down once I started reading. I highly recommend if you haven't already read the first book in this series that you go back and read it,as this one picks up where Moonburner leaves off.This story will have you on the edge of your seat ,with a few twists and turns you truly don't [...]

    20. Sunburner (Moonburner Cycle Book #2)By Claire Luana5 StarsSunburner by Claire Luana is a five-star read and it is a sequel to the first book Moonburner and it must be read first to understand the story. This is an amazing story with plenty of surprises and plot twists for Kai and Hiro.The land is still dying even after the defeat of Kai’s aunt the previous queen. The gods remain unhappy with the moonburners and sunburners attempt at peace.Hiro, a sunburner prince, is helping Kai, a moonburner [...]

    21. What a great book!! If I could give this sequel to Moonburner more than five stars, I would. Sunburner by Clair Luana is just that good. It’s not often that the sequel lives up to the first book, but Sunburner certainly did. I came close to tears, I was that involved with the characters. The love expressed by Kai and Hiro was one of the many things that I loved about this book. They have some problems with respect which is rarely seen in books with heroes and heroines in them.This story is ama [...]

    22. A wonderful fanasty story that will take you into another world. I absolutely loved this book and looking forward to seeing what is going to happen next. Everything was just brilliant. The writing was excellent and you can imagine yourself in this world with them. So very creative. I loved how it leaves off from the first book. All the characters return and Kai and Hiro's relationship grows. The characters were great and well thought on. I would highly recommend reading the first book so you kno [...]

    23. Sunburner by Claire Luana 5 stars!! Delve into the supernatural world with Gods and Goddesses in Claire Luana's Sunburners. I throughly enjoyed the fast paced story. In the mix of the threat of war is the love between Kai and Hiro making for some very heart wrenching moments where you just cant wait to turn the page to find out the outcome. The threatening war and the underlying cause of it draw the reader into this first person pov book.I was on the edge of my seat whilest I was reading this bo [...]

    24. Sunburner is the second novel in the Moonburner Cycle series by Claire Luana. This is my second novel by this author.Continuing where the first novel left off, Kai is struggling with being queen. She is also not sure why the Gods are upset about the peace between Sunburners and Moonburners. Her relationship with Hiru is still forbidden because she is Moonburner and he is Sunburner. They start on journey to find out what the Gods are mad and why the land is still dying.This was a such a faced p [...]

    25. Sunburner (Moonburner Cycle Book 2) by Claire Luana – 4 starsI did not read Moonburner first and it took me just a little bit to catch on to what was happening. Claire Luana wrote a very detailed epic novel with lots of characters and new worlds. At the heart of the story is the moral of good vs evil. Two worlds come together – Kai is a Moonburner and Hiru is a Sunburner. The two are not supposed to work together as their people are pitted against each other, but love overcomes all obstacles [...]

    26. Sunburner is book 2 in the Moonburner Cycle series written by Claire Luana. Book 1 Moonburner introduces everyone and a lot of stuff happens, the, book 2 begins with a nice seemless flow from book 1. Book 2 follows Kai and Prince Hiro as weird stuff starts happening around them she needs to,figure iut what is really going on cause something just doesn’t seems right in her gut . Sunburner is told in Kai and Prince Hiros point of view. Kai is a great character as the new queen she faces many tas [...]

    27. Sunburner is the second book in the Moonburner Cycle series by Claire Luana, I would strongly recommend reading Moonburner before you start this book. Sunburner picks up where Moonburner left off, Kai is now queen ruling over Miina with her mother and Hiro by her side but peace between moonburners and sunburners is tentative. I absolutely loved this series, the characters are well thought out and relatable, the burners world is wonderfully imaginative and there are just enough plot twists to kee [...]

    28. OMG You Guys! Did anyone catch the Princess Bride reference Emi makes to Daarco? Great Job Claire! I love it when an author references other peoples work. I thought this book was the perfect way to end the series. It tied everything up in a nice neat bow. I do have one question Can Kai moonburn again? So much happens in this book, I just couldn't put it down. There's adventures, betrayal, death, and romance. Plus a little comedy. I will definitely read this series again and again.

    29. As I started reading "Moonburner", I put my reservation in for "Sunburner". I'm glad I did. The first story was pretty good, but the second was GREAT! I liked all the characters, even the bad ones, and the story line took off and I couldn't put the book down. Great story - I think I might have to read it again just because When can we get some more? The mixed kingdom should provide some sort of story, don't you think? C'mon, Claire - sock it to us!

    30. The story continues with the return of characters from the first book and some new ones. I like Colum and his unusual ways. We learn more of Taiyo and Tsuki and their story. Kai and Hiro's relationship grows more and Kai realizes being queen is not easy. The story moves at a steady pace and the ending is not a cliffhanger although some characters have their story yet to be told. I received a free ebook in exchange for an honest review.

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