- By Jane Feather

The Bride Hunt

  • Title: The Bride Hunt
  • Author: Jane Feather
  • ISBN: 9780553586190
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Bride Hunt In Jane Feather s dazzling irresistible romance London s most charming matchmakers are faced with a ruinous lawsuit and now Prudence the brainy beautiful middle sister must save them Soon after t

    In Jane Feather s dazzling, irresistible romance, London s most charming matchmakers are faced with a ruinous lawsuit and now Prudence, the brainy, beautiful middle sister, must save them Soon after the Duncan sisters personals service turns a profit, their controversial newspaper The Mayfair Lady offends a powerful earl who is now determined to demolish them in court.In Jane Feather s dazzling, irresistible romance, London s most charming matchmakers are faced with a ruinous lawsuit and now Prudence, the brainy, beautiful middle sister, must save them Soon after the Duncan sisters personals service turns a profit, their controversial newspaper The Mayfair Lady offends a powerful earl who is now determined to demolish them in court In dire need of counsel, the women turn to England s most sought after young barrister Sir Gideon Malvern is notorious for his aggressive style and his love of a challenge Spirited Prudence, with her beauty unsuccessfully hidden behind spectacles and frumpy clothes, provides him with exactly that But how in the world will the Duncan sisters be able to afford Gideon s fee Prudence proposes a barter Gideon defends their case they find him a bride It s an exchange of services even this most cynical single barrister cannot refuse.

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    1. Prudence menghadapi tuntutan pencemaran nama baik. Utk itu dia harus menyewa seorang pengacara. Dari situlah dia bertemu Gideon, pengacara arogan yg ternyata juga duda beranak satu. Prudence tidak berniat menjalin hubungan asmara, kecuali hanya mengenai persidangan. Tetapi apa yg bisa ditolak ketika Prudence mengenal lebih lanjut Gideon, seorang hedonis dan pecinta ulung. Dapatkah Gideon menaklukkan keangkuhan Prudence dan mengakui kelemahannya?Ceritanya kebanyakan berisi woman talk antar saudar [...]

    2. Surat kabar kontroversial, The Mayfair Lady, yang dikelola tiga kakak beradik Duncan mendapat surat tuntutan oleh Lord Barclays dimana ada artikel yang dianggap mencemarkan nama baiknya. Prudence Duncan dan Chasity, adiknya, harus menghadapi masalah ini sementara menunggu kakak tertua mereka, Constance, pulang dari bulan madunya. Prudence harus segera mencari pengacara yang mampu membela mereka di pengadilan dan mereka mendapat satu nama, seorang pengacara yang cukup handal, yang mendapat gelar [...]

    3. I've read Jane Feather before and enjoyed the book I read, but not so much this time.The three Duncan sisters run a gossip sheet around the turn into the 20th century when they are sued for libel over an article they printed that, while short on evidence, denounces a man who has injured many people - including their own father. So, they hire top barrister, Gideon Malvern.Neither the characters nor the plot kept me very engaged. There was a decided lack of emotion in this story, at least to me. W [...]

    4. The second in the series. The newspaper is sued by a nobleman—a good friend of the sisters’ father—for libel. The sisters go to a barrister and challenge him to represent them in court, without exposing that they are the publishers and editors of the paper. The barrister finds himself becoming increasingly intrigued by the middle sister, Prudence, and her cause, and agrees to take on the case because of the challenge, and the sister. She offers to find him a bride as an alternate payment [...]

    5. I mistakenly read #2 in the series before #1 but it can stand alone. I love the strong women characters in Feather's books and Prudence is no exception. The Duncan sisters continue to publish their late mother's gossip/women's rights newspaper and operate a matchmaking business to keep their household afloat after their father's poor financial decisions put them at the edge of financial ruin. A lawsuit is filed against themd Prudence enlists the help of barrister Gideon. Their story is an engagi [...]

    6. omg I luved it can't wait to read the next one. I think that characters were great n fit eachother so well

    7. This book was more enjoyable than its predecessor for a series of reasons. First, with the Duncan sisters established, there is less exposition and more meat to the story. Second, I liked and identified with Prudence more than her sister Constance, as Prudence is very practical, level-headed, and responsible. Third, her love interest Gideon is more fleshed out and interesting than Max, although his abrupt shifts in mood from passionate lover to stern barrister isn't really explained (although it [...]

    8. I finally got around to reading the second book in this trilogy. The historical missteps were too frustrating for me to overlook: children addressing adults by first names, respected barristers living in fancy houses taking up cooking as a hobby and whipping up a meal for their lady friends, etc. Most egregiously, however, the more annoying romance novelish plotlines of the first book in the trilogy took on even greater prominence here. A ladies' newsletter which denounces titled men as cads and [...]

    9. This second in the trilogy features Prudence (Pru) the second of the Duncan Sisters. Pru is the family's math wonk, so of course she's the accountant. Shortly before her sister Constance got hitched, she wrote a very harsh article about a friend of their father's, who has apparently abused his authority and left some servant women pregnant and abandoned. She ends the article with allegations of financial fraud towards his friends. While Con is on honeymoon, the chickens come home to roost--the n [...]

    10. Author: Jane FeatherFirst published: 2004Length: 370 pagesSetting: London, 1906. (Edwardian)Sex: Don't know.Hero: Barrister with daughter. Divorced.Heroine: Middle sister. Bluestocking. Good with numbers.Includes: excerpts from The Bachelor List and The Wedding Game.Just didn't find myself interested. Read 4 chapters (to page 73).Matchmaker / Duncan Sisters:Book 1: The Bachelor List - Constance Duncan and Max EnsorBook 2: The Bride Hunt - Prudence Duncan and Sir Gideon MalvernBook 3: The Wedding [...]

    11. Stars: 2.5Lihat bookshelves ku? Ada dua jaman disana.Yah, aku tertipu dengan novel ini--in not a good way.Well, aku udah nggak terlalu suka/minat baca berkurang setelah ada kata-kata "mobil" menunjukkan bukan abad pertengahan lagi, tapi lalu masih ada "kereta kuda." Jadi yah aku pikir ini setting nya dimana mobil mulai diproduksi bagi orang-orang yang punya uang. Salah satunya bagi pengacara muda nan hebat. Lalu dimana ini jaman yang memulai pandangan bahwa keperawanan itu tidak penting lagi, be [...]

    12. I had read The Wedding Game, book 3 of the Matchmaker Duncan Sisters series, several years and enjoyed it. Strangely I did not noticed at the time that the book was set in the early 1900s. This is not a time period that enjoy reading about. So if you prefer your characters on horseback instead of automobiles, this is not the book for you.The characters were fine, the book well-written but it was difficult for me to get into it and it took several days to read. The premise of the story was a bit [...]

    13. Dibanding Constance yang temperamennya meledak-ledak, Prudence ini temperamennya sama aja emosionalnya tapi lebih tepat disebut lebih keras ajah gitu.Sedangkan karakter cowoknya Sir Giedon Malvern adalah seorang pengacara ternama, duda, 40thnan dan tipe lelaki arogan yang suka mendominasi. Settingnya masih di tahun yg sama 1900an, nggak jelas sih tahun berapa. Mungkin 1907. Kali ini gadget terbarunya adalah telepon yg katanya supermahal dan masih baru bgt. Omnibus dan kereta utk kendaraan umum. [...]

    14. My 3.5 JEWEL review can be found at One Book Shy of a Full ShelfThis was a fun book full of romance and adventure. Jane Feather does a lovely job of blending witty and sensuous characters with an action-packed plot.I really enjoyed Prudence. She thought she was escaping the notice of all men, especially the one who had captured her own attention. Gideon comes across gruff and single-minded until he starts to see what a gem in the rough Prudence is. There is a lot of humor as Pru tries to find th [...]

    15. Kali ini giliran cerita Prudence dengan pengacara juga. Setelah di buku 1 The Mayfair Lady nerbitin tentang kisah selingkuhan lord temen ayahnya, eh si lord itu menuntut the mayfair lady. ahirnya prue harus mencari pengacara yang bisa membela mereka, secara si Max masih bulan madu sama Cons. Ahirnya Prue ketemuan sama Gideon. Di awal2 ketemu, Prue ini nyamar jadi perawan tua yang serius dan membosankan, tapi penyamarannya itu kebongkar pas tanpa sengaja dia ngelepas kacamatanya pas lg gugup, eh [...]

    16. Thanks to my obsessive compulsiveness, I read the 2nd book in Jane Feather's Matchmaker series. I didn't like the first one all that much. This one, The Bride Hunt fared much better. I liked Pru from the first book and I thought Gideon was a perfect foil for her. These read like a Hello Dolly remake in book format, just not as good as the movie. They take place in early 1900's when women's suffrage was in it's infancy and cars were just getting their rambling start in England. There were some fu [...]

    17. 3,5 bintang, karena ceritanya asyik. Beda dengan yang pernah saya baca. Mulai ada mobil dengan sistem engkol, telepon yang mahal luar biasa, dan yang asyik lagi adalah proses menuju persidangan. Lucu, gemes, kasihan. Niat mau mereview lebih serius di blog :)Membaca ini jadi ingin membaca 2 seri lainnya.

    18. I liked this book slightly better than the first in the series, but not much. Once again, I didn't care for the main characters. Also, their romance was strange for me. They went through most of the book disliking each other. At the end, it seemed like they were just thrown together without really caring for each other.

    19. I seem to be reading this series backwards enjoyable, but nothing spectacular in my opinion. the characters don't seem to have much depth, and there's a lot of 'extra' that seems superfluous to the story. it is well written and fairly fun to read though. normally I don't care to read the early 1900 stories so I'm not quite sure how I got this series.

    20. Cute book; I enjoyed Pru's personality, she was a breath of fresh air. I also quite liked the different type of male lead. For once it wasn't a rich duke, instead being a more down to earth type. I found the plot to be a bit more developed than normal as well, with the law-suit.

    21. Book 2 in the Mayfair Lady trilogy. This time the newspaper and it's editors have been sued for slander and Prudence has to deal with Sir ideon Malvern, England's most-sought-after young barrister.A very good sequel.

    22. I rather enjoyed this series, but I doubt that I will be reading it again. Unusual romance in that the novel is set in late Victorian/Edwardian England, and with plenty of historical details. For the longer review, please go here:epinions/content_18342

    23. This was a page-turner for me; it had true action in it and I loved the trial! But, the bickering between the hero and heroine was just like book one only even more unrealistic! How can such people fall in love - is love truly that crazy?

    24. The Bride Hunt was an enjoyable continuation in this trilogy. I did not like Gideon initially, but I warmed up to him as his personality was shown.

    25. This is the second in the series and is a really nice story. Now I need to find the third and final book.

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