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The Doghouse

  • Title: The Doghouse
  • Author: Jan Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780152065331
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Doghouse Mouse Pig Cow and Duck are playing a carefree game of ball when horror of horrors their ball gets kicked into THE DOGHOUSE Who will risk a run in with scary Dog to get it back Hysterical high anxie

    Mouse, Pig, Cow, and Duck are playing a carefree game of ball when horror of horrors their ball gets kicked into THE DOGHOUSE Who will risk a run in with scary Dog to get it back Hysterical high anxiety ensues as Mouse volunteers each animal to do the dirty work but you ll never believe what s really going on in the doghouse With Jan Thomas s fun, fresh artMouse, Pig, Cow, and Duck are playing a carefree game of ball when horror of horrors their ball gets kicked into THE DOGHOUSE Who will risk a run in with scary Dog to get it back Hysterical high anxiety ensues as Mouse volunteers each animal to do the dirty work but you ll never believe what s really going on in the doghouse With Jan Thomas s fun, fresh art and priceless animal expressions, this timeless tale of fear and friendship will have readers howling.

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    1. Bein’ scared. Is it a part of childhood? Absolutely. A list of some things that I was afraid of as a youngster:1) Deep water2) Goulash3) Mean dogsJan Thomas, on a roll with the recent “A Birthday for Cow!” and “What Will Fat Cat Sit On?“, addresses my third fear with success in “The Doghouse”. Funny while maintaining an underlying truth (the unknown can be scary), “Doghouse” will be a great addition to your story time repertoire.As with previous books by this author, the storyl [...]

    2. SynopsisBarnyard animals are playing ball when they accidentally kick their ball in the doghouse. Who will be brave enough to retreive it?ReviewThe simple, short narrative and animal sounds make this a great option for storytime. The story begins on the title page and wastes no time getting to the action. Bold colors and thick lines make the pictures easy to see from a distance. The repetative nature of the story is excellent for building narrative skills and the play on the phrase "I'm having d [...]

    3. This book has suspense and mystery! The animals keep going into the doghouse and not coming out! What can be happening inside? Will we ever find out? Is the tiny doghouse magic, since the cow can fit and the pig can fit and the duck can fit? Oh, wait, we don't discuss that. Fun to read with kids. I like the illustrations here better than in What Will Fat Cat Sit On?.

    4. Jan Thomas is my new go-to storytime author. I've been reading this one, along with _Rhyming Dust Bunnies_, for an abbreviated storytime this month and it's been going over big with the preschoolers. For added drama, I'll tell them we're reading a scary book and read the title in a deep, dramatic voice. Every time I read the words "the doghouse" again, I do it in that deep, scary voice. Once I added a "dun dun dun!" afterwards, and the kids picked up on that and started doing it as well. While a [...]

    5. Just as much fun as her previous books, but the ending on this one was too predictable. Might not be to toddlers, however, and it's a great read-aloud, so when I find me some toddlers, I'll try it out on them :) The art and design is so fabulous

    6. Great book for dramatic reading aloud-- right down to the fonts. Funny illustrations. The boys liked it but will probably enjoy it more on repeated readings when they are already "in" on the irony.

    7. This book is hilarious. Though it's an old joke, the illustrations add a lot, and make it perfect for reading aloud to a group.

    8. With its bright, cartoonish illustrations and familiar characters (cow, pig, duck, and mouse), this book is perfect for your little goblins as both an introduction to suspense as well as cause and effect. The story starts on the end papers with the friends playing a game of kickball and the ball headed straight to the [gulp] doghouse. The scene changes from a bright sunny day, to a dark and stormy night, leaving the friends looking terrified. One by one, they each enter the foreboding doghouse t [...]

    9. This book would be perfect for not only a read aloud but to also teach how adjectives can be used to describe animals. For example, the cow was described as big and strong while the pig was described as stinky. After reading the book, you could have the students pick and object and write down as many adjectives about that object.

    10. Jan Thomas creates the best kids books to share with a group. It's fun to say "the doghouse" is a spooky way to set up a creepiness to this book.Great expression on the animals faces.

    11. Horn Book (November/December, 2008)Mouse, Cow, Pig, and Duck are playing happily when their ball bounces into a rather menacing-looking doghouse. "Who will get it out?" The accompanying picture shows the animal friends along the bottom edge of the page, visible only from the nose up, all eyes looking sideways at Cow, who stares balefully ahead. Mouse elaborates: Cow is big, brave, and strong. "Moo?" wonders Cow. Into the doghouse Cow goes -- but doesn't come out. Next is Pig: smart, wise, and st [...]

    12. Mouse, Pig, Duck and Cow are kicking a ball around when it's accidentally kicked into the doghouse. Oh no!So Mouse volunteers Cow to go get the ball, but Cow doesn't come back. Mouse then volunteers Pig to go in to save Cow and get the ball, but Pig doesn't come back. Mouse does the same with Duck and when Duck doesn't come back, Mouse is left with a choice to go in or leave. He's scared when Dog pokes his head out of his house and says that he's having Duck for dinner. What he really meant is t [...]

    13. I enjoyed this book because of all the animals and it relating to a doghouse. I think that if it were to be something else then the story could have been a lot more scary. The ending was good because you were not expecting it and it created suspense, not knowing if the mouse was going to be risky enough to go in and save the other animals.

    14. After our usual "greeting" and "story-time theme segue" songs I introduced three plush friends which just happen to populate my office or library display shelves on occasion. A very over-sized book-reading mouse, a teeny-tiny cow, a teeny-tiny duck, and a teeny-tiny dog. All we were missing was the pig.I turned to the front inside cover of this book which shows cow kicking a big red ball towards his three friends. I invited the story time crowd to prepare to "catch the ball" (All hands were rais [...]

    15. The book is about four friends, mouse, duck, pig and cow, playing kick ball. When suddenly, the ball flies into the doghouse. Everyone is afraid of the dog in the doghouse. The question is, who will go get the ball? But when the friend goes to get the ball, he never comes out. So who will go get the friend and the ball? the book goes on until one friend is left by his lonesome. He is to afraid to go into the doghouse. What he doesnt know is that he is missing out on lunch with all of his friends [...]

    16. A book about possible missed opportunities because of judging someone from the outside. This book teaches children not to judge someone just by their appearance or from what they might have heard from someone else. In this story, the farm animals are all playing in the yard when their ball goes into Dog's house. Everyone is very afraid to go get the ball, so Mouse starts volunteering everyone else go to in. One by one they all go into the dog's house and do not come out. In the end, Mouse realiz [...]

    17. I love this for storytime right up until the end, because it kind of peters out. All the resolution is in the pictures, and there's a time gap that usually needs some explanation with younger listeners, who don't immediately understand that mouse came back during the page turn even though that plot development wasn't shown in the actual page. I usually have to ad-lib a textual resoluation to give us all a sense of closure. But until that point, this has a nice rhythm of accumulation ("Now the ba [...]

    18. Meh I get that it is supposed to be a silly kids' book but(view spoiler)[why would none of the other animals peek their head out the door to let their friends know that they are OK?!? Why would the not have this courtesy, especially when they know that their friends are outside, scared of the doghouse, and almost certainly worried when they get no word from inside?!? That is not a way to treat a friend! (hide spoiler)]Also, for really, they all just went into the doghouse. Why did none of them e [...]

    19. I read this book to several of my read aloud classrooms yesterday, and it was great fun! I selected it as a 'scary' story to go along with Halloween week, since many schools don't celebrate Halloween anymore. They thought it was really funny and asked to read it again!The pictures were easy for a group of children to see, and they often showed what the next part of the story was going to be. The children were able to use inferences to help tell the story. Jan Thomas is definitely a winner!

    20. All agesAfter their ball goes into the doghouse, mouse, duck, piggy, and cow each venture into the scary doghouse, but no one comes back out. Mouse, the very last animal left outside the doghouse, is scared to go in the doghouse. Finally we he becomes brave enough he ventures inside to find that dog is serving them cake and that is why no one wants to come back out of the doghouse. This would be fun for an animals themed story time. The story also follows a familiar pattern so you could use it a [...]

    21. The Doghouse by Jan Thomas gives early readers an opportunity to explore books with themes of mystery. As the friends one-by-one enter the dog house and do not return, readers are left to join the mouse in wondering what happened to them. At the end of the book, readers are given the opportunity to learn what really happened and see if their predictions were accurate. The book is excellent for early readers as the text is simple yet the story deep!

    22. This is a short book but it was fun to read!i like that the book is about all the different animals as friends and they are all scared of something in the doghouse! Even though the book was short it tells a cute story and i like all the characters. The mouse was funny and i thought him nominating everyone else to go in was funny. The other animal's reactions were cute also. I really liked this book for how short it was and I think kids would like it a lot also.

    23. I missed this one by Jan Thomas. It's another fun addition to her collection. This would work as a good gathering book when I'm still waiting for people to show up for preschool. Or good anytime in toddler or movement. Perhaps I'll use it for movement even though the really young might not get the humor. We'll see.3/17/14 Used in Movement storytime. They liked it. And it took a little bit for the younger to get the end, but they did get it.

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