- By Rhonda Woodward

Moonlight and Mischief

  • Title: Moonlight and Mischief
  • Author: Rhonda Woodward
  • ISBN: 9780451212887
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback
  • Moonlight and Mischief All thanks to her brother Mariah Thorncroft and her dowry have been offered to the notorious rake Lord Haverstone Ensconced at his estate against her wishes Mariah finds herself drawn to the handsom

    All thanks to her brother, Mariah Thorncroft and her dowry have been offered to the notorious rake Lord Haverstone Ensconced at his estate against her wishes, Mariah finds herself drawn to the handsome devil, but wonders if she can truly trust him with her heart.

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    1. This hit the spot. I was in much needed dose of fluff and Moonlight and Mischief gave me just that. Reprinted in ebook format, and a sequel to The Wagered Heart. You have the misunderstood rake theme, that may been used way to many times, it nice that this rake Lord Haverstone knows he's a rake and okay with it, until he falls in love with Mariah Thorncroft.Mariah born from a trade family with a huge dowry hanging on her head. Mariah doesn't trust men who are interested in her. Tell that to Mrs. [...]

    2. Fluffy brain food. Enjoyable enough, despite some minor annoyances with the writing or phrasing, but probably not a repeat read; and after reading another of Woodward's, I'm disinclined to read more.

    3. Moonlight and MischiefI loved this book from start to finish. I wish I had at least ten more books by Rhonda Woodward to read.

    4. I really enjoyed this story. I've read a few of Ms. Woodward's novels and have enjoyed them all. To date my favorite book by her has been, A Spinster's Luck: Signet Regency Romance, although I also enjoyed her The Wagered Heart: Signet Regency Romance very much. BTW, WAGERED HEART is the story of the romance between the best friends of the H and h of this book, and takes place before the events in MOONLIGHT AND MISCHIEF. Ms. Woodward is one of those authors whose books clearly shows the time and [...]

    5. ANother Signet Regency recently released for ebook. I enjoyed this book in the way that I enjoyed many young adult novels when I was young. Nothing earth shattering happened, in fact the plot was somewhat thin. I enjoyed both characters and wanted to see them end up together and live happily. An enjoyable read, but not memorable or groundbreaking. Like many novels set in Regency England, the story is about class stratification. Our heroine, Mariah, is the daughter of a very wealthy woolen mercha [...]

    6. After Lord Haverstone loses a fortune gambling, he is approached by a young tradesman's son, a Mr. Steven Thorncroft who offers up his sister and her dowry as a solution to Stone's gambling debt. Stone is surprised and a bit offended but decides the younger man amuses him and invites Steven and his sister to a house party on his estate come October. Mrs. Thorncroft is delighted with the invitation and is anxious to marry Mariah off to a peer and believes Stone may "come up to scratch." Mariah is [...]

    7. Hmm, I’m wavering on this one. Parts of it were great, especially some of the moments between Stone and Mariah. In a lot of these regency stories the “hero” has had mistresses in his past (and sometimes present), Stone is no exception. The problem I had with Stone was that instead of going after single women or widows, he had a fancy for married women. That was a HUGE turnoff for me. Aside from that he was great. I really liked Mariah, I thought she was very likable and had good morals. Th [...]

    8. I've learned after reading many books that sometimes I like a story because even though there are number of factors, when you combine all of the reasons, it makes the romance interesting. MOONLIGHT AND MISCHIEF is one of those fictions that has plucky main characters, the tension is good and the plot gets better the more you read. The downside to reading too many Regencies is there can be only so many dukes/earls/viscounts that are handsome and witty. Realistically every heroine can't be beautif [...]

    9. I adored the maturity of the heroine in this book. Encouraged by her mother to "make a good match," her head could easily have been turned by someone with social standing, wealth, good looks, wit, intellect, etc but she recognized what was was happening and made decisions to protect herself. Way to have your act together, Mariah! The poor libertine of an earl didn't have a chance. This was a clean romance. It was my first Rhonda Woodward book, and I think I'll try again.

    10. I quite loved the "encroaching" mother! They are supposed to be a "common" family surrounding by London sophistication (noses in the air and all) the but the contrast between the people really lightened the book. The ending was cute:)

    11. I read this after hearing a NPR article on the romance novel industry. The program piqued my curiosity, so I decided to read a few romance novels to see what they were about

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