- By Touko Kawai


  • Title: CUT
  • Author: Touko Kawai
  • ISBN: 9781569700433
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • CUT Chiaki Sakaguchi is a highly sociable and popular high school senior who has a dark secret in his heart Chiaka is not at all acting like himself In fact he recently skipped his college entrance exams

    Chiaki Sakaguchi is a highly sociable and popular high school senior who has a dark secret in his heart Chiaka is not at all acting like himself In fact, he recently skipped his college entrance exams Is Chiaka s classmate the only one who may be able to unveil the unholy perversion that has secretly crept into Chiaka s life

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    1. If m/m romance isn't your thing, then move along. There's nothing for you here.Okay, awesome people that remain, here's the deal. Cut's a really dark romance between two teens with serious family issues. One's a cutter in a sexual relationship with his stepfather and the other's got a bunch of mysterious scars. The romance contained within is actually quite sweet and healthy, even if the boys have a lot of problems still. That's what I like best, I think: the fact that their issues aren't entire [...]

    2. CUT was so beautiful. The characters had so much depth and backround. CUT had such a deep storyline. Disturbing and beautiful. Highly recomended

    3. Sin más que decir excelente historia. El desarrollo de personajes es excepcional, como nuestros demonios más temidos son creados por nosotros mismos y como nos atamos a una oscuridad innecesaria, la capacidad de perdonar y amar parecen ir de la mano y parece no ser una capacidad sino una bendición. Los personajes con una profunda historia desarrollada detrás de ellos, un pasado que les cuesta y que no pueden cargar solos, descubren que la vida es más fácil si la vives con alguien dando pas [...]

    4. Review originally published at mangaupdates in March, 2008.This is pure genius. The mangaka displays such skill in presenting topics and relationships that are powerful and make one pause in thought. The life of these two young men touched me greatly. I like how she didn't judge her characters - she allowed them their feelings, valid, not 'leftover' desires from the experiences that shaped them. The way the two men helped one another was so very beautifully shown. The reader was not hit over the [...]

    5. Loved this story. It is a compiling story that pulls me in for a very emotional ride. This story is about two guys that have some inner demons to live with because of their family lives. They meet and they start being together to help each other forget their problems. This is a story of them growing closer together and trying to get over their emotional scars that are in their lives. This book deals with some abusive by a stepfather and are not suited for minors. That is why it is rated M for Ma [...]

    6. Just re-read this a few days ago. I think I read it before 5-6 years ago (?!) and then sort of forgot the title and just remembered it the other day when I heard the word Loveholic. O.oI love Chiaki and Eiji's love story. A lot of angst in their past, I guess I'm a sucker for lovers overcome their troubled past together lol.

    7. Belle histoire de deux êtres aux histoires tragiques qui apprennent à s'aimer eux mêmes au travers de l'un et de l'autre (pas très claire ma phrase !!!)

    8. Chiaki sees Eiji for the first time when they are both called to task for not having arranged their parental/teacher visits. Each has his reasons for avoiding this onerous duty - Chiaki's "dad' uses him sexually, and abuses him by cutting or hitting. Eiji lives with his aunt and uncle to avoid his abusive crazy mother. In Cut, by Toko Kawai, we watch them as they come together, and make an attempt at healing themselves and each otherThey run into each other in the park that night. Eiji is restin [...]

    9. Interesting. But it has its flaws, which are many. A manga based on depressed people who simply don't see an end to their (many) torments. Some texts and dialogues are interesting, very interesting actually, but the graphics and features of the characters simply don't match in several parts. Whenever something cool and/or sad happened, they had sex. Sex sex sex sex. It would be infinitely better if the author had limited herself to make a simple conventional romance and had placed at convenient [...]

    10. Reading Yaoi manga is interesting to do from time to time and this was one of those interesting ones to say the least. The book revolves around a young man that sleeps with his step-father and they are basically in an S&M type of relationship, but then he falls for one of his classmates that also has some issues from his own past.The manga was initially hard to push through at the beginning because of some of the opening scenes and initial character plot points, but once I got about to the h [...]

    11. Story deals with such dark themes as self-harm, sexual, psychological and emotional abuse, guilt, masochism and self punishing. However it is not depressive story but more uplifting one. Main characters Chiaki and Eiji are school mates and after some time they become close friends and lovers. Both boys in their friendship find help to fight their respective inner demons and grow up. The end is not honeyed happy after ever as both have long way to heal but there is no doubt Eiji and Chiaki will h [...]

    12. it has a good plot and premise, though the story has been a little rushed for my liking. the characters are beautiful, and their relationship with each other is very interesting to watch. their relationship with each other is bordering on need; it is passionate although not particularly sweet. i love the ending, i really do, but the way the author has solved the conflict between one of the character's--sakaguchi's--father--is rushed and seems really unplanned for me. but that aside, everything i [...]

    13. A very emotional, mind-wrecking, heart-tearing story. A beautiful story about two high school students with dark pasts they tried to avoid. A weird loner and a popular "rent" boy met at a rooftop. One was used to be an abuse toy by his mother and another was used to be a sex toy by his stepfather. Both resulted in two different characteristics, yet they met and healed each other through love.Grab your tissue box and hug it close before you start reading this. You'll cry when read about their jou [...]

    14. This is one of my favorite yaoi mangas. I go back to read it quite often. The two main characters have dark backgrounds making their present a nightmare they need to escape from. Going through the manga you can really see solid character development. It is really interesting to see the two meeting at the begining of the manga and then looking through the manga's final pages to notice the difference in which they regard each other. Seeing them grow together is truly an enjoyable experience. For o [...]

    15. kisah tentang pencarian jati diri seorang cowok dibantu dengan seorang temannya mengindikasikan bukan hanya sekedar persahabatan,tapi lebih dari itumbat laun kisah seperti ini menjadi thriller psikologis,thriller erotis dengan love interest didalamnyap!betul sekali,tapi para readers tidak perlu kecewa ketika cerita didalam ini tidak sesuai dengan yang diharapkantidaknya masih ada bagian cerita yang menegangkan & misterius walau sedikit;)

    16. CUT was one of the first yaoi books that I ever read that actually helped me out with my own life. It portrays a boy who hides his cutting from the world and another who hides scars from his past. It's a lovely book. (:P) I hope it affects others with the same problem positively in the same way it affected me. :]

    17. I like dark manga. I like depressing manga.However, I like manga with a good story that makes sense even more. Unfortunately, this manga had a lot of potential it blew, by it's trying to over-angstify things too quickly. To be honest, it reminded me of "A Cruel God Reigns", only super-fast, horribly planned out, etc. The art was very good though, so that's a plus.

    18. A darker side to relationships. This one has a lot of depth and realism. Both main characters have a difficult and abusive past that shape who they are. They each have their own coping mechanisms, but somehow support each other far more than anticipated. Only issue I had was the lack of supporting characters to fill it out to be more realistic. Overall, a really good manga.

    19. So dazzling. A beautiful story. You got emotional feelings when you read it. And iam so happy in the end they found their happiness. the artwork also pretty.

    20. Just amazing.Dark,twisted but romantic in some peculiar way.A very good read,very good art and breathtaking story.Totally recommended.

    21. Really sad, yet beautiful and happy in parts at the same time. The way the held each other and adjust and make scacrfices.

    22. Two broken young men finding comfort and peace with each other. A sad and sweet story, I really liked it.

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