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The Love Affair of an English Lord

  • Title: The Love Affair of an English Lord
  • Author: Jillian Hunter
  • ISBN: 9780345461223
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Love Affair of an English Lord Award winning author Jillian Hunter both amuses and delights with another irresistible tale of scandal and seduction When Chloe Boscastle is caught indiscreetly kissing a man in a park her brother Gr

    Award winning author Jillian Hunter both amuses and delights with another irresistible tale of scandal and seduction.When Chloe Boscastle is caught indiscreetly kissing a man in a park, her brother Grayson the protective patriarch of the Boscastle family sends her off to a country manor to stay until the scandal in town subsides.Soon after Chloe s banishment begins, she isAward winning author Jillian Hunter both amuses and delights with another irresistible tale of scandal and seduction.When Chloe Boscastle is caught indiscreetly kissing a man in a park, her brother Grayson the protective patriarch of the Boscastle family sends her off to a country manor to stay until the scandal in town subsides.Soon after Chloe s banishment begins, she is shocked to learn that her neighbor Dominic Breckland, the devilish Viscount Stratfield, has been killed in his bed But she is even stunned to discover the dangerously handsome victim taking refuge in her lingerie closet one night By some miracle Dominic has survived his attack and wishes the world to believe him dead Can the alluring Lady Chloe keep his secret Dominic uses all his masculine charm to persuade her as they work together to unmask his enemy Of course, being caught sheltering a seductive scoundrel could further mar Chloe s already tarnished reputation But, really, what s a little scandal to a lady in love

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    1. Chloe Boscastle es quizás la más conflictiva de los hermanos Boscastle y es por ello que para evitar más escándalos la envían a vivir con sus tíos Humprey y Gwendolyn.Sus intentos de reformarse darán al traste cuando aparece en su habitación el “fantasma” de Dominic Breckland, conde de Stratford. Ese hombre al que todos dan por muerto le creará nuevos problemas, sobre todo descubrir quién es su asesino y sobre todo evitar enamorarse de un hombre como él.Es el segundo libro de esta [...]

    2. I wanted to like this book and while I didn’t dislike it, I did find myself putting it down over and over again. Both the hero and heroine are intriguing but there was something missing though I never could quite put my finger on what it was. Part of the issue was the lackadaisical ending which didn’t leave me convinced that this couple would be together for the next fifty years.The Love Affair of an English Lord is a cute read but I was hoping for so much more. ~ Cerise, ireadromance

    3. Disappointed. The book had so much potential. I liked the plot but unfortunately did not feel like I was given the opportunity to get to know the hero/heroine. Very superficial and silly. Too much dialogue which was nonsensical and did not seem appropriate to the situations they found themselves in. Behavior did not seem right for the historical period and the speech didn't either. Not for me.

    4. La escandalosa Chloe Boscastle ha encontrado la horma de su zapato en el escándalo andante que se ha convertido Dominic, el difunto vizconde. Da gusto encontrar una familia tan entrañable como esta.

    5. I have read almost all of the Boscastle series and while some gripe that there isn't enough character development, I find Hunters books just right. No, there isn't a whole lot of character development or musings on motivation and the like, but sometimes I'm not in the mood for that and so I find Hunter fits the bill when I need something light and fun and sexy.This book was just enough for what I wanted. Chloe and Dominic never really connected on a mental level, more physically than anything el [...]

    6. The Boscastle siblings are some of my favorite historical romance characters. They are all so passionate and stubborn, but also funny and lovable. Chloe and Dominic's story was no different. I loved the Stratfield Ghost and the concept of Chloe finding Dominic hiding in her unmentionables! The plot was predictable, but highly enjoyable.

    7. The plot was pretty goodDominic wants to find person who tried to kill him so he fakes his death and ends up hiding in Chloe's lingerie closet. It had some action and funny Aunt Gwen but it had lots of pondering. Eventually I ended up skimming, reading only dialogue.

    8. A scoundrel who's presumed dead hiding in an exiled troublemaker's chest of underwear. A book starting like this can only predict lots of fun and this second installment in Hunter's Boscastle-series turned out to be a true treat in the Regency-genre.Chloe is brazen, independent and quick-minded. A true Boscastle, nothing less than the male onesHer brothers and sister thought they had her neatly tucked away in the country with her aunt and uncle, where she can do no more harm to her already damag [...]

    9. This story was extremely corny. The dialogue was not fitting for the time period at all Chloe is caught kissing someone in a park and is sent to live with her elderly aunt and uncle in the countryside to think about her trampy-like behavior. The way that she spoke to her aunt was so unrealistic for that time period and it made me instantly dislike her as a character. For example, shamelessly and brazenly asking her elderly prim and proper aunt if she had ever had an affair with the neighboring l [...]

    10. I'm entering a another romance-novel bender and Jillian Hunter is providing an excellent addition. The Boscastle family is a humorous bunch of passionate, stubborn people who live just on the edge of polite society where they can get away with their scandalous lives, but close enough in to create delicious social tension.Chloe and Dominic's story is a whirlwind from the moment they meet: when she discovers him in her trunk of undergarments, bleeding from a stab wound. (Yikes!) While their story [...]

    11. A good mystery, although I didn't like this one quite as much as the first book in the series. A couple of plotholes left over (maybe Hunter is saving those). I do like how the Boscastles introduced in book 1 play a continuing part in Chloe's book.

    12. NOTE: This is more a detailed plot summary than a review. I write these so I can remember what happened in any given book, especially those in a series. But if anyone else finds this helpful - awesome.In the first Boscastle book, Chloe was the only sibling to share with Jane Grayson’s true feelings towards her and his resulting, confused treachery. In return, Jane was always a stanch opponent of Chloe being banished to the countryside, but this was a battle Jane lost in her desire to win the w [...]

    13. Kissing a young man in public was the last straw for the Boscastle clan. Chloe's wild and spirit behavior had often got her into trouble, but this latest incident was just too scandalous for her family to allow her stay in London. So, her brothers, who often had to deal with their own scandalous affairs, sent her to the country to stay with relatives. They hoped, she would reform her ways and restore her reputation. Yeah right! She was a Boscastle. They should have know better. Trouble ALWAYS fo [...]

    14. Hunter weaves an entertaining tale of romance and suspense with “The Love Affair of an English Lord.” Chloe Boscastle, the headstrong younger sister of Grayson Boscastle, the Marquess of Sedgecroft, has been banished to the country for her compromising behavior. Chloe has barely settled in when she meets Dominic Breckland, Viscount Stratfield. The only problem to their blossoming romance is that the town thinks Dominic is a ghost! Hunter’s novel engages the reader from the first page with [...]

    15. I liked the previous book in the series. It wasn't mind-blowing awesomeness, but it was a nice historical romance, with some humor thrown in. This one, however, was just boring and easily put down.The heroine, Chloe, is a spirited young woman, looking for adventure and entertainment in some wrong places. The hero, what's-his-name, was good-looking? Also, people were trying to kill him, even though he faked his own death because somebody tried to kill him. Don't ask. I was not impressed with the [...]

    16. I really liked this book. Even though it was a light read, I would have liked more mystery. I think there was potential for it to be more suspenseful. I didn't feel the sweeping danger that I might have felt in other books. I mean, Dominic, the hero was brutally stabbed. Yet, when we open the story, it's done and we don't get to be a part of it. I also would have liked a few POV changes to the villain, to see what he was up to. When we get into the story, we learn the villain has been accused an [...]

    17. I should have liked this book more than I did. The hero and his best friend are both everything you might want in a romantic hero; brave, handsome and intriguing. But I'm not sure that it was ever made entirely clear why the hero needed to hatch an elaborate plot to ambush the villain rather than simply turning him in to the sheriff; even a little post-traumatic amnesia might have been nice. The heroine-helps-hero-recover-from-suppurating-wound has been done better in other books. The heroine is [...]

    18. Chloe Bocastle may be a member of an infamous family, but her brothers seem to think that because she is female, she should be held to a higher standard. Plus, she needs to get away from town after being seen kissing a man to whom she is not married. But, just because she is in the country, it doesn't mean she's going to be proper. Instead, she's too busy falling in love with a man most people believe to be a ghost.Someone tried to kill Dominic Breckland so he decided to play dead. Only he's bee [...]

    19. who wouldn't fall in love with a man who is hiding inside your closet, i did. i loved how chloe unexpectedly saw dominic inside her closet. for one she is being punished and sent to her uncle's care for what transpired in london only to find herself in another situation against the ton, hiding a man inside her closet. liked how the story goes and that their budding romance simply flourished. chloe maybe conservative, but when she is with her man she is bold. amazing work from jillian hunter and [...]

    20. It's been fun to get to know the Boscastles. This 2nd book is focused on the youngest sister Chloe. Chloe is exasperating her family with her bent to defy proper behavior and is sent to the country to let her scandal die when Dominic Breckland, Viscount Statfield 'drops' in on her, literally. A fast plot, endearing characters and love scenes taken up a notch make for an enjoyable read. JH is reminiscent of a Mary Balogh "Lite".

    21. The second book in the Boscastle series by Jillian Hunter. This book turned into a fun and delightful romp. Lots of witty banter and moved nicely at a quick pace. It didn't lag too much and kept my attention. I don't think there was anything that would make me want to keep it on the keeper shelf but it was still a good read and I think anyone who enjoys heart-hearted Historical Romances would like this.

    22. I really like this book! I liked even more than the first book in the series. I adore Chloe and I enjoyed the love story. I do wish that Chloe's depression had been addressed a little more. It was acknowledged but not really dealt with. Other than that an excellent, fast paced read, and a happy ending. :)

    23. Such a unique beginning to the book, and enjoyed the balance of romance, mystery, & drama, but some parts of the dialogue were silly and inappropriate to the story and how could all the blood on the bedding & clothing be justified? It was just skipped over as inconsequential when it would have been anything but.

    24. This book is in my top ten historical romance's. I've read it 3 times over the years and i never tire of it. The wit, passion and romance in this book is wonderful. I love the Boscastle family and chloe is one of my favourite heroins. YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK.

    25. Chloe's story. Nice to see Jane stepping up again as the voice of reason when needed. Again, I enjoy this series even though it is very similar to Balogh's series. Nice combination of romance, intrigue, and suspense. For some odd reason it also reminded me early on of _Sorcery and Cecelia_.

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