- By Jillian Hunter

The Seduction of an English Scoundrel

  • Title: The Seduction of an English Scoundrel
  • Author: Jillian Hunter
  • ISBN: 9780345461216
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Seduction of an English Scoundrel Award winning author Jillian Hunter pens a delightful romp of passion and tantalizing trickery proving all is fair in matters of love It would have been the wedding of the year had the groom Sir Nige

    Award winning author Jillian Hunter pens a delightful romp of passion and tantalizing trickery proving all is fair in matters of love.It would have been the wedding of the year had the groom, Sir Nigel Boscastle, bothered to put in an appearance To the shock of her distinguished guests, the respectable Lady Jane Welsham is left humiliated at the altar Yet truth be told,Award winning author Jillian Hunter pens a delightful romp of passion and tantalizing trickery proving all is fair in matters of love.It would have been the wedding of the year had the groom, Sir Nigel Boscastle, bothered to put in an appearance To the shock of her distinguished guests, the respectable Lady Jane Welsham is left humiliated at the altar Yet truth be told, although outwardly ruined she is elated to have escaped marriage to a man she does not love.Enter Grayson Boscastle, the irresistible Marquess of Sedgecroft and cousin to Nigel Grayson s duty is clear salvage the young lady s pride and reestablish the family s good name, while repairing his own tarnished reputation as one of London s most notorious scoundrels Their whirlwind affair is the talk of the ton Yet nothing is as it seems between the bewitching Lady Jane, who knows that her wedding was cleverly sabotaged, and her charming rogue, as they are drawn into an amusing game of seduction and secrets.

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    1. Honestly, sometimes I wonder why I even bother. I don't really like romances very much. And yet, every once in a while, when one crops up on a list by an author who hasn't utterly disgusted me yet, I pick it up. I think I'm trying to prove I'm not a book snob. See, I'll read anything! Even romance!Note: The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement. You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasb [...]

    2. **3.5**Es sin duda uno de los libros más cómicos que he leído este mes, pero aunque creo que la pluma de esta autora es muy buena, le falta pulir algunas cosillas. Con los años leyendo este género me he vuelvo más exigente y aunque este libro me dejó una muy agradable sensación no puedo ponerle más de 3.5. Porque aunque el ritmo fue fluido siento que la historia tenía mucho más potencial porque vamos una no todos los días sabotea su propia boda. Y mucho menos en esa epoca que dicho s [...]

    3. While I did like elements of the story, I got frustrated with some logic flaws. Theoretically, the heroine was "ruined" owing to the fact that her bridegroom jilted her at the altar. Turns out that she herself set this up; neither she nor her intended had ever wanted to marry, and he wanted to marry someone else. OK, so why not just have him elope a week before the wedding? Why put herself in the position of standing at the altar before a crowd of people for hours waiting for the man she knew wo [...]

    4. Lady Jane, has been stood up at the altar by her fiancée, and close friend. Everyone is heartbroken forher, but Jane can’t wait for the opportunity to find true love. Jane has a secret that she hatched, and she is joyful at the current events, now she knows it will be up to her to make her own fate. But there is one obstacle that she didn’t plan on…Grayson Boscatsle. Gray is furious at his cousin, and knows that it is up to him to maintain the family honor, and seek reparations for the wr [...]

    5. I loved it! It was fun and full of humor with just the right amount of steam. My only complaint was that I thought the ending could have been shortened up a bit. It seemed to take a little longer to wrap everything all up than it needed to. But other than that it was a great book :)

    6. Jane Welsham está a punto de abandonar la soltería con Sir Nigel Boscastle pero todos sueños caen en un saco roto (y su buen nombre) cuando el novio la deja plantada el día de la boda.Grayson Boscastle, Marqués de Sedgecroft y primo del susodicho elemento rompecorazones cree que su deber es restablecer el buen nombre de la señorita pero quizás tenga otras intenciones.Bueno esta novela es una recomendación y es que en este momento en el que no paro de leer, vamos que estoy enganchada a la [...]

    7. Very interesting book. It reminds me of those amusing moments while reading Oscar Wilde's plays. That being said, I find it hard to take this book seriously. Jilian Hunter has a rather unusual voice in historical romance genre. In fact, I felt that I was reading a historical comedy more than romance. The twists and turns, the plotting, the scheming, the getting back at you, the I love you out of nowhere.if we ridicule some romances for their dramatic betrayals and contrived conflicts, this book [...]

    8. Es genial. Al principio lo agarré con miedo porque es la primera vez que leo a Jillian Hunter pero una vez que se calman las aguas se me hizo una historia divertida, romántica y me mantuvo una sonrisa boba en la cara.El día que Jane Belshire quedó plantada en el altar, Grayson Boscastle decidió pasar de ser un libertino sin remedio a convertirse en su héroe salvador. Lo que ninguno de ellos previó, es que este intento de salvar su reputación los llevaría a caer en los brazos del otro. L [...]

    9. I really liked The Seduction of an English Scoundrel. Grayson was very sweet when it comes to Jane and Jane was not in any way stupid or foolish or immature. She was a perfect match for Grayson because they are equal when it comes to their scheming ways and she would never bore Grayson. I will definitely continue with the series. The other siblings were definitely interesting.

    10. Bastante divertido. Es un compromiso por conveniencia, que se convierte en amistad y luego amor. Hacen una pareja cómica y es un libro entretenido.

    11. Author: Jillian HunterFirst published: 2005Length: 5313 locations, 371 pagesSetting: London 1814Sex: Frequent and explicit.Includes: Excerpt from The Love Affair of an English Lord.I made a mistake. I admit it. I shouldn't have bought this book. I'd read Book 2 of the series and been desperately disappointed. But I forgot to check my books/reviews and was intrigued.And then I started readingJane is left standing at the altar by one cousin, immediately squired about town with another. As his repu [...]

    12. 3.5 starsThis book was funny as well as very romantic.I loved everything: the story, the characters, the romance, the writingstyle. This is a series I’m really going to enjoy reading. Grayson is a hero to die for, Jane is a heroin you can really relate to. Their interactions are romantic and fun, their chemistry is hot. Grayson is endearing and in the way he wants to do the right thing by Jane, by his family and by the memory of his late father and brother. Jane is endearing in the way she doe [...]

    13. I read so many serious books, so once a month I read a romance novel. I'm very picky - they have to be historical, with lots of humor and sex. As such, I don't find many that I really like. This book is the first in a series by Jillian Hunter that follows a scandalous family, and I usually choose to re-read one of them instead of trying to find a new romance. Tease me all you want, but this book is too much fun to pass up.

    14. Couldn't finish this one. Boring plot with characters I cared nothing about and the dialogue sounded nothing like the time period. I found myself getting annoyed with the constant reminders that he's the leader of the family and how blue his eyes are. DNF.

    15. 3 1/2 starsLoved it! A game of one up man ship from 2 well matched protagonist. I hope I used that word in the right context.

    16. NOTE: This is more a detailed plot summary than a review. I write these so I can remember what happened in any given book, especially those in a series. But if anyone else finds this helpful - awesome.The book opens several hours into the wedding ceremony of Lady Jane Welsham & Sir Nigel Boscastle. But Nigel still not present, Jane’s family is slowly realizing that their daughter’s been jilted, and the Boscastles appear bewildered: this will be the first scandal they’ve faced since the [...]

    17. Hunter dives into regency England, weaving a delightful heart-warming romp of seduction and romance. Set in 1815 England, Hunter introduces the roguish Boscastle family – four men and one girl full of passion and a desire to live life to its fullest. “The Seduction of an English Scoundrel” tells the story of Grayson Boscastle, the fifth Marquess of Sedgecroft. Grayson has it all – charm, wit, and style, yet he wants to set an example for his roguish siblings and he’s not quite sure whe [...]

    18. Lady Jane's plan to stop her wedding worked. Her friend and betrothed Nigel, eloped with the woman he loved and left Lady Jane to her much wanted freedom. She didn't care that society believed her to have been jilted at the alter. She didn't coward to thier gossip or conform to thier ways. She was a strong, independant, and caring woman, who just wanted to be left alone, to make her own choices. Grayson Boscastle, Marquess of Sedgecroft was angry at his cousin's behavior. Against Lady Jane's wis [...]

    19. Two words: Blue eyes. There had to have been a way were she didn't have to always make it a point to tell us his eye color, or that of his family, who, you've guessed it, have blue eyes. Every two to ten pages without fail "his blue eyes." At one point she tried to shake it up with "blue-silver eyes" or "smoky blue eyes." But they were still irrevocably "his blue eyes." Something she didn't do for her heroine (who incidentally had green eyes. Only said once, maybe twice, just to be sure).Her wri [...]

    20. Six Deadly Symptoms of a Man in Love:1) Inability to think straight.2) An alarming propensity to smile at the oddest moments.3) Constant thoughts of the object of one’s desire.4) Absolutely no interest in other members of the opposite sex.5) A startling sense of goodwill toward the world in general.6) A perpetual state of sexual arousal. At first, the wedding is boring but amusing. So I understand why would other readers say it's flat but what I don't get is to associate the whole story to the [...]

    21. "The Seduction of an English Scoundrel" of Jillian Hunter was recommended to me because I really like historical romances. This is the first book I've ever read from this author.So, the love story is captivating and intense. The characters are very nice, witty and well done. Unlike other reviewers, I have no problems with arrogant, intrusive or macho characters, since they get me to care for them. Sedgecroft has all these features and a few more, but the fact that I like to read something in a b [...]

    22. I have struggled to read to 140 pages of this book and I just can't take it anymore. The writing is excellent (I love Jillian Hunter's quirky characters and writing style), but the plot has left me bored. I can't stand the repeated comments of how "Sedgrecroft" (AKA Grayson Boscastle, AKA Marquess) is so perfect, a snoundrel admired by young men (to excess), envied by older men, women drool over him (to excess) and he just goes about his life, glaring at people when he disapproves and pretending [...]

    23. Take the title of this book seriously. The entire book was a give and take between the H/H with very little story. Actually, none of it made sense, considering life during the Regency Period. As usual the story would not have taken place if the heroine had been honest and told everyone the truth. Of course that was the only thing that she did that was out of character. Any other action she made was abrupt almost to the point of being rude. But, what do I know? I thought it quite boring. Toward t [...]

    24. I really enjoyed The Seduction of an English Scoundrel with the colorful Boscastle family and all of their hijinks. Grayson is the head of the family and while he has his wild side, to most he is the picture of decorum. Lady Jane has been left at the altar though she doesn’t break down over her misfortune because she played a hand in it. Her desire is to live her life as she sees fit and thanks to her very public disgrace, she will be able to do so. Until Grayson steps in and for the first tim [...]

    25. Just one thing.d I wouldn't dare call this a review This is my first book by the author and hats off to herI mean she tickled me to no end with her conversations. Both Grayson and Jane were very entertaining to say the least. The novel? Well, the plot was quite good but I could have guessed it and I did. But the fun element was the dialogues. And for those who like to laugh, this one is for you. A word of caution though, please read it alone. You might run into trouble explaining why you have th [...]

    26. I don't generally notice anachronisms, I'm not the stickler for historical accuracy that some readers are…I wouldn't know whether a certain way of tying a cravat dated to one decade or another. But when, in the first few chapters there is a proposition that the bride be carried down the aisle "like a football" I cringe. It's so wrong in so many ways. EVEN NOW if one was in the UK, people would be referring to soccer when saying "football" and a soccer ball is not carried!!!!" Also, there reall [...]

    27. A friend couldn't believe given my current appreciation for romance novels, that I hadn't read the Boscastle series of novels from Jillian Hunter. It was recommended that I'd enjoy them more if I didn't skip around (I had book 5 in my hand)but start with the first,'The seduction of an English Scoundrel'. It didn't take long to realize that JH's style is light on historical and heavy on steamy scenes. Jane and Grayson's story was a fun, frothy, quick read. I think I'll be busy checking out the ot [...]

    28. Very charming, sexy novel from Jillian Hunter. Nothing too out of the ordinary in the way of a Regency: bluestocking heroine; darkly sensual hero. What I loved most was the language. Jillian Hunter writes some seriously hot prose! Purple prose and crazy euphemisms are the prerogative of historical romance novels, but in this novel, Hunter dares use few, if any, euphemisms and yet maintains the historic tone of the narrative. Will pick up the second novel for sure. I hope Hunter keeps it up! (No [...]

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