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The Complete Fairy Tales

  • Title: The Complete Fairy Tales
  • Author: Jacob Grimm Wilhelm Grimm Jack D. Zipes Walter Crane
  • ISBN: 9780099511441
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Complete Fairy Tales TRANSLATED INTRODUCED AND ANNOTATED BY JACK ZIPESWolves and grandmothers the seven dwarfs a goose made of golde folk tales collected by the Grimm brothers created an astonishingly influential imagi

    TRANSLATED, INTRODUCED AND ANNOTATED BY JACK ZIPESWolves and grandmothers, the seven dwarfs, a goose made of golde folk tales collected by the Grimm brothers created an astonishingly influential imaginative world However, this is also a world where a woman cooks her stepson and an evil queen dances to death in a pair of burning shoes Violent, funny, disturbing and wTRANSLATED, INTRODUCED AND ANNOTATED BY JACK ZIPESWolves and grandmothers, the seven dwarfs, a goose made of golde folk tales collected by the Grimm brothers created an astonishingly influential imaginative world However, this is also a world where a woman cooks her stepson and an evil queen dances to death in a pair of burning shoes Violent, funny, disturbing and wise, these stories have intrigued both children and adults for generations The only complete edition available, this collection features the 279 stories in an acclaimed, modern, unexpurgated translationLUSTRATED BY WALTER CRANE

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    1. If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales. ― Albert EinsteinAfter being gifted this beautiful edition of Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales, I decided to be a good and proper Auntie and read them to my niece (6). What better way to end the day and send her off to slumberland? These children’s tales are very short - perfect for bedtime reading - and are full of valuable lessons: 1. Step-mothers are evil [...]

    2. First, I share with you how I decided to read this book. Read my silly coincidence !A prelude fairy tale :) -------------------It was dark already, when I was getting down through the steps, from my rooftop after my lazy late evening walk; I found a little creature jumping over my feet. I got scared for a moment, quickly came down, took a torch in my hand and climbed up back to the stairs.There, not to my surprise, a little frog had placed himself just at the corner of a step. At ground level of [...]

    3. I adored fairy tales as a child wait, I've always adored them, even now when I'm not a child so many different interpretations -- truly the foundation for many of today's TV shows, movies, children's books a must read! Who doesn't know the stories of Hansel & Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, etc. These are powerful parables meant to teach us all the lessons we need. Of course, they're fun and imaginative. But their the basics to start from. Love them.About MeFor those new to me or my reviews [...]

    4. ألتقط أنفاسي قليلاًأعود إلى سحر الطفولة المفقود في عالميوأرخي أعصابي بين دفتي كتاب حكايات كبيرأتذكّر أمي حين كنتُ في العاشرة السابعة الخامسةورأسي على ذراعها الممدود قبل النوم ، تحكي لي كل ما توارثته عن أمها من حكايات عجيبة ‏كانت تثير خيالي النهم إلى عوالم كل شيء فيها ممكن [...]

    5. 3.24180327 stars (pretty close to pi)- the average of tales of 89 to 210 as I lost the ratings of the first 88 stories 2016 - The Most Fun (nest) Review to Write " The folk tale is the primer of the picture-language of the soul" -Joseph CampbellIf the Grimms were around today this is the tale I would recount to them:In the near past in the kingdom of Toronto there lived a distinguished middle aged Duke. He was handsome, cool, level-headed and fastiduous. He lived in a grand apartment with his gr [...]

    6. The original Grimm's Brothers fairy tales were a far cry from the Perrault collection of many of the same stories, the Green Fairy Book by Andrew Lang, or, God forbid, Walt Disney. The Brothers Grimm told stories with meat on their bones, where the good people were heroes and the bad people were really, really bad. The outcome of a particular story rose and fell on the consequences of the actions of the characters. The evil stepsisters in Cinderella, for example, did not go to the wedding of Cin [...]

    7. Boldly ventured is half won.As always, Grimm Brothers didn't disappoint me. I enjoyed this tale more than I expected.OVERVIEWThere is a princess who proclaims that whoever solves her riddle, she will marry him. Princess is 100% sure that nobody can solve it but a tailor solves it. In state of shock, Princess refuses to marry him and gives him another test to pass in exchange of marriage. She puts him in the cage of bear. If he stays alive all the night, princess will marry him.This tale was a fu [...]

    8. The Lessons of the Brothers GrimmThe Golden Bird -- If you are the “Chosen One” you can eschew all advice, screw up constantly, and still come out on top.Hans in Luck -- Half-wits can be happy with anything.Jorinda and Jorindel -- You can trespass unreservedly, so long as “the Other” owns the land. The Traveling Musicians -- Robbing the rich to give to yourself is fine if your victim is a robber.Old Sultan -- Obey your master to the detriment of your friends, especially if your friends t [...]

    9. The copy that I owned as a child had Anderson's stories on the reverse - UPSIDE-MOTHERFUCKING-DOWN. I know, right? Too rad for words? Why don't I own it anymore? I presume it just fell apart from the heady love affair that I had with it. I was besotted. Rapaciously smitten. If rapacious means what I think it does. I just wanted to climb in between the covers and love it good. With or without its consent. Maybe rapacious simply means greedy, which does just as good because I was greedy for it, li [...]

    10. The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales, Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm عنوان: جهان افسانه مجموعه مجموعه کامل افسانه های برادران گریم؛ اثر: برادران گریم؛ یاکوب لودویگ کارل گریم؛ ویلهلم کارل گریم؛ مترجم: هرمز ریاحی؛ بهزاد برکت؛ نسرین طباطبائی؛ تهران، فکر روز، 1378؛ در 735 ص؛ شابک: 9643430286؛ موضوع: افسانه های پریان از نوی [...]

    11. Do you know kids today don't know how gory fairy tales are? This is a travesty and will not stand while I am a teacher. While we were discussing Paul Bunyan this week I got sidetracked and started talking about how everything in fairy tales happens in threes. Like how in the original Cinderella the stepmother tries to trick the prince by cutting of portions of her stepdaughters feet to fit the shoe. The kids were all riveted and many asked "Where's that book with all the gross stories in it?" du [...]

    12. I tried. I tried so hard to read this book.I kept telling myself that I can do it. That they're all old fairy tales. That it's nice to know the origin of all those classic stories.But no. I just I really can't do it anymore.They're all ridiculous, annoying, and so so so much boring.DNF (I'm not sorry)

    13. I was gifted a lovely edition of this - which was incredibly thoughtful, since there was no occasion for it. So, this is a 'review' as much as it is a perfect bout of nostalgia for me. There are 211 tales in here so I'm not able to, nor would I want to comment on them all.Grimm's tales are known all over the world - Hanzel and Gretel, Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, The Frog Prince - everyone knows these, right? What about The Old Beggar-Woman, One-Eye, Two-Eyes, And Three-Eyes, The White Bride And T [...]

    14. I wish I could review each and every story in this individually, but there are soooo many. All I can say is that this has given me quite a few story ideas and its also given me quite a lot of laughter along with probably scarring me for life, as well. :P Some of those stories are creepy!And if anyone writes a fairytale retelling of The Straw, The Coal, and The Bean let me know, because that will be HILARIOUS. ;)

    15. This was a chore to read, I thought it would be brilliant and dark. Sadly, it was anything but, there was the odd moment of slight creepiness but that was about it. Out of the two hundred or so stories, there were only a few that stood out — the rest were all repetitive, it felt like I was reading the same story over and over. I was getting sick of the same themes, characterizations and dynamics used. The message throughout was that:-All stepmothers are bitter, jealous, evil, immoral, lazy and [...]

    16. I love fairy tales. I grew up with Disney's cute, timeless renditions of them. I think it's important to point out, though, that Disney definitely made the majority of these stories much more palatable. For example, in the original Sleeping Beauty, the prince basically rapes the princess while she's asleep and by the time she wakes up it turns out she's already had kids by him. In the original The Little Mermaid, the mermaid kills herself after seeing the prince marry a human girl. In the origin [...]

    17. I’ve been meaning to read this one for a while. It is fascinating to see how all of the fairy tales which we have grown up with in a sanitized Disnified form, originally came to take their shape. The tales are in as enjoyable a form as any cheerful animation. Whatever translation was done is seamless and there are no ridiculous schisms between the meanings and implications of terms that have different connotations in German (a common trait when words do not match exactly in two different langu [...]

    18. Nunca dejé de leer cuentos infantiles. De vez en cuando, entre tanto Camus, tanto Borges, Kafka, sadasdsdaf, tengo la necesidad de salir de lo absurdo, lo opresivo, lo filosófico, la realidad, en definitiva para volver a lo básico, a esa ingenuidad que caracteriza a la niñez, donde realmente crees en bosques mágicos y hermosas princesas que no hacen más que dormir hasta que su príncipe azul las despierta con el beso del amor verdadero aunque jamás las habían visto antes, y personajes co [...]

    19. He visto tantas adaptaciones de estas historias que no dudaría en hacer la mía en formato de Novela Gráfica, algunas tan disparatadas y terroríficas que las otras, esa es la esencia que siempre me ha gustado de los hermanos Grimm, me sorprende como textos tan oscuros se volvieron lindos cuentos para niños, en mi opinión prefiero torturas que un final feliz :)

    20. The original collection of tales, that encompasses the foundation of what we base the majority of our present day lessons upon. In particular, Rumpelstiltskin was a story that struck me as very intense and dark for being a children story. The idea that Rumpelstiltskin is portrayed in a devil like fashion, and is the essence of evil, scares even me. In addition, the story contrasts normal gender roles, where the man is wise and the woman is weak and insignificant. Within Rumpelstiltskin, the role [...]

    21. I think this is an absolutely important book for everyone to read. The story tropes are important for appreciation of other later works in all forms of entertainment. So why did I give it three stars?Because so many of the stories in here are not ones that you have heard before, and for good reason, they are either boring, a copy of an earlier story in the same work (there about seven stories of Clever So-and-So that all follow nearly the same story path), or don’t really teach anything. Also, [...]

    22. The kids really enjoyed hearing the real story of Cinderella, Snow White, and others. But some of these stories are just so darn WEIRD. The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean . . . is that anyone's favorite story? Yeah, I didn't think so. But this is a beautiful edition: leather-bound, gilt-edged, with a ribbon bookmark and a creepy owl on the endpapers. If you're looking for an old-school edition of Grimm's Fairy Tales, this would definitely be my pick. Oh, and the kids' favorite story? The Fisherma [...]

    23. Even though I like some of the Disney movies they're mostly watered down and fluffy versions of these incredibly imaginative, dark and grim folk tales that the brothers Grimm collected. Even though not all the tales are interesting I would happily get this to my bookshelf anyway.And finally, I would like to thank you my Finnish teacher who introduced the morbid world of the Grimms to my class when we were 13. She read the most memorable fairy tales to us under a red lamp and it made me travel ba [...]

    24. La vera fiaba "c'era una volta" e ci sarà sempre.Un volume che è una perla della mia libreria. Non si può dire nulla di nuovo sulle fiabe. Iniziano tutte con "c'era una volta", finiscono -quasi- tutte con "e vissero per sempre felici e contenti" (le versioni variano). Forse mi aspettavo un pochino di più, ma le fiabe dei Grimm sono sempre le fiabe dei Grimm.

    25. 'When people are too well off they always begin to long for something new.' What an entertaining and enjoyable collection of fairy tales with sharp sprinkling of reality and just a little bit of madness but that's expected from Fairy tales. The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales is not the usual Disney stories we grew up with but an older version with life lessons on the dangers of the world. I guess this is how they used to teach children common sense in the past and it's fantastic because children a [...]

    26. Братя Грим - "Детски и домашни приказки"Толкова се изписа и каза вече за тази книга, че, честно казано, мислех да не пиша нищо.Но книгата ми достави такова удоволствие, че би било нередно просто да я отметна в графата "Прочетени", без да напиша поне няколко думи.Първо искам да к [...]

    27. I made it through, and WAY on time for the readathon! This was a much faster read than I had anticipated - since fairytales are in an older English, I thought it would be slower and more difficult to get through them, but since I already knew many, many of the fairytales in German and they aren't very complex stories, I flew through these. Obviously there were some I enjoyed more than others, but overall it was a really good read and the ones I loved way outweighed the ones I didn't like so much [...]

    28. This is probably one of the most famous and influencer book of tales of our time. Hansel & Gretel, Ranpunzel, The Little Redhood But although we have listen and seen many times the major part of its stories I can say that I never read the original ones, amd I have to admit that they are more interesting and dark than I expected. It's a great readin for all who want to discover the real stories of the classic tales.

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