- By Gregory K. Popcak

Beyond the Birds and the Bees

  • Title: Beyond the Birds and the Bees
  • Author: Gregory K. Popcak
  • ISBN: 9780879739416
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beyond the Birds and the Bees With his trademark blend of humor illustrative stories and common sense advice Gregory Popcak shows us seven principles for having age appropriate discussions about sex

    With his trademark blend of humor, illustrative stories, and common sense advice, Gregory Popcak shows us seven principles for having age appropriate discussions about sex.

    1 thought on “Beyond the Birds and the Bees

    1. This is such a good resource for me as a mom of children (1, 3, 6, and 8) in their early childhood. I feel ready for every step of their growth not only as a mother but as a wife. I highly recommend it.

    2. This book is SO good! I️t doesn’t just talk about ‘The Talk’ that we will one day have with our children (though it does touch on that), it really gives parents the tools and the language we need to raise our children with the capacity to make good, moral decisions on their own. The book is based on research in psychology and the study of the Theology of the Body. The fundamental truth that we are created good and wonderful, and that God gave us our bodies in order to work for the good o [...]

    3. This is a great book for Catholic parents who want to raise moral kids in today's world. The first part of the book is an overview of St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body with an emphasis on parenting. The second half of the book is broken into sections based on child development (birth-adolescence) and children's emotional needs as their bodies develop and they mature physically and emotionally.The only thing I did not care for was the "special hug" analogy. I felt like it was poorly worded [...]

    4. You know your book is good when you've dog eared ever other page! I may be finished reading "Beyond the Birds and the Bees," but it's definitely NOT the last time I will be picking it up! Excellent read and lots of tremendous insights for any parent or caretaker looking for a healthy, sensitive, and practical resource on sex education. I highly recommend it!

    5. Happy I read this. I'll certainly be referring back to this book several times at least in the next decade. A good primer on how to raise sexually healthy and holy children.

    6. Overall I found this book to be helpful. As I walk through grocery store check out lines and my young sons see lots of highly inappropriate pictures and captions on magazines, I wonder a great deal about the messages they are internalizing. I don't want them to objectify women, and yet that's exactly what such magazines encourage. This book, which will be overly conservative for most, has many good points regardless about how to deal with questions from children about sex, anatomy, etc. The sugg [...]

    7. Beyond the Birds and the Bees gives a whole life picture of how to give kids more than just an account of the mechanics involved in maturing and the basic what’s-up about sex. Rather, the book delves into how our identity as Christians and as sexual beings should be informed and enhanced by our theology.The book is based on the Theology of the Body, which is a Catholic concept but I don’t find it to be anything that would conflict with Protestant theology as I understand it. There are a few [...]

    8. 4.5 Stars.I like the holistic approach of this book. The author interprets sexuality much more broadly than is typically portrayed. For example, toilet training is part of your child's sex education because they are learning mastery over bodily functions.I like how information is broken down by stages to give some guidance on what information is appropriate for which age.This book is heavily dependent on Catholicism and Attachment Parenting. If either of those bother you, you probably won't get [...]

    9. I think this book does a good job of helping parents set up appropriate ways to think and discuss human sexuality with their children. It does cover some very big issues and does not skirt around them. However, I think their ages are off for kids today. And they didn't go into enough detail about how to go about the actual birds and bees talk. it was all about the beyond.

    10. I technically didn't read the whole thing--I skipped the chapters meant for parents of older kids. Loved what I saw, though.

    11. Great book! I have to say it was helpful is also helpful like the new book on , called The Birds and the Bees Children's Book by E.M. Makins also a very helpful book!!

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