1 thought on “La maison de Max et Lili a été cambriolée

  1. French children are lucky to have access to this excellent series! It's maybe a bit too pedagogical at times, but the author and illustrator are witty, the tone is warm and friendly, and there's usually some minor plot twist. Above all, though, it's incredibly honest and informative. I can see why children feel they can trust Ainsi va la vie ("Here's what life's like") to give them the straight scoop on things that are worrying them.So, in this one Lili and Max's family have come home from their [...]

  2. This came in handy when we came home from school/work one day and our house had been burgled. Both the kids and I were in shock to find everything we owned on the floor! Even the freezer had been emptied. Max and Lili helped us deal with it better.

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