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  1. The book Everest Diary was an exciting, thrilling one. The story follows Lute Jerstad and his comrades up the most dangerous mountain know to man. The team finds struggle on their climb, it is not a peaceful ascent to say the least. The story reminds readers to never get too comfortable, especially when facing such a great danger. Everest Diary delivers on the promise that it will thrill and shock you throughout. I would recommend it to any reader who is interested in adventure. The book is very [...]

  2. This is an account of the 1963 American expedition to Mount Everest, an expedition which put the first five Americans on the top. Jerstad describes the grinding boredom, grueling physical exertion and complicated logistics of a large scale expedition to the Himalayas, as well as his own personal struggle to make it to the top of the world, reflecting on his motivations for climbing and what he learned. The book also recounts the the first traverse of Everest, in which two climbers ascended from [...]

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