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  1. Quotes:punk's favorite surrealist, Andre BretonThe Ramones had also realized that they would have to compensate for their lack of radioplay with roadwork. And touring would lead to T-shirt sales, a big part of their survival. If punk had been seized upon by some in the "No Future" crowd as a way to flame out, the Ramones demonstrated that in the US, punk was not about fashion or merely a noisy suicide note. For four suburban misfits like Joey, Johhny, Dee Dee, and Tommy it was a way for them to [...]

  2. This Book is very good. Im currently reading it and it does great with describing detail and location of pictures. It basically revolves on how the Genre of music came to be in existence and how it was created for people who had things to say that not many wanted to hear. Talks of many bands that were around at the birth of punk and many that are still around. All the way from Blondie to Black Flag to The Ramones to The Sex Pistols this book is great for people inspired by this kind of music or [...]

  3. Although titling a book "The Whole Story" is rather daring (if not outrightly pretentious), this overview of the golden days of American and British Punk is quite an interesing account of the era, as remembered by many of it's key participants and through a remarkable anthology of some of its most iconographic photographs. Most of the book is made up by monographs of the key bands, either in the form of recollections by a key member of the band in question or selected bits of interviews with ban [...]

  4. The old line "a picture is worth a thousand words" somehow feels like an understatement when the picture in question is say, a group mooning (with the butts in question belonging to Chrissie Hynde, Vivienne Westwood, Malcolm McLaren among others. Another example would be a photo of Sid Vicious and Nancy lounging on a bench with a couple of Sex Pistols. This is a book that was rich with photographic wow factor, but sadly, too dry when it came to the textual details. Who would have thought that it [...]

  5. To expand on someone elses review: the book did an overall awesome job with images of the groups and people it's talking about. As far as how detailed it is in being the "whole story" it's very weak. The detail with certain aspects of what went on is excessive, but then at times entire groups and bands (Dead Kennedys, Social Distortion, Operation Ivy, The Exploited) and entire titles of subcultures have been entirely ignored.An easy way to sum up what I got from the book is a person's limited pe [...]

  6. Very nice collection of articles on Punk rock. There are things in the book that are new even to a seasoned punk rock fan like the fact that the rock journalist Nick Kent played for awhile with the early Sex Pistols before Malcom McLaren kicked him out for being too middle class. Also, there are some really nice photos in the book and the whole lay-out is easy to read. Highly recommended.

  7. I enjoyed the interviews from the archives; there's one with Johnny Rotten that I read years ago on the internet when all of those resources were becoming available that I'm happy to see in print. The second plus is that there are a lot of pictures here, which even after all my years wasted on tumblr, that are new to me.

  8. From the Sex Pistols to Green Day and everything in between. Great interviews and insights into the underground from the UK to New York. Music that inspired New Wave to Grunge. Garage bands sprung up everywhere - got three chords then you could start a band. Raw energy, spontaneous outbursts, who cares attitude - bring back punk !

  9. I really liked this book and it had a lot of information about the history punk, along with a lot of pictures about the pistols, Ramones, Iggy pop, and Black Flag and others. It had a lot of information about Sid Vicious and Nancy and the whole underground scene in the uk and the start of anarchy and how the pistols started punk. One thing i did not like was it did not include more information on the other genres of punk like crust or pogo/street punk or anarcho, theres more to it and i dont thi [...]

  10. The stuff on The New York Dolls was a good encyclopedia catch up. Note to self: check out their work. T loves them so I can ask her more about them. Maybe borrow some tunes from her. The book's angle was hugely biased you could tell. Sex Pistols one time manager saying I came up with the name. I came up with how they dressed and all these others. Blah blah blah. Find that so funny. Minor creative folks always do that. Fighting over the credit. Meanwhile, Shane MacGowan is *** Shane MacGowan teet [...]

  11. μερικά πολύ καλά συγκροτήματα όπως Addicts, Ian Dury, Agnostic Frond, The Offspring , Joy division ()έμειναν στην απ' έξω ενώ θεωρώ ότι συνέβαλαν εξίσου στην γέννηση και το στερέωμα της Punk μουσικής.λαμβάνεται φυσικά υπόψη πως για να συγκεντρωθεί η παρουσία όλων αυτών των αντιδραστικών παιδιών που αλλά [...]

  12. Straight up MOJO style with glossy photos and in depth interviews, this is a great title for those who want to know more about the genre. With amazing graphics and stories that cross into the culture of punk as well, the format and breadth of information here is fantastic.If you want to know more or are already a punk master, read, "Punk Rock: an oral history" by John Robb.

  13. A fantastic collection of interviews, articles, lists and photos, some of which are pieced together from other publications and others that are original and unique to this book. A great swathe of punk is represented and I would absolutely recommend this as a primer to young punks who are anxious to learn more about the origins of their scene.

  14. if you love punk this is your book to read. this book tells you from punk from all from england all away from nyc. it tells from the begging from the day it die. it also has events that happen in punk history and bands that was the most famous in the punk world. it has albums from the punk bands from the 1970 to the 2000. it has pictures from clubs and the papers. great book for the punk music

  15. Still confused about the title "The Whole Story". Yeah, maybe from your point of view. It's a pretty limited story if this is it. I'm gonna side with some of the reviews on here and say that a whole lotta bands were left out. Alot of bands that started a certain type of punk style musically were left out. As far as the photos etc, this was pretty good, if that's all you're looking for.

  16. Basically, this is everything the curious beginner needs to read about the genre. There are other books that are better — both England's Dreaming and Punk: The Definitive Record of A Revolution immediately come to mind and top my personal list — but this one is the most easily portable and it's loaded with photos, interviews, and a handy guide to the essential recordings.

  17. The almanach of Punk music history. Interviews with punk pioneers and the people who created the punk movement and helped to develop it. A tru must read and a must have for every alternative music fan. Full of information and original pictures and photos.

  18. Some of the essays are good, the one i read tonite about the clash sandinista album, for example, and the listings of essential punk albums was good but other parts were redundant if you've read other books about the punk rock movement

  19. Great read about English punk. I'm sorry though, the briefest mention of the Dead Kennedys and the whole West Coast scene, almost as in passing, makes this reader think the author has a superiority complex about English punk. Still a good read despite this.

  20. This really introduces more punk bands than you already know. This book introduces punk bands from UK and US from the punk era and with so many pictures as well. Some bands I actually checked out after being introduced by this book.

  21. awesome pictures of the best punk bands and also great stories form people who live during that time

  22. νοούμενου πως για να καλυφθεί η ιστορία του Πανκ σε όλες τις εκφάνσεις της χρειάζονται τουλάχιστον δέκα τέτοια λευκώματα τελικώς δεν το λες και εντελώς χάλια.

  23. Pretty, pretty pictures to accompany the stories I learned in the much better Please Kill Me. Still worth a read though, if you dig the era.

  24. such an excellent compilation of first hand accounts summarizing the humble beginnings and continuation of punk

  25. lots of nice pictures but talks about sex pistols throughout the whole book like it's the only punk band. certainly not the "whole story" of punk rock.

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