- By Christina Baker Kline

Bird in Hand

  • Title: Bird in Hand
  • Author: Christina Baker Kline
  • ISBN: 9780061829635
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bird in Hand Alison and Charlie Claire and Ben seem like two picture perfect couples Alison and Charlie have a beautiful family and a home in the suburbs while Claire and Ben s marriage revolves around their car

    Alison and Charlie, Claire and Ben seem like two picture perfect couples Alison and Charlie have a beautiful family and a home in the suburbs, while Claire and Ben s marriage revolves around their careers and city based lives Despite their differences, the two couples have remained close friends for ten years But one terrifying moment in the dead of a New Jersey nigh Alison and Charlie, Claire and Ben seem like two picture perfect couples Alison and Charlie have a beautiful family and a home in the suburbs, while Claire and Ben s marriage revolves around their careers and city based lives Despite their differences, the two couples have remained close friends for ten years But one terrifying moment in the dead of a New Jersey night will quickly and unexpectedly expose the fractures and stresses that lie beneath the surface Alison and Claire, best friends since childhood, are now worlds apart And as each of them tries to find a way forward, all four will be forced to examine the choices they have made and the lives they have built, and ultimately to ask themselves What is happiness Does true human nature lie in our wanting or in how deeply we allow our desires to consume us Four people, two marriages, one lifelong friendship Everything is about to change.

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    1. Alison attends a party one evening and on her way home, her car collides with another and a little boy is killed. While she deals with the guilt and her own trauma, Alison expects to be able to turn to her best friend and her husband for help. But her relationship with her best friend has been estranged for months, and when she leans on her husband, she begins to see cracks in the relationship that she did not see before. As the months go on, Alison begins to question everything she once knew an [...]

    2. I'm going to be blunt: I really, really hope Claire has a miserable life - one all alone, in her little fantasy world. What a sick, sick woman. I don't think she is capable of loving anyone, honestly. And Charlie? He's a brainless tool and I hope he regrets ever meeting Claire, let alone leaving his wife and kids. I can only hope Alison moves on to someone 1000x better and never allows Claire around her children, especially as long as she is stringing Charlie along by his leash. Yes - I, obvious [...]

    3. Not even sure why I finished this book other than it was easy to finish. A depressing book. None of the characters were likeable. If they had been, perhaps I could have empathized, but it just didn't happen.

    4. The book starts out with a dramatic event. Alison is on her way home from a cocktail party when she is involved in a car accident that takes a child's life. She wasn't entirely at fault, but she was just over the legal limit of alcohol. Instead of support from her husband, she gets the cold shoulder and distant treatment. She begins to doubt the strength of her marriage and with good reason, but it shouldn't have taken the accident to make her see that her marriage is in trouble.From there, the [...]

    5. I just read this book for two reasons. Firstly, I had recently finished reading Christina Baker Kline's wonderful novel Orphan Train. Secondly, this book was free on kindle books. I quickly got drawn into it as I kept on reading, turning pages to know what happens next. It's a story about making choices in life and living up to the consequences. It's also about finding beauty in the daily chaos of our lives. It was an okay book, a quick read but Christina does carve her characters very well . I [...]

    6. I love her characters. One thing about Christina is she can craft a really great set of characters, all flawed and some that drive you mad, but what they all have in common is that they feel real. They feel like people you may know in your own life as it is and the drama we read about in any of her books are things that could play out in real life. So I appreciate these stories so much because they almost feel like you are reading some kind of sordid gossip about the neighbors, but it could also [...]

    7. As seen on my blog:I have officially read all of Christina Baker Kline's fictional works. If asked, I would tell you that Bird in Hand is not in the top 3. The writing in this narrative wasn't a deviation from the author's regular style, to be honest, Baker Kline's writing was pretty consistent across the board: at once slightly anguished, and subtly uplifting. Bird in Hand approached a topic that has graced many a pages before it, and that was one of troubled relationships, and recapturing your [...]

    8. The choices we make have a rippling effect upon ourselves and others. "If there was one thing she'd learned . . . it was that life hinges on small moments and seemingly trivial decisions." And if we desire to get to the heart of a matter, how it is we came to be at a specific crisis or juncture in life, we must, with all honesty, peel back and examine the who-what-when-where-why of our choices in relation to our core beliefs. Christina Baker Kline does exactly that within her novel, Bird in Hand [...]

    9. 3.5 starsI didn't care for any of the main characters. Married cheaters never get any sympathy from me. Also, the non-cheaters had "gut-feelings" that should have been explored in more detail before they married and had children. Just too unbelieveable for me.So what did I like? Well, I always like a quick read that I know is going to involve a train wreck and a couple of "hot" messes. I also liked that the author tied up all storylines and the reader knew the status of Claire, Charlie, Ben, and [...]

    10. This was one of the books I grabbed at the Border's final closing sale. I knew nothing of the author, never heard of this book before so I had nothing to except. Growing up as a child from divorce I always am interested to read about couples who go through the process. What leads up to the final decision, how they begin the process, ect. I suppose I would have liked to have read about how the couple ended up telling their children, but it wasn't a major loss. I'm always one wanting a happy endin [...]

    11. This is a well written thought provoking story that had me on highs and lows from the beginning.I love stories about family relationships and friends, so this book was a perfect choice for me. The characters were both interesting and “real”, they weren’t perfect and that made them and the story very interesting.Although I loved the characters. I can’t even name a favorite, because they all had their good and bad points. I was rooting for them one minute and the next I was yelling at them [...]

    12. I wouldn't normally choose a book like this to read, but I'm glad I did. The tone and storyline were less about action and more about psychology. The break down of two marriages and accidental death of a young boy are difficult stories to tackle and intertwine. The mundane details of everyday life take on an importance that I wouldn't have imagined before. Every other chapter descends further in time, which bothered me a bit (I wasn't much of a fan of Memento either), and the mundane details cou [...]

    13. Spoiler! It's hard to read a book when you don't like any of the characters!You start our thinking this is a story about the accident and the reprocusions. Then it turns into an infedelity and with the best friend no less. Been there/thru that. And all I can say is if you are not happy in the marriage, get out, then find that other person. But it seems Charlie only married Allison to be close to Claire in the first place. Screwed up beyond belief! Love her other book, The Orphan Train Was not ex [...]

    14. Wow! This book gripped me from the start and wouldn't let me go. It's heart-wrenching yet not overly emotional. The multiple viewpoints worked well, and the disintegrating marriages were portrayed realistically. The background information, fed to the reader through independent flashbacks in a different size and style of font, provided the clarity necessary to understand the protagonists' motivations. I felt for these characters and identified with them. A must read for lovers of contemporary fic [...]

    15. This well-written book is a difficult and honest look at two very troubled marriages. Although I found it somewhat hard to warm to any of the four main characters, I looked forward to picking up the book and couldn't wait to find out how it ended. I liked that the characters were not judged by their actions. How we feel about them is left up to us. Countless conversations could start with the themes in this book: marriage, parenting, life choices, loyalty, friendship (to name a few).

    16. Took me a loooong time to read. I had a hard time ever connecting to the characters. I'm not sure why except Christina Baker Kline seemed to develop them throughout the novel. In fact, you don't learn much about the main character until the last five pages. The idea of this book was promising but ended up disappointing.

    17. I didn’t love the choices made by the characters in the book but I don’t just a book by plot. I find Christina Kline Baker’s writing to be mesmerizing and writing I keep turning to until I’m finished. She gets people and their fine idiosyncrasies and nuances. She writes about humanity. For that, to me she’s an exceptional writer and I’ll read anything she publishes.

    18. This book wasn't Kline's best effort. Even though it was short, it could have used editing. It just went on and on too long, especially at the end. I didn't care for any of the characters, so it was hard to emphasize with them when tragedy happened. To be fair, the author has honed her skills over the years and went on to write better books. My advice is to skip this book and pick up one of her later ones.

    19. Following your heart sounds like a good way to live your life - but it's rarely that easy to live it day to day, and at some point, it might not be so good for someone else's heart.Christina Baker Kline's Bird in Hand is a novel where not much happens, but what happens could happen to almost any of us, even though we'd rather not think about it. What it's ultimately about are the things we'd rather not think about, and the questions we really aren't sure we want to ask ourselves, because then we [...]

    20. 3.5/5 starsBird in Hand, by Christina Baker Kline tells the story of four New Yorker's who have been friends for over ten years. On the surface they seem like the perfect foursome, but all that soon will change.Alison is a soft-spoken, devoted wife and mother of two. One dark, rainy night she is involved in a car accident, after she attended a party for her friend Claire. The accident was not Alison's fault, the other car ran a stop sign, but Claire had a few drinks, and a young child in the oth [...]

    21. This is the first book I have read by Ms Kline but it will not be my last. Bird in Hand is an interesting look at four peopleo married couples who are friends. Two women who have been best friends since childhood. The accident that claims the life of the young boy is merely a footnote in the story. And in my opinion, Alison, was not responsible for the death of the child, his father was the one who set in motions the events that caused his death. Marco's death does cause a shift in the dynamics [...]

    22. Two couples, friends, an accident, a change in lives.Bird in Hand seemed to be more about the relationship between Ben and Claire and Charlie and Alison than about the accident that happened at the beginning of the book.The book was well written, but I thought it would be more about how Claire was dealing with and healing from what happened in the accident she was in. I enjoyed the book, though. I was also amazed how Alison's mother could read Charlie, Alison's husband, better than Alison hersel [...]

    23. I liked this book a lot. The story of two couples - Alison and Charlie, Claire and Ben - life, love, betrayal, coming to terms with an accident and how one small moment can change your entire life.CBK is a really good writer - even when she is being a little cliche, she writes expressively, with wonderful descriptions. She "gets" what people are thinking and feeling, writes about situations in a realistic way. She doesn't "over-write" but gives us enough information and then assumes we will get [...]

    24. Объркана и объркваща,тази книга ме докосна. Темата ме занимава непрекъснато. А тя е как в най-близкото обкръжение се случват най-големите предателства.Страшно много цитати можех да извадя,но избрах няколко.Сега като ги чета извадени от контекста,звучат може би банално.Но щ [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this novel. Although it had a depressing take on suburban marriage- actually marriage in general- it was quite hopeful in the end. Or maybe I was just hopeful! Although I've seen some characterize this as "chick lit", or technically "hen lit"; it is so much better written than the other chick lit novels I've read this summer. I found it to be smartly written with the back story told in an interesting way.

    26. "It takes so little time to strip the gears-to find yourself pedaling in place when you thought you were moving forward" it's not enough to hope happiness will find you, you have to seek it. Don't waste decades because you're too afraid to act." I 100% enjoyed this book 4 main characters so finely developed. Thought provoking heart wrenching, cautionary.

    27. This book surprised me because I really thought it would be more of the accident and the aftermath. I was surprised at the ending too. I wish there was some sort of resolution with one of the marriages.

    28. A novel that opens with a woman who, after leaving a party where she had two drinks, gets into a car accident which leave a small child dead. The traumatic experience reverberates throughout her life, marriage, and friendships. A quick read.

    29. Total disappointment! The start made it seem like it would be more centered on the accident. Really this is the unraveling of a marriage. Not what I thought and the characters were not likeable to me.

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