- By Marcia Lynn McClure

Kissing Cousins

  • Title: Kissing Cousins
  • Author: Marcia Lynn McClure
  • ISBN: 9781466083431
  • Page: 353
  • Format: ebook
  • Kissing Cousins Poppy A loved her job waitressing at Good Ol Days Family Restaurant No one could ask for a better working environment After all her best friend Whitney worked there and her boss restaurant owner Mr

    Poppy A loved her job waitressing at Good Ol Days Family Restaurant No one could ask for a better working environment After all, her best friend Whitney worked there, and her boss, restaurant owner Mr Dexter, was a kind, understanding, grandfatherly sort of man Further, the job allowed Poppy to linger in the company of Mr Dexter s grandson Swaggart Moretti thPoppy A loved her job waitressing at Good Ol Days Family Restaurant No one could ask for a better working environment After all, her best friend Whitney worked there, and her boss, restaurant owner Mr Dexter, was a kind, understanding, grandfatherly sort of man Further, the job allowed Poppy to linger in the company of Mr Dexter s grandson Swaggart Moretti the handsome and charismatic head cook at Good Ol Days.Secretly, Swaggart was far to Poppy than just a man who was easy to look at In truth, she had harbored a secret crush on him for years since her freshman year in high school, in fact And although the memory of her feelings even the lingering truth of them haunted Poppy the way a veiled, unrequited love always haunts a heart, she had learned to simply find joy in possessing a hidden, anonymous delight in merely being associated with Swaggart Still, Poppy had begun to wonder if her heart would ever let go of Swaggart Moretti if any other man in the world could ever turn her head.When the dazzling, uber fashionable Mark Lawson appeared one night at Good Ol Days, however, Poppy began to believe that perhaps her attention and her heart would be distracted from Swaggart at last Mark Lawson was every girl s fantasy tall, uniquely handsome, financially well off, and as charming as any prince ever to appear in fairy tales He was kind, considerate, and, Poppy would find, a true, old fashioned champion Thus, Poppy A willingly allowed her heart and mind to follow Mark Lawson to attempt to abandon the past and an unrequited love and begin to move on.But all the world knows that real love is not so easily put off, and Poppy began to wonder if even a man so wonderful as Mark Lawson could truly drive Swaggart Moretti from her heart Would Poppy A miss her one chance at happiness, all for the sake of an unfulfilled adolescent s dream

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    1. If you can get past the bad writing, this book is adorable. Ms. McClure just needs to get a thesaurus or something, way too much word repetition. Poppy 'giggled' about 5 times per page. Swaggart (or whatever guy happened to be talking to Poppy) 'winked' in every other paragraph. There ARE other expressions besides 'oh my heck!'. There ARE other ways to describe a not-very-nice woman besides calling her a 'wench'. And a few too many exclamation points imo. That being said, this was a sweet indulg [...]

    2. I was discussing this book with a couple friends and I just had to read it again. I hadn't realized I'd only read it once before, crazy! I remember being a little scared off by the title (who wants to read about cousins kissing???), but it makes sense in this story (and don't worry, they aren't related!). I really fell in love with this one. I really enjoyed the setting, I kept picturing that cute restaurant from the movie Return to Me (even though this place wasn't Italian) with the fun atmosph [...]

    3. March 2017 - This is still a super cute read! :)August 2014 - Poppy is completely and totally head over heels in love with Swaggart and has been for a very long time! And sadly she thinks that Swaggart will only view her as just a friend. When she meets Mark and he shows interest in her, she decides that it is time to try and move on from the handsome Swaggart. Poor Swaggart is in love with Poppy as well but has a hard time believing that someone like Poppy would want to be with him. He loves be [...]

    4. I'm going through a Marcia Lynn McClure phase right now. I love her books! This is the 7th book of hers I've read and I doubt my obsession with her books will ease until I've read everything she's written.Loved Kissing Cousins. Can't help but smile when reading her sweet, clean love stories.

    5. Seriously LOVE this book! I don't understand why I wait so long before each reading. SWOONING!I prefer the western type books, yet i also love the modernish ones. This book made me nervous because of the title. However I trust Marcia and her writing based on this and the fact that with her books you have to read them to figure out how the Title folds in. THe titles are like a character part of her books. I fell in love with this book. I just found her this year and have read every one except the [...]

    6. Review for 10/14I've read this one before, but in honor of the Swoon Fest going on, I decided to re-read it--it's been a few years. As I started reading, I remembered why I hated this book: There are two great guys in it that Poppy has to choose between, but of course, one is better and the other is best. I don't really hate it--I actually loved every minute of it. This line pretty much sums it up, "Again, Poppy was struck by the feeling she was standing with apple pie in one hand and peach pie [...]

    7. I think I would faint from happiness if my husband kissed me like Swaggart kissed Poppy all the time! Love it! So my mom lent me this book on my kindle app because I've never read a straight romance novel before, I've been more into paranormal stuff and fantasy, etc. I was a little hesitant to read it at first. (Being a newlywed I still tend to think that sex in books is taboo. Why? I don't know, it's been a real mystery for me.) After being assured by my mom that it was totally clean and worth [...]

    8. Verb+Plural Noun=Title! Kissing Cousins, not cousins kissing-YUCK! Just had to clear that up (as Marcia had to in the book). I saw this book's title after I read The Pirate Ruse and thought "yeah I don't think I'm going to read that one", but when I took back The Pirate Ruse to the friend I borrowed it from, she handed me this one and said "It's one of my faves." and because I trust her judgement (it's much like mine) I took the bookat was yesterday. HA HA HA!This book and story were adorable, I [...]

    9. Do you know those books that make you giddy when you finish reading them? Where you want to reread scenes, but can't go back because the next scene is also unbelievably good. Kissing Cousins was one of those books for me. Poppy Amore and Swaggart Moretti both work at his Grandfather's restaurant, Good Ol' Days. It's the kind of place where your co-workers are your closest friends, the food is delicious, and Dean Martin is playing in the background. Poppy and her best friend, Whitney made up thes [...]

    10. Do not let the title fool you!! I swear my kindle is going to be the end of me getting anything done! This was such a great book. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the characters. I loved the setting and holy hec the main guy was H-O-T! I agree with my friend Kath when she said that their first kiss was written so well. It was sweet and just "hot" enough. If you ware looking for a sweet romance with a fun story, then I would pick up this one! (thank you over and over again, Kath)

    11. I am in LOVE with Swaggart Morretti! Can I have a Chef's special please?? He would be my number 1 in my book of dreams too!! I even read this out loud to my husband because it is a favorite, and he said "How an I supposed to live up to THAT?" haha! I seriously felt like I was in this story! I LOVE the name Swaggart too! Gimme some jerky and root beer any day!

    12. Don't get me wrong--I LOVE Marcia's books--but I think I prefer her historical romances over her contemporary ones. I know Kissing Cousins is a fan favorite, and while I liked it, I wasn't as swept away as I am with some of Marcia's historical guilty pleasures. Maybe the dialogue and writing just work better in non-modern settings for me? But I'm still a Marcia fan forever!

    13. Awww MLM has done it again! Thanks Kathy oj and Kathy for suggesting this one! So glad I read it!!! You guys are the best! I do wish the book had a different title though! Swaggartww swoon! That guy was amazing!

    14. 7/23/13 - Still one of my fav's. Needed a cute fluffy romance. 7/22812-It's Grrrrrreat! I think one of my top fav's of her's so farMoral Note: passionate kissing

    15. The title can give you a moment of pause, but remember who the author is and know that she is known for her clean romance. A book that has a look at secret crushes that go on being secret even when they are mutual. The hold up is that the people feel that they are unworthy of the other due to income status or the lack of beauty. The lesson is to go for your dreams. The family owned restaurant traditions make the story lovable and endearing.Swaggart Moretti is the cities most sought after chef, w [...]

    16. I almost gave this a 3 but I'll go with 4. When I like an author I tend to read every book he/she writes. To me, a good author, especially in a fiction genre, has enough creativity to come up with completely different stories. McClure has a great imagination and I like that each of her books (I've read maybe 6 of them) is totally differentwith the exception of 2 words: excessive moisture. Every time a little romance is mentioned, somebody's mouth gets excessively moist. No joke. Every. Time. It' [...]

    17. Wooooooo Hooooooooo!!! What an awesome book. I am actually giddy right now, having just finished it. I love reading books that make me happy. I feel like my life has improved for having read it. I am actually torn between graditude that I can read Marcia's books within a day, and sadness that they aren't longer, because I just can't get enough. But, I have closure issues. If I am reading a book I have never read before and it is really good and I am on the edge of my seat(even if it is a predict [...]

    18. Rating: 4 stars.This was my first contemporary Marcia Lynn McClure book. Having read a few of her historical romances (which I loved), I could not wait to try out one of her modern tales. I was not disappointed. I devoured the book in a day. It was a simple, light-hearted, sweet romance. I found myself smiling and sighing throughout the book. This story was set in an Italian restaurant. I was so absorbed in the book that I actually found my "mouth watering" (not for Swaggart's or Mark's kisses, [...]

    19. Reviewed onClean Adult Fiction Another beautifully swoon-worthy book by Marcia Lynn McClure. She is the queen of clean romantic chemistry. Love it!Poppy was cute and sweet with a long-time crush on Swaggart, the head cook, where she waitressed. I loved the whole scene of the Good Ol' Days restaurant, fun and homey. Just the name Swaggart made me picture a ruggedly handsome guy which turned out to be the perfect description of Swaggart Moretti.Don't worry Kissing Cousins isn't about actual cousin [...]

    20. This is a very cute, swoon-worthy story with great atmosphere! I originally gave this 4 stars because I like there to be more tension in romance stories than what there was in this. I was disappointed that swaggart's jealousy was squelched so quickly. I would have loved for him to be brooding and angry and shooting Mark and Poppy dagger looks for longer/more than what there was. But I loved the restaurant atmosphere and the story was cute and sweet and had very good kissing sceens. Swaggart is d [...]

    21. Loved the story, but some of the descriptions got old as they were repeated often. Like how Swaggert's eyes were always referred to as dripping syrup or something. And there was a lot of goosebumps going on. Goosebumps are not sexy- goosebumps remind me of chicken skin. Can we try a description more like tingles or something? Something that doesn't remind us of cold, pale poultry. Thank you.Complaining over. This story was so sweet and I loved it, but I still love the Highwayman of Tanglewood be [...]

    22. I first read this as an E-book and it was my instant favorite. I dreamed of the day I could own it in print. To hold it, look at it, drool over it Finally the day is here. I read it the instant I got it out of the mailbox. And you know what? It's even better holding it in my hands. :) Love the "all about the kiss" romance books that Marcia writes. This book is just fun, light, happy reading that makes you feel good. I love Swaggart!! sigh

    23. This is my absolute favorite book of hers! I am constantly reading it! I just keep hoping that she'll put this one into print and add an epilogue. Something where Poppy is teasing Whitney about Greg's kiss having her bell ringing. I don't know, she'll think of something if she decides to do it, or if she thinks of something she'll decide to do it? I don't know, but when it happens, it'll be awesomely amazing!

    24. I love this book. It is such a great story with LOTS of KISSING! It was a little different then Marcia usual books and that made it even more better. I have read it many times it is such a great story. The kind where you sigh at the end.

    25. This is my most favoritest story that she has written. I easily read it once a month. I love the characters - Swaggart being my favorite. It has a wonderful romance with plenty of scenes with the main characters. All I can say is that I love it!!!

    26. This was a delious drink from Marcia. I LOVED this ebook. I don't know how the girl does it- she writes amazing kissing scenes and this one has some of the best. I really want to go find the cafe and order a chef special.

    27. This one is so cute. I love Swaggart! And what a great name! It's so refreshing to read such great, clean books!

    28. holy crow!!! this is my all time favorite modern day book marcia lynn mcclure has written!!! my favorite part is the pickup truck part!!! holy cow!!! oh i love this one!!!

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