- By Kathy Lynn Emerson

Face Down Beneath the Eleanor Cross

  • Title: Face Down Beneath the Eleanor Cross
  • Author: Kathy Lynn Emerson
  • ISBN: 9781575669007
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
  • Face Down Beneath the Eleanor Cross Susanna Lady Appleton discovers that her husband Sir Robert thought long dead is actually alive The renowned herbalist is summoned to London but finds her poisoned husband beneath the Eleanor Cro

    Susanna, Lady Appleton discovers that her husband, Sir Robert, thought long dead, is actually alive The renowned herbalist is summoned to London, but finds her poisoned husband beneath the Eleanor Cross Vowing to bring his killer to justice, Susanna embarks on a daring winter journey and discovers there is no shortage of those who bore animosity toward Robert.

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    1. This book was so good, I read it in one day! It is a great Renaissance mystery and part of an excellent series featuring Lady Susannah Appleton. Lady Susannah solves the mysteries in each one of these stories, until in this one, she herself is accused of murder and must try to find a way to prove her innocence, a nearly impossible feat.

    2. Very readable and interesting. Lots of suspense (well, in a muted way) right up until the last chapter. I like the character of Susanna Appleton and the relationships she has with the people around her. I see some characters exiting and new ones being introduced in the next book in this series.

    3. This book is a murder mystery set in 1565, and it is meticulously researched. (In fact, historical tidbits not necessary to understand what's going on are frequently strewn throughout the story. This occassonally decreases the tension of a scene.)Solving the murder mystery doesn't seem to be the primary focus of the novel since most of the book is spent with Susanna playing with her stepdaughter or with the other characters falling in love with each other. This is just as well since I was able t [...]

    4. I now know more about the Elizabethan legal system than I would have thought a normal person should. Of course, I also know a great deal about the classical Athenian legal system, but on purpose. Susanna Appleton has been fitted up for the murder of her should-have-been-already-deceased husband. After bribing her way through Newgate, she's released on the recognizance of a bailiff who must be with her at all times (until she figures out she can bribe him to wait outside the door). She has weeks [...]

    5. So, in this installment Lady Appleton happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She is supposed to be meeting her husband (who was pronounced dead after he fled the country). Of course, instead, she misses him at the alleged meeting place and then stumbles upon him dying of poison in the middle of a crowd (under the Eleanor Cross) she is immediately placed under arrest because everyone knows Susanna knows her poisons and is accused of killing her husband. She has to find the real kille [...]

    6. Complicated feelings are complicated. On one hand, never have a wished for an imaginary person’s death with such passion as I wished Lady Susanna’s husband dead as a doornail. But, of course, the lying philanderer can’t just die quietly and without bother. Oh no, he has to drop dead in the middle of London, after supposedly being dead for at least a year, and do so at the very feet of his long-suffering wife, thereby landing her in jail for his apparent murder. Seriously, I’d resurrect t [...]

    7. Susanna, Lady Appleton, is full of knowledge I want to know. This is one of those series in which the supporting cast is often more entertaining than the main character, but the details of the time period fascinate me and all the activities of the various players are wound together in service to the mystery story. Nancy Means Wright credits this author, Kathy Lynn Emerson, with inspiring and guiding her own books, so if you're a fan of one, you may also enjoy the other. I'm on a real historical [...]

    8. This is another mystery in the Lady Appleton series, and it basically follows the same pattern as the previous ones. In this book, Lady Appleton's long lost husband shows up, but he is dying from poison and she gets blamed for it. Honestly, this felt more like a historical character study than a mystery, because it was very easy to figure out. I enjoyed the cameo appearances by Lady Mary Grey and Leicester, but this is not one of the strongest books in this series. Based on this one, I'm not sur [...]

    9. Some interesting twists and turns in this installment. Lady Susanna Appleton must defend herself agains charges of murder. To escape being burned at the stake, she interviews 3 of her husband's mistresses in search of clues to the identity of the real murderer. Emerson brings a real sense of the Elizabethian time period in addition to providing a satisfying mystery.

    10. another enjoyable adventure of Lady Susan Appleby, this time accused of murdering the husband she thought died months ago. The Elizabethan era is lavishly recreated, and perhaps the feminist sentiments of the protagonist are unlikely but not unlikely to a modern reader.

    11. "Face Down Beneath the Eleanor Cross" - written by Kathy Lynn Emerson and published in 2000 by Minotaur Books. A murder mystery featuring Lady Appleton that takes place in 1500s England.

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