- By Charlotte Roche


  • Title: Wetlands
  • Author: Charlotte Roche
  • ISBN: 9780007302345
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wetlands Helen Memel lies in the Department of Internal Medicine at Maria Hilf Hospital While she waits for her divorced parents to come and visit her who she hopes will finally be reconciled by the side of he

    Helen Memel lies in the Department of Internal Medicine at Maria Hilf Hospital While she waits for her divorced parents to come and visit her who she hopes will finally be reconciled by the side of her hospital bed she begins to examine those parts of her body usually seen as distinctly unladylike She lets the orderly, Robin, take photos of those areas her curiousHelen Memel lies in the Department of Internal Medicine at Maria Hilf Hospital While she waits for her divorced parents to come and visit her who she hopes will finally be reconciled by the side of her hospital bed she begins to examine those parts of her body usually seen as distinctly unladylike She lets the orderly, Robin, take photos of those areas her curious gaze can t reach And, on the side, she tends to her collection of avocado stones which also happen to provide her with invaluable sexual services Wetlands takes an unflinching, and very funny, look at one of the last remaining taboos of today Courageous, radical and provocative, Charlotte Roche s novel rebels against hygiene hysteria, the sterile aesthetics of women s magazines and standardized dealings with the female body and its sexuality This is a wonderfully wild story of a heroine both pleasure seeking and vulnerable, who voices what others do not even dare to think.

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    1. Everyone says that this book is super gross. Honestly, I wasn't grossed out or amused by any of it. When I wasn't bored, I was annoyed. The "gross-out" parts made me feel like the book was written by a teenage boy with ridiculous fantasies of what women do behind closed doors. The stories Helen shared about things like spreading bacteria or what she did with avocado pits made me feel less like she was a strong woman with a "who-gives-a-crap" attitude, and more like she was just a perverted pre-t [...]

    2. It’s a book with a buzz. It’s the first German book to top the lists of bestsellers, and the one to which reviews referred to as a ‘feminist manifesto bordering pornography’. In truth, this book is both a tale of a troubled teenager, and a reaction to the artificial and sanitized model of femininity of the cosmetic ads and glossy magazines covers. Helen, an 18-year-old heroin, desperately needs warmth and attention, but nobody really cares about her. She wants love; she wants her parent [...]

    3. When I was a kid, losing myself in stories and in novels, I sometimes wondered why we never read about characters going to the bathroom. Or the outhouse: Why didn't we ever see Laura do that in 'Little House on the Prairie?' Fiction seemed unrealistic to me, as a result, and I thought that when I wrote books myself, I would do it differently.Charlotte Roche appears to be single-handedly making up for this lack in her novel 'Wetlands.' Problem is: I have to keep reminding myself it is fiction and [...]

    4. Oh my good God.Dude. I can't even -Ok. There's a weird thing that sometimes happens where people think that if a book is insistently explicit sexually without coming close to being porn, or even slightly titillating, it must be important. We can call this the Palahniuk Principle. (I mean, right now we can call it that; eventually, we'll move on with our lives and forget that it ever came up).The thing is, though, these books seldom actually are important. Being sexual without being sexy is not a [...]

    5. This book was certainly 'different'. It was absolutely disgusting and made me cringe at most points and laugh at a few, but I was still strangely intrigued by this book. I think the reason why I most enjoyed this book was seeing courage that Roche had to approach the very 'taboo' subjects that it deals with. I've never read anything like this and I wouldn't like to read more, I think I only found this interesting because it's the first of its type that I've read. I can completely understand that [...]

    6. Absolutely loved it. It's been a while since I've picked up a book and haven't been able to put it down - Wetlands gave me this pleasure. Not that it was particularly riveting, or absorbing - it was just really easy to read. For me that is, though I guess I can understand why some people had an aversion to the content. People who are uptight about their bodies, or who prefer to avoid thinking about the fact that our bodies secrete substances and smell weird and so on and so forth. It was so refr [...]

    7. This book starts out "As far back as I remember, I've had hemorrhoids." and only goes downhill from there. There's been alot of buzz around this book and its "new feminism", but there's really nothing worthwhile about this book. I'll give the book one star just in case something was lost in translation, but the writing was horrible, there is no plot, and is trying to shock just for the cheap shock value.

    8. My friend pushed this book onto me, insisting that I read it. I checked it out on , and read 1 star review after 1 star review calling this book "the worst book ever". I opened 'Wetlands' expecting something terrible.This book isn't terrible, this book is fantastic. Yes, things can get a little gross, but its not like the main character's behavior is completely unnatural. And, in the end, I think the author proved the exact point she was trying to make as people (especially women) responded to t [...]

    9. The In Your Face Sexuality-- This is the book's greatest strength, and the one part of the book I genuinely loved. Whether Helen – an eighteen year old in hospital for anal surgery to excise an infected haemorrhoid -- was talking about her reasons and methods of shaving body hair, masturbating with her fingers or avacado pits, or leaving behind drops and smears of menstrual blood for others to find and be scandalized by, I was fascinated, titillated and cheering in equal measure.I loved that h [...]

    10. Good for the way it ends: just like in ‘les amants de pont neuf’, and not so good for the way it begins: just like Triers’ ‘Nymphomaniac’. As to the denoument: a good book to read on the back of Geoff Dyer’s ‘Jeff in Venice, Death in Varnasi’. Where the narrative learns you (sic) that life is a pile of shite, and thenyou die. Here, though, be an alternative ending: Find the pearl in the poo. Heres cheers to happy endings.As to the beginning: well sigh. Another one of them abouts [...]

    11. This book featured on the cover of the Sunday Times magazine and I got it because I was morbidly attracted to the controversy and cringing sickness that the review highlighted. I have got to say that the review was very accurate as I couldn't help but feel sick to my stomach while reading the story. I also spent a reasonable amount of time pondering on the controversial statement that the main character, eighteen-year old Helen, makes about hygiene. According to her, we are all slaves of hygiene [...]

    12. Charlotte Roche - Heldin meiner Jugend - schreibt ein Buch und ich muss es lesen! Sofort! Es geht in dem Buch um ganz andere Dinge als der blöde Skandal erwarten lässt. Ich konnte es zumindest nicht weglegen und fand das Ende wirklich rührend. Irgendwie wächst einem die Heldin des Buches doch ans Herz. Viele Passagen sind schon eklig und ganz schön krank, aber dann auch wieder lustig. Das Buch ist vor allem aber intelligent und ehrlich. Den Mut zu so einem Buch muss man erst einmal haben un [...]

    13. Congratulations, Charlotte Roche. "Wetlands" is officially the least impressive book from the most-hyped category that I have read in recent history. I'm embarrassed that I got sucked in by the chatter: the fans fainting at readings, the "most controversial " plaudits, and the promises of shocking prose. I actually lifted my hungover body off the couch to immediately drive to a bookstore. Now, the only good thing I have to say is, at least it only took three hours to read. The novel is set in a [...]

    14. Cuando decidí leer Zonas húmedas sabía bien con qué me iba a encontrar. Leí la sinopsis, así que estaba al tanto de la temática escatológica de la novela. También leí las reseñas de y otras redes sociales de lectores, por lo tanto sabía bien de su baja puntuación y de las muchas críticas negativas. Aún así decidí darle una oportunidad. "No puede ser tan malo", me decía. Si alguien previamente me hubiera advertido y ahorita me dijera "te lo dije", tendría que darle la razón.E [...]

    15. Schade, dass die Hintergrundgeschichte der Hauptfigur durch die vielen Versuche zu schocken und zu provozieren so kurz gekommen ist. Diese hört sich nämlich eigentlich recht interessant und tragisch an. Meiner Meinung ein Buch mit einem unglaublich hohen verschenktem Potenzial.

    16. Ich wollte das Buch eigentlich überhaupt nicht lesen. Nachemd es jetzt meine Frau gelesen hat, habe ich es dann doch getan.Jetzt frage ich mich, warum so ein Hype um das Buch gemacht wurde. Letzen Endes ist es die Geschichte einer jungen Frau, die unter ihrer Erziehung und der Scheidung ihrer Eltern leidet.Das Ganze wird angereichert mit zum Teil drastischen Beschreibungen, was man so mit Körperöffnungen und allen menschlichen Ausscheidungen so anstellen kann.Wer dem etwas abgewinnen kann, de [...]

    17. I so wanted to like this, but actually it was rubbish. Maybe it's a case of too much hype about a book, but once you get over the shock value of the bodily descriptions (pus/wounds etc) there's really not much left. I know it's fashionable to like this book, but try as I might, I just couldn't get excited by it. And you're supposed to get excited!

    18. Nun ja, Provokationen sind in der Literatur nicht neu, von daher hat Charlotte Roche damit keine neuen Wege beschritten. Warum um dieses Buch nun so ein Spektakel gemacht wurde, kann ich in keiner Weise nachvollziehen.Gottseidank habe ich dieses Buch zum Lesen geliehen bekommen – ich hätte mich geärgert, für so einen Schmarren knapp 15 Euronen hingeblättert zu haben.Wir leben, denke ich, in einer aufgeklärten Zeit, bei dem das Thema Sex einem von Werbeplakaten, aus Magazinen und Fernsehsp [...]

    19. Okay, let’s get this one out of the way. I consider myself a feminist and I do agree that women are held up to ridiculous standards of cleanliness and beauty. I dislike shaving, plucking, flossing, moisturizering, but I do it all despite my dislike of forced standards. I would love to read a book which pushes these boundaries and truly explores what it means to be a woman today; however Wetlands is not this book. It is one of the most disgustingly repulsive and unsettling of books. Reading thi [...]

    20. I happened upon this book while shelving in the fiction section at work. The comment on the front of the book about it being "explicit" caught my eye, and so I decided to peruse it while on my break. I ended up checking the book out and staying up late to finish it.Honestly, I'm not sure what I expected. The first line of the book is about hemorrhoids. Not really something you want to read about. I can't say I liked this book, I can't even say I hated it. It just is what it is. In all seriousnes [...]

    21. We compulsively hide from one another the tiny disgusting things our bodies continuously do, as if we aren't bags of blood and mucous and decomposing food and fecal material. Are we innately loathsome, crawling with bacteria and futilely attempting cleanliness, or should we accept and embrace the earthiness of our shared humanity?Whatever.Helen examines, and subsequently orally consumes, most of her excretions, from vaginal discharge to vomit. She stops short of coprophagia, even though she is c [...]

    22. Wenn man mal davon absieht, dass man sich an so manch einer Stelle des Buches ekelt, bin ich doch so etwas wie enttäuscht (mir fällt grad kein anderes Wort dafür ein), denn Charlotte Roche hat bei Stefan Raab gesagt, dass die Hauptperson sich normal verhält. Sie spricht die Dinge, die da sind nur laut und deutlich aus, was wir halt nicht machen. Dumm nur, dass sie am Ende des Buches das Verhalten des Hauptcharakters damit begründet, dass sie eine Psychose hat, weil sie ihre Mutter und ihren [...]

    23. I liked it.I know I am far in the minority, but still: I liked it. I thought it was honest, I thought it was funny, I thought it was sad. And it was completely unsentimental. Since I am quite sentimental myself, this was very refreshing. Yes. I liked it very much indeed.

    24. I listened to this in German as an audiobook and was thankful that it wasn't likely anyone overhearing would understand. Helen, an 18-year-old, is in the hospital for an operation on her infected hemorrhoids (exacerbated by shaving her nether regions). She whiles away the time by plotting to get her divorced parents back together, sharing with the reader her many fetishes, most of which are fairly gross, and spreading her own bacteria (from various intimate parts of her body) around the hospital [...]

    25. Read this book while on vacation. My wife had two books, and this is the one I pulled out of the bag at random.From the get go, I was pretty intrigued with this book. It is definitely not your average story, and it was certainly NOT what I was expecting. The last book of my wife's I picked up and read was Fifty shades of Grey and as you can tell by my review on this site I HATED it. This book is about an 18 year old girl with some very unconventional views on hygiene (to say the least). While ot [...]

    26. Knižná jednohubka namiešaná z úplne všetkých telesných výlučkov, po ktorej sa už na avokádo či vajce asi nikdy nepozriem rovnako. Čítať ju znova nebudem, je to naozaj one-night stand book, ale som rada, že som si ju prečítala aspoň z dokumentárnych dôvodov.Kniha stojí na skoro banálnom príbehu s happyendom, dlhých opisoch a na využívaní kontrastov.Kontrast prvý: Je napísaná jednoduchým, skoro detským jazykom, lenže opisuje odvážne sexuálne i hygienické prak [...]

    27. Yes, it made me feel a bit queasy at times, and Helen, our main protagonist, also did my head in sometimes with her 'grown up' thinking, but this was still a refreshing read. This is a book about liberating the relationship you have with your own body. It's about our relationship with our environment, and our relationship with our past, and leaving that past behind. Whether you see Helen as a liberated free spirit or a messed up sicko will depend on how, or whether, you see the connection betwee [...]

    28. Fuck this fucking book! It is fucking gross and fucking terrible as fuck. Let me just cite something for you: I like eating my smegma; I like when sperm is drying on my skin and when it peels off; Fucking is one of my hobbies.I hope you get the picture what this piece of shit book is about. Oh, and there is also a male nurse that the main character has a crush on and fantasises about him in a gross way

    29. Jag har lite svårt att bestämma mig för hur jag känner inför denna bok. Å ena sidan känns det som ett feministiskt verk där en ung kvinna får ge uttryck för en totalt ohämmad och ändlös sexlust, å andra sidan kantrar det ibland över och blir tröttsamt. Däremellan finns kroppsligt äckel som både förfärar och kittlar pga det förbjudna, ett vältrande i bajs och blod. Och så finns mitt i allihopa även en hjärtskärande skildring av en trasig familj. Så brottas fram och til [...]

    30. I wish to hear this read aloud by Amy Schumer. Humorously gross to the extreme. A smack yourself in the face look at how women are just as human as men. A must read for anyone looking for a very different take on sexuality. Be afraid, but do it anyway.

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