1 thought on “تخلص من المماطلة في 60 ثانية

  1. Encouraging guide to innovationInnovation is a chic buzzword constantly bandied about in the modern business world. Popular thought supports the idea that innovation is essential to thrive, or even merely survive, in the competitive global economy. In this quick read, motivational speaker and business author Jeff Davidson outlines 60 strategies for boosting your creative juices, from brainstorming to positive self-talk, from meditation to the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen. Ironically, though the [...]

  2. This book has been pretty influential in helping me accomplish more of my goals in the workplace. There’s a lot of valuable insight about thinking more creatively, something I’ve struggled to do in the past. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and not want to change, but this book has shown me the benefits of thinking and acting with innovation and fresh ideas, which has definitely made a positive impact on my success at work. Definitely recommend for anyone looking to get a jumpstart or move [...]

  3. I found it pretty concise and useful, but then again I am writing a review when I should be working.

  4. I cleaned the laundry room. I cleaned the laundry room!This book gets five stars for that feat alone! It's short, it's to the point, and I found multiple ways to defeat much of the procrastination in my life. I plan on buying this book so that I can revisit it from time to time.

  5. كتاب قدم لي الكثير بطرحه لطرق فعليه وبسيطه وواقعيه تتيح لك التفكير بطرق متعدده للتخلص من المماطله والاستمتاع اثناء القيام بالاعمال المؤجله قرءته مرتين والثالثه قريباً :)

  6. As a chronic procrastinator, I found this book a good read in conjuction with The CIG to Reaching Your Goals. You really can do anything if you just START, rather than continuing to put it off.

  7. المماطلة العدو الأول للإنجاز وقد قدم هذا الكتاب خطوات عملية بالفعل للتخلص منها

  8. Read it in Arabic- translation by Jarirقرأته بالعربية -ترجمة مكتبة جريرأفكاره فعالة ومتنوعة تنفع للشخصيات المختلفة، لم يعجبني قلة التنظيم والترتيب في صياغة الأفكار

  9. كتب من أروع ما يكون عن التخلص من المماطلة ، يحتوي على ستين طريقة للتخلص من المماطلة وسأشرع قريبا في تلخيصه بإذن الله

  10. أعجبتني بعض النصائح بة وأكثر ما اعجبني الجمل التي استخدمها الكاتب كاقتباسات من اشخاص أخرين .

  11. كتاب قرأته سابقا ويحوي خطوات سهلة ومركزة وقابلة للتطبيق كتاب رائع ومساعد للتخلص من المماطلات

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