- By Louis L'Amour


  • Title: Tucker
  • Author: Louis L'Amour
  • ISBN: 9780553250220
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tucker They Turned A Boy Into A Manhunter Once impressed by their tales of gunplay and thievery young Shell Tucker had been eager to call them his friends Then he saw the men in Bob Heseltine s gang from t

    They Turned A Boy Into A Manhunter Once, impressed by their tales of gunplay and thievery, young Shell Tucker had been eager to call them his friends Then he saw the men in Bob Heseltine s gang from the other side, when they robbed his father of twenty thousand in hard earned money By the time Shell buried his pa, he knew what he had to do Going after the gold, he roThey Turned A Boy Into A Manhunter Once, impressed by their tales of gunplay and thievery, young Shell Tucker had been eager to call them his friends Then he saw the men in Bob Heseltine s gang from the other side, when they robbed his father of twenty thousand in hard earned money By the time Shell buried his pa, he knew what he had to do Going after the gold, he rode to Colorado and a town called Los Angeles, California But it wasn t until the outlaws shot him down and left him to die that Shell Tucker got mad enough to want to live and wreak a kind of vengeance they d never seen before.

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    1. I used to read L'Amour's books as a teenager. In fact, I read the author's entire oeuvre by my early 20s. I read this novel 48 years ago and decided to read it again. It felt good to read this exciting book of a teen who grows up quickly into a man in the wild West.

    2. I had to add this one simply because it was the first Louis L'Amour ever placed in my hands-- thanks to my big brother. Thanks, Tim -- you created an addict. :)

    3. In 1971, Louis L’amour published his novel Tucker. The author was focused on writing stories about the Old West before it was highly populated by new settlers and miners. He wants the readers to know what the West used to be like, how few cities and towns there were, what the government was like, even how people treated one another. The genre of this novel is Historical Fiction. Tucker is a novel that starts out with a boy, Shell Tucker, and his Pa on a cattle drive to sell that cattle their c [...]

    4. The seventeen year old protagonist of this novel promises to recover money taken from him and his father, and he endures beating, shooting, thirst, and personal doubt to become a young man with a "good name" that precedes him across the West. He learns the difference in foolish trust and faith in humanity. His fresh approach and desire to become better is charming while the author inserts through the first person narrative some character lessons such as,". . . the element that makes a man a thie [...]

    5. I love Louis L'Amour westerns! This story was similar in some respects to others I've read but I still enjoyed it. Westerns, in the hands of a good writer like L'Amour, express a love of nature, a sense of good moral values, and a love of travel. This story involves Shel Tucker, a young man who must face a lot of serious problems to regain his neighbors' earnings from a cattle drive.

    6. I really liked this book its the second book that I have read by Louis L'amour I learned from this book that you should always try to have a goal in life somthing that I liked about the main charecter was that he never gave up, he kept going no matter what, ive always tried to finish things that start

    7. I am (and will be, for months) working through the ludicrous number of books I bought at the library sale. I breezed through Tucker by Louis L’Amour, which was solidly enjoyable but nothing I haven’t said about L’Amour before. I find the occasional piece of genre fiction very therapeutic, and everyone loves a good Western.

    8. For some reason, his books named for a single character are some of my favorites. Young man falls in with a bad crowd who subsequently turn on him. Then he seeks vengeance. What more can you ask for?

    9. Another very good book by Louis L'Amour, about a boy who becomes a man when he and his pa are robbed and pa dies. He learns the value of keeping promises, no matter how hard it is or how long it takes.

    10. I just love the good cowboys that get the bad guys! This is the story of a 17-year old cowboy who takes a long journey to retrieve something that was taken from him and in that journey he turns into a man. A great read!

    11. An enjoyable coming-of-age western. A young boy seeks revenge/justice on the men who killed his father and stole his money. At some point he has to decide if a revengeful heart is worth the grief it brings. Fun stuff.

    12. Young Shell Tucker hunts for the three men who rob his father of $20,000 that he is carrying the sale of a trail herd. Two of the thieves were supposed to be Shell's friends. As he attempts to recover the money needed by the folks back, Shell grows up.

    13. For some reason whenever I am feeling down a good Louis L'Amour book really makes me want to work hard and leaves me feeling pretty darn good. This one shows the benefit of facing right up to one's mistakes and never giving up. Couldn't put it down.

    14. "This novel beautifully shows the transformation from a teenage lad to a well refined man and his courage in facing impossible odds to recover the money stolen from his father. "

    15. Always a good, let your mind wonder read. L'Amour gets a bit formulate, the heroes are always the the best at what they do, it is still fun to get lost in a western.

    16. It was a pretty quick read (two nights). Great names. Not too graphic like Louis usually does. Good story line with a good but predictable ending.

    17. Louis L’Amour is perhaps my favorite western author. Despite reading several other authors, many of whom like William Johnstone and Ralph Cotton I find exceptional, L’Amour is just something special. Here, however, with Tucker, I feel as though he strayed from his very successful formula, producing a novel that’s is “meh” at best. I realize Louis wrote other novels in the first person, but frankly, I feel he was at his best in the third person point of view, commenting on what the narr [...]

    18. "BEGINNING OF CHANGE"A young man and his father were returning from Colorado after selling a herd of cattle. They were carrying "twenty thousand dollars" in gold and paper money. The father son didn't get along, and there was constant discord between the two.During this return trip arguing reached a point where the son pulled away leaving his father alone. That's when bad luck raised its ugly head hissing causing the horse of the father to buck, causing his father to fall off the horse resulting [...]

    19. My Dad gave me this book almost 30 years ago, and I promptly fell in love with L'Amour's writing and characters. This book should be read by all young boys as it imparts values of keeping your word, hard work, doing the right thing, and coming of age as a man.Louis L'Amour makes you feel as if you are the main character, and can wrap you around the story and make you think you are there - smelling the smoke, the tension, winning the girl without the foul language and gratuitous sex scenes. Wish [...]

    20. Growing up I loved reading Louis L'Amour books. I loved the stories and as a bonus so did my Dad. It was nice to have that experience in common. I picked up this kindle version and loved reading this book. Not only was Tucker's journey an interesting one but I felt like my Dad was reading with me.

    21. As long as you're reading, "I want my money back!" over and over again without thinking of the kid from Better off Dead yelling, "I want my two dollars!", it's a good read.Also, the protagonist passes out more than anyone besides Johnny Got His Gun. Wait, he only passed out once. Based on that Shell Tucker probably wins the Passes Out Most In Any Book Ever Award.

    22. One of L'Amour's bestI first read this book years ago. It is a great story of a boy forced to grow up by circumstances. The characters are well developed, and the story is fast paced.

    23. I love Louis Lamour.He is one of my top 5 favorite writersI have have read many of his books and have never been disappointed, until now. "Tucker" has its moments, but there are several stretches that should have been edited down some.

    24. WisdomAlways good advice from L'Amour. Love the smell of the country he describes so well. Makes me itch to ride along the trail.

    25. A classic western worth rereading!I read this book back in my army days. Seems that everyone was reading Louis L'Amour. Still glad I've read it again.

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