- By Susan Lewis

Um Amor Inesperado

  • Title: Um Amor Inesperado
  • Author: Susan Lewis
  • ISBN: 9789720041647
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Capa Mole
  • Um Amor Inesperado Natalie a filha adolescente de Jessica e Charlie Moore morre num estranho acidente em Fran a Pai e m e ficam destro ados Mas Jessica sente que ficou algo por explicar enquanto Charlie se recusa a d

    Natalie, a filha adolescente de Jessica e Charlie Moore, morre num estranho acidente em Fran a.Pai e m e ficam destro ados Mas Jessica sente que ficou algo por explicar, enquanto Charlie se recusa a discutir o que aconteceu naquele fat dico dia.Ent o, o casamento de ambos abalado por mais um choque, e Jessica parte para Fran a, sozinha, em busca de respostas Quando cheNatalie, a filha adolescente de Jessica e Charlie Moore, morre num estranho acidente em Fran a.Pai e m e ficam destro ados Mas Jessica sente que ficou algo por explicar, enquanto Charlie se recusa a discutir o que aconteceu naquele fat dico dia.Ent o, o casamento de ambos abalado por mais um choque, e Jessica parte para Fran a, sozinha, em busca de respostas Quando chega a uma paradis aca vinha no cora o da Borgonha, descobre muito mais do que esperava um amor completamente proibido e uma verdade que mudar a sua vida para sempre.Tendo como cen rio um Ver o quente e um enfeiti ante mundo de aromas, paladares e romance, Um Amor Inesperado uma hist ria ntima e apaixonada de amor e desilus o, de lealdade e trai o.

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    1. I have read two other books by Susan Lewis - both of which I really enjoyed. However, this book I found to be predictable and very drawn out, I was disappointed with it.

    2. Thank god i have finally Finished this book! Woo Hoo! The book has a good story but it is very slow & dragged out that before half way i struggled to continue it, but kept going and found it got much better towards the end. Its a pity its so long as otherwise it would be a good read she needs to lose bout 100-150 pages id say to make this an easy read. Dont think i could read another Susan Lewis book if thats her format.

    3. this was a slow burner if im honest and i have to say i ended up skipping a big chunk and going straight to the last few chapters to find out what happened. I like susan lewis but this was not one of her best. A story about a middle class family whose lives are ripped apart by death, affairs and lies.

    4. Um livro que tem uma boa estória, mas que de repente desencantou-me, possivelmente e escrita da autora não me convenceu.Ou a maneira de conduzir a estória não me cativou.Tive pena , pois o livro tem boas opiniões, mas

    5. Ok so there was a good story to this book it was soooooo dragged out and very repetitive! It shouldn't of been long as it was!I've read worse!

    6. (The plot here is not the right plot of the story. This is the plot "When Natalie Moore is killed in a freak accident in France her mother – the very poised and elegant Jessica – knows instinctively there is more to it.However, Natalie’s father – the glamorous, high-flying Charlie – is so paralysed by the horror of losing his daughter, that he refuses even to discuss his wife’s suspicions.In the end, when their marriage is rocked by yet another terrible shock, Jessica decides to go b [...]

    7. Very enjoyable. By the end of the book, I felt like I'd truly experienced life in a french vineyard and manoir! Lovely setting, interesting characters but an (annoying!) 'secret' that only came to light at the end - and I didn't guess it all!

    8. A little about the authorSusan Lewis is the internationally bestselling author of twenty-nine novels, including Don't Let Me Go, the follow-up to No Child of Mine, as well as Missing, A French Affair, and Stolen. She is also the author of Just One More Day and One Day at a Time, the deeply moving and often hilarious memoirs of her childhood in the sixties. Having resided in France and the United States for many years, she now lives in the rural county of Gloucestershire, U.K.Plot summery reviewe [...]

    9. Having already read one Susan Lewis book before (‘The Millhouse’), I had an idea of what to expect. A woman finds herself confronting an affair that threatens to break down her perfect marriage and family, and so escapes off to the Mediterranean where she invigorates her youth and finds herself seduced by a younger man, who whispers poetry to her, and indulges her in some of the finer arts, whilst she tries to unearth some terrible, dark secret. Whilst ‘The Millhouse’ took place in Italy [...]

    10. The plotline was good, yes, okay, it was a good story, and Susan Lewis has a brilliant way of describing places, but she is truly awful at describing people. I just didn't believe her characters. Each time I finally thought I was getting to understand, they would do something totally out of character.Possibly the thing that irritated me most was her portrayal of Nikki, as that stereotypical seventeen year old anyone over thirty seems to think they know everything about. Nikki uses the phrase 'so [...]

    11. There's something about this bookme kind of resolution that comes with the story. A form of acceptance, after grieving for so long.I loved it.Building on the blurb, the story is about Jessica who is coming to terms with the death of her daughter-Natalie. Her husband, Charlie, believes that she is paranoid for not letting it go, but her instinct as a mother- is that Natalie saw something that scared her or maybe made her angry before she fell. She goes back to France in search of the truth and fa [...]

    12. This book, a good read but made me angry on soooo many levels. The deception and the lies, the betrayal of loved ones. Had me disliking characters and being quite unforgiving to their behavior. I however wanted to know how the book would end.More bizarre than realistic. I have tried to think of situations where eventualities like that would occur but it simply doesnt exist. There is also an element of selfishness with each and everyone in this book that just didnt sit well with me. It doesnt res [...]

    13. I found the first half of this book really hard to read, it was very slow & boring, I was only getting through a few pages at a time but when it got to the second half I really enjoyed it, I couldn't put it downI liked the storyline & the suspence of finding out what had happened the day her daughter died.I probably will read another book from this author but I'll pick one that has had really good reviews!

    14. I actually read a different version of this book as to the one described, which I didn't realize until half way through! A regular soap opera, this story had me wishing the characters weren't quite so dramatic at times, although I did like the ending and was happy how the characters ended up. Felt "the secret" was dragged out a bit too long, but it was probably worth it! I have this book 4 stars- I didn't love it, but enjoyed the different story line.

    15. One of the worst Susan Lewis books ever.Starts out ok then just drones on with an almost snobbish approach to food,wine, France and etc as if to bolster the book out a bit. I skipped page after page of pointless writing to get to the point where all is revealed and very much an anticlimax as I think one can more or less guess the outcome.Very dispointing book and might I add do not seem to talking about the same book that I read.

    16. I found this book in a local charity shop, where I have found many a good novel. This wasn't one of my better choices. The synopsis sounded good, but I just didn't enjoy as much as I have with other novels by Susan Lewis. I must admit to skipping pages, as parts seemed to go on and on. This hasn't put me off from reading more books that I have on my library case.

    17. Well, It was a really good storyline and the author describes everything perfectly to draw you in, I could almost be walking through the vineyard myself.My only criticism would be that the story was dragged out and went on far to long than it had too! And I almost lost interest half way through. But overall all I did enjoy it.

    18. Some parts of the book was well written and some parts were just corny.But the most annoying thing was she gave away what happens in the next book I'm about to read - Suite Francaise! Don't read this book if you don't want to know what happens in Suite Francaise.

    19. A bit too racy for me, but did really enjoy the suspense of the book. It was a mystery book with about three different stories going on, and I did not expect the endingbut again, way too sexual for my liking

    20. Hang on, I barcode scanned this book, but this is not the book I have just read!!! The characters in my copy are Jessica and Charlie, and lillian and luc, with secrets about the death of Jessicas daughter!!

    21. I found the story intriguing and although I had ideas about the mystery, it still kept me guessing right up until the moment when the full truth is revealed. The main character was a little bit 'Joan of Arc' for me but I found the ending satisfying.

    22. With Susan Lewis being my favourite author anyway, it's hard to choose which of her books are my favourite. but A French Affair is up there in the top 3! This book is brilliant and would recommend to anyone

    23. I enjoyed the story, although some things were fairly obvious that they were going to happen.I think she skipped over the husbands problems too quickly and should have revisited his depression in more length.

    24. Couldn't agree more with other reviews, enjoyed it a lot but did feel it dragged a bit in places. Loved her descriptions of the French countryside though, felt myself daydreaming of sipping a chilled Macon under a pergoda

    25. I took this on holiday and just didn't want to put it down. It is light reading but the story is so gripping. I would recommend it.

    26. Uff, por fin lo he terminado!! Qué rollo de libro, qué leeeento, soporífero. Qué malo, un culebrón de serie B

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