- By Michele Hauf

The Devil To Pay

  • Title: The Devil To Pay
  • Author: Michele Hauf
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Devil To Pay Torn between duty and desire After the devil Himself claims Ivan Drake s soul on his twenty first birthday the vampire phoenix has no choice but to enforce his wicked rule But when the devil sends hi

    Torn between duty and desire After the devil Himself claims Ivan Drake s soul on his twenty first birthday, the vampire phoenix has no choice but to enforce his wicked rule But when the devil sends him to claim the Book of All Spells, the last thing Ivan expects is to square off with its gorgeous protector, the witch Dez Merevech or to be so attracted to her.To retriTorn between duty and desireAfter the devil Himself claims Ivan Drake s soul on his twenty first birthday, the vampire phoenix has no choice but to enforce his wicked rule But when the devil sends him to claim the Book of All Spells, the last thing Ivan expects is to square off with its gorgeous protector, the witch Dez Merevech or to be so attracted to her.To retrieve the book might end the escalating war between the witches and the vampires, but to take it from Dez will ensure her death With the fate of the paranormal world hanging in the balance, Ivan must choose wisely and quickly.

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    1. My first try at Harlequin's nocturne silhouette books, and it had the Harlequin elements that I know, and sure some other things too. I sure never read a Harlequin book like this when I started reading them.The story is about Ivan, a vampire phoenix and half witch, his parents story is in book 1, and this is the third by her. This one can be read without knowing what has happened before, it's a stand alone novel. Ivan's parents promised his soul to the devil and on his 21st birthday the Devil ca [...]

    2. EEEK!! I loved this book! I enjoyed "Kiss Me Deadly" but this one, this one I ADORE!! Ivan broke my heart continuously. His inner struggle kept me "aww"ing' through the entire book. He is the perfect balance of both mom and dad. I loved the banter between he and his parents, what an odd little family they are. LOL Dez was a welcomed addition, I love how she was written. Lets not forget steamy, it was indeed, I mean Ivan IS his fathers child afterall! *wink*

    3. I'd seen Michele Hauf's name before, but was unfamiliar with her work when I bought this book. Normally I don't read series books out of order, but with category romances the entries are often not linked to each other enough to matter if you read them in order or not. And indeed, in the “Dear Reader” letter from the author at the front of this book, Ms. Hauf states each story in this series stands alone. So I dove right in. The hero of this book, however, Ivan Drake, is related to the couple [...]

    4. Ravin and Nikolaus’ promise of their firstborn to the Devil in Kiss Me Deadly intrigued me, so I decided to give their son, Ivan, a try… Ivan’s story began rather well with the prologue about Ivan’s knowledge of his imminent pledge to the "dark side" and finally the Devil’s claim on his soul. Flash forward to seven years later when Ivan is already established as the Devil’s fixer and is tasked with obtaining the book from a witch in Maine. Only this witch is nothing like Ivan expecte [...]

    5. The fact that this book was published during the height of the Twilight hype tempts me to analyze this book in terms of how it could have been affected by Twilight. Minor details like Ivan’s luxurious lifestyle, compassionate personality, guilt over his nature, and treatment of sex as a precious thing mirror some details in Twilight. Of course, looking at the eight essential elements as one should, the two texts tell very different stories. If The Devil to Pay has been influenced by Twilight, [...]

    6. Another fantastic read from Michelle Hauf! This was the story of Ivan Drake, the son of Nickoleau and Ravin, (who we met in a previous book), who had been promised to the devil by his parents. The saga takes up from Ivan's 21st birthday which is when the devil claims him as his 'fixer'. I felt a real attachment to Ivan right from the beginning, a lost, lonely soul being forced to do things he didn't want to, and suffering for years. When he is given a job to retrieve the Grande Grimoire from a w [...]

    7. This was another hit by Michele. Ivan Drake and Dez have a love hate relationship. More of a love relationship. Dez is a witch who's been around a very long time. Ivan is a Vampire who was born to serve the Devil Himself when he was of Age.Ivan's parents Nicholas Drake who is a Phoenix Vampire and Raviin Crosse whose a powerful Witch, were mortal enemies who fall in love and conceive one of the most powerful Vampire Hybrid. Himself orgastrates everything. Now in Devil To Pay, Nicholas & Ravi [...]

    8. Les sorcières et vampires sont des ennemis qui se combattent sans merci depuis des siècles. Ivan est une sorte d'exception, métis des 2 espèces dont les parents ont été amenés bien avant sa naissance à vendre son âme au diable le jour de ses 21 ans. Il en devient l'exécuteur malgré lui et se voit obligé de remplir les missions nocturnes que ce dernier lui donne. L'une d'elle consiste à récupérer le grimoire ayant pour gardienne une puissante sorcière capable de changer le sort de [...]

    9. Loved this book, a perfect ending to the series about the war between vampires and witches. Ivan Drake, the thirty-something 1/2 witch, 1/2 vampire, parents-sold-his-soul-to-the-Devil fixer was the perfect match for Desideriel Merovich, a centuries-old witch and keeper of the Grande Grimoire. Yes, there was a lot of paranormally stuff in this novel, and you can't get down with witches and vampires and spell books, then this book is not for you. But if you like a sweet romance - and Ivan's love f [...]

    10. This is quite a unique storyline; it definitely had my interest piqued for its originality. Ivan Drake, a vampire and witch hybrid, has been promised to the devil since before he was born. At age 21 he has been irrevocably tied to do Himself's bidding. His next task is to steal an ancient tome of spells from a witch, Dez Merevech. I think we can see where this is headingThe tension between Ivan and Dez is spicy at the beginning, but it wavers as the plot unfurls, and then it just becomes tedious [...]

    11. Loved the 1st ebook, this one is awesome too. Ivan and Dez really make you feel like you are walking with them throughout the story. You can feel all the emotions they feel. Love how Hauf shows us that all the supernaturals are really part of a dark force that is part of the world just as God and the light are also part of the world. In otherwords heaven is not in the sky and hell is not deep in the earth. Love how she blends the supernatural worlds together. Highly recommend

    12. this book took me awhile to get through but i have to say that the end pleasantly surprised me it was almost a duplicate to the first one but with tiny changes. the main character is sexy and exciting in his persuit of dez a witch who is his next assignment as the the devils fixer- basically he runs around doing the devil's whim and he meets dez and of course this starts him on the quest for romance and a soul

    13. After I immensely enjoyed reading kiss me deadly, I just had to buy this book as I was not yet ready to say goodbye to the amazing characters- Nikolaus and Ravin.I really enjoyed the suspense and thrill and the really good story behind this book. After 'kiss me deadly', I thought this would have even more fiery romance and hot steamy sex, but even though it wasn't as hot as I expected, I truly enjoyed this book because the story was just amazing!! Read it now

    14. I really enjoyed this book. The relationship that Ivan, a vampire and Dez, a witch was quite unique. Ivan and the plight he had as the fixer for devil was sad. But in the end it all worked out. Just goes to show love conquers most of the time. This the sequel to "Kiss Me Deadly" which was also good.

    15. Just finished the whole series starting with book 1. I had never read Hauf's work, and initially, I found her writing style a bit abrasive and characters rather contradicting, not entirely admirable in personalities. But I think it improved with each book and I enjoyed The Devil to Pay much more than I did From the Dark.

    16. In the whole BEWITCHING THE DARK Series I have to say this one is my favorite. Love, darkness, duty, war,desire it has it all. I started reading this serie with my mom, and I have to say AWSOME!!!

    17. Ivan finally gets to find out if the love spell his mother made was intended for anouther or actully for his father. He learns the truth he was as intended. Also I found out who actully performed the protection spell on the witches and the Old Lad was inlove once. It is a great story.

    18. An interesting premise, some original ideas - I especially liked the vampire repellant roses. What was difficult to get past was the overuse and in somecases misuse, of adjectives particulary in the first few chapters. It did taper off though to my relief.

    19. The story of a man whose soul was promised to the devil by his parents before he was born. When he turns 21 years old, the devil comes to claim his soul and makes him the devil's fixer. Then the devil send him to claim a spell book from a witch.

    20. I was really looking forward to this book because I had just read how Ivan's parents got together and I loved that story. It really was just kinda of "draggy" I could put it down and not want to pick it back up. It was an OK story, but not a great story.

    21. Didn't quite measure up to Kiss Me Deadly. I never bought into the characters as much, and the dialogue in the final chapters was stilted, and the ending seemed contrived and not totally satisfying.

    22. This was an excellent book, I couldn't put it down. Great characters, great story line. Recommend others to read it. Vampires and witches, plus the devil.

    23. What a great ending! This book brought together the rest of the series in a wonderful way! I loved the characters a lot too.

    24. All I can say is Ivan is one hot bad-ass Vamp/Witch - Witch/Vamp (dont really know if there is a correct term for him. But I loved this book and his story

    25. Another excellent book by Michele Hauf. I really can't fault it. It has the right balance of romance and action. Perfect for lovers of paranormal romance.

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