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One More Time

  • Title: One More Time
  • Author: Carol Burnett
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  • Page: 147
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  • One More Time Carol Burnett spent most of her childhood in a Depression scarred Hollywood neighborhood where she lived in a single room apartment with her endearingly batty grandmother Nanny a hypochondriacal Ch

    Carol Burnett spent most of her childhood in a Depression scarred Hollywood neighborhood, where she lived in a single room apartment with her endearingly batty grandmother, Nanny, a hypochondriacal Christian Scientist with a buried past The child of two alcoholic parents, Burnett presents a sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking coming of age from her sadly hopefulCarol Burnett spent most of her childhood in a Depression scarred Hollywood neighborhood, where she lived in a single room apartment with her endearingly batty grandmother, Nanny, a hypochondriacal Christian Scientist with a buried past The child of two alcoholic parents, Burnett presents a sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking coming of age from her sadly hopeful mother, who was hooked on Tinseltown fantasy, to the first signs of her own comic gift from happy weekends spent with her father, to their last tragic meeting in a public sanatorium Featuring a new Afterword by the author, about teaming up with her daughter to bring this story to Broadway, One More Time is an intimate, touching, and astonishing narrative of a financially desperate but emotionally rich childhood on the wrong side of Hollywood s tracks.

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    1. Never judge a book by it's cover. That's a good thing to keep in mind whenever you are selecting a book to read. I was wanting a light read after finishing a book that was very text heavy so I chose this book because it is about Carol Burnett, one of the greatest comediennes of all time; however this book was not a light read and full of laughs. On the contrary, it was very serious and sad. We find out the beginnings of Carol's life and how rough she had it growing up. In our wildest dreams watc [...]

    2. (365 pages actually)3.5 starsMemory is a tricky thing. It all has to do with our own point of view, which always puts us center stage.Some of the same stories as from her second memoir and some new. A few that are included in the second memoir have more details and the 'new' (to me) ones were very enjoyable. And a handful of surprises in store sprinkled through the book.It was a nice touch adding in the handwritten letters but I had to skip over a few because the hand-writing was lovely but hard [...]

    3. Once a month I read to a group of residents at a nearby rehabilitation center. There are usually 6-8 women between the ages of 75 and early 90s. They gather in the library, on walkers or in wheelchairs, and always seem happy to find someone from the "outside" who will provide some entertainment and food for thought and discussion. Often someone will nod off, and I disregard it, but the other residents are likely to give them a verbal nudge to rejoin the group.I have learned that readings about p [...]

    4. Continuing on with my show business autobiographies theme for the month of May, Carol Burnett’s One More Time was definitely my favorite so far. Ms. Burnett has a wonderful literary voice, and an even more fascinating story to tell.Similar to the Julie Andrews memoir, this book is about her early years. She grew up mostly in Hollywood, raised by her grandmother, with her single mother living in the same apartment complex, but down the hall. It sounded like they were living off welfare, and alt [...]

    5. I think Carol Burnett is one of the funniest women of all time. I found this book on my parents' bookshelf years ago and thought it sounded interesting to learn a little more about her. After moving it with me to a couple of houses I finally opened the cover and started reading. After several chapters found I couldn't put it down. My only disappointment in reading the book written for her daughters was that she didn't talk much about their dad. I had to look up details myself to find that she ha [...]

    6. I have always loved Carol Burnett. I grew up watching her on TV when I was little and she was just so funny. I happened to pick this book up and kept it on a shelf for months. Last night I was desperate and picked it up. I couldn't put it down! Much like the Betty White biography it is just a very interesting read. Just like she is talking to you. I never new much about her before. I always like it when you read about people who had such a tough upbringing and managed to pull them selves up by t [...]

    7. I never watched her show, and I didn't know the first thing about her career. In fact, my only real point of reference for Carol Burnett was her role as evil house mother Ms. Hannigan in the film version of "Annie." So this book was a pleasant surprise. In a sea of mediocre memoirs by mediocre celebrities, Ms. Burnett's sad and sweet story stands out with its honesty and accessibility. Her dysfunctional childhood is hosted by a cast of hilarious characters. I enjoyed this book so much more than [...]

    8. I just remembered this book I did a report on it in junior high. We had to choose a autobiography and I'm sure that the other kids thought I was a weirdo for picking Carol Burnett. But I remember liking this book I have a vague remembrance of something being shocking she had a rough childhood.

    9. I got to read this and do a book report on it--in character as Carol--in eighth grade. I am certain it is the reason I still love reading memoirs. Carol is my queen forever.

    10. 5 stars for the story, (3 stars for the writing, It was a little disjo8inted at first, because it was random memories.) and 29 stars for Carole Burnett. I watched the Carole Burnett show as a kid and laughed many times. Ah - clean comedy, where art thou? Carole is one of those resilient and hardworking people. Talented too! Kudos to her for having the courage to follow her dream, despite her difficult childhood.

    11. I love Carol Burnett. The female comedians of today the Amy's, Sara, or Tina don't do it for me. I just don't agree that you gotta be crude to be funny. I love witty humor. And although this book is a memoir, not funny and made me cry more than once I loved it. I only reason I gave it 4 and not 5 stars is because I wanted it to be longer.

    12. This woman ebdured and overcame a lot to become who she was - a very funny woman. I loved this memoir. Learning to love people for who they are not who you want them to be.

    13. I absolutely loved this book. I shed a few tears reading this book. I have always been a huge fan of Carol Burnett, I never missed her comedy show on CBS on Saturday night when I was a kid. I now have a new appreciation for her. Reading this book made me realize what a wonderful person she really is too and that we need more compassionate and loving people like her in this world. It made my heart sad that there aren't. I personally need to do better. We all do. Her story is truly a rag to riches [...]

    14. I enjoyed learning more about one of my all-time favorite comediennes. I knew that she was basically raised by her eccentric grandmother, but had no idea how dysfunctional her family and upbringing actually were. They book became much more interesting to me once she got older and starting cracking her way into show business. This book made me like and resepct her even more than I already did.

    15. Wow. What a life. It reminds me of "the dash". people may one day look at your headstone and see your beginning date and end date separated by a dash. The two dates aren't the important parts. it was the quality of that dash that mattered and Carol Burnett made that dash matter (and still does). Amazing memoir of one of my favourite celebrities.

    16. I have always admired Carol Burnett and this is one of the best books I've ever read. She grew up poor and parts of this book is so sad. I still never tire of The Carol Burnett Show with Eunice and mama. I can watch it over and over!

    17. Her storytelling and her experiences read like a novel. I was captured from page one and absolutely loved it the whole way through. The addition of the afterword concluded the story beautifully, adding heart and purpose to the book. Magnificent.

    18. Wow, Carol had a tough life. I'm surprised how much she shared.At first, I had a little trouble getting into this, but I thought the last half was really interesting, especially how she got into Show Business. I'd like to hear more about what happens next.

    19. Carol Burnett writes memoirs of painful growing-up years thru big break on BroadwayOne of my favorite performers is Carol Burnett – watching her long-running TV show was the most laughs and the best medicine anyone ever had. I was aware that both her parents were alcoholics, due to a slander lawsuit she brought against a tabloid for suggesting she had been drunk on a plane. She cannot risk taking a drink for fear of ending up like one or the other parent. Carol was born in San Antonio, and was [...]

    20. I enjoy reading books written by celebrities. It helps you understand who they really are and whether they are genuine or not. Carol Burnett definitely is. This book is about her life from when she was a child to when she got her break. She had a very rough childhood but she also had love. Her mother was definitely dysfunctional. Her Dad was not in the picture due to her parents divorce, his illness and booze. But when she did see him, he was very sweet to her. Her mother had her own demons. Pre [...]

    21. I was really stunned by how candid this book was, and how wonderful. Carol Burnett is so endearing, and she's talented too! This book is a treat to read.Burnett is probably best known for her television show where she performed in various skits with a talented cast. One might not realize just how shy she was as a kid, or that she never dreamed of being a movie star until college. However, it is all here in this autobiography, a charming and personal account of a life filled with entertaining cha [...]

    22. Carol Burnett, which was her original name, grew up in Hollywood living with her Nanny while her mother lived down the hall in the same building. While both her mother and grandmother had issues with alcohol and men and relationships, she managed to grow up amongst the course language with motivation and drive. Despite the family living on relief for many years, there was always money for booze for both Mama and Nanny. She received help twice from a benefactor, the first one who put a $50 bil [...]

    23. If you're a Carol Burnett fan, you will acquire a much deeper appreciation for her after reading this autobiographical account of her early years. It seems to cover all of them in Texas, her move to California, and at age 21, her move to New York where she hit the “big time”.Carol obviously didn't have it easy. This is an amazing story. Her parents were divorced alcoholics who died young and survived to see her success. She was reared by a grandmother with her own sordid past, sharing a one- [...]

    24. I don't ever really read memoirs by celebrities. The tell all gossip doesn't really matter to me. (I did read Allison Ingram's - Confessions of a Prairie Bitch because she was a political activist and her story illustrated the impact someone can have when they stand up for a cause. However, Carol Burnett's memoir was given to me by a friend and I thought I would give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised. This book doesn't 'tell all' and she doesn't stoop to gossip to tell her story. What you rea [...]

    25. The first few chapters of this book, which was intended to be a letter to her children, had me perplexed. It was only when I realized that she was writing in a voice of the age of the child she was at the time, that I really began to enjoy the story. The book focuses on her life from birth through about age 25, but includes a few snippets from the point after she made it. It draws heavily upon her relationships with family. I'm not sure everyone will enjoy this book if the main reason they read [...]

    26. This is a terrific read. Carol Burnett grew up in a family of alcoholics and was raised by a grandmother who had to have some type of mental illness - she was functional, but barely. She and her grandmother lived in a one room apartment in Hollywood CA and Carol lived in the actual shadow of the "Hollywood" sign. Such a glimpse into what determination can do. There isn't a huge amount of self-reflection, however, which is what usually makes a memoir great. However, she does a really good job of [...]

    27. Burnett has written a very truthful and humble success story.She describes a difficult childhood growing up with two alcoholic parents who died when they were very young. Things did not improve much when she moved in with her grandmother who was odd and had her own checkered past. Together they lived in a one bedroom apartment until Carol left to follow her dream to become an actress.This story is one of constant struggle and relentless poverty.It is quite incredible to think of what Carol had t [...]

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