- By Jacob Grimm Wilhelm Grimm Claudine Routiaux

The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats: A Fairy Tale

  • Title: The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats: A Fairy Tale
  • Author: Jacob Grimm Wilhelm Grimm Claudine Routiaux
  • ISBN: 9780789207357
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats A Fairy Tale When a mother goat leaves her seven kids at home a hungry wolf disguises himself as their returning mother and gobbles whole all but the youngest kid But the mother goat thinks up an ingenious way to

    When a mother goat leaves her seven kids at home, a hungry wolf disguises himself as their returning mother and gobbles whole all but the youngest kid But the mother goat thinks up an ingenious way to save all of her children and punish the wolf by sewing rocks into his stomach

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    1. Continuing my Italian studies, I read this translation of the classic story while waiting for our flight to Adelaide, and was reminded of the wonderful passage from the middle section. The wolf has already made an unsuccessful attempt to enter the house of the seven little kids, but been betrayed by his hairy black paw. In the original:So lief er zum Müller und sprach: "Streu mir weißes Mehl auf meine Pfote." Der Müller dachte: Der Wolf will einen betrügen, und weigerte sich; aber der Wolf s [...]

    2. داستانى كه ما با عنوان شنگول و منگول و حبه ى انگور شنيديم، با اين تفاوت كه اينجا بچه هاى بز ٧ تا هستند، و اسم هم ندارند. چيزى كه براى من نسخه ى برادران گريم و با تمام نسخه هاى ديگه ى داستان هايى كه در كودكى خونديم متفاوت مى كنه، فضاى تاريك داستان هاست و نا اميديه كه انگار نسبت به د [...]

    3. A Fairy TaleOVERVIEW The mother goat leaves her seven kids at home and goes to the forest. She tells her kids that don't open the door if the wolf comes while she is gone. But unfortunately wolf tricks them and succeeds in entering the house. He eats 6 kids and leave the one kid as he cannot find him. When the mother goat comes, he tells her what has happened. In furious state, she finds the wolf, sleeping and her kids are alive in the wolf's tummy. She cut the wolf's tummy with scissor, free he [...]

    4. This is definitely one of the best Brothers Grimm stories I have read in a long time. I was beginning to give up hope but, lo and behold, they didn't let me down forever. This is a story very similar to Little Red Riding Hood, and I think maybe that's why I might have enjoyed it so much. LRRH is a story that is a large part of my youth, and this was very much a retake of that - although I've never read this before, this brought back so much nostalgia. I would definitely recommend this one. A mot [...]

    5. A mother goat tells her kids she's going into town to get some food. I guess she doesn't want to take her goat kids to Publix cuz there are like 7 of them so instead she's all like "Don't answer the door cuz there's a wolf out there and he's got a rough voice and black paws and will want to eat you."So, instead of like you know, of course the wolf is gonna come by and trick the kids and eat the kids there is one survivor who hides in the clock case and Mom Goat finds him when she returns to a me [...]

    6. Classic fable of gluttony told with sweet illustrations. Little hide and seek page for read alongs. Biggest criticism is that the kids (baby goats) look too much like kittens.

    7. How on earth did the mother goat cut open the wolf, remove her kids, add rocks and then sew him up -- all without waking him up!?!?

    8. WrensReads Review:I have the complete set of the Grimm Fairy-Tales, and there are so many that I haven’t read! They are very short, as one would know, so I have decided to read each one and give them a review. Some are very vulgar, some are very cute and some don’t even make sense. Some of them are well known fairy-tales and some have never been told. Some are fairy-tales we know but are not the same because they have been downplayed for the children. This story reminds me a lot of Little Re [...]

    9. When their mother goes into the forest to gather some food, seven kids (baby goats) are instructed to beware the wolf who will surely eat them all up. The kids do a good job of minding their mother's orders, but the wolf tricks them and then eats 6 of them whole. When Mother comes back it is up to the last little kid and herself to rescue the babies from the wolf's belly and make sure he doesn't bother anyone else ever again.A dark story indeed, but one with a happy ending (assuming you're rooti [...]

    10. This shows how Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs are both related stories that go back to this version, in which a wolf breaks into a house through trickery, eats six of the seven kids, and then falls asleep while the mother goat snips open his stomach and replaces her (still living) children with rocks, which kills the wolf. It's almost mind-bending how the two stories merge here. While the story itself would probably be a bit too much for very young children despite the childlik [...]

    11. This little fairy tale figured prominently in my family's oral history. My mother told it (not read it) to us often as kids. So when I saw the small hardcover version of it in a bookstore several years ago, I snapped it up. The tale itself is the typical 'ingenuity and goodness trump greed and selfishness' fable, and the wolf is certainly bested by the wits of the goats of the title. The watercolor illustrations are truly charming. Warms the inner-kid heart.

    12. This fable is a dark and twisted story of deceit and revenge. It is a gruesome tale that involves six little goats getting swallowed by a wold and then the wolf gets cut open and inserted with rocks whole in his slumber. The story ends with the wolf encountering a miserable drowning death while the little goats chant happiness for this occurrence. Now this, is quite the enjoyable tale.

    13. this book was new to my reading list as well. i think this story's main message is that you really can't trust strangers and to be careful of who you let into your home. luckily for the six kids that were eaten, the one that got away was able to tell the mother who saved them.

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