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The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with Friends

  • Title: The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with Friends
  • Author: Stan Berenstain Jan Berenstain
  • ISBN: 9780394873398
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with Friends The new cub in the neighborhood Lizzy Bruin is the same age as SisterBear and she s also just as bossy After a fight threatens their buddingfriendship both cubs learn that you can t always have you

    The new cub in the neighborhood, Lizzy Bruin, is the same age as SisterBear and she s also just as bossy After a fight threatens their buddingfriendship, both cubs learn that you can t always have your own way if you wantto have friends.

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    1. The picture book, the Berenstain Bears and the Trouble With Friends, was a very good book. It starts with Sister bear asking Brother bear to play tea party with her. Brother does not want to play with her because he is embarrassed people will make fun of him. He then leaves Sister bear all alone to play by herself. Just as Sister is feeling sorry for herself, a moving truck comes down the road. Sister is hoping it is a girl her age that she can play with. It turns out it is! Sister goes over the [...]

    2. Summary: Growing up, I owned and read every single Berentain Bear book ever written.At the beginning of the story, Sister Bear doesn't have anyone her own age to play with. Then, a new family with a little cub just her age moves in next door. Sister Bear and her new friend Lizzy become best friends, and do everything together. Until one day, when Lizzy and Sister Bear get in a fight about taking turns being the teacher when they play school. At the end of the story, Sister Bear and Lizzy make up [...]

    3. This book was perfect and I'm glad that I owned it. I watch a little girl throughout the week while her mommy is at work and then another two girls (sisters) on Friday and Saturday night. The little girl (I will refer to her as "the one") is an only child and has a hard time sharing. I pulled this book off the shelf the next time that it was just her and I and sat down and read it a second time just to go and see if the story of these two little girls not sharing and getting in a fight would hit [...]

    4. “The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with Friends”, written by Stan and Jan Berenstain, is a classic children’s book that we have all read if not heard about. In this book, Sister Bear wants to play games and hangout with her older brother, but he seems to have outgrown her little games and starts to hang out with his same aged friends. Sister Bear is sad about this and that’s when her new neighbors show up. Sister Bear lucks out, the new neighbors have a cub her own age named Lizzy, an [...]

    5. This is another book that also is a tv show. This book also teaches valuable lessons to children and talks about things that happen at their age. This book is very educational and also fun for children to read.

    6. Of all the Berenstain Bear books, this one used to be my favorite---maybe as a kindergartner I could make some really strong text to self connections ;)

    7. In the Berenstain Bears and Trouble with Friends, Sister Cub tries to have a tea party with her older brother, but Brother is too old for her young games and says he cannot play with her. The problem soon arises that Sister Bear has no friends her own age and Mama Bear watches from the window in despair. Out of nowhere a moving truck drives past them and pulls into the empty tree house across the street. Sister runs over and finds just what she was looking for, a little girl cub her own age. As [...]

    8. I have always loved Berenstain Bears books since I was little myself. I am so glad to finally have one for my children. They do a very good job a teaching life lessons. The illustrations are always bright, colorful and happy.This book focuses mostly on Sister Bear. She tries to boss Brother Bear into playing with her, however Brother doesn't want to play with her, he would rather play with cubs his own age. Mama and Papa Bear are sad that Sister does not have cubs her own age to play with. Sudde [...]

    9. Brother and Sister feel that their parents have nothing to say but negative things about their cubs. Mama finds out that the "Parents Night Talent Show" is next Friday, but the cubs forgot to give her the notice they brought home which makes things worse. Lizzy, Fred and Sister try to think of a play, when Brother suggests "The Trouble with Grownups!" They agree secretly that it will be about cubs that do the same things Brother and Sister did that week that were wrong and the parents getting an [...]

    10. The Trouble with Friends is about a young cub named Sister Bear who is looking for a friend she can play with close to her house. One day a new family moves in next door, and they have a cub Sister’s age. The new cub’s name is Lizzy and she has a lot of energy. The girls have a great time together on their first day, playing on the swings and the jungle gym. The next day Lizzy invites Sister over to play school and the two cubs get into a fight over who will get to be teacher. Sister leaves [...]

    11. This book teaches children about how to make friends. Sister bear has to play by herself all the time because she has no friends that live close to her house. Then a new little girl moves next door and they become friends. They both do not know how to share so they have trouble compromising at first, but soon learn how to share and become the best of friends. I love Bernstein bear books because they always have a lesson that teach children something in the end.

    12. This book shows a common situation for most kids where they end up fighting with one or their friends. There are mixed feelings at times like these because although they are a friend of yours they have done something that hurts you in some way. In the end one must consider all sides of the situation and make an informed decision whether they want to continue the friendship. In the classroom this book could teach the right and wrong way to treat people and show a happy ending in which the friends [...]

    13. Мечетата Беранстийн са истинска класика сред американските детски книжки. Класика като Доктор Сюс и неговите римувани небивалици. Класика като Любопитния Джордж на Маргрет и Х.А.Рей. Или като голямото червено куче Клифърд на Норман Бридуел. И точно като тези класики, Мечет [...]

    14. "When making friends, the cub who's wise is the cub who learns to compromise." -Stan and Jan Berenstain Making new friends can be tough, especially when it's hard to get along with them at first. In this first time book, Sister Bear learns an important lesson about friendship and what it takes to compromise. When I was little, The Trouble with Friends was one of my favorites in the Berenstain Bears series. The illustrations are lovely and enjoyable; they display the moral of the story in an ente [...]

    15. I think stan berenstain has it right with almost all of this books about the Berenstein Bears. They definitely tackle some pertinent issues dealing with children. This one is particularly good because children almost always have problems with their friends and are not sure how to deal with them. This story helps children understand that each friend is different and that they arent always going to see eye to eye. This books will be helpful in the classroom because children are going to be going t [...]

    16. For Carly's AwardLevel: TransitionalGenre: Picture BookTopic: Friends, conflicts with friends and resolving them, the importance of friendshipSocial: learning that it doesn't pay off being bossy, leaning how to get along with one another, having a fight with a friend, making new friendsCurricular use: Independent readingLiterary Elements: Dialogue, Dynamic Characters, COnflict and resolutionStrong Connection Between Pictures and the text (told the story with the text)

    17. Tell you the truth, I really am not a fan of the paperback B. Bears. I find them too long, too wordy, and, really, too moralistic. My nieces adore them, though, so I added a star for that, and I keep buying them. (I'm a sucker, really.)This is a great example of the books. New cub moves into the neighborhood, Sister and Lizzy become fast friends (and why does everybody in this series get a real name except for the main characters?), they fight over something silly, and eventually learn to compro [...]

    18. This is the 10th Berenstain Bears book that I have read. I found it really funny and convenient that right at the moment when mama bear is talking about how sister bear needs someone her own age to play with a new family just so happens to move into the neighborhood. Anyway, this book teaches the lesson of compromise. In this books sister bear meets Lizzy Bruin(This made me laugh because I love the NHL Bruins!!! Stanley Cup Champions!!!) Anyway, this book was pretty cute.

    19. Sometimes Brother Bear has plans with his friends and can't play with Sister Bear. She doesn't have any friends who live nearby. Then a new girl moves in down the street. When Sister Bear meets the new girl, they clash because they're both bossy. Will they ever be friends?This is a good story for young readers to learn about friendship.

    20. ★★★The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with Friends by Stan and Jan BerenstainSister Bear wants to play, but Brother Bear says no, go find someone else. Next thing she knows a moving truck pulls up. A new bear named Lizzie, moves in. Sister finally has someone to play with, if they could only get along.

    21. I think there's a very good reason that this book series has spanned decades and maintained popularity. It gives children the chance to think on their own and make their own choices for behaviors that carry over into their adult lives. Many of these issues will be ones that will persist through their lives, just on different levels of course.

    22. I used to love to read the Berenstein Bears books. I think they each taught some sort of lesson that I could relate to. This particular book teaches about friendship and how it can be hard to get along sometimes. It is something that all kids will go through at some point in their life and I think it's great that they can learn from this book.

    23. The Berenstein Bears series are one of my favorite collections. In my childhood I would read every one of these books over and over again. I always knew what was going to happen but I loved them. I think these books are a great addition to any teacher's class library. This one especially could be used to help students learn about respect with each other and how to be a friend to one another.

    24. I loved these books when I was a kid. My dad even enjoyed them to some extent when he was reading them to me. I can't remember the details anymore (I think this one involved a mess with paint at some point), but now that I've been reminded of the series, I'm excited for my next trip home to dig the books up once more. The art is a pleasure to look at as well.

    25. This book is prefect to read to a class when friends are having a falling out and peers are starting to fight. It can helps students realize to be understanding of friends and others and that youre not always going to get your way. This book teaches that friends need to make compromises in order to play together and have fun together.

    26. Sister and Brother Bear are usually the best of friends. However, Brother is two years older and often has play dates with his friends, leaving Sister to play with only her forest friends. One day a new cub moves next door that is Sister's age. With new friendships come new lessons. Such as: sharing and compromises. Is this new friendship with the work???

    27. Sister Bear is used to playing all by herself. When a new cub, Lizzy, moves next door, Sister Bear must learn to share and play nicely. Sister Bear and Lizzy may have arguments, but in the end, they realize they want to be friends.This book would be great for students who are having a hard time getting along with others. It promotes the idea of sharing, compromising, and friendship.

    28. Read in Austin on a marathon BB book reading day. Chose by Logan (age 4)Lizzie Bruin moves to the neighborhood and is just Sister's age. The two become instant friends, and almost as quickly get into a fight.They both learn that in friendship you have to learn to compromise and share.Good lesson, as always in the Berenstain series.

    29. Oh how I remember bossy Lizzy Bruin! She was almost as bad as snooty Queenie McBear ;) (How come everyone else got normal names? Children aren't stupid, Sister and Brother Bear could have had real names as well without confusing the littlies.)

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